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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gotta Have a Card to go With the Lip Gloss!

Well, a birthday card with cupcakes on it would be a perfect match for the cupcake lip balm that I'm going to give my niece. I'm not sure what else I'm going to give her. Probably some money so she can get what she needs.

But I did need to make her a birthday card. Her birthday is April 2nd and I'm SHOCKED that I'm actually ready for it!! I have 2 more birthdays in April and with any luck I can get the cards made and be on top of things in that department!! Isn't it a good feeling to be on top of things? I wish that it was that way in all aspects of my life!! It could get boring but I'd at least like to try it out and make that statement later!!! LOL

Anyway onto this card. I used the Stampin' Up! "Crazy for Cupcakes" set. I have used that set a lot and just LOVE it!!! On the background I used the "Cupcakes" wheel. It's so cute!!! And the decorative paper is scrap pieces from the Sale-a-Bration set. It's such pretty paper!!

I colored in the cupcakes with markers from the Soft and Subtle group. And for around the cupcakes and stand I used Bordering Blue and a blender pen. I sponged the edges and put it on a black layer. I used the SplitCoastStampers Card Sketch (SC) #91. I have almost all of the sketches in an album and I just go through it and find a sketch that the stamp I'm holding will fit in and I go from there. Tomorrow a new sketch will be released and of course I will be playing with that one!!! I actually got my "work" done this afternoon so I have time to play with the sketch when it comes out tonight!!!

The words were done on the computer. I mentioned in the last post that I printed out a whole sheet of them. I know it doesn't mean I need to make Birthday cards until the sheet is used up!!! LOL But I REALLY do need a birthday card

I think I should bake my niece some cupcakes for her birthday since there is this cupcake theme going on here!!! LOL

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Monday, March 30, 2009

Cupcake Lip Balm!!!

I found this adorable cupcake lip balm in the dollar bins at Michael's. I thought it was SO cute I just had to buy it. I thought my niece would like this. But I couldn't give it to her in it's original packaging now could I? Oh come on. We ALL know I bought to to revamp it!!! LOL

I used the Stampin' Up! "Cupcake" wheel for the header. First I used the Top Notes die cut and glossy card stock and then I stamped the images on. I used black StazOn and colored in the cupcakes with markers. It's very simple to do. No blending, just coloring directly from the marker.

Then I used a few select punches to do the Happy Birthday layers. The wording was done a while back on my computer. I printed out a whole sheet of them so you can see them a LOT on my blog!!! LOL That sheet of them sure has come in handy!!!

I stapled the baggie to the inside of the folded card stock. I stapled it so the bumpy part of the staple was on the front leaving the backside with just a smooth staple bar. I covered the bumpy parts with the scallop layers. It gives the whole baggie thing a clean look.

And that is it. VERY simple. And yes, it REALLY is for my niece. Her birthday is next month and I know she'll LOVE it!!! She's such a sweetie!!

These would also make fun party favors for those "girly" parties!!!

Thank you SO much for stopping by today,

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Die Cut Gift Box

I am a little late tonight in posting but better late than never!!! My day just got away from me and it's not over yet. I have been SO busy all day and it's winding down with some laundry and a bit of computer, including posting to my blog!

Tomorrow I am seeing someone that I probably won't see again until after Easter so I thought I would bring her the gift I made for her. I had made a bunch of these bracelets for a craft fair and I knew she would LOVE one so knowing her wrist size I custom made it for her. Since I will be seeing her tomorrow I HAD to make a box tonight for the bracelet so I can bring it with me tomorrow. Now there could be the problem. I hope I remember to bring it with me!!!

I made the box using the Sizzix Matchbox Die Cut. It's so easy to do and quick to put together. I find my problem lies in finding what color papers I want to use!!! It takes me a long time to figure that part out but once I do it's only a matter of minutes from cutting to completely assembled!!!

I used white card stock for the base of the box and I used the Sale-A-Brations decorative paper for the cover. The sponged green tag is from the Sizzlets tags and the stamped image is from the Stampin' Up! "Oval All" set. It fits in the new large oval punch perfectly. I used markers to color in the areas and I stamped it on white card stock. I sponged the edges in Bashful Blue and used Dimensionals to attach it to the box. Before I attached it I tied the Apricot ribbon on the box. I was amazed that it laid just right on top of the box. I am trying not to touch it or to look at it in the event that it moves and becomes crooked like they usually do for me!!! LOL

Now for what's inside. (Click on the photo for a closer view). It's a green glass pearl bracelet. I made a lot of these in cream for a craft fair that I opted out of this spring. I will be putting them up for sale in my web store in the next week or two. And maybe I'll make a few of the green ones to go in there too (if I have time to play with beads!!!).

Anyway, these boxes are so much fun to play with and what's nice is that I will never have to buy another gift box for my bracelets ever again!!! This is going to make Christmas 2009 a lot easier!!! I keep doing and finding things that are making my life so much easier and I wonder when I'm going to notice that it is getting easier????

Thank you for visiting my blog today,

Saturday, March 28, 2009

What To Do With Those Retired Buttons!

If you don't know what to do with those retired buttons give this a try!!

I took some buttons, beads, elastic and head pins and made a bracelet.

To make this you will need 10" to 12" of beading elastic.
Head pins
6mm beads
Oval jump rings
Seed beads to match (close not exact) buttons
Beading wire tool (pliers)

You do need to know a little bit about beading to make this. But it's not that difficult to do. The tool you need is one that is cone shaped at the tip. Not a needle nose pliers but an actual cone shape on either tip of the pliers. Some have the cones on both tips and some have it on one with a "normal" end to the other tip. You need this to wrap the end of the headpin around. You could do without it and bend the headpin around some other small solid round object. It's more difficult to do but it is doable!

First you tie a knot around one bead at the end of your elastic. You will be using this as a stop bead until you get the amount of beads you need strung. The amount you need depends on the size of the bracelet you want to make. Now string a bead and then a jump ring and repeat until you have reached your desired length. Remove all the beads and jump rings and set them aside.

Next you will take a head pin add a seed bead and run it through a hole in one of the buttons. Holding the headpin up so the button is held on by it, you will eye about3/4" to 1" of that end of the headpin and cut it off. I usually stop here and cut all of my headpins. You will know how many you need by counting how many jump rings you used on the bracelet.

Insert the headpin into the button hole and take your cone pliers and bend the cut end of the headpin so it forms a circle. Leave it open just enough to hook the jump ring inside. Add the jump ring and close the opening. Repeat this until all of the jump rings you had strung up are used up.

The bracelet is ready to assemble. Take your elastic with the stop bead still attached and string your beads once again. A bead and a finished jump ring. Repeat until all the pieces are used up.

Now remove the stop bead and tie the two ends together using a right over left and then a left over right. Sometimes I will add a dot of Hypo Cement to make sure the knot is very secure.

Allow the glue to set for at least 20 minutes before you stretch the elastic. Though I don't recommend stretching an elastic thread bracelet. You should always roll them onto your wrist. Stretching them weakens the elastic and in time they will either stretch out or break. Rolling them on prolongs the life of the elastic. And a little FYI here. Elastic eventually breaks down and becomes brittle so someday it will break even with the best of care. You can make this bracelet using Fireline, wire or beading threads and adding a clasp at the ends too. It's all in how much work, time or cost you wish to put into it.

These make great gifts and you can use up some of those buttons too!!

Have fun with these!!!

Thank you for visiting today,

Friday, March 27, 2009

Jelly Bean Jar!

Recycling once again!!! I LOVE these jars. Hormel bacon pieces (real bacon not that soy stuff) come in this jar. The label comes off easy too. I just soak it over night. I then toss the jar and the lid in the dishwasher and when it's done I have a fun size jar to fill with whatever I am working with at the time. I LOVE to fill them with bath salts!! They're just such a fun size.

I decorated this jar with the egg from the Stampin' Up! set "Wagon Full of Fun" which will be available on April 1st!!! Isn't it just the cutes egg? And it was so easy to color too. I affixed it to the jar using the Stampin' Up! Anywhere glue stick. When it says "anywhere" it really does mean it!!!

I added some ribbon around the neck of the jar and I added a scalloped label at the top that reads "Happy Easter." These are very quick and simple to make too! These are great additions to Easter baskets or just a little gift for someone!!

Thank you SO much for stopping by,

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Tree Grows On My Wall!

Sue is such a dear!!!  She came over on Monday and we put the tree up on the wall in my workroom!!  I was SO excited and nervous at the same time.  Though after putting the first piece up the nervous part went away. It was actually pretty easy to do though I really feel that it takes two people to do it.  I don't think I could have done it myself without it sticking to itself and not being able to correct that.  It stuck to itself a couple of times but just a little bit of it and we were able to free it very quickly and easily.  

Now as you can see in the photo (I know I could see it) the trunk looked crooked.  But fortunately for me I put this tree up on top of wallpaper and I was able to remove the whole trunk part and reposition it.  When the time comes for it to come down (which will be MANY years from now) it should be easy to remove.  When the Wall Decor first came out Stampin' Up! gave us a sample flower.  I put a part of that flower behind a picture on the wallpaper and I tested it to see if it would come off or stain the wall.  
Yes it comes off and no it didn't stain the wallpaper.  And the best thing was it went right back on the wall like a window cling and it doesn't slough or curl, it just sticks there like it's suppose to!!!  Lucky me!!  Especially with my luck with trees lately!!! LOL

I took a lot of photos but I'm only going to post a few of them here.  I have a lot of problems with the post when I have more than one photo on it.  It seems that I need to write a novel for all the photos to be able to fit nicely on the post.  But how much can you write about this.  You buy the thing, you rub it on your wall, you remove the paper backing and you take a bunch of phots as you do it!!! LOL

Anyway, back to the wall!!!  I would do this again in another room but I don't want two trees in my home.  I did use the "family" words above our pictures in the living room but that will be coming off later this summer.  The plan is to paint that wall in the Stampin' Up! color Pumpkin Pie.  Hubby agreed that it would be such a perfect color for that long wall.  But that is not going to happen until our son's room gets painted.  I did the closet last year and that is as far as I got.  The ceiling is next and then the walls.  The walls have a wallpaper border that needs to come off.  Hopefully it will be easy since it's been on the wall for over a decade!!!  It's hard to believe it's been up that long. But on the other hand it's nice to know things like that will stick to the wall that long!!! LOL  

Enjoy the photos.  It was fun and I'd LOVE to do it again!!!

Thank you for looking,

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday Sketch Challenge!!

Here is my card for this weeks Sketch Challenge at SplitCoastStampers.  This one was a fun layout!

I used the Stampin' Up! "Bird on a Branch" set.  I've used the flower cluster to this set as a background but never got to use the set for a full card.  This layout was perfect for this set!!!  I even got to use the new Bella Birds decorative paper and the new "Lots of Tags" Die Cuts.  I REALLY like those!!!  I had used it on my last post too.  The spice jar has one from that set of 4 on it.  These two are my favorite shapes of the entire set!!!

This was a pretty simple card to make too.  I found the most difficult part of it was cutting out the bird and that wasn't all that difficult.  The layering is so easy and the stamping was a breeze!! I sponged the edges in Bordering Blue and I even sponged the bird a little too!!  

It was a fun card to do and I needed a Thank You card to send out and it's nice to have a fresh new one to do that with!!!

If you have time head on over to SplitCoastStampers and give the Sketch Challenge a try.  When you get to their website just scroll down until you see the days of the week.  Click on Wednesday and this week's challenge is #221!  Have fun!!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

New Blog Header

Do you like my new Blog Header?  Sara at Sara's Creative Adventures made it for me.  She's SO creative.  She sent me several to pick from and let me tell you it was VERY difficult!!!  I do have the program she uses to make this header but it's Greek to me.  I need to find some time to sit with the manual and play around with it.  But that isn't happening until after tax time.  I am in the process of spending every extra moment of my time entering in receipts into a new program that is suppose to make my life easier.  So far it's made it more complicated by taking up so much of my time.  But I'm nearly done and then I can get back to my technique pages, projects and my new adventure is scrapbooking (YIKES!!!). LOL

Thank you SO much Sara for creating me such a BEAUTIFUL header.  Head on over to Sara's Blog and have a look around.  She's a pretty talented person!!!

Thank you for stopping by,

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spice It Up!

Literally!!!  I am such a recycler.  I believe that you should use an item at least one more time before you have to put it in the recycling bin or toss it.  This spice jar is one of those "toss" items.  But it's SO cool because it's got a built in grinder on the top.  I removed the label and tossed it all in the dishwasher.  It came out nice and clean and I was happy because I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

I mixed up a batch of my chicken herb seasoning and put some in the grinder.  I wasn't sure how I was going to do the label.  I knew the computer and printer would be involved since I don't have a stamp that reads "Poultry Seasoning."  And I don't think I've ever seen one like that either!!!

I had just gotten the "Lots of Tags" die cuts and there was one in there that I was intrigued with!!!  It fit with the large oval punch so I was all set.  I printed out the words using the Always Artichoke RBG code.  Then I punched out the oval.  I ran the die cut through the Big Shot and I was ready to do the final details and put it on the jar.  I sponged the oval piece, it was just too white looking without it.  I used the Anywhere Glue Stick to stick the die cut tag part to the jar.  I wrapped a rubber band around the tag and jar and allowed the glue to set up.  Then I glued the oval to the tag and again I wrapped the rubber band around it until it was dry.  It's all set in place exactly where I want it but it was still missing something.  I added a ribbon and tied a bow and that completed the jar.  Now if I were to fill my spice rack with these I would certainly NOT put the bows on.  They would eventually get dirty and look awful.  But this one is for a gift so I thought the bow would look cute.  I didn't glue it so it can be removed.

SO try to recycle things at least once before you send them to the recycling bin or the trash can!!!  There's treasures to be found in everything.  Well, in most things!!!  LOL

These would make great gifts and even a great Stamp Camp item if you can get enough spice jars saved!!!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Trendy Trees Are Finally Liking Me!!!

I am finally getting some better cards made using the Stampin' Up! "Trendy Trees" set.  That set was such a challenge for me and not I'm actually able to make cards with it that I like and that are not copied from someone else.  Shocker, huh??  I thought this set would remain a thorn in my side for a long time but I'm starting to like what I'm making with it now so I guess I'll play with it a bit more.

This card was VERY simple to do too!!!  I used the "Trendy Tree" set at the bottom.  And of  course I HAD to use the Stamp-a-ma-jig to line the trunks and tree tops up.  You don't HAVE to use it but it really does help.  Unless you are extremely good at lining things up you do need to use it!

The card is made using a half sheet of Certainly Celery cut at 4-1/4" on the short end.  I added the white strip with the trees on top of it and I added a strip of Chocolate Chip just above that.  I used the wide celery ribbon to hid the edge of the Chocolate Chip piece.  

For the ribbon I did wrap it around and tape it in place on the front.  Yes, on the front.  I didn't want a seam to show on the inside.  I thought that would look tacky.  I tied a bow and set it in place with Crystal Effects.  I allowed it to dry a bit before I took a photo of it.  You can't even see the seam, the big bow covered it!!!

I was going to use the "thank you" words that came with that set but I thought the bow was enough and anything more may distract from the trees.  And I liked how it looked as it was so I didn't want to mess with it and put a hex on the whole tree set again!!! LOL

It was fun and quick and I really do like this layout too!

Thank you SO much for visiting my blog today,

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Belated Birthday (Again)!

I started off my year SO well with getting the cards made that I needed for January.  But this month.  Well, I did start it off well but it's not ending up that way.  

I totally forgot about a card for my nephew.  And of course it would have to be a masculine card that I needed or I could have just gone to my stash and picked one out.  But no, I don't have any masculine ones on hand.  I should make a bunch of them.  I keep making feminine cards!!!  I need to go through my stamps and pull out all the ones that can be used for males and just make some cards!!!  The next birthday coming up is my younger sister's and I actually have her card ready.  SO I'm no longer behind, I'm current!!!  Hopefully next week I can find some time to add a few masculine cards to my list of stamping "to do's!"

Here is his card.  I used the Stampin' Up! "Wanted" set for the horse and the "Faux Bandanna" technique.  I LOVE that technique.  And it fits well with the masculine theme!!!  But you can only get by making so many bandanna cards before everyone will guess what the next birthday card will be!!! LOL  

I thought it would be fun to angel the card stock instead of just going straight across.  And while I was doodling on the bandanna part I thought I would add some faux stitches as well.  I am happy with the way it turned out. Maybe because there was no tree in this card!!! LOL  I'm still being taunted by that tree set!!!  It's a real challenging set for me for some odd reason.  But I shall be the victor!!! LOL

I have a couple fun quick projects coming up here on my blog so stay tuned!

Thank you for visiting my blog today,

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sharing Their Creations!

Here is a FABULOUS card that Leah made on Thursday night while she was here stamping.  She's such a phenomenal stamper!!!  And you can tell that she REALLY loves stamping!!!  She comes up with such great ideas for 3-D stuff too!!!  I have on several occasions copied her work (giving her full credit of course!!!).

For this card she used the Stampin' Up! "Sassy Stems" set.  It's a retired set but it's still a beautiful one!

I like how she punched the oval in the front of the card so you can see the wording on the inside. 

I don't know where the ribbon came from but it sure did add a lot to the card, didn't it?

Thank you Leah for allowing me to share your wonderful card with the world!!

And thank YOU so much for visiting my blog today,

Friday, March 20, 2009

Finding Versatility!

I like to find other uses for a stamp set that is marked for one theme. The Stampin' Up! set "Thoughts & Prayers is more of a get well/sympathy set. I really like the flower in this set so I thought I would literally take it "out of the box."

I worked on a simple yet layered layout. You know me and those layers!! I gotta have them or the card just isn't right!!! LOL

After I figured out my layout all I needed to know what the theme of my card. I chose "thank you" and those words came from the Stampin' Up! set "Holiday Blitz." I have gotten SO much use out of that set. It's got SO many holidays and events in it. They are all small and fit in the 1-1/4" circle punch area.

The paper I used here is the Parisian Summer only because it was in the pile of decorative papers I need to use up!!! Plus the fact that I REALLY liked it. Of course I did or I wouldn't have purchased it!!! LOL

Anyway, I stamped the flower on the white card stock using black StazOn. I colored it in using a blender pen and markers. It was pretty easy to do and it was a very quick card to make.

The scallop border I did have a little issue with. I was trying to match the scallops. Well when using decorative paper and card stock you can put the two pieces together and punch them out at the same time and the punch won't get jammed or give you trouble. It took only two tries and I figured that one out. And all by myself too!!! I sponged the edges with More Mustard and layered the card with Basic Gray. All in all it was a pretty simple card to do. I like this layout and may use it again sometime!

Thank you SO much for stopping by,

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh No!!! NOT Another Tree!!

I thought I'd take a shot at this tree in the Stampin' Up! "Thoughts & Prayers" stamp. What is the deal with me and trees lately??? Can a tree come back to haunt you??? Last December we had three trees removed from our yard. Two in the back and one in the front. Only one was diseased. One was under the power lines enough that the city decided they were tired of trimming it every few years and they removed it. So now we have no trees in the backyard. And the one in the front was a huge pine tree at the end of the driveway that was leaning. We figured one good storm and it would be down across our yard and the neighbors. It was a healthy tree but it was leaning. We will be getting the trees in the backyard replaced. Maybe I should wait until then to make more tree stamped images!!! LOL

Ok aren't you glad you know about my trees now?? LOL

I stamped the tree using Certainly Celery and I went over the trunk and stems with the Chocolate Cip marker.

The "Happy Birthday" was done on the printer a while ago. I had printed out a full sheet of them!!!

The beautiful decorative paper is Bella Rose. I just LOVE that paper.

I used Riding Hood Red and Chocolate Chip card stock.

It's a very simple card to do too!!

Thanks SO much for visiting today,

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Sketch Challenge at SplitCoastStampers

I can not begin to tell you what a challenge this card was for me. Not so much the coloring. I LOVE to color. It was those strips in the background. And why is it once you get them taped down you notice one of them is crooked??? LOL

For me getting those strips straight was the most difficult part of the card. And obviously it shows!!! But I just tell myself that it's a handmade card and it won't be perfect!!!

The stamp used here is from the Margaret Sherry Collection by Penny Black. It's called "Cheesecake Party." Aren't those little mice just adorable???

The Happy Birthday was done on the computer a while ago. I printed out a full sheet and I still have some left so you may be seeing those on my cards for a while!!!

This is a great sketch to help use up those tiny scraps. Though when I have scraps that tiny I toss them. Seriously!!!! LOL

My colors in the strips are as follows from left to right, Whisper White, Pirouette Pink, Pretty in Pink, Regal Rose and Rose Red. They all just seemed to blend well together. I stuck the Happy Birthday on the upper left of the card to offset the darkness of the right side of the card. It gave the card more balance. Plus it was the only spot for the greeting. It worked out in my favor that time!!!

It's a fun sketch and if you have a chance give it a try!!! Test your skills at getting those strips straight!!! I'll even help you out. My strips are 7/8" x 4" and the black layer behind the strip measures 1" x 4-1/8". There you go, the worst part is over!!!

When I do these Sketch Challenges I print out the layout and I find a stamp that fits in the image area and I go from there! When you go to SplitCoast and go to the Sketch Challenge part the image is clickable and it prints out to exact size. That makes it SO much easier to figure out the size pieces you need. You don't have to be exact but they do like you to be close! The fun of it all is to see the variety of cards made using the same layout. And it's ALWAYS fun to learn a new layout!!! Even if it has a LOT of pieces to it!

Thank you for stopping by today,

Blog Candy Winner!!!

I forgot to draw the name for the Blog Candy. To me it's still Tuesday even though it's after 1 am. If I'm still up it's still Tuesday!!! LOL
Anyway, the winner of the Blog Candy is Denise and here is her comment:

Denise said...
I love walking around the yard, seeing what's "waking up" from its winter sleep. I love getting into the dirt again and maybe, if I'm lucky, having warm enough weather during Spring vacation to be able to start mulching the gardens.There's so much to love about Spring...I can't wait!

Denise, please email me with your snail mail address and I will get your fun stamp set out to you later in the week.

Thank you all so much for playing. But don't fret, I have another Blog Candy coming up here. It's for reaching 700,000 hits. I'm a little late with this one too but hey, "Better late then never!!!"

Do have a GREAT day!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Egg Hunt Candy Topper!

I am such a wheel freak. I LOVE it every time Stampin' Up! comes out with a new wheel!!! The make the best backgrounds when using VersaMark or matching ink on the card stock!! Plus they are great other ways too but I mainly like them for background!

This brand new "Egg Hunt" wheel will be available on April 1st! NO foolin'!!!! I used Black StazOn and white glossy card stock. But first I used the "Top Note" die cut and cut them out. After I cut them I scored them and then wheeled them!!!

I colored in the eggs with markers and they were done!!! It was easy and fun too! Then I found some Easter words in the "All Holidays" set. I stamped them in Lovely Lilac ink on white card stock. Then I punched out a circle and the scallop piece using Lavender Lace and Almost Amethyst card stock.

I filled some food safe baggies with jelly beans and stapled the bag inside the "Top Note" piece. When I staple my items like this I make sure the prong part of the staple is in the front. But only if I'm going to be adding ribbon or layers. This way all you see on the back are two smooth bars from the staple. The bump parts of the staple are hidden behind the ribbon and card stock scallop layer. It gives it a much nicer, cleaner look too. And there is not prongs that could stick out and poke fingers!!

After I got the toppers stapled on I wrapped some white grosgrain ribbon around it and tied it in a knot. I added the scallop layer and they were done!!! I made a bunch of these for my stampers this month!!! It's just a fun little thing for them!!! All of the bags didn't fit in the picture so I only set a few up for the camera! I even took a close-up for you to see! Just click on it and you can see it even closer yet!!!

Thanks SO much for stopping by,

Monday, March 16, 2009

How LOVELY is This Tree?

Don't you just LOVE this card and the layout? I did too when I saw it on Chris' blog Mudmaven Designs!! And the more I looked at it the more I knew that I had to copy it. She used the Sale-a-brations Delicate Dots Designer paper on Certainly Celery card stock.

It was kind of funny when I was going to copy this card. She has three samples, one in blue (which I LOVE) one in the mustard and the green one. I opted for the green one. Don't ask why, one never knows why I do some of the things I do. LOL

I go to my card stock and I have one sheet of Certainly Celery left!!! It's really all I need for this card but I couldn't believe that I didn't pay attention to my inventory the last time I placed an order. UGH!!! But even knowing it was my last piece I used it anyway. I mean, what was I going to save it for???? LOL

I copied her card as much as I could though I didn't make mine a thank you card, I needed a thinking of you one. Of which those words were in the set too!! Such a deal!!!

Chris has some fun cards on her blog. If you have time hop on over there and have a look!!! It's well worth your time!!!

Thank you for stopping by and don't forget the Blog Candy, the drawing is on Tuesday!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Matchbox Die Cut Box!

I made this adorable box using the new "Matchbox" die cut that will be for sale from Stampin' Up! on April 1st!! No foolin'!!!

When assembled it measures a little over 2-1/2" x 2" For mind I cut out the bottom using glossy card stock because I was going to stamp something on it and color it in. I didn't because I didn't want to take away from the view of the contents. I had used a scrap piece of acetate for the cover part of the box. I just ran it through the Big Kick and out it came all cut and scored!!!

This is a fun little box. The bottom doesn't need to be taped at all. It's designed to fold in the long sides first and then the ends and it's all secure! Ingenious design!! The cover is a sleeve that goes over the box, hence the name "Matchbox!"

I can crank out tons of these things for gifts and it will be perfect for the bracelets I make too!!! This may be a die cut I will wear out. I'm still trying to figure out when that will be with a few of my other ones I use ALL the time. The just last and last. Gotta LOVE that!!

Ok, for my box. I stamped, colored and cut out 3 carrots using the stamp I had from Inky Antics. I always dig it out this time of the year!!! I tied some Pumpkin Pie ribbon around the box and glued the carrots in place. You know what I LOVE most about coloring things I cut out??? You can go outside the lines and no one knows!!! And in coloring things like that, when I'm doing more than one I LOVE to color outside the lines, it go so much faster!!! And I'm REALLY good at coloring outside the lines!!!! LOL

Inside the adorable box are the cutest carrots. Gummy carrots!!! I got them from Oriental Trading. They were $5.95 (I think or maybe less) and you got 56 pieces. Not a bad deal. SO I'm going to be making a bunch of these for Easter!!! Isn't it just adorable???

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's Blog Candy Time!!

In doing a bit of cleaning up of papers I ran across one with some notes on it and one of them was a reminder for the "Chatty Cathy" Blog Candy. I totally forgot about it. Hence the note!!! LOL

This Blog Candy is in celebration of my blog reaching (and now surpassing) 1000 posts!!! So for this celebration I am offering up a brand new Scrappy Cat clear stamp set "Flowers." There's 22 images in this set. The set measures 6 x 8 so it 's pretty big. And with spring just around the corner what a better time to have some flower stamps. And we all know flower stamps can be used any time of the year!!!

BUT there is a catch here. Always remember "nothing is ever really free." LOL To get this stamp set you will need to leave a comment to this post only. And in that comment, since spring is just around the corner, tell me what you like most about spring!! Your name will be drawn by the random number generator on Tuesday March 17th (St. Patty's Day)!! How fun. Please don't leave your email address in your comment. Spamers LOVE it when you do that. You'll have to check back on here to see if you are the winner!!

I have many things I like about spring. The smells of the fresh air, the cool breezes with the warm sun. The birds returning (though I don't miss their poop on the deck!!!) and things growing again. It's like watching things go from brown to the soft greens and seeing them get richer as the spring progresses. But I would have to say my most favorite thing is to be able to have a window actually open (no screen) and no bugs flying in. YUCK, I HATE bugs. Before we moved to the home we live in now we had lived in a wonderful HUGE apartment. The building was sprayed twice a year, inside and out for bugs. We never had bugs. Then we decide we should "invest" in a house and the first day there I saw a spider and wanted to move!!! LOL I HATE spiders. And I've been told many times that they are more afraid of me than I am of it. Well, it's debatable!!! I only have two lets they have eight. Ok, there have been times mine were just as hairy and I suppose to a spider that may be scary!!! LOL But then again I didn't walk across the spider!!!! EWWWW. Why I'm afraid of them I have no idea. But I just stay away from them and hope they stay away from me!!!

So tell me what you like best about spring and you will be entered in the drawing for this stamp set!!!

Good luck to you!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hasenpfeffer Soup!

First you take the rabbit (Hasenpfeffer), add some carrots and some funny colored kidney beans and......

Those jelly beans looked like kidney beans to me when I was stamping them on the card stock. And it looked even more like kidney beans as I was coloring them because I had just finished coloring the carrots in and I used the Pumpkin Pie marker and did a few jelly beans. Isn't it just amazing how such little things amuse me??? LOL

But seriously, (click on the photo) look close at that pink and orange jelly bean. Doesn't it look like a kidney bean??

Ok, back to the card and into the Easter mode. There are no kidney beans in Easter baskets!!! LOL

The little carrot stamp is by Inky Antics, the jelly bean stamp is by PSX and the bunny is from Michael's in their dollar bin, this one happens to be a Hampton Art stamp. The decorative paper is from Joann's and the ribbon and card stock are from Stampin' Up! More of a mix for stew than soup!!! LOL

The card layout is from SplitCoastStampers Sketch Challenge #168 (a long time ago!!!). I just thought this layout went well with this little bunny. It's bright and colorful isn't it??

Well, I'm off to do a bit of creating!!! And of course I'll share it with you.

Thanks SO much for stopping by,

Thursday, March 12, 2009

As Lovely as a Trendy Tree!!!

I actually made a card using the Stampin' Up! "Trendy Trees" set!! Shocker I know. And I didn't even copy it from any one's blog or from SplitCoastStampers!!! Shocker again!!! I was getting to the point to where I was going to have to do a bit of shameless copying!!! But this idea came to me and I ran with it right away!!!

I ran a piece of card stock through the Cuttlebug folder. I sponged the edges with Garden Green. Then I cut a layer of Garden Green card stock for behind that textured piece and I layered that on top of a folded half sheet of white card stock.

I stamped the trees on white card stock. I did have to use the Stamp-a-ma-jig to get the tree trunks lined up just right. A little white was showing on mine and I left it. I may go back with the Chocolate Chip marker and fill it in but I just might leave it as it is. After all, it IS a handmade card!!!

I cut the trees out by hand and glued them in place on the card. The words "thanks so much" came with that set. I stamped them on a scrap piece of white card stock and used the Word Window punch and punched them out. I sponged the edges and glued it in place on the card.

I actually like the way this card turned out!! It's about time, huh??? But there is still a card using this set on someones blog that I just LOVE and I may just have to copy it. Every time I think about the "Trendy Trees" set I think of that card. It's stunning and of course now after telling you all that I WILL have to make it!!! I haven't copied any one's work in a LONG time so I'm about due!!! LOL

So here you have it, a "Trendy Tree" card I actually like!!!

Thank you SO much for visiting,

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday Sketch Challenge at SplitCoastStampers

Here is my card for the Wednesday Sketch Challenge at Split Coast Stampers. This one was very fun. I just LOVE that triangle on the left side. It was a lot of fun to play with this sketch because it was so different.

For my card I used some decorative paper I had gotten at Joann's. I just loved the polka dots. I actually bought it to make an Easter card with. I'll show you that one later in the week when I finish it.

The adorable cupcake paper is from Funky Fairys Paper Crafts. It is free digi paper. Be sure to print it on something with more substance to it than 20# copier paper. I prefer to use 32# but have used 28# only because it was all I had at the time. A ream of it costs a lot more than the 20# but it's SO worth it and if you just save it for printing digi paper it will last a long time.

I mounted the layers on top Pixie Pink card stock. Pixie Pink is a color I don't use very often at all. But it was SO pretty with that cupcake digi paper. When I got it all together I thought it was still missing something so I added the Certainly Celery ribbon at the top and tied a bow and it just seemed to finish off the card.

I'm going to give this one to my younger sister for her birthday this month. I was on a quest to make her a cute birthday card and I think this is the one!!! Unless next weeks challenge brings me a new idea!!! I guess I'd better write in the card and put it in an envelope and tape it to her gift. That way I won't be making another one for her. I do need to make a masculine card for my nephew for this month too. Then I'm current on birthday cards for this month!!! That would be great to have them done before I need them!!! What a novel idea!!! LOL

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Die Cut Easter Boxes

I am REALLY loving this new die cut Stampin' Up has in the catalog. All you do is add a half sheet of 12" x 12" paper, run it through the Big Shot and it comes out all scored and ready to assemble. There's no extra cutting or scoring needed at all. Unless you want to add the window.

Because I was making more than one box I cut a window template and just traced the cut out area on the inside of the box. It made it easier and quicker to do the holes. I used the 1-1/8" punch to make the window. It goes a lot quicker than cutting it out by hand!!! And a nicer edge too!!! When doing a window make sure you move it down far enough so when you close the lid the part you tuck in doesn't show in the window. Yup, you guessed it, I did it!!! And trust me, it looks awful peeking through the upper part of the window!!!! LOL But I only made one like that!!! Getting smart in my old age!!!! LOL

I added a piece of acetate inside and then assembled the box. You only glue the side tab and the rest is just tuck and fold!!! I glued the window and the tab with tacky glue. Mostly because it was in front of me and I've used it before for this very thing and I know it works!

Once the box was assembled I filled it with candies and tucked the flap in. Then I tied a ribbon around the box and made a big bow! Simple as that! These boxes can be used for SO many occasions. Just let your imagination run with it!!!

Thanks SO much for stopping by,

Monday, March 09, 2009

DIVA Challenge!

Every time the DIVA's meet Sue has a challenge for us. Some of them are pretty easy and some of them difficult. This one was in between!!!

She gave us a clear disk. It's the size of a CD. It probably came from a stack of CD's, one of those "things" that are put in for protection. And lucky Sue had a bunch of them to challenge us with!!!

I didn't think of making mine until the night before!!! LOL Nothing like procrastinating!!! I'm sticking with that one. It's actually that I totally forgot about it but let's go with procrastination!!! LOL

I took my disk and I heated it with my embossing tool. The same way you'd do on an old cd. When I could tell it was hot enough I cut it on my paper cutter. To tell if it's hot enough you just watch for color changes, warping or any other thing that caused the disk to look different. Be careful not to get the heat tool too close to the plastic, it will catch fire. And I don't mean burn, I mean igniting flames!!! If you have not worked with this much you may want to have a nice glass bowl of water very close to you in the event of flamage!!! I personally have not caught one on fire. YET!!! I did catch a guitar pick on fire once. Talk about stink!!!! And of course I was working with water close to me and I just dropped it in the water. Grabbed a new pick and started all over!!!

Ok, back to this challenge. After I cut the disk I heated it up again and I stuck it in my RubiCoil punch machine and punched the side holes. Now it would have been great to have my new circle cutter but it hasn't arrived yet so I had to trace the circle on copier paper and cut them out. And I also traced it on a piece of white chipboard and cut it out for the back of the "book" I was in the process of making.

I decorated the front using the Stampin' Up! "Circle of Friendship" retired hostess set. I had stamped the image on a piece of glossy white card stock, then I traced the circle. I wanted to make sure I got the image as centered around the hole in the middle of the disk as I could. Then I cut some of the decorative paper from the Sale-a-Brations offerings. I taped it on the glossy card stock. I colored in the flowers with markers and sponged the edges in Bashful Blue.

I did cut out the center of the glossy card stock so I could run the ribbon through and around. I brought the ends back up in front and tied the bow. As I was threading the coil through the holes I had to use my paper piercing tool to make the holes in the ribbon. It was pretty simple to do. I bent the edges of the coil to secure it and it was all done. A fun little notebook from a piece of recycled plastic!!!

You won't believe what she gave us this time!!! I had stopped over there to drop off my challenge project and I came home with the new challenge!!! UGH!!! We don't meet next month so it gives me two months to set it aside and work on it the night before!!! LOL This time I'll take a photo of the item BEFORE I alter it!!

Thanks SO much for stopping by,

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sunday Swap!

Here's the cards I made for the DIVA swap today. I won't be able to join the gals today and I will miss it. It's always a fun time and Sue just spoils us rotten. The theme for the swap was a spring or Easter card. I looked through my Stampin' Up! stamps and I don't have any Easter ones. I do have Easter ones on order!!! Lot of good they do me in transit!!! LOL

SO I looked though the stamps I had and found a bunny that I thought would be perfect for my favorite card layout. I LOVE tying a knot in the wide ribbon and taping it to the back of the layer. Those knots create such a wonderful effect on the cards, don't you think? And this wide ribbon is the best!!! My paper is from the Sale-A-Brations brochure. It's such sweet paper!!!

I'm excited to see what cards the other gals make for their swap. And the cards that Sue will have there for them to work on today. I will miss that part too!!! And chatting with everyone. We only get to see each other once a month and sometimes a little longer in between so when we get together it's a big gab fest!!! LOL We also share some business ideas and things we've been working on. Oh and Sue usually has a challenge for us, which reminds me I'd better work on mine!!! YIKES!!! SO much to do!!

I totally forgot about the "Chatty Cathy" blog candy. I will have to do that this week. And after that one I'll have to put up some more for my blog reaching 700,000 hits. I have some catching up to do!!!

Thank you SO much for stopping by today,

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Returning to the Scene of the Crime!!

I keep returning back to this Stampin' Up! "Trendy Tree" set. Maybe if I play with it enough I will eventually get a card that I will be happy with. Now this one has lots of layers like I'm use to doing but they are just not in the right places!! LOL

I do have a GREAT idea for this set. I found an adorable card on a blog and I'm going to copy it!!! LOL Maybe my mind just needs a break and an hour or so of shameless casing is what will do it!!!

I really do like the "thank you" in the middle of this card. It's an individual stamp you can purchase. I thought it was a FABULOUS idea for Stampin' Up! to sell a few stamps on an individual basis. This one would be great for weddings too!!! Emboss it in silver or gold on white and you've got an elegant thank you card!! And simple too!!

Well, that's it for me today, I'm off to find that card to CASE!!! I thank you for stopping by,

Friday, March 06, 2009

Another Birthday This Month!

This card is for my younger sister's birthday. Though I'm not sure I'm going to give her this one. I may make a different one. One with more layers!! You know me and layers!!! LOL

This card was pretty easy to do. I used the Sale-A-Bration decorative paper for the background. The main part of the card is Certainly Celery. The stamps are "Thoughts & Prayers" and "Define Your Life" by Stampin' Up! And to color it in I used markers.

I think what isn't sitting well with me on this card is that the "wish" part doesn't seem so personal. I mean, after all it is for my sister and her birthday is not until the 23rd so I have a few days to make a new one!!!

Thanks SO much for visiting today,

Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Birthday Card For My Sister!

Shhh, don't tell my sister but I just made her card today and her birthday was on the 1st!!! She was out of town anyway so I didn't give her the card and gift. I started the year off getting cards done early and now I'm behind. Well, actually now I'm current!!! LOL

I have 3 more birthdays this month and believe it or not I have one of the cards already made. It's for hubby's aunt who's birthday is on St. Patrick's Day!!!

Anyway back to my late card. I used the Stampin' Up! "Echo's of Kindness" set. And I used some retired decorative papers. I believe they are retired!!! It doesn't matter, my sister doesn't know the difference anyway. And it's still a good thing to use up those retired papers!!!

The last few cards I made I felt like I had been struggling so with them I think it was more that I missed doing all the layering I usually do. I felt great after I got this card done. I got to do my fun layering and I like the color purple and I got to color. I had the Happy Birthday words printed out on a full sheet of card stock from a month or so ago. Oh and since this card goes on her present I won't have to spend the extra money to mail it!!! Such a deal!!!! LOL

This card was pretty simple to do too!!! Gotta LOVE that!!! Simple is always good, especially when it turns out the way you had it in mind!!! And this one did!!

Thank you SO much for visiting,

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Wednesday Sketch Challenge at SplitCoastStampers

I missed last weeks Sketch Challenge at SplitCoastStampers. I'm sure I'll eventually find the sketch and a few minutes to play with it. But I moved on to this weeks challenge. It was a fun one!!!

My card is pretty pink, isn't it?? LOL I have been on a quest for a fun and yet sweet thank you card for a friend and I think I found it. And I think I found my "mojo." My sturggle lately with the cards I'd been making was that they just didn't have the layers like I am use to doing so it was not only a challenge for me to make them but actually an effort. But once the sketch came out and I played around with it I realized what I had been missing in card making. SO it's back to the layers and it's all fun again!!!

For this card I used the Stampin' Up! set "Always in my Thoughts." And the words were done using the "Holiday Blitz" set. I do have to admit that is one set I sure do get a LOT of use out of. Which is a good thing because it was one of those sets you still had to cut out and it has 28 pieces to it!!! But it's SO worth it!!!

SO now I am set with the card I can feel good about sending to my friend!!!

Thank you SO much for stopping by,

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

If a Trendy Tree Fell in the Forest......

Would it look like this???? I'm struggling with this card too. Is it this set and me just not connecting??? I have no idea what the issue is with me and this set. I sat at my worktable and looked at the images for a long time and just couldn't get any ideas. I was hoping to come up with something better than this.

Maybe it's the layout. Maybe it's the colors. Maybe I'm having trouble with smaller image stamps. I think I'll give this set one more try and if I don't like what I'm coming up with I'll move on!!! I promise!!! LOL

I think I'll spend a little time looking on SplitCoastStampers for some inspiration and then head back to the drawing board!!!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Monday, March 02, 2009

It Started Out As a Plain Old Scratch Pad!

It did!! It was just a plain old scratch pad. I had ordered a bunch of them online at Staples a while back. I have them packed away in my storage closet (in a spot where I can get at them!!!). I take one out now and then to use as a scratch pad. But tonight I was looking at this scratch pad and thought I could dress it up a bit!! And this is what I came up with.

I found that a 12" x 12" piece of decorative paper worked well with this. You can get by with 8-1/2" x 11" but you would need to use two pieces for the notepad. It's not a big deal and the pieces would be glued or taped together in the back so you couldn't tell. But it's just a way to do it so that those who do not have that long of a piece of decorative paper or card stock can make these too.

I set the scratch pad on top of the decorative paper and made a mark so I knew where to cut it. They are not perfect sizes, meaning they measure in the 16th's and 32nds". It's just easier to lightly mark the paper and bring it to your paper cutter. And each pad is not the same size either! SO you would need to do them one at a time or trim when you are done.

Anyway, I cut the paper and set the scratch pad on top of it. I took the bottom end of the paper and brought it all the way up to the top where the pad is glued together. I pressed the paper into the edges of the bottom of the pad to make a fold mark. I removed the pad and folded the paper on those marks. I used the sides of the paper as my guideline for a straight fold. I put the scratch pad back on the paper and repeated the folding of the top. The top flap is not very big at all. Here is where I added a piece of card stock. I used the VersaMark pad and the flowers image from the Stampin' Up! set "Bird on a Branch." It doesn't really show on the card stock. And now that I look at it I think i should have used the matching ink pad and it would have shown up more. If you click on the photo you can see the images a bit better.

The flower in the pot is from the Stampin' Up! set "Always in My Thoughts." I colored it in with a blender pen, watercolor crayons and markers. I sponged the edges and layered it on a piece of card stock. The words were done on the computer, punched out and then layered. I did add a little circle magnet to the inside of the flap. It does show when you open it but from the outside it doesn't and it helps keep the flap closed. You can add ribbons or buttons to dress it up even more if you like! There's not a whole lot to making these, just a little materials and a little time!!! But it sure did dress up a plain old scratch pad!!!

Thank you SO much for visiting,

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Faux Frosting Technique Page

WOW, another tech page in less than 7 days!!! I'm on a roll here!!! LOL

Actually I was playing with a cupcake stamp and I really wanted the frosting to have a more real look to it than just adding on some Crystal Effects. SO I thought I'd play around and on my second attempt I had "Faux Frosting!"

It's easy to do but it takes a little patience. You have to heat the mixture and then when it bubbles you need to back off on the heat and repeat a few times. But it's fun to watch it bubble so repeating it is no big deal at all!!!

In your container mix equal amounts of Crystal Effects and inker. Stir in 1/8 teaspoon of embossing powder. It will have the consistency of wet sand. You don’t want your mixture to be crumbly. If it is add a little more Crystal Effects. Add the mixture to your image. Begin heating it. It will start to bubble. Back off with the heat. When it stops bubbling heat it up again until a balloon like bubble forms. Back off again. Repeat that procedure 2 more times. Then heat it until a big bubble forms and allow the bubble to pop, another bubble will form. Repeat this a total of 3 times. On the final bubble let it rise and then let it cool. Allow to cool for a few seconds. You can press down on it with your finger to flatten it a little or leave as is. Allow to cool completely.

You can try this with other color pigment inks for a different effect. Just have fun with it!! I believe this is the third technique page in the third set of pages! I am nearly finished remaking the first set so those of you waiting hang on a little longer. I'll be contacting you soon. I have a few of the second set of pages left but I'm waiting to hear back from a few people. I'll be sending out emails and if they no longer want them I will be letting you know on my blog that I have a few for sale!!

Thank you SO much for stopping by,