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Monday, August 25, 2008

It's Blog Candy Time!!!

Ok, here it is. What you have been waiting for when my blog reached 500,000 points!!! The ever coveted Technique Pages. There are 20, count them, 20 pages here!!!! Well. don't actually count them I forgot to add the Faux Cloisonne to the pile but it will be included in the Blog Candy!!To view them individually (including the Faux Cloisonne!) you just need to click here. I am putting 2 pages in a sleeve so you will receive 10 filled sleeves!!

To be entered in the random drawing here is what you do. You need to answer two questions. First tell me which one of these 20 techniques is among your favorites and then tell me a technique not listed here that you like. I will draw a name and enter it in on Thursday's post. Being it's the holiday weekend coming up I will wait a few days longer for the reply back from the winner. I myself may be heading out of town!

Please leave your comment on this post only. Do NOT include any email addresses, spammers like that and I only contact by email when I receive an email via my email address. And only enter once. Duplicate entries will be deleted. I do moderate the comments that come in to my blog and I know how easy it is to enter comments more than once because it didn't seem like the first one went through. I just pick one of those and post it and the other is rejected. Never a problem when you do that. I've done it myself!!

I thank you all for visiting my blog and making this exciting event happen for me!! I will be making more technique pages and posting them here. And who knows I may use then in another Blog Candy giveaway. I have some other fun mile markers coming up. It looks like I'm nearing another "Chatty Cathy" Blog Candy time. That's less than 20 posts away!!!!

I wish you all luck on the drawing!!

And I thank you ever SO much for stopping by,


*Susan* said...

Hi Wanda! What an awesome blog candy give-away!!!

Q1: I would be lying if I said my favorite technique was anything other than Heat Embossing (just ask any of my stamping friends). I just love the different looks and the texture you get when using this technique, from fun & funky to elegant & classy!
Q2: A technique that I like which is not included (yet) in your Technique Pages is Faux Metal. Sure, it's heat embossing, but with a twist!

Thanks for a great blog and the chance at winning this great resource!
Susan F. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, what a wonderful Blog Candy Prize.

Boy you have quite a few of my favorites here. I guess I would have to say that my most favorite that you have here is the Shaving Foam Technique. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks so easy and very pretty too. I'll just have to give it a try soon.
The technique that you don't have here that I really like is spotlighting.
Thanks for the chance to win,
Kathy B.

Anonymous said...

1. I really like the polished stone technique you shared here.

2. Another one of my favorites is faux suade.

Love the 6x6 technique pages you've done here. Thanks for sharing them as a prize.

Deb Albright

Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

Oh my goodness! I've been so impressed with those amazing cards you've made...this is fantastic!!!

SueB said...

You could do a whole section on action cards ... spinners, sliders, etc.
Thanx for the inspiration and chance at t'riffic blog candy!

Elaine said...

Hi Wanda,

I think this is the coolest blog candy! What a neat idea! I am not entering this time though, because I already won from you last time. And I loved my candy package!! :) Anyway, my favorite technique is probably embossing....well maybe dry embossing. I like a lot of things! LOL Congrats on your numbers!

mudmaven said...

What unique blog candy - so very cool of you to share with us! I think my two favorites that you've done are the polished stone and the faux bleaching. I too would like to see one on faux metal, that seems to be really popular out there right now. Thanks again! ~chris

Mae said...

What a great give-away & I would just love to be considered !!! A great way to show how to creat different things.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wanda,

Thanks for all your hard work with your tutorials, they are so inspiring. I love the Rock 'n Roll Technique. I know, it is one of the simpler ones - but so effective with flower stamps and foliage.

Mmmh, what would I like to see...I have to admit, I love combined things - like Origimai flowers, decorated with stamps...

Have a great time "out of town",


Shauna said...

What an awesome and generous gift you are sharing with all of us readers!! I would so love to be the lucky winner! I think the Scratch and Sniff technique is very fun and *magical*! I love the Faux Metal Technique--Making metalic embellishments is also like magic!

Nettie said...

Hi Wanda, awesome give-away, hope I win I really need to break my basic stamping:)

Favorite of them would have to be Chalkboard Technique page.

One that is not posted that I really like using is Faux linen. Ever since learning this easy technique I find myseld using it often especially with red inks.

Anonymous said...

I've done a few of these techniques in the past but one of my favorites is the reverse masking. I like the look I get from it.
One of my favorite thing to do, though, is smackin' acetate. (or is that slappin?...not sure!). I love the look particularly for any of the ocean themed stamps I have.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that my favorite would be the shaving cream technique. I also think a section on sliders, spinners, etc would be neat. I love your ideas. Kim F.

StampinCathy said...

WOW I'm in on this sweet handmade candy. That's my favorite kind.

1. I love the polished stone

2. I would love to see the Joseph Coat techinque. I think that's what it's call.

I look forward everyday to your update. Thanks for a chance at your awesome candy.

Kay said...

Hi- The day we have ALL been waiting for!!! This is one of the coolest blog candy's I've seen! My favorite was the Polished Stone. I also like special folding cards. Thanks for sharing your love and talent with us! Hugs Kay Mespelt

Lisa Bohler said...

Although I rarely do it, my favorite tech is the shaving cream technique. I don't remember if you've ever done the faux shaving cream tech which is one I usually go to as it's much less involved (the results are not as stunning, though!) Thanks for the candy opportunity!

Unknown said...

500,000 Posts! What a wonderful reason to celebrate. Although I am not what you would call a true stamper I have been following your technique pages with interest. I think many of them can be used in general paper crafts. I guess that is why my favorite is the "glitter window" page. Great for a card in general. As for something I haven't seen you do yet I've always wondered about "masking" in stamping. I hear a lot of that but never seem to grasp the concept. I've been collecting your ideas to pass on to my daughter who is just starting in stamping. And want to say THANKS for all the help you pass along. Here's to many, many more posts.

Michelle said...

Please don't make me choose! LOL! I liked them all so it's hard to choose just one! Each one can contribute to just about any situation! I can't think of any to add either then again, I thought that every day and you came up with more! LOL!
Great blog, love the blog candy and would love to be the winner! Thank you for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

I thought the Faux Eyelet technique was the most unusual and one of my favorites.
I am intrigued with tecniquest using punched paper in unusual ways.
Thanks so much for the chance to win this awesome prize.
Linda Peterson

Anonymous said...

1. I love the pages you've created and all the techniques you've shared. Thanks so much! The faux marbling with the shaving cream is a fun favorite.
2. There is a technique using spray starch on dark paper and pearl ex powders; it makes an interesting background on which you can then heat emboss with versamark and white powder for a contrasting stamped image.

Cheryl said...

Awesome. You could become very wealthy by publishing this little book. If I don't win, I would love to buy one. Thanks for the chance.
Cheryl Sims

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Yours is one of my favorite blogs. I love your technique pages. Great blog candy idea. My favorite techniques are cracked glass and heat embossing. I would love to see faux dry embossing. Thanks, Mary

Val said...

I loved the Crayon Resist technique. I love the look of it but have not tried it yet. A technique that isn't listed that I love is Joseph's coat. Thanks for a chance to win an awesome candy package!

Lynette said...

Awesome, Wanda - what a super idea!!

My favorite of your techniques is the Chalkboard.

I really liked the Faux Dry Embossing that was yesterday's TLC challenge on SCS. I think that would be a good one to include in your next album:)


ssfellman said...

Q1: I LOVE them all. If I have to choose only one, it will be Rock n Roll.

Q2: I've never seen a mirror effect done, and if anyone can come up with something, it would be you.

You do a fantastic job.

craftyantoinette said...

Hi Wanda! Thought I'd post a comment to see if I could win your book. :-)

Q1: It's so hard to pick just one, but I really like the Faux Eyelet technique. What a great way to get matching accessories!

Q2: Another technique that I think is classy looking is the Reverse Spotlighting technique. I stumbled across that on the demonstrators web site.

Thanks for this opportunity!

Jen Stewart said...

What an awesome blog candy! These techniques have helped me a lot!

My favorite is the shaving cream technique - got my girls all messy but we had a blast!

one you don't have ??? I'm not sure - I'm very new to all the techniques - but I think maybe one that I really like is glitter? Not sure if you have that one up or not - I've seen most of yours but not all :)

Congrats on such a great big # on your blog too!

ThreadCatcher said...

I've been waiting for this blog candy give-away...PICK ME!!! LOL

My favorite technique of those listed would have to be Emboss Resist.

One I didn't see listed that I enjoy doing is Faux Diamond Dust. Used that on my Christmas cards last year, nice and sparkly.

Thanks for the chance to win an awesome reference book. jmniffer

Primitive Seasons said...

I like the crayon resist and how about doing a faux metal technique. Love your pages and check in every day to see what's new.


Fiorella said...

I am so new at cardmaking and stamping that I don't have a favorite tecnique...may I partecipate?

Anonymous said...

Q1. I would have to say the Cracked Glass is a favorite of mine. Even though it takes time to do it the results are worth it.

Q2 I would have to say I would like to see how to do the faux suede. I see the products to do it but have not attempted it.

Thanks for the chance to win such a wonderful prize.

Anonymous said...

Hope I win!! :)

Q1 Definitely my favorite is faux stitching. I haven't done it, but I love the look of it!

Q2 An easy one-paper piercing. Love the look of that too!

Thanks Wanda!

kat said...

Favorite technique is Rock n Roll because of the wonderful shading you can make with flowers [or anything, actually]; I'd like to see a faux metal simply because I'm a bit scared to try but it's gorgeous. Thanks for a chance to win your pages! Wish me luck!

squeakyjenn said...

Hi Wanda! What a great blog candy!
My favorite would have to be the crayon reisit! You have so many out there I do not know how I would pick a new one :) Thanks for the chance to WIN!! Jenn W

Anonymous said...

I love the crayon resist technique and embossing. I think I will include the faux metal technique. Thanks! Great idea to make a book out of them, it can be really handy!

Jannette E.

Pandessa said...

WOW! Great job!

1. Sliders

2. Faux seude

Thanks for change Wanda!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Wanda, over 500,000, I'm impressed. Congratulations! My favorite technique is The Crayon Resist. The technique I'ld like to see is the Faux Suede. Thanks for the chance to win some sweet, sweet candy.

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Hi Wanda, I have been eagerly awaiting the new page every day and love what you have put together. I think one of my favs is the glitter window technique, so easy but a big WOW! I would love to see one for faux metal or the pouf ball technique. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win such awesome blog candy.

Fay said...

This is such a great idea! My fave technique is the glitter window. Never realized how much of an effect it would have on the whole card---beautiful!
A commenter mentioned a faux linen technique. Never heard of it, but it sounds interesting. Would love to learn about that one!
Thanks for sharing your techniques with us!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great give-away!!

There are so many cool techniques that it's hard to say which is my favorite but if I have to pick just one it would be the Polished Stone. I love the finished result.

One technique that I would love to see done is Faux Metal. I've never been able to master that one.

Thanks again for sharing your talents with us on your blog!
Theresa Woolworth

C. Sage Deerborn said...

My favorite technique in your book is the Faux Cloisonne Technique. The bandana technique is a favorite of mine that you did not cover.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the hits - wooo hooo to you!!

I really like the Faux Cloisionne (sp?) creates stunning results. I just have to take the time to DO IT more often.

Not sure about technique not posted....hmmm...the faux metal I guess.

Julie S.

Debby said...

Q1: My favorite technique is Crayon Resist.
Q2: Technique I want to learn is Bandanna Technique. I have seen a lot of that kind of looks similar to Crayon Resist.
Thanks for the chance to win.
Angel hugs

Dawn w. said...

Hi Wanda! You inspire me to open the door and use new techniques! I love the way you made "How to do" booklet. What a great resource to have! LOVE IT! I want to try them all! Can you tell that I am new to all of this???
This is even my very first blog comment :-) yep!

Lori A. said...

Congrats! Congrats! You've been working hard on this book and I've been watching every step. :)
My most favorite technique is, by far, heat embossing. I could do it all day. LOL
The faux metal technique sounds like something I would really enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Congtats! You blog is great.

Of the 20 techniuqe that you shared it is a toss up between the kissing technique and the crayon resist technique.

A technique that you do not have listed that I like is the technique called "Joseph's Coat."

Jennifer Mc. said...

Q1.) I love the shaving cream technique. I have used it on lots of the cards I have made.
Q2.) I don't know what the name of the technique is but I know that you use an old dryer sheet.
Jennifer Mc.

Anonymous said...

WOW, soooooo many techniques to choose fav would be the "shaving cream" technique. I have never tried it, but it looks really easy. I would also like to see "3-D cards" I guess you would call them. I have never tried that either, but it makes a really nice card. Congrats to you and also, thanks for such a nice chance to win blog candy !!!

Susan said...

My favorite technique has to be the kissing technique-- simply because of the story you posted about your speech class along with it! LOL

A technique not included that I think is neat and easy to do on a technique page would be faux searsucker.

I really enjoy your blog!

Debi Calandrelle said...

What an awesome project you've put together!! One of my favorite techniques is the crayon resist. Another favoriteis Masking/Reverse Masking. Thanks for sharing!

Colleen said...

Hi Wanda! I posted a comment earlier today, but it did not get posted for some reason so I am leaving another post.

I love your blog with so many great ideas.

My favorite technique from the 20 that you have listed is between the "Crayon Resist Technique" and the "Kissing Technique."

A technique that I like that you do not have listed is the "Joseph's Coat Technique."

Anonymous said...


What a really great, great give-away!! You have put so much time into this and it will be very special to the one who is lucky enough to win it!!

My favorite technique here is the shaving cream technique.

One I don't see here that I love is the dryer sheet technique.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to win! Linda Larson (meancookie)

Pat S. said...

Hi Wanda!
Well...the big day is here!
Time for your Q&A :)

My favorite technique, since the first time I saw it, is Polished Stone. It has an almost regal look...I just love it.

A technique that is fun, that wasn't included in your "Top 20" is the Baby Wipe technique. I used it with a fall leaves stamp...turned out simply gorgeous!

Thanks so much for all your hard work on these technique pages. Somebody is going to be THRILLED!

ChrissyM said...

Your book is awesome! I am just getting comfortable and branching out with trying new techniques. My favorite thus fair is Crayon Resist, love the look of it.

For a technique I would like to see faux metal it seems to be the "in" thing right now and its always hard to come up with ideas/embellishments for a masculine card and I think this technique would do the trick.

Thanks for the chance to win your blog candy.

Mental Pausing Crafter said...

I just love your blog and it keeps me inspired even when I'm uninspirable (is that a word?) Any way I LOVE heat embossing and the rock and roll.

As for one you don't have listed...let me think...the one with the penny - slider. That's a fun one. THANKS for all your great work! tami

Anonymous said...

My favorite of the techniques that you have shown is the cracked glass. It can add so much to a vintage card. A tachnique that is not included that I like is the faux dry embossing. Love to fool the eye.

Sherri Power

Anonymous said...

What an amazing page, providing great ideas for cards

I am a big fan of faux cloisonne and I would love to see a technique on stamping with acetate


WandaG_CT said...

Congradulations on your 500,000 hits. My favorite is embossing. Would love to see one on faux metal. Thanks for your hard work and chance to win!

Paula said...

Wow Wanda, What a lot of work. My favorite technique is still the shaving cream. Of course my hubby hates it when I steal his to do this technique...LOL!!!

L8ybug2 said...

What a great giveaway! My favorite technique is Polished Stone. The only technique I can think of that I didn't see is Rolling Marble. I love your blog, thanks for all the inspiration...

Girl can Knit - Cherry Lane Knit Stamp Quilt said...

Love the technique sheets!
I love the Shaving Foam, and the Polished Stone

one I don't see is the Rolling Marbles (which is really cool!)

Thanks for sharing a cool idea!

Dianne Shiozaki

Erika M. said...

My favorite technique that you've done is the heat embossing - I'm not very good at that.

A technique that I like that isn't included would be special types of cards (spinner, sliders, etc.)

featherlanecardsgifts said...

Hi Wanda! Congrats on making the 500,000 mark. I've been following your blog for several weeks and have enjoyed all the technique info. This would be a terrific item to win! Not sure which is my favorite, but I love to make children's cards and the Scratch 'n Sniff Kool-Aid is a winner every time! I don't recall seeing the Pearly Windows technique on your listing, so that would be one to add. I am also eager to try a Michael Strong technique for faux leather where you wet the card stock, crumple it, spread it out and use a stamp to "leather emboss" it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll choose me :)

Anonymous said...

A give away? For real??? I love them all - OK, I'll try to pick a fav. I really like the shaving foam technique - made quite a mess with it in the past but the end result is so cool! Thanks!!

Unknown said...

1. I love the polished stone
2. I would love to see faux embossing.
Thank you for sharing all your hard work with us. and thank you for the opportunity to win !!!

Kim said...

Congratulations on this great achievement! And thank you so much for this awesome opportunity to win this blog candy, what a handy reference - such a great idea!! I love so many of these techniques, but one I really like, but actually haven't tried yet is the Soot Technique. A technique which I like that is not included is Spotlighting or another, Shadowing.
Thanks again Wanda

Angel Bobbie said...

My favorite technique is 3 d cards. I would like to see Joseph's Coat Teehnique

Angel Hugs...Bobbie

Anonymous said...

WOW! what a great achievement on your site with the hits! My favorite technique has been anything that has changed the basic card - llike spinner, tri fold anything like that!
Have a great day

Anonymous said...

Awesome technique book! Thanks for sharing it here. I use heat embossing a lot,but also love the kissing technique. I would like to see spotlight techniques. Thanks for all your hard work, and for the chance to win!

Unknown said...

This looks great, what a project when it is all laid out :)

Love the Reverse masking. I would love it if you could do a technique book and pages using different folds.

Good luck, this is one awesome blog candy!

Wackie said...

Wowza is all I can say. Congrats on the hits and I love your blog.

Bella Rose Creations said...

I learn so much from your blog...thanks for all your inspirations AND all these neat techniques you have been sharing!

My favorite technique in your pages is the Scratch N Sniff...I have never tried it but is sounds awesome, especially for kids! A new technique you don't have listed...well that is a tough one!

I must admit I'm not sure it is a technique per say but I LOVE anything 3D and pop-up. I love moving pop-up card (or waterfall) card is my favorite style/technique.

Anonymous said...

I love the cracked glass & faux cloisonne techniques.

I absolutely LOVE the bandana technique.

Congrats on having so many hits on your blog!


JIB said...

Hi Wanda:

I've never done it but I love the Polished Stone. The technique I'd like to see is what ever technique they used to do the train card in the new SU catty. I LOVE that card. So if you could tell me what it is I'd be grateful.

Wow 500,000+. I have 51 and I think 3/4 of those are me. LOL


Anonymous said...

Hi Wanda, Congrats on the 500,000 hits. Awesome candy!!
Q1: I am a big fan of heat embossing. Love the look.

Q2: Would love to see the Joseph coat technique also.

Thanx for the chance to win, and thanx for sharing all of these wonderful techniques with us.
Have a sparkling day!
Pamela Vega

Charlene H. said...

I think my favorite is the polished stone. It was one of the first techniques I learned when I started stamping. As for a technique not listed that I like I think I would say watercoloring. I love the look of it but I'm not that good at it so I tend to not color a lot of images. I guess I need to practice more! Congrats on the number of hits - I have been waiting so patiently.

Anonymous said...

My most favorite technique is the crayon resist. Love it!! As for which technique I'd like to see included, it doesn't matter to me! It's always fun to try something new. tina p

Stampin Cats said...

Looks like a must have for any stamper. Love the idea of the techniques on cards.

Carrie said...

WoW! Those are some great techniques, some of which I had never heard of!! I love so many of them it's hard to pick one favorite. My favorite one to do myself is the rock-n-roll but I love the look of the soot but have no idea how to do it.I guess I could read your post on it more thoroughly...
And second, a technique I like not included is the rubberband technique where you wrap a rubberband around your rubber brayer, roll it in ink & then on paper. Very easy but fun!!

Anonymous said...

WOW WANDA!! CONGRATS on 500k hits!!

Hope its not too late for me to play.

I really enjoy the heat embossing tech so I'll call that one my FAVE.

I have never had luck with the cracked glass tech so I guess that would be the tech I need to work on...

I have never tried the Faux Cloisonne tech... hmmm...

Anywho, thanks for the op to win some really YUMMY blog candy!


Char in So Cal

Anonymous said...

Wanda: Can't believe I almost missed this blog candy-I've been waiting for this one.

I've done a few of these techniques along with you and can only say-How sweet it would be to do the rest.

So...pick me-pick me! I'm like a little kid jumping up and down in the corner - screaming...pick me-pick me! Thanks for the awesome Blog Candy! TOO SWEET! Kadie