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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy Winter Mini Candy Pull

I made this using the Stampin' Up! set "Happy Winter." These are made just like the larger ones. The star was heated with the embossing tool (holding it with a clothespin) and dipped in white embossing powder. I repeated this until I got the coverage I was happy with. The layers on here were done in the same way I did the layers on the snowman tissue holder. In fact it's the same thing but on a smaller scale!! To make these for the smaller candy bars you just measure the length, width and depth of the candy bar and cut and score your cardstock accordingly! These were a fun little project to make and even more fun to give away!

Happy Stamping,

Friday, December 22, 2006

Cold Play Mints

I made these using the Stampin' Up! set Cold Play. It was pretty easy to do too. The circle punches made the task go quickly!!! The stamping was quick and simple and I just taped them to the small York Peppermint Patties. The header was made using the Jumbo Snowflake Wheel and a greeting was added to the top of that. I stapled the baggie between the header and hid the staples with the greetings piece. Quick and fun! I made these for my customers and a few extra to give to friends.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Rudolph's Red Nose Repair Kit

I made these for a craft fair.

The stamp set uses is "Festive Favorites"
from Stampin' Up!

It's a bit difficult to read the wordson the tag.

Rudolph guides ole' Santa's sleigh,
His nose glows red to light the way.
So if it flickers on Christmas night,
Just use this new replacement light.

I don't know who wrote the poem. Should anyone know please let me know so I can give the author credit!

These are fun and easy to make!

Artfully Asian Tissue Holder

This tissue holder is done the same way as the snowman one is. Actually it matches the Artfully Asian day planner from the "Night of Christmas Gift Making" items! It's a fun and easy gift to make and give away!!

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Magnetic Note Holder

This is the final project from the "Night of Christmas Gift Making" Stamp Camp.

Materials Needed:

Bashful Blue Card stock cut 8" x 4"
one cut 1 7/8" x 1 5/8" (for layer)
and one cut ½" x 2" (for loop)
Whisper White Card stock cut 7 3/4" x 3 3/4"
and one cut 1 3/4" x 1 ½" (for words)
Smooth Ink Pen
Label sheet cut to fit pen
Hobby Blade
Snow Flurries Stamp Set
Cold Play Stamp Set
Bordering Blue Ink Pad
Bashful Blue Ink Pad
Ballet Blue Ink Pad
Snail Adhesive


Stamp the large white piece of card stock and the label with the Snow Flurries snowflake stamps. Sporadically stamp various snowflakes in the three colors of blue filling the entire sheet and label. Stamp "Let it Snow" in Ballet Blue ink on the small white piece of card stock. Tape the Bashful Blue layer piece to the back of it and set it aside.

Remove the cap from the pen, affix the label to it and set it aside. Using the Hobby Blade and Mat Pack cutting pad cut two slits in the stamped white card stock. Slits should be about ½" and 3/4" down from the top edge of the card stock. Make them a little over ½" wide. Just a bit wider than the strip of Bashful Blue loop piece. Before affixing the white stamped piece to the Bashful Blue back layer you need to make the loop. Insert the ends of the loop in each of the slots. Insert the pen to test for size. Leaving the pen in the loop, turn the piece over and tape down the ends of the loop pieces. Tape the edges of the white piece. You don't need to run the tape along the whole piece. It will stick by running tape in the 4 corners, a small strip on the top and bottom and two strips on each of the sides. Affix your piece to the Bashful Blue piece.

The back of the notepad has 2 pieces of the Sticky Strip tape already attached. Remove the protective strip to expose the tape and set it in place on your white stamped piece. You may want to line it up first before you remove the protective strip on the tape. Once your notepad is in place you can position and tap in place the "let it snow" on in between the notepad and the pen loop. Attach the magnet to the back around the area where the pen is. Placing it here will give the note holder more stability. Your project is now complete.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Water Bottle

Materials needed:
1 16 ounce Bottled Water
1 piece of white Card stock cut to fit bottle
Whisper White Card stock cut 8 3/4" long by 2" wide and scored at 2" on one end and 2½" on the other end
3/4" wide by 2" long strip of Bashful Blue Card stock
Scrap piece of Bashful Blue Card stock to punch 1 3/8" circle from
Scrap piece of Whisper White Card stock to punch 1 1/4" circle from
Snail Tape
Water Flavoring Packet
3 Silver Brads
Snowflake Wheel
Wheel Handle
1 1/4" Circle Punch
1 3/8" Circle Punch
Bashful Blue Ink Pad
3" piece of Blue Gingham Ribbon
Bashful Blue Ink Cartridge
White Craft Ink Pad
Anywhere Glue Stick
Mat Pack

Take the small and large Bashful Blue strip of card stock and stamp the snowflakes on it. Set it aside to dry. Craft ink takes a little longer to dry than the dye based inks do. With the wheel, stamp the long white strip on the front and back. Stamp the "4 You" in Bashful Blue Ink on the small white piece of card stock. Take the 1 1/4" punch and punch out the "4 You." Take the small Bashful Blue piece of card stock and punch out a 1 3/8" circle. Place both circles on the Mat Pack foam piece, using the tool punch a hole in both pieces at the same time. Fold your ribbon in half and punch a hole in it just as you did for the circles. Insert your brad into the circles and then add the ribbon behind it. Fold ends of brads over to secure. Trim your ribbon after the holder is assembled.

Fold the larger scored end up. Take the blue strip you stamped the snowflakes on and tape it to the edge. Again using the Mat Pack make holes on each side of the strip and going through the back too. You will be punching through 3 layers here (the blue strip the top folded piece and the back center piece of the card stock). Insert the two remaining brads and set them in place.
Take the larger piece of Bashful Blue Card stock, cover the back with the Anywhere Glue Stick and wrap it around the water bottle covering the original wrapper. You may need to run your fingers along the edges a few times to get it to stay in place. Take your pocket piece and fold back the top piece with the 1 1/4" hole in it and place it on top of the bottle. Insert the flavor packet and trim your ribbon if desired.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Snowflake Day Planner

Materials needed:
Snowflake Punch
1 1/4" Circle Punch
1 3/8" Circle Punch
Bashful Blue Ink Cartridge
Corner Rounder
Snail Adhesive
Anywhere Glue Stick
Jumbo Wheel Handle
Anywhere Glue Stick
Day Planner

Card stock:
Bashful Blue cut 6½" 7 3/8"
Whisper White cut 6 1/4" x 7 1/8"
Stamp Set:
Bold Snowflake Jumbo Wheel

Using the Bold Snowflake Jumbo Wheel stamp across the entire piece of Whisper White Card stock. Round each corner using the Corner Rounder punch. Repeat on the corners of the Bashful Blue Card stock. Affix the two pieces together. Gently fold them in half but do not crease. The purpose of this is to help you find the center of the front of the Day Planner so you can place the snowflakes. You can wrap it around the calendar part of the Day Planner to help you not make that crease. Now, punch three snowflakes in Bashful Blue Card stock. Punch out the snowflakes with the 1 1/4" round punch. Turn the punch upside down so you can view the snowflake through the back side of the punch and get it centered. With the 1 3/8" round punch, punch out 3 circles in Whisper White. Affix the snowflakes to the Whisper White circles using the Anywhere Glue Stick. Tape your three snowflakes in place on the Whisper White Card stock that has been stamped with the Bold Snowflake Wheel. Be careful not to force it.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Artfully Asian Day Planner Cover

Materials needed:
Blender pens
Mellow Moss Marker
Cranberry Crisp Classic Ink Pad
Going Grey Classic Ink Pad
Basic Black Ink Pad

Card stock:
Cranberry Crisp cut 6½" 7 3/8"
Very Vanilla cut 4 1/4" x 2"
Basic Black cut 4 5/8" x 2 3/8"

Stamp Set:
Rough Texture Jumbo Wheel
Artfully Asian
Expressive Flexible Phrases

Using the Rough Texture Jumbo Wheel stamp over your Cranberry Crisp piece of card stock.
Ink up the Linen Background stamp with Going Grey. Two pieces of the Very Vanilla Card stock will fit on here so if you're partnered up with anyone you can stamp both at the same time. Place the Linen stamp rubber side up after inking it and set your Very Vanilla piece on top. Place a piece of copier paper over the top of it and press down, rubbing across the entire piece of Very Vanilla. Remove the copier paper and then remove your stamped piece of Very Vanilla. Take the flower stamp from the Asian Art set and using the Basic Black ink, stamp the image on top of the Very Vanilla Card stock. Color in the leaves with the Mellow Moss marker. Take the Cranberry Crisp ink pad and squeeze the lid to get some ink on it. Taking the Blender Pen pick up some of the ink off the lid and fill in your flowers and berries. Take the Expressive Flexible Phrases stamp and using the Basic Black ink pad stamp your words onto the Very Vanilla piece. Gently fold the Bashful Blue piece of cardstock in half but do not crease. The purpose of this is to help you find the center of the front of the Day Planner so you can place the layers. Tape the Very Vanilla piece to the black layer and then tape the black layered piece onto the Cranberry Crisp piece. Decide which cover you'd like to display on your Day Planner and insert into the plastic cover. Be careful not to force it.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Snowman Tissue Holder

Materials needed:
Stamp set Tags & More
Black Ink Pad
White Craft Ink cartridge
Snowflake Wheel
Wheel Handle
11" x 4" Whisper White Card stock
3 3/8" x 2" Chocolate Chip Card stock
1 3/4" x 3 1/8" Bashful Blue Card stock
Tissue that opens at the top
1 1/4" Circle Punch
Dazzling Diamonds Glitter
Bashful Blue, Pumpkin Pie,
Ballet Blue, Pretty in Pink
Dimensionals (2)
Snail Adhesive
Liquid Glue
Paper Snips

Follow the instructions for cutting and scoring the tissue holder. Once your are done cutting out your pieces fold all score lines. Fold the line over closest to the top of the tissue box. This is where you will be punching your circle*. After the circle is punched you can assemble your box. Simply glue the long side pieces in place, glue works best for this. Insert the tissue and fold in the flaps. You are now ready to decorate your cover.
Using the Snowflake Wheel stamp the Bashful Blue Card stock and set aside to dry**. Stamp snowman on the white piece of cardstock enclosed in your kit about 1/3 up from the bottom. Color the snowman in and then cut him out. Place him on top of the dry Bashful Blue piece. Rip a piece of White Card stock and attach it to the bottom of the snowman with dimensionals. You will want to rip it to fit your snowman. This give the appearance of a snow layer. Now take the Liquid Glue and sporadically dot snowflakes to sprinkle glitter on. Your project is now complete.
The pattern is by Julie Ebersole and can be found here. These holders also make cute little gift boxes if you don't punch the hole in them!!!!!

* Be sure to punch the hole BEFORE you glue the box together.
** Craft ink dries slower than regular inks so let it dry before handling it.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sparkling Snowman Pin

Materials needed:
Mat Pack
Hobby Blade
Circle Colluzzle
1 1/4" circle punch
Snail Adhesive
Clear Embossing Powder
Bottle Cap
Sticky Strip
Dazzling Diamonds
Crystal Effects
Pin Back
Embossing Tool
Toaster Oven
Yoyo Yellow
Garden Green
Close to Cocoa
Real Red
Bashful Blue
Whisper White
Ballet Blue
Stamp Set:
Little Somethings

Stamp your image on the Whisper White cardstock and color it as desired. Cut your Ballet Blue circle and attach your white piece to it, trying to center it as much as possible. You don’t need to be perfect, after all it is a handmade item! Once your design is in place you will take it over to the toaster oven to apply the Clear Embossing Powder and heat it up. Once your pin cools you will take it over to the Embossing Tool and heat it up again to get rid of any air bubbles that may have occurred during the heating process in the toaster oven. Once it is cool you will go back to your table where you will affix the pin back using the Sticky Strip tape. Only cut the tape as long as the pin back is. Excess tape is difficult to remove and will pick up LOTS of lint and hair. Not an attractive look for this pin! The cap was pre-squished so the edges curl out some. You will put the Crystal Effects along the edge and then holding the pin by the pin back you will dip it in the Dazzling Diamonds glitter. Your pin will need about 20 to 30 minutes to set up so try not to touch it while it is drying.

*Hint: A little helpful hint here. Should the pin become scratched from wear you can just take your heat gun and go over the top just enough to slightly melt the Clear Embossing Powder. You don't want to melt the entire center of the pin because of the glitter!
Thank you for stopping by,

Friday, December 01, 2006

"Night of Christmas Gift Making" aka: Stamp Camp

These items were made at the "Night of Christmas Gift Making" event (formerly known as Stamp Camp)! All the participants had a great time making them. It was a very fun night. I will be posting each item individually with directions on how to make them! My favorite was the snowman pin. Everyone seemed to like that one and he water bottle the best!!
The items here are (going from left to right) a Snowman Pin, two Day Planners, a Bottle of Water and a Drink Packet, a Tissue Holder and a Magnetic Note Holder and Pen.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Gifts for a Friend

I made these gifts for a dear friend of mine. I hitched a ride with her to a stamping event. I am not fond of driving where I've never been before and begging rides is something I do often! My younger sister often refers to my getting rides as, "Driving Miss Lazy!" Anyway, I appreciated the ride and I made these for my friend.

Using the Stampin' Up! set "The Snowflake Spot" I made her a 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" notebook with a beaded pen. A tree ornament from a tin. I got a great deal on these tins at Oriental Trading. They are not fancy but they do the job! I ran the cranberry ribbon around the tin and made a loop with it for hanging. I made her a package of 4 gift cards and envelopes and put them in a plastic card holder and tied it with the cranberry ribbon! And lastly is the bath salts I got at Michael's in their dollar section. I just covered the front and lower sides with the card stock.

I used only two colors of card stock to make these. The Cranberry Crisp and Pretty in Pink. I did a lot of sponging which altered the Pretty in Pink color enough to soften and tone it down.

My friend was surprised and she really liked her gifts. They were very fun to make too!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Faux Typewriter Keys Earrings

Here are the earrings I made using the Faux Typewriter Keys technique. The jewelry glue I used is called "Zap a Gap." I used it to glue the "keys." I used the round end to bracelet toggles. It was the perfect size for the "keys" to fit and still show enough to give the earrings a bit of flair! These were very fun to make. I did forget to mention in the instructions on the watch that you do NOT want to use VersaMark to get the embossing powder to stick. It will make your image cloudy. Perhaps it will work better on a different color of cardstock but not on black! Feel free to email me with any questions.

Faux Typewriter Keys Watch

I have seen some faux typewriter keys done using Crystal Effects. These were done with clear embossing powder.

To make the keys:

First I took some black cardstock and white craft ink and stamped the letters on it using the "Alphabits" set from Stampin' Up! I took the 1/4" round punch and lined up the letter I wanted and punched it out. Then I put a tiny piece of Snail Adhesive on top of a standard size paper fastener and held the prongs with a clothespin. I heated it up with the embossing gun. I then dipped it in the clear embossing powder and repeated this method a number of times. Once I got the thickness I wanted I held the paper fastener straight up so it would cool and settle evenly. Sometimes the letters would slide and I would just take a toothpick and slide them back into place while it was still hot. Once it's cool you can't do anything to it until you heat it all up again. Don't worry about drips either. On a few of them I got too much embossing powder and it started to run off on one side. I just took a toothpick and ran it around the edges and removed it. If this should happen to yours you may want to take another look at the "key" to see if it needs just one more dipping to even things out. Once the "keys" have cooled you want to remove the prongs. You can do this by taking a plyers and pulling up on one prong and cutting it as close to the edge as you can. You will want to leave just a little bit left so you can fold it to the inside. If you cut right to the edge it will show on your final product. Repeat this for the other prong. Now you will want to take some jewelry glue or super glue and glue it to your backing. The backing here was the watch band. This band had blank circles of metal on it and the paper fasteners were the perfect size for it! Lucky me!! I preferred to use this method over the Crystal Effects method because this one was ready to touch once the paper fastener cooled! I am not a patient person!!!

I made a pair of earrings using this method too. I will post them soon.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Monster Spray

Monster Spray! I had this poem for years. I have no idea where I had gotten it from or who the original author is, sorry. I've seen other versions of the poem on the Internet.

Here I just printed out the poem on Whisper White card stock and stamped the monsters on using the "Booglie Eyes" set from Stampin' Up! What's really great about this is that you can use your Halloween sets all year long now!!

Here's what I did to make these! I colored the monsters in with markers and in a few spots I used markers and a blender pen. I sponged around all the white areas with Brilliant Blue and Only Orange ink. I sponged the edges with Brilliant Blue and glued it onto the can with the Stampin' Up! Anywhere Glue Stick. Amazing little glue stick!!!! A note here, I used Brilliant Blue here because the lids to the spray cans were blue and I wanted it to match. These were fun to make.

This monster saying goes:

Monster Spray

Every night

when I'm asleep

Into my room

the monsters creep.

I call to mom

"Please come and stay!

And don't forget

the monster spray.

She comes right in

and sprays right here.

Then all the monsters


Again, this was another fun project!

Note Paper Holders Close-up

Note paper holder. This is a close-up of the note paper holder. You can make out the sparkling snowflakes a little better here. And you can see the snow layer in the foreground a little better too.

Note Paper Holders

I made these from some note holders I had gotten at Michael's. I took them apart. I used the snowflake decorative paper from Stampin' Up! on the paper holder part and I used Bashful Blue card stock to cover the entire front of the holder. Once the glue dried on both of those pieces I glued the holder to the inside of the cover. It didn't want to stay shut so I drilled two holes in the top side edge and attached a Stampin' Up! button using silver cording. I took a piece of Whisper White card stock and sponged the edges and taped it on top of the box. Followed by a layer of Ballet Blue card stock and then Chocolate Chip. I took the smaller piece of Bashful Blue card stock and stamped snowflakes on it using the white craft ink pad. While the ink was still wet I sprinkled some Dazzling Diamonds glitter on it. I stamped the snowman from the "Tags and More" set. I cut him out after coloring him. I left enough room on the bottom so it fit on top of the Chocolate Chip card stock with enough taken off the edges to see the layer. I also tore a piece of the Whisper White card stock and using Dimensionals I placed it just under the snowman to give it the look of a snow layer. I wish I would have taken a side view photo so you could see the snowflake decorative paper on it. The blues of the paper matched the Bashful Blue on the cover and just competed the holder. It was a very fun project to do!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Lotion Bottles

I decorated these lotion bottles I had gotten at Target's Dollar Spot. I used them for a Hostess Appreciation event I had. I am SO impressed with the Stampin' Up! Anywhere Glue Stick. "Anywhere" really describes it!!!

Note Holder and Matching Notes

I made the box holder from some left over paneling we had in the garage. I covered it with Stampin' Up! decorative paper using the Anywhere Glue Stick! I made 4 matching cards and even added some decorative paper to the inside flap of the envelope to give it a more elegant touch. It was fun to make but very time consuming. I will probably be giving it away as a gift to some lucky friend!