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Saturday, November 17, 2007

To Clip or Not to Clip? NOT!!!!

The challenge my upline (SUE!!!) gave us this time was to alter one of those huge paper clip things. These have been around for a while and as you can see on my blog I don't have any posts showing these clips. Hmmmm, I wonder why??? They are not something I found to be of interest to me so of course this was a BIG challenge for me.

I've had this "thing" (as I so respectfully have referred to it since I got it) for about a month. Well, since our last monthly meeting anyway. I have looked at it now and then and looked at the samples that were clipped to it. Still not impressed or inspired.

Well, today I had a few stampers here and a few things to do and then I thought I'd better get that "thing" done for tomorrow. Yes, it's due tomorrow!!! This is all I could come up with. To me it's extremely UUUUUGLY!!!! But it's done!!! Maybe if they came about 2-1/2" or 3" wide they would be easier to work with. But then again if I had one that big it still would have sat for a month until I HAD to finish it!!! LOL

So here it is in all of it's ugliness!!! One good thing about it was I only had to make one!!! LOL

And now I can move on to something more fun!!

Don't forget to leave your TRUE Christmas wish here for a chance to be entered in the Blog Candy drawing. I have enjoyed reading your wishes!!

Thank you for stopping by.


Just Me said...

My true Christmas wish is.... That it wasn't my daughter's last Christmas with us as a family.... she is moving as far across the country as is possible... from WA state to Florida. Her husband is getting out of the Navy and they are moving with My Grandson back to his home.
Not wanting any blog candy, just wanted to share my TRUE Christmas wish :)

Jen said...

I love your clip! I saw my first one just last week and I think they are such a neat idea. Thanks for sharing yours.

Unknown said...

Same here I just saw this last week and wondered how it was done. How did you put the paper on this "thing", LOL!
I like yours can't go wrong with red anything.

Denise said...

I'm with you, Wanda. I've looked at them a few times and wondered what I could do with it. Everything seemed rather odd and strange to me so I never bothered. I love your colors and the stamps you used, but as far as it being something I'd do, as you said, "not!".

And hilmarose, if you see heart goes out to you. I can't even imagine my kids, and especially my grandkids, being so far away from me. Hugs to you...
Denise C

Unknown said...

I'm not really into clip either...but I just love what you did with yours. You've inspired me to maybe give them another chance. Great job!!!

Corie said...

I love this -- so FANTASTIC!!

Amy said...

I love your clip. It looks like a cute purse.

Anonymous said...

Your clip is ADORABLE! It looks like a little purse.

Daisydaze said...

Now...don't go picking on the clips...I love them! And, this one is just darling. You did a beautiful job for something you dont' like, lol!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wanda! That's so funny that others think it looks like a mini purse...that's what I thought when I first saw it! I haven't done any of these either-but you did a nice job and it actually looks great Wanda! I'm thinking maybe they are good to add to one of the SU! Clipboards? You could match the theme and it would be a nice addition! What do others do with these clips? Anyone? I subscribed to your blog Wanda, because you have some great ideas! I hope you will check out mine!