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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Timeless Texture, Birthday Card

This card should come with a HUGE apology!! This is not what was in my head when I was starting out.  And what ended up on paper is SO not me and I am sorry.  I will have a much better card for you tomorrow, I promise!!!

I was playing with a Split Coast Stampers layout #SC 322.  I wanted to use the "Timeless Textures" as the focal part of the card.  I just couldn't get it to work.  I thought that it may look better after I added the wording.  Oh, the words were done on my computer a while back. I had that piece all layered up and just sitting around, so I thought I would use it.  It's kind of like "just put it on the pile!"  LOL

After I got the words on I still didn't like the card.  So in my stash of pieces of die cut and punched items, I found these black and gray circles.  As you can see, they were added to the pile too!! UGH!!! The more I did to it, the worse it got.  I finally had to just walk away. What a horrid card.  I can't think of anyone I would want to send this to.  Unless someone starts a contest like the "Ugly Sweater" contest at Christmas.  LOL  I think I would win for this card.  See, now I'm feeling better about the card!!! LOL

I have a great card for you tomorrow, so please rinse your eyes out and don't look back at this one!  I will show you a wonderful card tomorrow.

Thanks for bearing with me today,

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