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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Avant-Garden, Birthday Card, Pocket Card Tutorial, Weekend Project, 2017 Sale a Bration

This pocket card is a LOT of fun to make.  Plus it's different.  It's always a lot of fun giving cards that don't fit the normal card features!

I found this pocket card on Pinterest.  I searched it back to Qbee's Quest.  She's always got a lot of fun things to make on her blog. She was inspired by a the pretty pockets card kits in the Sale-a-Bration catalog.

You can go to her blog to get the info for these cards, it's not mine to give out.  Though I will share some tips with you.  One, pay attention to the instructions.  I cut my card for the pocket right but I cut the Decorative Series Paper (DSP) the same size.  It should have been bigger (as per her instructions!!!).  I used glue to put the side and bottom together.  I find tape doesn't hold as well.

I think the front would be prettier if it were dry embossed.  There's some fun embossing folders that would look great on the front of this pocket.  Measurements for the oval dies are 1-3/4" and 2-1/2. She tells you to pick out them in a different way.  I prefer measurements.  Oh and when scoring, use a scrap piece of copier paper or other scrap paper to make your first one so you don't get messed up and score in the wrong areas.  

I used Sweet Sugarplum cardstock and ink for the flowers and for the words I used Rose Red. Though I think the original one was done using Rich Razzleberry.  The leaves were done using Mint Macaron.

These are pretty simple to make.  But I do recommend making the first one with the scrap paper. Plus you'll have a template for additional ones.  You will want to make more!!!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Monday, February 27, 2017

Avant-Garden and Delicate Details Birthday Card

No smudges here today!!!  I made sure I used the correct size stamping blocks and I made sure my fingers were ink free before I handled the paper!  Yay, a gold star for me today!!! LOL

This was a very fun card to make.  I want to make another one using a different color.  I may try it later in the week.  I found this fun card on Pinterest.  You can see the original here.  I didn't change it much at all.  With no measurements, I have to eye the size of the cardstock for the panels.  Mine is larger than the original card but I still like how it looks.  And I did not add the jute bow.  It is cute but it's hard to mail cards when there's knots and bows that cause the card's thickness to pass the 1/4" minimum or have something in the card that would cause machines to jam, like buttons, brads, etc.  So I often leave those things off.  But if I'm going to hand deliver a card, I will add LOTS of stuff!!! LOL

The base of this card is a folded half-sheet of Tempting Turquoise.  Such a pretty color that I don't use much and I don't know why.  I cut a piece of Whisper White 4" x 5-1/4" and set it aside. Next I cut a piece of card stock 2-1/2" x 4-3/4".  I stamped the flowers using Tempting Turquoise ink.  I stamped the left flower first and then the right flower, I did not ink up the stamp again for the second flower.  I did stamp another flower using a piece of scrap paper.  I cut it out and then I stamped the center using Chocolate Chip ink. I stamped the center of the second flower without inking the image again. I stamped the leaves and stems using Pear Pizzazz ink. I did use straight ink on the stems but the leaf on the right was not inked up again (I believe this is called "second generation" ink). 

Next I set the panel on the Whisper White cardstock to see where I was going to stamp the lacy image.  You could draw a light pencil line or a few light dots on your cardstock before stamping that image, but make sure it's light and it's dry before you erase it. 

The words are from the "Avant-Garden" set and were stamped using Pear Pizzazz ink.

Once all the stamping was done, I used Dimensionals to put the flower on top of the other flower.  I turned it a little so the petals from the back flower show.  Then I put Dimensionals on that focal panel and lined it up with the edge of the lace image.  I did round the corners of the right side before I set it in place.  

It's such a fun and pretty card!!  I just had to make one!!  I was thinking of digging out my old "Sincere Salutations" set and making a set of cards using 4 of the word stamps from that set.  I use to do that a lot before the set was retired.  I MISS that set A LOT!!!

Thank you ever so much for stopping by today,

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Avant-Garden, Special Reason, Birthday Card

Well, for what started out as an easy card to make, I sure made a mess of it. It really was easy to make and it was even easier to mess up.  I was not paying attention when I was adding the leaves.  The block had some ink on it and I was not stamping evenly, so there's a line of ink on and above the flower on the left.  I decided to go ahead with the card anyway.  I should have stopped and redone it but it was the last leaf I was making.  See why it's important to use a block that is closest to the size of the stamp image you are working with. Larger blocks with small images is just inviting problems!

And as if the green line wasn't enough. When I went to add the words, some how there's a black mark on the upper left.  UGH!! I don't know how that one happened, but it looks like a part of a fingerprint.  I looked at my hands and didn't see any ink on me. I must have just transferred it all.  I haven't a clue how that got there.  I'm usually a pretty clean stamper.  I don't often make these kinds of mistakes.  But today I surely did!! OOPS!!!

So if you want to make a card like this, minus the mistakes, it's pretty simple.  I took the other half of the Melon Mambo cardstock that I had cut for yesterday's card.  I folded it in half.
Then I took a piece of Whisper White cut 4-1/4" x 3". And before I stamped the Avant-Garden flowers I cut a piece of Window Sheet (or transfer sheet) 3-1/4" x 2".  I set the Window Sheet over the white cardstock and centered it.  I inked up the flower with Melon Mambo, I removed the Window Sheet and I stamped the flower near the corner of the Window Sheet area.  Then I stamped the left flower (without inking the image) and I stamped the flower one more time (without inking the image).  

I used Chocolate Chip ink to stamp the flower centers.  I did not reink the image for each flower. I stamped them the same way I did the flowers.  

The leaves were stamped using Pear Pizzazz ink. I only used the stamp twice, not 3 times like I did with the flowers.  Once I was done with that I cleaned up my stamps and put them back in the case they belong in.  It gave me time to let the ink dry.  I didn't want to smear it up anymore than it already was.  (that part worked, no extra smears!!! LOL).  

I took the Window Sheet and centered it on the flowers.  I took the Basic Black marker, the writing end, and drew around the sheet being careful not to draw over any stamped area.  

The words are from the "Special Reason" set.  I stamped them and that part was all done.  All I had left to do was to add the Dimensionals and set it in place on the card base.  Pretty simple but easy to mess up if you are not paying attention or using the right size blocks for the size stamp.  There, you learned a great lesson today.  I knew this but I still use the wrong size blocks and today it caught up with me.

I am thinking about making another card like this but using a different color.  I do like this look. I may even use a texture on the card base.  I have to think about that more.  It may not need it, it may distract from the focal piece.  I'll see what I can come up with.

So with notes taken and lessons learned, I hope you enjoyed this card.  I found it on Pinterest and I just had to make one.  

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Tin of Cards, Swirly Scribbles, Butterfly Thinlits, Birthday Card

Setting aside the Sale a Bration and 2017 Occasions catalog stamp sets, I thought I would play with a butterfly!! We've had some unseasonably warm weather here in Minnesota but now it's turned cold again.  I live north of the latest blizzard, but the cold air from Canada pushed it's way in.  But that is the reason we didn't get the blizzard. Mixed blessings!!

This was a super easy and fun card to make.  I have LOTS of Washi tape.  Most of it is retired.  I have Washi tape from Michael's and JoAnn's too.  I need to start using it up.  This card is perfect for that.  I wished I would have had more time to cut out some more butterflies in colors that match or compliment the other non Stampin' Up! Washi tapes I have. Maybe next weekend.  I've got so much to do lately and the more I try to clean up my workroom the messier it gets!!! Do I give up or do I continue?  Well, I will continue, even though I'm not getting anywhere!!! LOL  But I am making cards so that means there's a clean space to work!! LOL

This card is a folded half sheet of Melon Mambo cardstock.  It was cut on the short side at 4-1/4" x 11".  I also cut a piece of Whisper White cardstock 4" x 5-1/4" for the focal piece.

Next I added the Washi tape from the "Pop of Pink" pack. When you use small amounts like that the spools don't seem to run out fast!!!  Hence the pile of tapes in my workroom!! I need to use them in a swap, that's a good way to use a lot of it! I'm making a note of that!!

After the tape I got out the "Swirly Scribble" dies that go with the "Swirly Bird" set and I cut the middle size swirl out using the gold metallic paper.  I poured some glue on waxed paper and folded it in half. I took my bone folder and moved the glue between the waxed paper to get it pretty even and smooth. I opened it up and set the swirl on top. I took another piece of waxed paper and pressed the swirl into the glue.  Then I removed the top piece of waxed paper and I picked up the other piece of waxed paper and bent the paper back a bit and the swirl let go and I was then able to remove it from the waxed paper.  I set it in place on the card front.  

I took a scrap piece of Melon Mambo and die cut the butterfly using the "Butterfly" thinlits die.  I set it in place using Dimensionals.  I added 6 pearls down the body of the butterfly.  It looked too drab without anything on it.  

The words are from the "Tin of Cards" set.  I layered them with a piece of Melon Mambo that I cut using the scalloped oval die.  I set the words in place using Dimensionals.  And that was it.  Pretty simple and quick!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Friday, February 24, 2017

Affectionately Yours, Layering Love, Birthday Card

There, now isn't that much better than yesterday's horrid card? I can't get that image out of my head.  It's like a train wreck!  

I did not make this card, though it does look like something that is my style.  

The base of this card is a folded half sheet of Night of Navy.  On top of that is a piece of Crumb Cake that was textured using the "Festive" embossing folder.

On top of that is a piece of decorative paper from the "Affectionately Yours" 12" x 12" paper pack. Wishing I would have ordered some of that paper.

The words are from the "Layering Love" set.  They are stamped using Night of Navy ink. I do not have that set but am adding it to my wishlist.  I LOVE word sets.  The layer behind the words is a scalloped oval die cut from Watermelon Wonder card stock.   There's no Dimensionals, ribbons, buttons or bows.  It's a pretty simple card yet full of fun!

Thank you SO much for stopping by today,

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Timeless Texture, Birthday Card

This card should come with a HUGE apology!! This is not what was in my head when I was starting out.  And what ended up on paper is SO not me and I am sorry.  I will have a much better card for you tomorrow, I promise!!!

I was playing with a Split Coast Stampers layout #SC 322.  I wanted to use the "Timeless Textures" as the focal part of the card.  I just couldn't get it to work.  I thought that it may look better after I added the wording.  Oh, the words were done on my computer a while back. I had that piece all layered up and just sitting around, so I thought I would use it.  It's kind of like "just put it on the pile!"  LOL

After I got the words on I still didn't like the card.  So in my stash of pieces of die cut and punched items, I found these black and gray circles.  As you can see, they were added to the pile too!! UGH!!! The more I did to it, the worse it got.  I finally had to just walk away. What a horrid card.  I can't think of anyone I would want to send this to.  Unless someone starts a contest like the "Ugly Sweater" contest at Christmas.  LOL  I think I would win for this card.  See, now I'm feeling better about the card!!! LOL

I have a great card for you tomorrow, so please rinse your eyes out and don't look back at this one!  I will show you a wonderful card tomorrow.

Thanks for bearing with me today,

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

So Very Much, Avant-Garden Thank You Card, 2017 Sale a Brations

There's a little over a month and these stamp sets will be retiring.  It's a Sale a Bration stamp and at the end of March it will no longer be available.  But You will be able to find it in my web store after April 1st.  If I'm on the ball with getting things entered in the store.  It's not as easy as one would think. Taking the photo (not so hard) but entering in the data, weight of the package, what countries I will ship to, price, thumbnail photo that shows up on the store site first (that is where I ALWAYS mess it up!).  And sometimes the photos won't go where I want them and the words are all over the place.  Some of my items there are such a mess!!! But I keep trying!

Today's card was given to me as a gesture of kindness.  My friend Colleen made this card and gave it to me last night at Terri's Technique Tuesday.  She said that I'm always giving her cards and she thought she would give me a couple of cards in return.  That was SO sweet.  I never expect to receive cards from anyone when I give them a card.  It's usually extra swap cards but I suppose to them it means more.  Kind of like what this card meant to me when Colleen gave it to me!  Okay, I get it!! LOL

This card was made using the "So Very Much" and "Avant-Garden" sets.  

The base of this card is a folded half sheet of Bermuda Bay.  The decorative paper is from the "Blooms & Bliss" Decorative Series Paper (DSP) 12" x 12" pack.  I think I used all but a quarter sheet of that color in my pack. 

The flowers from the "Avant-Garden" set were stamped using Mint Macaron.  "For your kindness" was stamped using Bermuda Bay ink on a scrap piece of Mint Macaron and taped in place.

The focal piece was cut 3-1/4" x 4" and the Bermuda Bay layer was cut 3-1/2" x 4-1/4".  It was set in place with Dimensionals.

It's such an elegant looking card.  I am going to miss the large "Thank You", just as much as I miss the large "Happy Birthday" one that was retired last year.  These are great because they take up a lot of "real estate" and you don't have to decorate them too much because they can pretty much stand alone!  So since it will be retiring soon, I will be using it a bit more.  Sometimes in doing that, I tend to miss the stamp even more.  I just can't win, can I?  LOL

Thank you SO much for stopping by today,

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Avant-Garden, 2017 Sale A Bration, Birthday Card, Dutch Fold Stamping Techniques

Today I did copy a card from the internet.  This is the card I'm using for Terri's technique swap tonight. You can see the original card here.   The Technique is called "Dutch Door Card Fold".  

To do this technique:  The card base is 5-1/2" x 4-1/4". For the next layer you need a piece of card stock cut 11" x 2-1/4". Fold that strip in half and tape it to the card base.  That flap you form is the front of your card.  These instructions are for a landscape card.

For the portrait orientation: The card base is 5-1/2" x 4-1/4". For the next layer you need a piece of card stock cut 8-1/2" x 2-1/4".  Fold in half to be 4-1/4" x 2-1/4".  Tape back of that folded strip to the card base.  And from there you decorate as desired.

For mine I used the flower from the "Avant-Garden" set.  I cut that panel 2" x 3-3/4" The Basic Black layer was cut 2-1/8" x 3-7/8".  I did fussy cut another flower to set it on top with a Dimensionals.  

I stamped the words using black Memento ink and cut them out with the oval framelit dies.  I set the words in place using Dimensionals. The words are from the same set.  

I also used the lacy border from the "Delicate Details" Sale a Bration set.  I used Whisper White ink on Basic Black cardstock.  That piece was cut 1-1/2" x 4".  

The tricky part here is to NOT tape on the top part of the flower panel or you won't be able to open the card.  Yup, you guessed it.  I did tape one that way.  Though I didn't press the image down hard so I was able to open the card and use the eraser thing to get the tape off.  UGH!!!  And then I taped up another one and just as I finished I realized I did it again!!!  So I hope that is a lesson I learned and shared with you so you don't do what I did!

This was a fun card to make!  I can't wait to see the cards I get in return.  I'll share them on here with you!!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Monday, February 20, 2017

Beautiful You, Avant-Garden, Birthday Card

Today I thought I would dig out another set and play with it. I had a lot of fun making this card.  I LOVE making red, white and black cards anyway and this lady fit the bill perfectly.  

I'm betting you are anxious to know how I made this card!!! LOLThe base of my card is a folded half sheet of Basic Black cardstock.  I added a 4" x 5-1/4" of Whisper White cardstock on top of that.  

For the fun layered panels I used Real Red cardstock that was cut 4" x 1-3/4".  The Basic Black layer behind it was cut 4" x 1-7/8".  

The other panel was a piece of Decorative Paper from the 12" x 12" Brights pack.  I loved those large dots and I thought it would look nice with the lady image.  I cut that dotted paper 4" x 1-1/2". The Basic Black layer was cut 4-1/8" x  1-5/8".  

The focal panel was cut 3" x 2" and the Basic Black layer was cut 3-1/8" x 2-1/8".  I used watercolor paper for the focal panel.  

The words are from the "Avant-Garden" set.  I just thought that font is so sweet looking.  The set does come with birthday wishes but it added the word "gorgeous" but I wasn't so fond of it so I found a different greeting.  This would also make a great Mother's Day card (if you can find the wording to fit in that area, or you can add it on the inside.  

To color in the image I used the Real Red marker and a blender pen.  I scribbled the marker on one of my clear stamping blocks and picked up the color with a blender pen. I colored the sides and then moved towards the center.  By the time I got to the center it was coloring pretty light.  I always started on the sides so I didn't get the center too dark.  I did the same with the skin.  I used Pirouette Pink for that.  For the shadowing, I used the Basic Gray watercolor pencil. I colored around the image and then I took the blender pen and rubbed the color in.  It's a lot easier than it sounds.  Oh and I used the smoother side of the watercolor paper.  I know you're suppose to use the other side but it was too textured to get a crisp image.  

I taped all the layers in place and then I added the words using Dimensionals.  

And no, I didn't find this card on Pinterest!!!  I designed it all by myself!!  LOL  And I think I'm going to hang on to this card for a while.  I kind of like it!!! LOL

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Avant-Garden, 2017 Sale A Bration

Today I thought I would play with the other flower in the "Avant-Garden" stamp set.  I have made a card using this set before but I am finding it a more difficult one to work with than the other flower.  This flower could have used some leaves.  There was not a detailed leaf image in the set so it's a bare stem.  I thought about adding some wording across the stem area.  It surely needs something.

I used Pumpkin Pie card stock on a folded half sheet of Whisper White.  I stamped the image on Whisper White and die cut it with the oval cutters.  I added some Pumpkin Pie dots from one of the images in the set.  

I added the doily at the bottom but it's still not enough.  I'm still leaning towards some wording across the middle.

You give it a try with some wording or something else to give it a punch.  Email me your photo and I'll post it on here and show everyone what it really should look like!!! LOL

They all can't be winners!

Thank you SO much for baring with me today!! LOL

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Tasty Treats, Birthday Card, 2017 Sale a Bration

Okay, hot off my worktable!!!  I did not find this one on the internet.  But after I post this, you can find it there!! I didn't go surfing this time.  I actually sat down and gave the card some thought and color!  And this is what I ended up with.  

I used Basic Black cardstock for the base of this card and for the layers.  I used a 4" x 5-1/4" piece of Pool Party for the layer on top of the base of the card.  On top of that is a piece of "Tasty Treats" specialty paper that was cut 4" x 5-1/4" and cut in half the long way.  I taped it in place on top of the Pool Party piece.  Make sure to line up the left and bottom edges.

Next I cut a piece of the "Tasty Treats" specialty paper 1-1/2" x 3".  The black layer is cut 1-3/8" x 3-1/8".  The focal piece is Whisper White and cut 2-1/4" x 3-1/4" and the black layer behind it is cut 2-3/8" x 3-3/8".  

The truck was stamped and fussy cut out.  I colored it using Bermuda Bay and Daffodil Delight ink and a blender pen.  The windows on the truck were cut out.  I set it in place on the white panel and drew a light line with a pencil on the window edge so I could line up the cupcakes.  I stamped the cupcakes and colored them in with Flirty Flamingo ink and Sahara Sand markers. I stamped th wrods on and then I set the truck in place using Dimensionals.  The inside reads: "Happy Birthday, now where's the cake?"  Cute, huh?  LOL

This was a fun card to make and I think I need to stay away from Pinterest for a while and come up with my own stuff, like I use to do a couple of years ago.  I just started finding fun and cute things on the net and had to make them.  I'm sure I will still do that, because there are some things that I would just LOVE to make.  Especially some of the ones with less layers.  Though I LOVE layers and those of you who know me know I LOVE to make cards with lots of layers!!!  

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Friday, February 17, 2017

Hey Chick, Birthday Card, 2017 Sale A Brations

So, does this card speak to you as a birthday card or a friendship card?  I was thinking birthday card at first and then I started thinking.  UGH.  Don't think!!! LOL  I'm going to present it as a birthday card.  If I don't use it, I will be selling it and let the buyer purchase it as whatever they think it is!!

I found this card on Pinterest.  I changed the color of the hen and the Baker's Twine.  I didn't have any solid red, so I went with what I had on hand.  I could have taken a red Sharpe and colored the twine but I was too lazy!!!

The base of this card is a folded half sheet of Real Red card stock. Then a 4" x 5-1/4" piece of Chocolate Chip cardstock. On top of that is a 3-3/8" x 5" piece of Crumb Cake cardstock.  I stamped all of the chickens from the set onto the Crumb Cake piece using Crumb Cake ink.  

Before I taped the Chocolate Chip cardstock down I cut the oval for the chicken right in the center.  No one will ever know it's not a solid piece of cardstock.  It's a great way to save on cardstock when you don't have a scrap piece for what you need.  I did have to use a piece of Real Red cardstock for the scalloped oval. I didn't have any scrap, so I had to use a 1/4 sheet piece.

I stamped the chicken and die cut the oval.  Then I colored it in.  I don't color before I cut.  I've wasted so much time doing that in the past. I would ruin the image after it was all colored.  So now I color after cutting.  I added the words using Crumb Cake ink.

It was a fun card to make and I got to finally use every chicken in the set!!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Avant-Garden, So Very Much, Thank You Card

Okay.  Yes, the "So Very Much" set was still sitting on my worktable.  But I actually had to go to the shelf and take out the "Avant-Garden" set. I had put it back where it belonged.  I know, I was kind of shocked myself.  I was looking for it on my worktable!!! I must have had a confusing day to actually put something away the same day I used it!!! LOL

So, lets get on to this super easy and fun card I found on Pinterest.  You can see the original one here.  I only made one change, I did a fussy cut on the top flower.  I thought the card needed a little dimension to it.   

I stamped the "Thank You" on a folded half sheet of Whisper White cardstock.  I wanted to use a lighter color than black so I used Early Espresso.  I had to laugh after I stamped the words, they look black!!! LOL  But it's okay, it's a nice clean crisp image and I'm happy with it.  

If you look at the original card you will see the flowers on the bottom have some marks on them.  I wasn't sure what it was. I thought maybe a shadow. But I stamped my first flower, the one on the top and then I stamped the one on the middle right.  Then I thought, I should make a fussy cut flower for the top left one, so I stamped on a piece of scrap and I saw that mark on my flower.  It was part of the tail of the "u".  Fortunately my flower with the mark on it was on scrap paper, so I just stamped another one.  So, if you are going to remake this card, make sure you clean off your stamp after you stamp over the word part.  I didn't really clean off the stamp, I just stamped on some scrap paper until the stamp was fairly clean.  I stamped the last flower and then moved on to the flower center.  

Next I fussy cut the flower out.  I set it aside and stamped the stems and leaves.  I added the fussy cut flower using Dimensionals and that was it. I thought it was a very simple, quick and clean card to make!  I think I'm going to miss the "Avant-Garden" and the "So Very Much" sets at the end of March.  You can look for them in my web store on April 1st.  No fooling!!! LOL

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

So Very Much, Thank You Card, With Botanical Builders

I was going to title this, "Bits and Pieces" but I thought I should stick with the actual piece names.  I have this bowl on my worktable that gets covered up with papers and once in a while I remember it's there and today was one of those times.  It's full of bits and pieces from other projects. I just can't seem to toss them out.  I figure I may use them sometime.  Well, today I found a fun use for a few of those pieces.

I used the "So Very Much" Sale-a-Bration set for the words. I LOVE those larger words for cards. They take up a lot of space and you just need a little embellishment and it's done.  And sometimes you don't even need to add a think, the words just stand a lone.  These would stand alone because they are large enough.

I found a Melon Mambo flower that was cut using the "Botanical Builders" Framelit Dies.  The leaf was also from that set.  The tiny flowers too!!  They were lost among a bunch of other pieces in that bowl.  That bowl is pretty full!!

Edited on 2-16-17:   The color of the small flowers are Bermuda Bay and Pool Party

I set the image on a folded half sheet of Bermuda Bay cardstock.

I set rhinestones in the center of each of the flowers to give it a little bling and it was done!!  Super quick because everything was done already!! Such a deal!!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Avant-Garden, Birthday Card, 2017 Sale a Brations

You guessed it, I did not put this stamp set away.  And you know what that means (other than I'm a messy stamper!), it means I am going to use it again. After all, it was just sitting there.  But like I said the other day, this set is really starting to grow on me.  I don't like to fussy cut but for this card I'm willing to make an exception!

I found this card on Pinterest.  You can see it here.  I did change it a little.  I changed the colors because I didn't know what color was used in the original card, so I went with the color I thought I would like. 

The base of my card is folded half sheet of Smoky Slate.  On top of that is a piece of Pear Pizzazz cut 3-1/4" x 4-1/2".  On top of that is a piece of Whisper White cut 3" x 4-1/4".  A piece of Washi tape from the "Pop of Pink" rolls was added to the right side.  Then I cut a piece of Whisper White 2-3/8" x 4-1/4".  I stamped the flower on it using Rose Red, it's a color I don't use very often and I thought I should take it off the rack and dust it off!!  I stamped the stem and leaf using Pear Pizzazz ink.  The words were stamped using black Memento ink.  I did stamp a second flower. I added the center to the flower using black Memento ink.  Then I fussy cut it out. Actually, I stamped all of the flowers at the same time so when it was time to cut out the flower I knew it would be dry.  Before attaching the stamped flower piece in place I tied some black thread around it.  I didn't have any black Baker's Twine and I didn't feel like coloring any with my Sharpe marker, so I took some embroidery floss and tied it around the piece. Then I taped it in place on top of the piece that has the Washi tape on it.  

I added Dimensionals to the stamped panel piece and set it on top of the Pear Pizzazz piece.  Then that was taped on top of the Smoky Slate card base.

It's a pretty simple card to make, just a lot of pieces to deal with.  I do like how it turned out.  Oh, and the original card does not have the flower cut out.  I just thought this flower looked SO much better when it was layered like that.

Thank you ever so much for stopping by today,

Monday, February 13, 2017

Avant-Garden, Birthday Card, 2017 Sale A Brations

I'm really starting to like this "Avant-Garden" stamp set. At first I thought it was a bit blah.  I do like the images better when I have to fussy cut another flower to lay on top.  This flower needed some depth.  But then again it's fussy cutting and I don't like doing that.  I do if I REALLY have to!!! LOL

This card was found on Pinterest by stampdog.  You can see the original card here.  I did change a few things on it but it's pretty close.  Not that I was going for a total copy or close, I just liked the flower panel the most out of the card.

I changed the color of the ribbon and the color of the base of the card.  I used Whisper White for my base.

I used Pirouette Pink and the "Falling Hearts" embossing folder.

I cut the flower panel to 2-1/4" x 4-1/2".  The Chocolate Chip layer was cut 2-1/2" x 4-3/4".  I used some left over ribbon I had because I didn't have any Mint Macaron ribbon.  I changed the leaf and stem color from Mint Macaron to Pear Pizzazz.  I did have the mint ink but the ribbon I had didn't go with it.  

I did mask the flowers so I could stamp the stems.  I had used this set before with masks so I only had to cut out one more mask, so I didn't whine too much making it!!!  LOL

So, this is how it turned out.  I like it!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Hey Chick, Birthday Card, 2017 Sale a Bration

I wanted to play with watercolor paper and I wanted to play with the "Hey Chick" Sale a Bration set.  I found a card on Pinterest.  You can see it here. I changed it a bit.  Oh and by the way, the background on the chicken is not as dark in person as it is in the photo.  

I alos got to play with the hexagon embossing folder too.  It's one of those thick ones like the knitted one from Christmas. I like to mist them first so the impression is deep, crisp and not torn.  Do that first so it has time to dry.  Then do your watercoloring so it has time to dry.  There's plenty of things to do in the meantime.

Cut the base of your card.  I cut mine from a folded half sheet of Basic Gray cardstock.  The hexagon piece was done using Smoky Slate.

I used the decorative paper from the "Urban Underground" package.  

I layered the chicken on a die cut circle of Cherry Cobbler.  And the words are from the same set. I used the oval sets to cut them out.  I set the chicken piece and the word piece in place using Dimensionals.  Everything else was taped flat.  It is a little different than the original card but that's okay, I like this too.  Though that background is bugging me, it's sticking out like a sore thumb!  LOL

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Friday, February 10, 2017

Avant-Garden, 2017 Sale a Bration, Wetlands, Birthday Card

I've been finding a few "Avant-Garden" cards that I just have to try to duplicate.  This was one of them.  I often forget how you can take an image from the set and make your own "ribbon" band.  The flower center was used to make the strip behind the flower panel. You can see the one I found on Pinterest by clicking here.  

This was a super simple card to make.

First I cut a piece of Whisper White cardstock 4-1/4" x 11" (cut a sheet in half on the short side).  I folded it in half and set it aside.

Next I took a piece of Old Olive cardstock and cut it 4-1/4" x 2-3/4".  I stamped the flower from "Avant-Garden" using Old Olive ink. I taped it in place on the bottom half of the front of the card.

I took a scrap piece of Whisper White and stamped the flower center across it using Daffodil Delight ink.  I trimmed the strip to 1/2" x 4-1/4". I added a layer of Daffodil Delight behind it.  I was going to add a 1/4" to the width but I thought it would be too much yellow showing but only cutting it 1/8" larger was not quite enough, so I went somewhere in between.  I taped those two pieces together and taped it to the card. The yellow is on top of the green. I used the white strip as my guideline to get both sides even.

I stamped the flower onto a piece of 2-3/4" x 3-3/4" Whisper White cardstock using Daffodil Delight ink. I also stamped another flower on a piece of scrap card stock. Then I stamped the flower center using black Memento ink. That piece I fussy cut out.  Next I stamped the flower stem and leaves. I also stamped a leaf on a scrap piece of Whisper White cardstock and fussy cut it out.  I stamped the sentiment from the "Wetlands" set using black Memento ink.  

I set the fussy cut pieces in place using Dimensionals. I set the whole panel in place using Dimensionals. And it was done!!  It as a very quick and easy card to make, plus I think it has an elegant look to it!

Thank you SO much for stopping by today,

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Tasty Trucks, Birthday Card, 2017 Sale-a-Bration

I am in need of a Valentine's Day card but I thought I should play with my "Tasty Trucks" set.  I do need a birthday card too, so this one may be in the running.  It depends on how I feel about the next birthday card I want to make!!!  You know me, I always have to make a "fresh" one every time I'm in need of a card.  I used to have a huge stash of cards but I started selling them and sometimes giving them away on my blog.

Today's card was pretty much copied from a card I found at Pinterest by Christy at The Stamp Cycle.   You can see the original card here.  It's a link to the one I found on Pinterest. I went to her blog using the link from the card on Pinterest but it didn't take me directly to the card and I didn't have time to page through the blog to find it.  

I used a folded half sheet of Pool Party cardstock for the base of my card.  Then I added a layer of Watermelon Wonder.  I used the "Tasty Treats Specialty Paper" for the top layer.  I thought the popsicles would go well with the images on the truck.

I colored the truck using the Watermelon Wonder marker and a blender pen. I stamped and cut out those little pieces of food.  UGH!! Super tiny fussy cutting, it's the worst!!! LOL I set them in place using Dimensionals.  The Pool Party circle was also set in place with Dimensionals.  So that makes 3 layers of Dimensionals.  The circles, the truck and the food in the window!  But it looks so cute that way!

It was a fun card to make but I don't think I will make another one!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

The Winner of the Best Bird, Birthday Card is......

And the winner of the "Best Bird" card is Kathy B.  Please email me with your snail mail address. My email can be found on the right side bar under "Got a Question."  If you have trouble with that link you can always leave your snail mail address in a comment.  I promise I won't publish it!  I moderate every comment so I am the only one who will see it.  Congratulations Kathy, please contact me by 2-19-17.

Thank you all for playing along,

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

So Very Much, Avant-Garden, Thank You Card, 2017 Sale a Bration

I LOVE this big "Thank You" in the free Sale-a-Brations 2017 catalog.  It takes up so much space that you can get by with little to no additional stamping.  I'm sure you're wondering how that could be.  Click here to see a thank you card I made for a birthday gift I received.  And click here to see the card I made for a Christmas gift I received. I REALLY like that thank you card! And today's card was done with stamping!

I stamped my image by lining up the block (my set is a wooden one) on the right and bottom so the words were over to the right and bottom to give me more room on the left and top to add an image.  Or to add something punched or die cut.

I stamped the flower from the "Avant-Garden" set, using Sweet Sugarplum ink. Then I stamped it again on a scrap piece of Whisper White card stock and fussy cut it out.

I took the stem and curved it so it would bend towards the words.  If I would have left it as it was it would have been heading towards the left side and I didn't want that look.  That is one of the nice things about the clear stamps, you can manipulate them to a degree and they bend back!

I stamped the stem and leaves using Pear Pizzazz.  And that was it.  I added the flower on top with Dimensionals and I taped the Whisper White focal piece on a folded half piece of Rich Razzleberry.

I think it's a very elegant looking "Thank You" card.  It's too bad this image is a Sale-a-Bration one. That means it's not going to be available after March 31st.  So it's best to use it a lot now while it's still current!! And the same with the "Avant-Garden" set too!

Thank you SO much for stopping by today,

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Avant-Garden, Birthday Card, 2017 Sale a Bration

While surfing the net for some thing fun to make using the "Avant-Garden" 2017 Sale-a-Bration set, I found this beauty.  You can see the original made by Elvira here.  I think it's German by the wording stamped on her cards. But does it really matter?  No, beauty is beauty in any language!!

For this card I used a folded half sheet of Rich Razzleberry. Then I took a quarter sheet of Whisper White and ran it through the Big Shot using the "Falling Hearts" embossing folder.  Then I trimmed it to 4" x 5-1/4"

Next I took a piece of the decorative paper from the "Falling in Love" pack and trimmed it to 1-5/8" x 5-1/4".  The Rich Razzleberry layer behind it is cut 1-7/8" x 5-1/4".  

I stamped the flower using the new Sweet Sugarplum ink.  I stamped two flowers, one for the oval and one to fussy cut out!!! UGH!!!  LOL  I stamped the stem and leaves using Pear Pizzazzink.  The center of the flower I fussy cut is stamped using Rich Razzleberry.

I used the stitched oval die here and an oval scalloped die to layer behind it.  I set the pieces on the Whisper White background to see where to place the words from the "Wetlands" set.  I stamped them in the right corner and I made a mess of it so I stamped them in the left corner and used the panel to cover up my mistake!!  Whatever it takes, right?  I kind of like that strip on the right side. I'm so used to adding it on the left that it is nice to change it up now and then and if takes a mistake to make me see that change is needed, then so be it!! Bottom line here is, the card looks good and no one will know about the horrible stamp job under that panel.  

I set the oval in place using Dimensionals.  I also set the flower I fussy cut out in place using Dimensionals as well.  It was a very fun and simple card to make.

Thank you ever so much for visiting today,

Monday, February 06, 2017

Sending Love, Valentine's Day Bag, Weekend Project

Today you don't need any stamps or ink, unless you want to add something different on the front! I had made a bunch of these fun bags in December. I sold some at the craft fairs and I used some for gifts.  

I filled these with Valentine's Day candy!  These bags aren't very large so you don't need much candy!  I these bags are 2 Hershey Miniatures and 2 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!  Such fun!

I found the instructions for the bag here.  It's easy enough to do too.  You just score a 6" x 6" piece of decorative paper.  The paper from the "Sending Love" 6" x 6" stack worked perfect. 

The scoring is as follows, 1-7/8", 2-7/8", 4-3/4, 5-3/4" . Turn 1/4 turn and score at 1", 5" and 5-1/2". Once you score these, fold all score lines, it will help you see them better.  You will need to snip the bottom to make the 1" fold over flaps.  Snip up 1" to the score line.  The other end has two smaller score lines.  These are folded over and used like a "cuff".  I like to put my bags together with glue.  I find it holds better than tape, even the super sticky tape.  Tape will eventually give way, give it time! That is why I prefer glue.  It doesn't take that long for glue to set up and if you make the bag first, the glue will set up while you are gathering and making the other elements of your bag.

Here I die cut 2 glitter hearts and set them in place with Dimensionals.  I also punched two holes in the top of each bag and threaded some Baker's Twine though them and tied a bow.  I actually tied the top shut using 3 knots and then I tied the bow!  They're not getting into this bag very easily!!! LOL

These are fun to make and would make great teacher to student, student to teacher, or student to student gifts.  Something nice to put in the mail box for your mail carrier. For a friends desk, for a neighbor, etc.  

Have fun with these!!!  Just a note here, these are very ADDICTIVE to make!

Thank you SO much for stopping by today,

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Happy Birthday, Kinda Eclectic, Birthday Card

I received this pretty card in a pack of cards and I don't know much about it. I do not know who made it.  I do not know what the name of the set is that was used here.  But I'm pretty sure the sun is from the "Kinda Eclectic" set.  I looked in the set but there was only the sun in it, no bird or branch.  I believe that was a set that had a matching die cut with it.  And you KNOW how much I LOVE those. I'm getting SO spoiled with stamping and then die cutting.  I rarely fussy cut anymore and when I do, I sometimes whine!!! LOL

The coloring on this bird is so much more prettier in person.  I was thinking of giving away a card each month this year and this month I think I'll give this one away.

Just leave a comment and I'll do a random drawing with the random number generator.  I'm not fishing for comments, so you can just type in "pick me" if you wish!

Edited 2-6-17:  Thank you Lynn G for letting me know what the sets were to make this card.   The bird and branch are from the "Best Bird" set and the die is from "Birds and Blossoms Thinlits". It was obvious that I didn't own either set/bundle!!!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Avant-Garden, Happy Happenings, Birthday Card

I thought I would play with a doily after seeing a card on Pinterest.  I thought it was pretty so I wanted to play with the layout.  

I used Whisper White for the base of my card.  I used Perfect Plum for the layer.  And the new "Falling Hearts" embossing folder.  I thought it would look pretty on this card. I do like how the background looks.

I took a piece of ribbon and taped it to the back of the Perfect Plum piece Then I taped the doily in place.  I stamped the flower from the "Avant-Garden" Sale a Bration set using Perfect Plum ink.  I layered it with Old Olive to go with the Old Olive stem on the flower.

The words are from the "Happy Happenings" set and layered them with Old Olive too. I set the words in place with Dimensionals.  It's a very simple and quick card to put together.

Thank you SO much for stopping by today,

Upcycled Paper Pumpkin Calendar Pages, Get Well Card

Here's another calendar page that I cleaned up and used to make a fun card.  There were a lot of Dimensionals on this card but I was able to get the items off and left some of the foam and sticky behind.  In doing that you don't rip the paper. I used the "Adhesive Remover" eraser thing in the Stampin' Up! catalog.  I rubbed it in one direction across the Dimensional and after a little while it lifted right off.  I was able to save that background paper and reuse it!

This image is from the Art Impressions (AI) set SCO681.  It also has Hampton Art on the front too, with an "H" sticker on the bottom right corner.  This is all the info I have on this set. There's no name, just that number.

I made a card a while back using the blue colored background.  You can see that card here.  

It was fun to make and I was glad to be able to use something that I would have normally thrown in recycling.

Thank you SO much for checking this card out,

Friday, February 03, 2017

Bloomin' Hearts, Bloomin' Love, Valentine's Day Card

I thought I had picked up some kids Valentine's Day cards at the store a few weeks ago (or so) and if I did, where did I put them???  And if I didn't, why am I thinking I did??  LOL

So I got out the only Valentine's Day set I had and made more of an adult card, but it's okay, they don't care, they're too little and all they will want is the candy in the bag and the money in the envelope!!  And that's a maybe on the money. One doesn't understand the concept of money and the older one can't tell one bill from another. At Christmas we put money in her card and she opened it and new it was money and shouts out "a hundred dollar bill!"  LOL

So, to make this card you need a folded half sheet of Whisper White cardstock. The fold is on the top of this card.

Next I cut a 2" piece of Pirouette Pink cardstock and a 2-1/8"piece of Real Red cardstock.  

I die cut the heart using red glitter paper and the "Bloomin' Hearts" thinlits die and the words are from the "Bloomin' Love" stamp set.  I added rhinestones to the center of each flower and it was done.

The original card was by Sara and I found it on Pinterest.  You can see that card here.  I used different wording and I added the flower that is on the Pirouette Pink layer.

This was a fun card to make.  I made two at the same time.  Though I don't think I would make another one.  It was fun, but not that fun!!! LOL

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Rose Wonder, Wedding Card, 2017 Occasions Catalog

Here are two beautiful cards I made at Terri's last Stamp a Stack.  I saved these for last because they were my most favorite of all of the cards we made that night.  All of the cards were wonderful and it's SO hard to pick favorites but I chose this as my most favorite.  I'm not sure if it was because of the soft look to the card or if it was the ease of making it. Perhaps both. It was fun to make.  We make three.  I don't have the third one on here because sometimes I tend to put one or two together and move on to the next table to make the next card.  This is one that I put 2 together and forgot about the 3rd one.  I'll be taping that one later today!

For this card we used Sahara Sand for the base of it.  That's a color I don't use often enough.  Then we added a 4" x 5-1/4" piece of  "Falling for You" Designer Series Paper (DSP).  We added a half a doily.  It's one of the new ones in the 2017 Occasions catalog.  One side is white and the other side is vanilla.  Here we were working with vanilla.

The words are from the "Rose Wonder" set.  That set has some lovely fonts!   We tied a piece of ribbon around the 3-3/4" x 1" piece of Very Vanilla cardstock.  The words were set in place over the doily using Dimensionals.

SO simple. SO quick. And SO lovely!!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Sending Thoughts, Suite Sentiments, Birthday Cards, Stamp A Stack

Last week I posted a card that I made at Terri's Stamp a Stack. These two cards were from that Stamp a Stack.  I wanted to make birthday cards and the wording that I liked was a bit small for the circles and punches provided, so I thought I would stamp the words I liked and punch them closer to the bottom of the circle.  That way I could punch out a flower at home and add it to the top.  So last night I finally got around to punching out those flowers.  I hope I can keep that tip in mind the next time I want to use a larger circle and smaller wording!!  I LOVED making these cards. You can see the measurements for these cards on my post from last week. Just click here.

Thank you so much for stopping by today,