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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Simply Soft Wednesday Sketch Challenge

I finally had time to play with the Wednesday Sketch Challenge over at Split Coast Stampers (SCS).  It's been a few weeks since I was able to play and I was glad I had some time this week!  

This sketch was a lot of fun. I kept it clean and simple.  I pretty much copied the background on one of the sample cards that were on the SCS site.  I just like the look of that card and I didn't have a lot of creativity tonight.  Perhaps it's because I'm feeling a bit hyper and I blame that on the pop I drank. I don't do caffeine and when I do I'm hyper and I'm up all night too!  And I never learn!!! LOL

The set used here is the Hostess set "Simply Soft".  I was not sure where I was going with this card.  I didn't know if I should make it a birthday card, thinking of you, get well or even a sympathy card.  I did end up leaving it blank on the inside and when something comes up that I need a card I will know then what to put on the inside, won't I?  LOL

What I like most about this card is those tiny little pearls on each panel.  Click on the photo for a closer look. I even added a couple in the flowers too!  This was a fun and easy card to make.  I LOVE this layout and I can see myself using this sketch again.

If you have time, give this sketch a try!!

Stop by tomorrow, I have another fun project to share with you! I promise!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Crayon Resist Technique

Last week at Terri's VERY fun technique class she had the gals do Crayon Resist.  This is such a fun technique though I don't use it very often.  I think it's because the lazy part in me comes out!  I don't want to get out the brayer and I don't want to clean it up.  Not like either one of those is difficult to do.  I told you I was lazy!!  I read something about being lazy the other day and I laughed.  It read something like:  Organized people are just too lazy to dig for stuff!  I thought that was so funny!  So maybe I'm not lazy after all!!! LOL

Ok, for easy directions on how to do the Crayon Resist Technique just click here and you will be taken to the page with a sample and the instructions. 

I don't have this stamp set. I had thought of getting it because it would be perfect for masculine cards.  Like the one Terri did!  I especially love the giraffe in that set but when I really looked at that set I thought of all the coloring I would have to do to make my cards look fabulous!!!  I have to be in the mood to color and lately that mood hasn't come around! 

I have seen a few other stamp sets that I have that would be fun and pretty using this technique!!! Ok fine, I'll give them a try later in the week!

Thank you SO much for stopping by today, I hope you were inspired!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Fresh Vintage Treat Tube

I'm trying to take photos only with my small pocket camera so I can get use to it so while my big camera is in being cleaned.  I wasn't aware that the big digital cameras are only good for about 10,000 photos before they need service.  I am close to that.  I am amazed at how many photos I do take.  So since I used the pocket camera on this treat holder I didn't get in as close as I would have liked to. When I did the flash would go off and all you saw as an outline of a box, a very white glowing box!!

This was not the project I was going to post for you today.  I did finish it but when I saw this one I just had to make it and then I just had to post it!  I will get the other project on here.  Though I don't think it's half as cool as this one is.  

I used Lucky Limeade card stock and Everyday Enchantment decorative paper.  Inks used here are Lucky Limeade, Poppy Parade and Pool Party.  And the stamp sets I used are are Fresh Vintage and Petite Pairs (for the words because I didn't have the set used in the original box).  And in a way I was glad because I would have just copied it and I really didn't need a birthday box for anyone right now.

I did punch the tiny hole in the label piece wrong.  It should have been on the side.  I was just thrilled that I got it centered at the top!!! LOL  But being punched at the top worked out well too so I'm happy with the outcome of this box.

You can watch the fun and easy video on how to make this fun box at Chic'n Scratch.  It's not a very long video and the boring parts (like taping) are sped up so you don't have to sit and wait.  And speaking of taping . . . I would recommend adding the Sticky Strip before you attach the ends.  I found it ackward to work with it the way she was instructing. Watch the video first (something I don't always do and should so I know to try something different or easier) then make your fun treat box.  

This would be a fun idea for stocking stuffers, using Christmas colors and the candies of Christmas.  Or even putting money in it and using it as a VERY cool money holder!  I'd like to play with this some more and see what else I can come up with!!  It has a LOT of potential.  And of course I will share with you what I make!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fifth Avenue Birthday Wishes

I saw this pretty card on Kelly's "A Stamp Above" web site. It was such a pretty card that I knew immediately that I HAD to make one.  From the title of that post, she is having an upcoming class and this is one of the projects in it. 

It was one of those "just had to do it" things for me.  It was such a pretty and stunning card and I wanted it SO badly that I had to make myself one!!!

It was very easy to do too!  I didn't use the word set that she did, I wasn't sure what set it was from and since I already had this set out and it fit in the area I needed it to be in I ran with it! 

I am thinking of making some of these for Mother's Day cards and use not only the Pool Party color but also the Wisteria Wonder.  Can't you envision this card in that wonderful soft purple Wisteria color??  I'm excited to work on those.  I'm pretty sure that won't happen until next weekend but I do know that it WILL happen!!!  I need to make about a dozen of them and this card would be perfect for it!

Stop by tomorrow, I have a project that will be ready to show you!  I'm always doing something here (other than cleaning my house!!!!).

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Card Holder

 Well, I took the card from yesterday and ran with it.  I thought I would make my trusty card holder.  I have made TONS of these holders and have sold them with 4 cards and 4 envelopes inside.  I like to decorate the front of them with the same papers used on the cards.  To see the original card that inspired the box look, click here

First I made the cards.  I just copied the one I made yesterday.   I did use the "Sincere Salutations" set for the words.  I should have taken a photo of one of the cards showing the words, silly me!  I used the "Happy Birthday, Get Well Soon, Thinking of You and Thank You" from that set.  That set is one of my favorite word sets.  I've had it for MANY years and each year I am thrilled that it is still in the catalog.  I just love it that I can make a set of cards exactly the same except for the words.  These words are all on the same size blocks so they are about the same size in rubber form.  That allows me to use the same space on each card to make it a "different" card just by changing the words. 

After I made the cards I stamped the envelops and then I went to work making the card holder.  This is a fun card holder that I designed.  What I like about it is, it opens up easily and closes into the card holder piece you see in the first photo.

The second photo shows what the inside looks like with the top opened half way.  And the third photo shows what you see when the entire piece is opened.  

See the magnet at the top in the third photo?  It shuts tightly with the magnet.  I LOVE that about this card holder.  It stays shut and the cards don't fall out because the sides are contained too!  I have gotten a lot of comments on it and I've sold a lot of them too.  They are easy to make and I have had good luck selling card sets at craft fairs. 

This holder keeps 4 cards and 4 envelopes nicely. I think it may even hold 6 if there isn't a lot of layers or bulky accessories on the cards. 

You can find the card holder in my web store.  Just click here to be directed to it.  And it's still on sale too!  It is a PDF file so once you pay you will get an email with the download info on it so you can get working on it right away!  These make a GREAT Stamp Camp item!  You are allowed to make and sell as many of these holders as you wish too!  There is no limit on the pattern!

I am going to use this one for a gift. But I just got another pack of the Spice Cake decorative paper (I won it.  It was the grand prize at the Stampin' Up! open house I was at last weekend.  Lucky me!!) so I will be making another one because I LOVE these colors and I also love the layout of the card.

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Friday, February 24, 2012

Thank You a Mixed Bunch

 Last night I dug out my small digital camera and charged the battery.  I thought I'd better get use to using it before I have to give up my Canon camera.  Fortunately the lens on this little camera is clean.  I don't get the great focus options like I do with my big camera but this one will due until I get the other one taken in and cleaned.  I can zoom in some but for now I'm just taking pictures of cards and stamped projects!  

So I should tell you about this fun card I took a picture of with my Casio camera!!!  I wanted to make a fun, different and yet pretty thank you card.  I got out my Perfectly Penned set and realized the "Thank You" was the only image in it I have used.  SO that made me think that I should challenge myself to make more card using the remaining 3 images.  I'll save that for another day!

Today I made this card using Pool Party as the base color of my card.  Next was a piece of Chocolate Chip and then the Whisper White.  I used an embossing folder for the top half of the card.  Actually I cheated here a bit with the card.  I didn't want to just run half the card stock through so I ran a quarter sheet through and cut it in half.  I was planning on making another card anyway!  Then I added a piece to the bottom.  Each piece was 2" x 5-1/4".  I taped them to a piece of card stock cut 4" x 5-1/4" and that was taped to the Chocolate Chip.  I'm getting ahead of myself a bit here.  I first stamped the words and then I put the ribbon on.  I just taped the ribbon on the back of the card using transparent tape.  The piece of ribbon is about 6" long.  I didn't need to wrap the ribbon around the whole card, no one would see that it was a full piece of ribbon anyway!

I used the Spice Cake decorative paper and I stamped the flower from Mixed Bunch on it with VersaMark and added some white embossing powder and heat set it.  I punched it out with the new punch that matches the Mixed Bunch set.  I set it in place on the card using Dimensionals. And that was it.  Well, not totally "it."  I did stamp the flower image on the inside and (yes Ann) I stamped it on the envelope as well!!! 

I think it would be fun to make a set of these cards to use as a gift.  The remaining words from the Perfectly Penned set won't fit in the space provided.  The "Sincere Salutations" set came to mind.  All the words in that set take up about the same amount of space.  So I'm going to make a fun set of cards this weekend!!!  Probably on Sunday.  I have to teach tomorrow and when I get home I probably won't want to do much stamping.  I want to work on the project I had mentioned a couple of days ago.  I need to do a bit of it each day so it will get done before the turn of the next century!!! LOL

Anyway, this card was very easy and SO fun to make!  I have the envelope all addressed and it's going out in the mail tomorrow!  Along with that get well card from yesterday.  I forgot to mail it!!! UGH!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stamp-A-Stack Candidate!

This card would be perfect for a quick Stamp-A-Stack.  It was very simple to do and it didn't take much time at all.  This was not the card I had in mind when I started but I still like how it turned out.  

Last Friday I was at a beading get together and one of the gals who had surgery on the 6th was there.  I had been meaning to send her a get well card and I was glad to see her there but yet felt bad that I had not sent her a card yet!  Part of the reason was I didn't have much time to work on a card and also, I lost her mailing address.  Today I found the address and today I made her a card.  And tomorrow it will go out in the mail.  So much for yesterdays brag session about being ahead of the game.  I think I need to learn to start using some of the cards in my stash.  There has got to be over 500 of them.  I'm sure I can part with one when I need it.  It's not like I don't make other cards to replace it!  

So enough about that.  I will tell you what I used to make this card.  The base of the card is a half sheet of Pacific Point.  That's a color I don't use too much of but when I get it with the Marina Mist I am SO enthralled with it that it makes me want to make more cards with the two colors.  My Marina Mist layer is cut 4-1/8" x 5-3/8".  The white layer on top is dry embossed and measures 4" x 5-1/4".  The words came from the Delightful Dozen set and punched out using the 1-1/4" circle punch.  I think that punch is one that I use the most out of all of the punches I have.  Ok, that and the 1-3/8" and the round scallop punch.  They all go together to make the layered circles I have in the photo.  You can't do one without the other when making those layers!

And there you have it, a very sweet, clean and simple get well card.  It would also be great as a make n take or even a shoe box swap!  As long as you can find words to fit in that 1-1/4" circle you are good to go.  And speaking of going, I have to run.  I am working on a VERY fun project and I'm hoping I will be done with it this weekend.  It really isn't a long project but it is for me because I don't work on it for very long amounts of time.  I have too many other things going on so I pick away at it and then when I'm VERY close to being done I just sit down and finish it!  I'm hoping that day will be Saturday evening after I get back from teaching at the bead shop.  I need to show you my latest creation too.  I'll get that set up to photograph too.  My poor camera is having issues.  Well, it's not the camera, it's the lens.  There is a dot on the lens that appeared when we were up in Duluth.  I'm afraid the wind may have blown a piece of dust into the lens.  How else could it have gotten in there?  It's all sealed up.  Or so I thought it was.  The camera is a bit old but I'm going to hang onto it and just get it cleaned.  It's not like I'm going to be using it for my prize winning photos!!! LOL  I just want to take pictures of my "stuff" and I don't want dots in it.  I suppose I could photo shop the dots out but I don't want to spend the time doing that either.  I just want the lens cleaned and I'll be happy!

Thank you ever SO much for visiting today!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Awash With Flowers Birthday Card

So once again it's NOT the Wednesday Sketch Challenge.  I've had such busy weeks lately that I have not been able to participate in them much.  I don't even know what the sketch looks like for today.  I will link up with it later tonight and get it printed out for my album at least!!  

And speaking of sketches, this was one of the Sketch Challenges a while back. I remember doing this one.  It's sketch #269.  And no, I didn't remember the sketch, I did look it up!!! I don't remember anything anymore!!! LOL  Actually, it's not so funny!!!

I had copied this card off the net a while back and I ran across it when I was trying to clean up some stuff on my computer.  I didn't save who originally made it so if you know who did a card close to this one please let me know so I can give them credit.  I did change that piece on the left side.  I used the lacy punch and they had used a scalloped edge punch.  And I'm not sure about the bottom part.  I don't recall if they added any words to it or not. And I believe the original card was done in Bravo Burgundy and I used Cherry Cobbler.

I needed to make a birthday card for my sister.  Her birthday is on March 1st and I, once again am ahead of the game!!!  It's just shocking, I know!!!  But I've done this before and then come June it all fizzles out and everyone gets a card late!  But at least they get a card!!! LOL

I liked how this one turned out and I made a second one so I could have it on hand for my stampers to see.  I have a box on my ledge that I keep the newest cards in and earlier this month when the gals came to stamp they didn't have many to see because most of the cards I made were Valentine's Day ones and I had filed them away in the card drawer.  I NEED to clean out those two card drawers again.  There is a massive garage sale here in May and I might put them in there to get rid of them.  And I will be selling my retired stamp sets there as well.  I need to find some time to just sit down and price them all.  I price them low because I want to sell them.  It's just a matter of sitting down and doing it.  I think I have 3 or 4 bankers boxes full of retired stamps!! UGH!!!  See why it will take some time.  I just don't like to get rid of things and if I keep that up my house could be come a hoarders house!!!  

I hope you enjoyed this card as much as I did making it!  I know my sister will like it!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cute Altered Clothespin

Is this not the cutest decorative clothes pin you've ever seen?  

Last week I had gotten an invitation in the mail to the new mini and Sale-a-bration catalogs open house!!  I been waiting for an open house and one came up so I called my sister and see if she wanted to attend it with me, and she did.  We had a great time!  She was especially thrilled because Terri was selling her retired stamp sets there too and my sister has been on the hunt for the "Crayon Kids" set and lo and behold it was there.  She grabbed it and hung onto it tightly as she looked through the other stamp sets.  She was thrilled!! 

Then we went over to the make and take.  I was expecting to make a card but Terri had this adorable clothespin to make.  It's a regular size clothespin and she had a hole in the one end for the brad. I thought she had drilled the holes in all of the clothespins but she had used the crop-a-dial.  How clever was that?  Using that didn't even enter my head!  I think I just need to have mine sitting out so it is visible and handy to grab when drilling something comes to mind!!! 

I think it would be fun to decorate the clothespins with fabric (decorative paper was used here) and using fabric for the flowers on the clothespins used outside when you hang the laundry out. Don't you think that would look cute on the line?  Or do you think it would attract birds?  And we all know what birds do to laundry!! LOL  I just thought it would be a cute idea.  I may give it a try someday and see how it looks.  When I have time on my hands!!! LOL

Anyway, the make and take was very fun and SO darn cute!!!  Thank you Terri for the invitation and for the fun make and take!!!  

My sister and I put an order together.  I don't remember what I ordered but I do know I can't wait to get it!!! LOL

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Monday, February 20, 2012

Fresh Vintage Get Well Card

Friday night I went to the monthly beading get together at the bead shop I work and teach at.  I am filling in for one of the gals who is out due to back surgery.  Two weeks ago today was her surgery and I still didn't get around to getting a card made for her.  And here's the worst part.  She showed up at the shop on Friday to bead with us for a while.  She needed to get out of the house.  I felt bad that I hadn't even made her card yet.  SO tonight while I was doing laundry I thought that I should get my act together and get that card made for her.  She is doing very well and will probably be back to work at the shop in 4 or 5 weeks.  It will be good to have her back and she really misses the place too.  

So I'm off to get this card addressed and get it sent to her (finally!)

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Morning Cup

I have had a lot of fun with this "Morning Cup" stamp set.  I have made lots of tea holder sets with belly bands around them.  I have given a lot of them away and I have sold many of them too.  They are great sellers at craft fairs.  They make perfect stocking stuffers, co-worker gifts and are the best for when you want to give a "little something" to someone!

This card was made by Irene!!  When she was here stamping on Thursday evening she let me take a photo of her cute card.  I especially love the paper at the bottom.  I have always loved those types of papers.  It reminds me of when I worked at a gift shop and they had wrapping paper that looked like that.  We used it for masculine gifts.  They had free gift wrapping there and for a while after I quit there I just hated to wrap gifts!!! LOL  There would be long lines on Christmas Eve of people waiting to have their purchases wrapped!!! But I'm now over that and I can wrap gifts again!!! LOL

This card has lot of fun elements on it.  There are layers, punched edges, Dimensionals and punched edge borders.  And don't forget the wonderful decorative paper!!!

Thank you Irene for sharing this card with me and those that visit my blog!

And I thank you for stopping by today,

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Characters Made From Punches

I just love these characters that are made entirely from punches.  This cute panda was made by Irene (my new stamping friend!).  She came to my home on Thursday night for Stamp Till You Cramp. It was her first time here and I did warn her that my workroom is overwhelming.  I always recommend that newbies bring a list of cards they would like to make.  It helps them to not feel so overwhelmed and it also gives them some direction and feel for the room and where things are.  But personally, I don't know where everything is either!!! LOL  

Irene brought these cute panda treat bags for everyone!  Wasn't that just sweet of her?  Thank you Irene, everyone loved them!

I didn't show mine to my sister, I know it would have ended up going home with her!!!  She's a nut for this punched characters.  I may part with it sometime but not right now!!! I'm so mean!! LOL

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Friday, February 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Birthday Card

Hubby has an aunt who's birthday is on St. Patrick's Day so I like to make her a "green" card!!

I used one of my favorite layouts.  I chose that layout because the circle sticker thing fit perfectly, so why not!!!  

I was cleaning out this tote I had stuffed papers in and found a bunch of green paper.  So I thought I would use some of that to make the card.  I don't remember where I got the shamrock paper but I am guessing it was from Archiver's.  The card has 3 layers and the top two are taped together and then set in place using Dimensionals.  The next layer is taped on top of the card base.  

The little leprechaun guy is from a strip of sticker things I had gotten at Michael's.  They are on sale this week for something like $.64.  They are $1.29 (use to be $.99) and are 50% off.  They've got some cute Easter ones I almost bought but I was on a tight budget so, even at 64 cents I had to pass them up!  I think once I find the tote with all my sticker stuff in it I won't ever buy anymore as long as I live!!!  I had dreams of scrapbooking but card making keeps me plenty busy.

Now I need to find some nice birthday words to put on the inside of the card and put it in my March card stash!!!  Ahhh, to be ahead of the game!!  What a great feeling!!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Purse Notepad Weekend Project

This is a die cut purse that you decorate with whatever papers you want.  Here I used papers from the Everyday Enchantment pack and the in colors card stock. 

The inside of it is about 30 sheets of copier paper that was cut to fit.  I didn't have one of those hinged rings so I used ribbon and tied it in a bow on the left side there to hold it all together.  I do have plans to go shopping and get some of those rings.  Probably 1/2" to 3/4".  I am thinking the smaller the better.

This was very fun to make and I think I'm going to make some for the fall craft fair!  It would be a great way to use up some of that decorative paper I have sitting around here too!!!  I guess I'd better get cracking on that project!!!

I believe I got the die at Oh My Crafts dot com.   Here's the great deal on this item, it's a long die and it was on sale for $9.  And their shipping isn't bad either.

I have stampers tonight so I'd better get going so I can be free to help them out or misdirect them in anyway I can!!

Thank you SO much for visiting tonight,

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday Sketch Challenge and Tutorial Too!

Today's Sketch Challenge was a simple one and I did keep it simple too.  I saw some of the posts to this sketch and they are a bit more elaborate and beautiful.  this time I chose to keep it simple.  I hadn't done the Wednesday Sketch in a few weeks and I thought it was time to get back to them.

This sketch challenge is done using the Pastels on Black tutorial that was posted on SplitCoastStampers today too!  It was fun to mix the tutorial of the day with the sketch of the day!  It's a first for me!

I used the Flower Fest stamp set.  I thought it would be fun to dig out the flower sets again since we are heading into spring.  It was snowing here a while ago and then it turned over to rain.  Not a good thing since the temps are going to drop tonight and that means slippery roads.  UGH!!!  At one point I heard we were suppose to get 6" of snow and the way it was coming down earlier I almost believed it.  I was thinking that tomorrow would be a snowman making morning but no.  Of course not.  The snow changed over to rain and you can't make a snowman with rain!! 

This sketch was very fun and I know I have a lot of stamp sets that will fit in the #2 panel.  I can see myself using this sketch again!  

If you have time, give this layout a try.  You don't have to submit it to SplitCoastStampers if you don't want to.  You can just make it for yourself.  It is fun to submit them though.  I have pages full of cards I've submitted to them.  And by doing that, I always know where my card samples are!!!  

Well, I'm off to finish my project that I was going to show you today but I got busy doing other stuff so I will share it with you tomorrow.

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day and Chocolate too!

Happy Valentine's Day to you! This is what hubby got today.  He is such a chocolate hound!! I have never seen a guy eat as much chocolate as he does.  I like it once in a while but not like he does.  My idea of a chocolate chip cookie is one that has only one chocolate chip in it!!! LOL  When I am finished baking I always state, "this last cookie is mine."  It usually has only one chocolate chip in it.  Funny thing here, everyone is fine with it!!! LOL  Anyway, I bought hubby one of these larger candy bars and I thought I would dress it up for Valentine's Day.  We did tell each other that we were not going to buy anything for Valentine's Day.  I told him I bought it so I could decorate it and show it off on my blog!!! LOL  Dressing up candy bars is such a quick and easy way to alter them and give them a personal touch.  These are fun to do for showers, Christmas, Easter, Birthday's, Graduation parties and of course Valentine's Day.  Or whatever other occasion you can think of.  I just think it's fun, quick and easy to do.  My niece is getting married in December and I am thinking of making some fun candy bars for her bridal shower!  Oh, you know me, I'll share them with you when I am done making them.  I suppose I could start the wrapper early and wait to buy the candy at a later date.  I did find the wooden candy bar I made years ago!!  I had taken a thin piece of craft wood and cut it the size of a candy bar so I could make wrappers.  Bag them and add chocolate later!!!

Anyway, when hubby gets home he will have his chocolate fix!  Hope you all enjoyed the day!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Box Full of Love!

 Today I whipped up a fun Valentine's Day box.  Ok, I didn't actually make the box today.  I made it a few weeks back.  I had ordered a box template that had a cover with it.  I was disappointed in the template and I returned it.  The template had two score lines between the natural "score" line of the box.  It made it very difficult to score it since it made two lines but you really didn't want to fold it there, you wanted to fold it in the middle of those two score lines.  It was difficult to work with so I returned it.  I had made this box and I struggled with it.  I was going to toss it but I decided to work with it, make something with it and not think about the struggle I originally had with it.

SO I used the Valentine's image from the  "It's a Wrap" set and I stamped Regal Rose on my mailing labels.  Once I got the labels put on my Hershey Nuggets I filled the box as you can see in the second photo.  I used the Sizzlets heart die and cut out the red heart.  Then I had the words printed from my computer and punched them out with the heart punch.  I used Glue Dots to put the pieces together.  I don't feel that the snail tape sticks well enough on the texture of that heart. And I also used Glue Dots to stick it to the top of the box.  Then I tied a white 1/4" grosgrain ribbon around the box and that was it.  Now you can make your own boxes too.  There is a box maker that you can access and make your own personal size boxes for free.  Just click here and you will be taken right to the site!  I have had a lot of fun making custom size boxes there!!  

Anyway, here is the little Valentine's Day gift I have ready for a special friend!  And no, this is not going in the basket.  I already gave my friend the basket FULL of the Valentine's Day gifts I've been making for the last few weeks and she LOVED it!!!  If you missed out on seeing the full basket you can see it by clicking here.  

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Valentine's Day Gift for You!

This is just for you!!!  You can download this photo and use it on the background of your Valentine's Day cards!  

I had taken the candies and set them out on a piece of copier paper.  I even got hung up on the paper and it went flying off the table along with the candies.  I wasn't all that upset about it, personally I don't care for the taste of these things.  As a kid I never liked them and as an adult I have not tried the.  I can only assume they taste as nasty as they did when I was a kid.  I remember the bitter taste of the red dyed words.  YUCK!!  Anyway, I picked them up off the floor, arranged them on the paper and took several photos.  Then I tossed the whole mess in the trash!!!  I just wanted to make that perfectly clear in the event that I had given some candy hearts to anyone this year!!!  You got the new, clean, fresh ones!!!

Here is what I did with the photo.  I not only used it on the cover but I also printed it out on a label sheet and wrapped it around the lip balm!  Use your imagination and have fun with this!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's in the Bag!

It "IS" in the bag!!!  Inside this cute little gift bag is a gift card!!!

My new daughter-in-law is having a birthday next Saturday and we are going to be giving her a gift card.  

My sister came over with this cute Christmas gift card holder she made at Archiver's last season.  She wanted to remake them so they fit on a regular size card and I needed a birthday card so we played with it together.  

It's such a cute little gift bag "thing" you make and the gift card slips into it.

Want to know how to make it?  Well, of course you do and I will tell you!!

First you take a half sheet of card stock and fold it in half.  Here I sued white.  Then I took a piece of Garden Green and cut it 4" x 5-1/4".  On top of that is a piece of decorative paper from the  "Everyday Enchantment" pack and it was cut 3-3/4" x 5".  The flip side of the paper is what I used for the bag and that was cut at 3" x 3-1/4".  You will also need a piece of tissue paper. It is cut at 2" x 7" or so. You don't need to be exact with it because you are according folding it (not exact even folds) and then taping it to the inside or backside of the bag piece.  Now I found the decorative paper a bit thin so I added a piece of scrap card stock behind it for a bit more stability.  I was glad I did because it held up nicely.  I had tried it with just the decorative paper and it sunk down a bit in the middle.  Anyway, back to the bag.  I taped the tissue paper in place. You need to know where you want it because once it's taped it's on there and you are lucky if you can fix it.  Next I punched the holes for the handle.  I took a piece of scrap copier paper and folded it in half and then in half once more.  I marked the outer folds and punched the holes so they were even.  I used it as my template to mark the bag front.  Once I punched them I did use brads for the holes but you can leave it plain too.  I tied the bakers twine on and I did add just the smallest amount of tape to the twine near the holes to keep it in place. 

I used the label punch and the "Four Frames" set for the front of the bag.  The words came from the "Teeny Tiny Wishes" set.  I set the label in place with Dimensionals.  As for the bag, I cut my Dimensionals in half and placed them around the edges of the bag.  On the bottom part of the bag I had a couple half ones place and above the center one I placed a hole one, just high enough for the gift card to rest on and be visible just enough to grasp it to remove it.  The original gift card had you cut a slit in the decorative paper for the gift card to slide into.  I found it difficult to find that slit to get the card to go back into.  And adding that extra Dimensional as a stop for the gift card worked out perfectly.  

So there you have it!!! Easy Peasy and as cut as can be!!!  I LOVE finding different ways to give gift cards and this one is one I REALLY like!  Thank you Denise for bringing this fun idea over to play with!!!  You're such a fun sister!!!

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Recipe Page

I have a 6" x 6" album full of recipe pages like this.  It all started in one of Terri's Stamp Share swaps.  It was fun to get a bunch of recipes to add to the album.  And as time went on I would make one up to add to it as well.  It's such a colorful book of fun recipes.  

This is one of the recipes I like to make when it's cold outside and trust me, it's 12 degrees F here right now and downstairs in my workroom it's VERY chilly!

And there is really nothing like a hearty meal on a cold night. One thing great about this recipe is that it is not only hearty but it's very low fat and low calorie.  

These pages are very easy to make.  For mine, I had taken a photo of the dinner and then imported it into my word processing software.  I typed up the recipe a printed it all out at once.  Then I stamped over the recipe and sponged the edges.  Here I used Cajun Craze for my color.  The background piece is cut 6" x 6" and the recipe part is cut 5-3/4" x 5-3/4" and that is all there is to it!!

If you'd like to make this hearty dish, here's the recipe:

2 jars of Heinz fat-free gravy mix (the dry gravy mix will work too but you need 24 ounces total)
1 bag of frozen vegetables (I usually use peas and carrots)
Diced Chicken or Turkey (Canned chicken will work too, it's easier and quicker)
1/8t. celery salt
1/8t. pepper
pinch of sage, crumbled (optional)
Pour the gravy in a sauce pan and heat it up, add the chicken, celery salt and pepper.  Stir in the vegetables and just before you serve it, stir in the sage.  You can serve it over rice, noodles, toast or have it just as it is.  It can also be used as a pot pie or pierogi filling.  YUM!!!  

So take some of your favorite recipes and make some great pages for an album.  I am thinking of putting some of our son's favorite recipes together in an album and giving it to his new wife. Not that he had an old one!!! LOL  They are newlyweds!!!  

Here's a few more recipe pages I have on my blog.  Just click here.  

Happy stamping and happy cooking!!!

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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Thinking of You Card

I needed to make a get well card and this is what I came up with.  I'm not sure I like it for a get well card and I may rethink the card and try something else.  I have been thinking about this one card for a while now and I may just give it a try tomorrow.  I can always use this one for something else.  

It was a fun card to make and as you know, this is one of my most favorite layouts!  The image is from Stampin' Up!.  It's one of the incentive stamps from a while back.  I told you before, I was cleaning out some of my stuff and I ran across this! I will be putting it in my web store as soon as I'm done typing up this post!

Now onto this fun card.  The base of the card is Bashful Blue, the redish layer is is Melon Mambo (the lighting wasn't the best to bring out the true color, plus I had the setting on my camera in the wrong place to be taking indoor photos.  We had taken a couple of days to head up to Duluth and to Gooseberry Falls to get some photos of the frozen falls.  That was about all that was frozen.  Lake Superior was totally clear.  Not what we expected.  But there was more snow in the Two Harbors area than there was in Duluth!   Anyway, back to the card (see how easily I get distracted?? LOL).  The striped layer is from the "Everyday Enchantment" designer paper pack.  In the pack the stripes are not angled.  I cut the paper that way.  It wastes a lot of paper doing that but I just couldn't help myself.  Straight stripes wasn't doing it for me!!

I added some Melon Mambo striped ribbon and turned it so the backside was showing and I set a button in place in the middle of it with a glue dot.  And that was it.  Easy Peasy!!
And now I'm off to rest my foot.  A couple of months ago I broke my toe and every now and then it hurts.  Tonight happens to be one of those nights when it's hurting.  SO I'm going to go pamper it a bit and work on a blanket I'm making for my niece.  And of course I'll show it to you when I'm done!!! Need you ask?  LOL

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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

For the Boys!

I find myself always making "girly" things and once in a while tossing in a masculine card that we all ooh and aah at because they don't show up on blogs much either!  Today I thought I would make something for the boys!  I wanted to stick with the Valentine's Day theme so I just toned it down a notch.  Instead of the lacy scallop I just went with a solid scallop on the top to give it some character.  The lacy was just too "girly!"  The background is wheeled on using Pirouette Pink ink and the "I {Love} Love" jumbo wheel.  Now I did use pink and that is not a boy color but I did have to stick with the Valentine's Day theme, that is why I chose the lightest pink.  It's on the background so it is a soft subtle look.  And the front is just a red heart (which is acceptable by both make and female - on Valentine's Day!) and the words "Be Mine" were just enough. Nothing mushy, just typical of the day!  I did the words on the computer.  I printed out a full sheet of them so I'm good for several Valentine's Days to come!!!

Inside these fun little notebooks are dinosaur puzzles and games. I got them at Oriental Trading.  These can also be altered and used as stocking stuffers too! There's 3 or 4 different puzzle/game notebooks in the box.  I have extra so if you want to buy some (CHEAP) just email me.  I need to get some of this "stuff" out of my workroom to make room for new "stuff."  One can never have enough "stuff" can they?  Oh wait, I do know they can.  I watched that TV show "Hoarders" and know that some people can collect a LOT of stuff.  I get the hoarding of "things" part but I don't get the garbage part.  Why can't they through out what is obviously trash? Trash can be dumped anywhere.  There's the neighbors trash can (on garbage day - in the middle of the night or after the leave for work!!! LOL) or when you are out and about buying food, every store has a garbage can outside their doors.  Anyway, I do realize you can have too much stuff. SO that is why I'm trying to get rid of some of my stuff.  Out with the old and in with the new, an even balance is good!!! LOL

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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Cardmaking Gone Wrong!!!

Here was the first sympathy card I made but had to switch gears when I saw how it turned out.  YUCK!!! 

What is wrong with this picture??? Well, for starters the flower is too big for the area I wanted to keep it in.  And the squares are also too big!  The squares might work if I were to find a smaller image but that is up in the air.  So needless to say I had to make another card because I just couldn't send this one out.  Would you send out a card like this??? I don't think so! 

I don't have much else to say about this card.  I think YUCK! describes it the best!!  But it does give me inspiration to make a better card!!!  I think this card will be an inspiration to everyone to make a better card!!! LOL

Be sure to stop back tomorrow. I have a fun little project for you to try!

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Monday, February 06, 2012

Thoughts & Prayers Card

Today I am in need of a Sympathy card.  And of course I have some in my stash but I didn't bother to even look.  I wanted to make a new fresh card.  Our retired pastor's husband passed away and I wanted to make a new special card for her.  

For my card I used the "Thoughts & Prayers" set.  I especially like this card because it is designed for making sympathy cards. 

The flower part of the images was colored using markers and huffing on the image before stamping it.  I did the same with the words too, though for those I just used an ink pad.  But I did huff on it to add a bit more moisture to the ink so I would get a nice solid image, and I did!

The paper is from the "Everyday Enchantment" pack.  That pack has a lot of pretty images in it.  I have barely begun to make cards and "stuff" using that pretty pack!!!

The front of the card is a piece of white card stock cut 4-1/8" x 5-5/8". I stamped the flower vine image on the top part and on the bottom part I added the decorative paper.  Then I added the ribbon around the front of the card.  I used some Chocolate Chip satin ribbon. 

The words were punched out with the large oval punch and behind that I used the scalloped oval punch and punched out two pieces from Chocolate Chip card stock.  I set them in place using Dimensionals.  And that was pretty much it to the card.  Well, other than using the words from the set on the inside.  I am ready to pop it off in the mail.  

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Sunday, February 05, 2012

A Relaxing Valentine's Day Gift

This gift has absolutely NO candy in it!  It contains some bubble bath and bath fizzies, a scrungy scrubber thing and a wash cloth. Everything in it is in pinks, rose and red colors!  With soapy stuff in it you certainly don't want to add candy to it!

That reminds me of my purse.  I have a zippered part on the outside of my purse and I would keep my lipstick, a small bottle of perfume, gum, antacids, and my nail file in there.  I always kept those things in there.  Always until one time I went to grab an antacid and it tasted like perfume.  GROSS!!!  I would rather have the acidic stomach!!  The taste of perfume in your mouth does NOT go away for a long time.  Now I keep my gum and my antacid in the front pocket along with my cell phone.  So my cell phone smells like wintergreen. It beats the taste of perfume!!

Ok, back to this project.  I got this cute bucket at The Dollar Tree.  I put a little bit of paper crimps in the bottom (also from The Dollar Tree) and added the cute items as you see them.  It's a simple and easy to make gift.  I know my friend is going to love it.  And she needs it too.  Not that she is dirty!!!  LOL  She needs the relaxing part of it!!  Silly you for thinking that!!! LOL

I just need to make a card for her and it's all set to go!

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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Valentine's Day Basket

Ok, here it is!! The Valentine's Day gift basket with all the things I've been working on and sharing with you these past few weeks!!!  

I did fill the bottom with Mylar crimps but those things just flatten out.  I prefer paper crimps, they stay a bit puffy and fluffy.  But the Mylar ones are ok for this because there was SO much stuff to go in the basket that had I used paper crimps all of this stuff may not have fit in it.

To see all the items in the basket you can go to here and have a look.  I went there and I scrolled down and I kept scrolling down and saw things I made several years ago for Valentine's Day too. I forgot some of that stuff and it was fun to see it all again!  Have fun looking!

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Friday, February 03, 2012

Labeled LifeSavers Valentine's Day Treats

These fun little treats are easy to make and would be a great thing for the kiddies to pass out to their friends.  Pop a few in the mail box for your mail carrier!  A great little tasty treat to set on the teacher's desk or the desk of your co-workers.  They could be fun for a Make N Take, Hostess Appreciations, Customer Appreciations and change the theme and they even make great Stocking Stuffers at Christmas time!  These are even something the kiddies can help make.  They don't require any tools other than punches.  You just print out the words and the card stock is ready to punch.

I punched out the labels and scored them in the middle on the long side.  I folded them in half.  On the word side I added the hearts.  It is hard to see in the photo but the hearts are white with pink center and pink with white centers.  I used Glue Dots on both sides of the label to attach the LifeSaver and that was it.  It's a quick thing to make and these can be used for SO many occasions.  I am thinking I may make some of these in all the colors for a bridal shower for the favor bags for the attendees.  If I make them I will be sure to show you!!

Well, I think I covered everything I can on these.  They are quick, simple and cute!!  They are going in the Valentine's Day basket for my friend.  And I think that just about fills it up!  Finally!!!

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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Tiny Clear Box Valentine's Day Gift Weekend Project

This is one of the tiniest little clear boxes I have ever seen.  I had bought them a while back at  They hold 3 Hershey kisses!  They are not very roomy inside and that is a good thing if you want to eat the rest of the candy that is left!!!! LOL

I ran across them in my storage cabinet and I thought I would fill it with Hot Tamales and add it to the basket for my friend!  The basket is getting pretty full but there was room to tuck this little gem in!! 

On the front of it I used the label punch and the "Teeny Tiny Treasures" word set and layered them.  The card stock is Regal Rose and the ink is Real Red.  I tied the cute little container with a 1/4" wide Real Red grosgrain ribbon and it was done.  Quick, simple and of course EASY!! Oh and not to mention cute!!!

This little box measures 3" long by 1" deep x 1" high.  See, I told you it was tiny!!  LOL

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

So It's Not the Wednesday Sketch Challenge!!!

Does this look like the Wednesday Sketch Challenge to you?  Why no it doesn't!!!  I didn't have time to play with it and I'm hoping to later in the week. 

I had seen this fun and pretty card by sleepyinseattle on SplitCoastStampers and I was in need of a get well card. I thought that this card would be perfect.  It is a very quick and easy card to make too.  You can see her card here

I did stamp the flower with black StazOn ink.  I then used the blender pen and the following markers:  Wisteria Wonder, Daffodil Delight, More Mustard and Bashful Blue.  I am not sure if that is the colors that were used in the original one but they seemed to have worked for me!

The focal panel is set in place using Dimensionals.  I liked that added look to the card. 

I suppose I could have gone in my stash of cards and found one but you know me, I like to make a "fresh one" when I need one!!!  I don't know why that is but I do it every time I need a card.  I have two drawers full of cards and I need to go though them.  My plan is to pull out the ones I don't want in there anymore and put them in the spring garage sale.  I use to donate TONS of them but (being greedy here) we can't file long form anymore so I thought I'd just take the money instead!  

If you are in need of a quick card that would work for several other occasions, this one is the way to go.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention this, the stamp set I used here is the hostess set "Faith in Nature."  I haven't used it much but I am planning on making a couple more cards with it.  There's two more images in the set that I have not uses.  I'm on a mission to try to use all the images in a set!

I've got a few more Valentine's Day gift items coming up so be sure to stop back to see them!!! If you are making them along with me I suggest you find a basket to hold them all in!!!  You don't want to get caught on Valentine's Day without it!!

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