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Friday, August 15, 2008

Technique Page Polished Stone

I have to be honest with you. I have NEVER done polished stone before. I have done the non-metallic polished stone but not the original Polished Stone. The times I've wanted to do it was in the winter and it's VERY hard to spray paint indoors or even go out in the COLD garage and spray the card stock and not bring the smell in with me. I can't leave the card stock out in the garage to dry because in that kind of cold it freezes instead of drying!!! SO I thought I'd take this opportunity to do this technique for the book and to have a hand at it myself. I did make a few extra pieces to play with sometime later (probably this winter!!!).

Take a cotton ball and soak it with the rubbing alcohol. You want the cotton ball very wet but not so it runs down your arm. Drip a few drops if ink refills in one spot on the cotton ball. Ad d one or two more colors, too many will make mud. Drip the new colors in an open spot on the cotton ball. Add a few drops of the metallic ink on the cotton ball. Dab the cotton ball all over the card stock. The metallic ink will fight against the alcohol and move the colors around. Spray with clear spray paint to set the colors.

It's a VERY fun technique and it really adds a lot of color and fun to a card or a scrapbook page!!

My blog keeps getting closer to the 500,000 hits mark and I need to get a few more pages done to add to my book and one that I am putting up for Blog Candy!!! I need to make two or three pages a week to have a REALLY nice full looking book! It's nice to have this for reference, even with the simpler techniques in it. Not everyone has done them and it's nice to have them available! SO keep your eye on the counter and on the posts to see when the blog candy will be posted!!

To view all of the pages that will be in the Blog Candy just click here.

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Maria Matter said...

I really enjoy your blog, I'm learning so much! Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your tutorials---you do such a perfect job on them.
Thank you.
Linda Peterson

kat said...

Your technique book is getting bigger and bigger; every time you post a new technique, I'm amazed. How lucky would I be to win it? Thanks for all the info.

Charlene H. said...

I cannot wait to have a chance to win your technique book. I LOVE how you do your pages. They are so nicely set up. If I don't win, it will be a huge job trying to duplicate it - but I would because I like your book more than any other I have seen! And I really should get one made!

Unknown said...

Beautiful technique, love the color choice you used.

Lori A. said...

Interesting technique. Yet another one I've never tried...the downside to not winning the lottery so I can buy everything. :)

Lori A. said...

Interesting technique. Yet another one I've never tried...the downside to not winning the lottery so I can buy everything. :)