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Friday, November 09, 2007

Poppin' Santa Tutorial

In sticking with the Santa Theme I have for you tonight a microwave popcorn cover. This is very simple and quick to make. It's an excellent non-candy gift!

Take a piece of red card stock and cut it 7-1/2" x 10".
Score it at 2-1/2", at 3-1/8", at 7-1/4" and 7-7/8"

Turn and score at 6-1/4" and 6-7/8"

Clip the bottom sides off as shown in the photograph. Fold all score lines.

Take a 2-1/2" by 6-1/4" piece of white card stock and tear the edge on the long side. Turn and tear the other edge. You do need to turn this or the tears will look different. You get one look when you tear the paper towards you and a smoother look when you tear it away from you. Either way just make sure you do both edges the same way.

Fold the flaps over on the red card stock and set the white in place. You want to center it. The white will overlap the red because the left flap is shorter. Glue it in place and set it aside to dry.

For the buckle, using the brushed gold card stock, take a 3/4" square punch and punch a square as far as you can go inside the piece. You want to have some edge to use the next punch to make the square with a hole in it. Now take a 1-1/4" punch and line it up over the 3/4" punched out area. Once centered punch it out. And there's your buckle. Pretty simple, huh??? If you don't have the punches, just cut out a 1-1/4" piece of gold card stock and a 3/4" piece of black card stock. Center and glue the black square on top of the gold square and set it aside to dry.
For the belt, cut a piece of black card stock 11" long by 1-1/4" wide. Score this piece at 3", at 3-5/8" at 7-3/4" and at 8-3/8". You may want to measure your red piece to make sure you have the black pieces scored in the right spots. If you went a little over on your scoring on the red card stock you will have to follow those same folds for the belt. You can just wrap the belt around the red card stock and mark where the scoring needs to be done. Once the scoring is done wrap the belt around the red card stock and glue in place. Glue the belt on top. It's a belly band buckle!

The buttons were made using a 1/2" round punch and gluing them in place. Insert your package of microwave popcorn and it's ready for gift giving!!!

This is a very quick project and SO much fun!!!
Thank you SO much for stopping by,


Anonymous said...

another great project, thanks

Donna Baker said...

this is so cute!

Mary said...

Great idea- I just made 15 of them in about an hour and can't wait to hear what my friends and my son's tennis coaches think. I hope it's okay that I posted a link to your instructions from my blog.