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Friday, November 23, 2007

Baby it's Cold Outside!

It's a chilly day here in central Minnesota. We had some snow flurries yesterday but not enough to cover the grass. I'm still waiting patiently!!! I do love the snow and am anxiously looking forward to it's arrival. Oh and FYI, I have had my head examined and get this, I'm ok!!! LOL

I did not get to my tree today. That is two years in a row now that it has not gone up the day after Thanksgiving!!! Shocker! But it is going up tomorrow. I did not go shopping either. I just had too many things to tend to today. I did run across some beautiful Amethyst beads and I strung a bracelet today. Actually I made two, one for me and one for a gift or to sell, depends on which comes first!! LOL Among one of the things to tend to today was my sick cat. Poor guy. He's not doing well and may have to be put down. I will miss him. He's the nicest friendliest cat I've ever seen or owned. He's nice to other cats too. He's just an all around friendly cat. A typical light grey striped tabby. And my favorite thing about him that runs a close second to the color of his eyes is his "kiss." I hold him and say, "give me a kiss" and he will rub his whiskers across my nose. Then I say to him, "a nice kiss" and he does it slower and longer. He has done this for a few other people but not many and not often, just mostly for me. He likes to lay on my lap when I watch tv and he's usually in whatever room I am in. I will miss him SO much.

Ok, onto my card for tonight. In light of the tiny amount of snow, not even enough to make a snowball I thought I'd make a snowman card. I am still loving' the "Cold Play" set by Stampin' Up!. It's such a fun set and the snowman face is adorable. I stamped the face and nose and then I punched out the head with a 1" round punch. Talk about easy. It's the easiest way I know to get a round snowman head and to get it centered too!! I cut the hat out and colored it. I did use the Snowflake Cuddlebug folder in my Sizzix machine for the background. And I used a brayer and Bashful Blue ink pad and ran over the snowflakes 5 or 6 times until I got the color coverage I wanted. I don't use the brayer very often only because I'm SO lazy and don't like to clean it. Pretty sad, huh?? LOL

I cut and layered the pieces in the foreground and before I taped them together I stamped the wording on. After layering I used the Crop-a-dial to make the holes and set my white brads. I REALLY like that tool. No more hammering!!! I put the card all together and kept looking at it. The corners needed something so I added black brads and it pretty much finished the card off!

It was a fun and fairly quick card to make. It won't pass the 41 cent postage rate so I'll just slap on the 17 cent surcharge stamp and send it off. Oh well, they all can't be 41 cents, right??? Well they can if you don't add any raised embellishments!

I thank you SO much for stopping by,


Unknown said...

Your Kitty is so cute, so sorry it is not doing well that is hard they are a family member. I like your card once agian a fab job1

LeAnne said...

Hey Wanda, love the card. I just got a Cuttlebug as an early Christmas present to myself (LOL) and that snowflake will be one of the first plates I get! I can't wait for the snow either, but chances are you'll get it where you are before we will here in southern PA!! Too bad about your kitty, had the same situation a year ago; she loved to sit on my lap too and I miss her so much. Good luck with your tree!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your cat. How old is he? His face looks very young. I am a cat lover too...I know how they become part of your life.

I like your latest card. That background reminds me of something we used to do with doilies that turned out similar to that.

Diane said...

What a beauty Wanda!!!! I love snowmen and am enjoying all the different cards of them that i see on diff blogs.Love the way you did the brayer thing,i've never tried
that,it looks really cool!!

Jeannie said...

I love your Cold Play card (a set that my sister has but I haven't gotten yet)! We have it cold here too (probably not as cold but 20 isn't fun!) but not a speck of snow! I need snow to feel like Christmas! Jeanne

Charlene H. said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your cat. I hope you will be OK when the time comes. I had to put my cat of 18 years down this past summer and it was very hard. My thoughts are with you.