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Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Basket of Fun!

These little baskets are from Michael's and they are only 99 cents!! Such a deal! The come complete with a lid! Just decorate them and they're ready for gift giving or selling!

I just covered the top with decorative paper. I used a glue stick to adhere it in place. Double sided tape won't work. Plus the glue stick lets you move the paper around a bit before it sets up so you can get it exactly where you want it. I decorated the top of it with some cute Halloween stickers I got at Michael's too for only a dollar!! There's SO many bargains there! And I tied a contrasting bow to the top if it and VIOLA a cute little decorated basket. This would make a great hostess or customer appreciation gift. I will probably be giving it to one of my lucky stampers next month when they get together here. Shhh, don't tell my stampers the basket is full of chocolate eyeballs!!! LOL I bought this HUGE bag of them in my quest to find eyeballs earlier this month. And get this (ready to gag) they are crunchy ones!!! LOL The bigger eyeballs are fudge filled. Talk about gross!!! LOL I just bought them to have fun finding different ways to package them for Halloween and for October gift giving not for the chocolate. I'm not a big fan of chocolate anyway. It's ok once in a while. My idea of a chocolate chip cookie is one that has 3 normal size chocolate chips in it!! The PERFECT chocolate chip cookie!!! LOL

Thank you for stopping by,

Blender Pen Refill Recipe

I'm adding my Blender Pen Refill Recipe to my blog so I will always know where it is!!! I can't believe I didn't think of this before! I keep losing things and I'd hate to lose this. I really like how this recipe works with my pens, markers and crayons. Yes, this is the recipe I gave to all my Watercolor Crayon Club members and now it's here for you too!!

You will need a one ounce bottle.

2 teaspoons Glycerin
4 teaspoons Distilled* Water
1/4 teaspoon Rubbing Alcohol

Mix all ingredients together.

*Note: You MUST use distilled water. Tap water has minerals, Chlorine and other impurities in it. These will cause your pen to smell and/or get moldy.

I keep misting bottles on my worktable and they are ALWAYS filled with Distilled Water. It's not worth the stink, mold or scum that could form inside the bottles. A gallon is under $1 and it lasts a LONG time. I highly recommend you invest in it.
There now you know where you can always find your recipe too!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Flap Over Flap

This is a fun layout to try. I've never made one like this before. One of my stampers, Mary (you know how I don't like to use names here!!! LOL) made some cards with this layout. I just LOVED it and the card design she did. SO of course when I saw this stamp I immediately thought of that layout since the design area of this card was about that size. The "Love & Joy" set is a bit limiting. There really is not a whole lot you can make with it, though I do love those little stamps that are in the set. I would suppose they go inside the "O" of the Love and the Joy stamps.

This is an interesting card to put together. That little flap needs to be added before you lay that Bashful Blue layer on. Did I remember that when it came to put it together? Of course not!!! So I had to pull the side up a bit to get it in there. UGH!!! I do stuff like that every time. I'm either getting too old to retain any information anymore or too anxious to put the card together that I forget these things.

And you look at this card and think "not another snowman!" LOL I don't have anymore snowmen coming up for a little while. I do have a Santa on the way and in the form of a tutorial too!!! WOW, lucky you!!!

I do like the card but it's not in the running for our Christmas card this year. I don't want to be too frustrated pulling back edges on each card I put together. By the time I'd remember to add it before I tape the layer down it will be the final one. That's how things work out for me. Murphy's Law. Hey, who is this Murphy guy anyway? I kind of feel sorry for him!! LOL

I should add that the snowflake background on this card was done using glossy card stock and embossing on it with the VersaMark pad and using clear embossing powder. Then I sponged Ballet Blue ink over the top of it. In real life it has a nice shiny look to it. It is almost impossible to photograph it (for me that is) without a HUGE glare.

Thank you for stopping by!

Sharing What They Make

This is from one of my "viewers" Gwen B. She and her husband played on their computer and worked out a can cover. Digi art is a lot of fun too!!! These would make wonderful gifts and I think would sell well at craft fairs too.

Thank you Gwen for emailing me your PDF file. I hope you are doing well with these.

Friday, September 28, 2007

On the Same Lines

I borrowed a couple of my stamp sets to a fellow demonstrator and when she returned them she had one of her sets in the bag for me to play with. How sweet was that??? I did find some time to play with her set and I made this card for her. It's on the same lines as Wednesday's Sketch Challenge at SplitCoast, except the orientation.

This card is really very easy to do, just a lot of pieces to cut and tape down. I like this card but the one I did the day before is up high in the running for our Christmas card here. I LOVED the comment dd2enjoy left on the snowman card with the rhinestones (that I didn't care for - the card, not the comment!!! LOL). She said: "By the time you make the perfect one you're looking for,you'll have enough individual cards to send to a whole bunch of people, lol." Oh my, this just might be true!!! LOL

I do like this card but it's not in the running. I don't have the set and probably won't be buying it. It's an ok set but I don't think I'd get enough use out of it to justify buying it. LOL Look who's trying to justify buying stamps!!! I even crack myself up!! *rolls eyes* LOL

If my friend doesn't look at my blog she'll be surprised to see this sample and if she does look at it, the cards are a lot different in person. I think she'll like it.

Thanks Denise for letting me play with your set.


Most Fridays I go with my son to lunch and a movie. Today it was just lunch. I got home to find this adorable scarecrow hanging on the handle of my front door. Who did it???

Isn't it the most adorable thing? I took off the "welcome" sunflower hanging on the front of the house and put the scarecrow up. I just love it. Fess up, who did it!!!

I LOVE it and I thank you,

Speaking of Blog Candy!

Speaking of Blog Candy here, I'm still waiting to hear from the latest winner Linda SS.

Here was her comment:
I have a "strange" friend that gets annoyed if she can't reach me immediately when she calls. I am often not feeling well & will turn off my home telephone when I need to sleep. So she gave me her old cell phone for my birthday telling me to get a limited plan and only give the number to a few people who can reach me whenever they want. Aaargh! I don't want to pay to activate a used old klunker phone that I don't want. It's very outdated and weighs about 10 lbs. Ya want it? I promise I won't give this strange friend your phone number:)

If I don't hear from her by 6:00 pm Central Time Sunday evening I will have a second chance drawing. I know how much you all love those!!!

Linda SS please email me before 6:00 pm. And if you have a problem emailing me, just leave a comment with your address on it and I'll get it that way but I won't publish your information.

Have a wonderful evening!

I Won Blog Candy!!

Earlier this month I won some Blog Candy at Melissa's blog, Simply Pink. She has a very nice blog. If you have some time head on over and take a look at it. I bet you her favorite color is pink!!!!! She has a lot of wonderful cards on her blog.

Thanks Melissa for the fun Pink Blog Candy!!!


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Harvest Time!

I was thinking about making a Thanksgiving card but I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I was thinking maybe you were sick of looking at Halloween and Snowman cards.
I started looking at my sets and at some samples in the Stampin' Up! catalog and I wasn't getting anywhere. I pulled out the Autumn Harvest set and just looked at it for a few minutes. I had to go to my cupboard for a stamping supply and I saw the webbing spray. Oh my, what fun that stuff is! I just LOVE it. It isn't just for Halloween ya know!!! SO I cut a piece of white and vanilla card stock into 4 pieces each and took them out in the garage to spray them. Normally I would do it outside but it was after midnight and I was in my PJ's. We have sensor lights and I REALLY didn't want the neighbors (if they were up) or any passing traffic to see me out there like that!!! NOT a pretty picture! Please don't do the visual on that, I can't afford therapy for you!!! LOL

I used Handsome Hunter for the main part of the card. I used the new "Sanded" background stamp by Stampin' Up! I opted for the vanilla card stock. It seemed to have a more mellow look with the Handsome Hunter.

I stamped the pumpkins on the watercolor paper using Black Staz-on. Again I can not emphasize enough about the Staz-on and blender pens. The pens just remove the regular black ink and you have a mess. Staz-on does what it says, it stays on!

I cut my watercolor the size I wanted for the space there and then I stamped the large pumpkin in the back first. For the other two I stamped them on a separate piece of watercolor paper and cut them out after coloring them. Same for the leaves. Masking on watercolor paper doesn't work as well as with regular card stock. Plus this way I got to place them exactly where I wanted them. I added a piece of Pumpkin Pie ribbon behind the pumpkins and I tied a bow on. I added brads to the one layer on the pumpkins. I just loved the colors of this card. If you have any questions please feel free to email me. Asking a question in the comments doesn't work. It's not set up for me to be able to reply to you. It's best to email them. And to view the photo closer, just click on it. This works for all the photos on this blog.

Thank you for stopping by,

Questions and Answers

I receive a lot of questions in the comments of my posts. Blogger is not set up for me to personally answer any of these questions. I receive your comments in my email so I may moderate them. On 99% of them I usually hit the "publish" icon. I moderate because I had gotten a porn link on my blog. A comment was left saying "nice blog, visit mine." So I did. I'm my jaw has still not totally recovered from hitting the floor. SO I quick did some research and deleted the comment and proceeded to moderate. I use to have it set up where you had to enter the scrambled letters but I found out I could do without it and not have to worry about anything questionable being posted on my blog. Shocker, huh???

Ok, back to "Questions and Answers." Feel free to leave your question in the comment section and I will answer them as best as I can. Someone had asked me about a snowman stamp that was made into a pin. I am in the process of completing that project and it will be posted on here soon. I apologize to the person who asked me. This must have been 2 or 3 weeks ago. I've been extremely busy and a bit of that business included this project. It will be SO exciting to post it. I can't wait to show you!!!

So on with the questions. Try and stump me. It can happen!!! (and probably will LOL).

Have a fabulous day!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday Sketch Challenge at SplitCoastStampers SC143

Here is my submission for the Sketch Challenge (SC) at SplitCoastStampers (SCS). I REALLY liked this layout. It has a lot of layering but it was fun. I didn't have to think real hard on filling in the empty spaces either. I saw the sketch and immediately knew what I wanted the card to look like. Well all except that little strip. I actually had to think about that. Did I want some tiny words there or just a strip? And then "ribbon" came to mind and it was a done deal. This card is in the running for our yearly Christmas card. It has no buttons, brads or bows to be considered "non-machinable!" That's a BIG plus!!!

The blue areas on each side of the snowman could use 3 white brads (on each side) but to keep it non-machinable I left them off. I suppose I could have added them for demo purpose but then I'd really like it like that and the card wouldn't be in the running for our yearly card. Who would have thought it would be this difficult? Well, it wasn't until this surcharge thing! GRRRR!!! LOL

The papers here are Bayou Blue, Watercolor paper and Glossy Card Stock. I think the Glossy card stock is going to be the most expensive part of the card.

The snowman (of course another snowman) came from "Jolliest Time of the Year" set and the snowflakes are embossed in clear Embossing Powder on the glossy card stock. The Bayou Blue is sponged over the entire piece of Glossy. Simple as that! I like simple!!!

I'm happy with it and it is surely in the running for the 2007 Christmas card!!!

Thank you for stopping by,

Blog Candy Winner!

My oh my!! We all seem to get those fabulous little gifts that have come from such mysterious places!!! And that is where they usually end up too!!! I have gotten TONS of them in the years. Thank goodness for Goodwill. It makes the gift at least a tax deduction!!! LOL I think I've finally cleaned our closets (and garage) from all those fabulous little items.
The winner of this Blog Candy is Linda SS and here is her bid:

I have a "strange" friend that gets annoyed if she can't reach me immediately when she calls. I am often not feeling well & will turn off my home telephone when I need to sleep. So she gave me her old cell phone for my birthday telling me to get a limited plan and only give the number to a few people who can reach me whenever they want. Aaargh! I don't want to pay to activate a used old klunker phone that I don't want. It's very outdated and weighs about 10 lbs. Ya want it? I promise I won't give this strange friend your phone number:)

I think I'll pass on the phone Linda! LOL My purse weighs enough without adding 10 more pounds to it! And you all see it, I have her promise that she WON'T give her strange friend my phone number!!! I thank you all for playing along. I REALLY needed the laugh this week. It's been an extremely tough week for me and this sure put a much needed smile on my face!!! I can't wait for the next blog candy!!! And from the looks of the counter it's less than 4000 hits away! Probably next week sometime!

Please keep coming back to my blog. It makes the numbers go up and more Blog Candy is posted. I have a LOT more and different stamp sets to give away!!! I began my blog back in November so there will be "Anniversary" Blog Candy coming up then. Plus my blog will be hitting other milestones before that. And it's all because you come visit it and view other pages too. Those also count in the hits numbers!!! Searching my blog is a GOOD thing!!!

Ok, Linda you will need to email me their snail mail address so I can send the package off!!!

Thank you all for playing, it was a LOT of fun!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Halloween Fries!

I think these little fry boxes would be great for Halloween Parties!!! Teacher gifts? Party favors?? Lots of things you can use these for. I added a couple of brads, a ghost and a bat. I used the "Spooky Skyline" jumbo wheel by Stampin' Up!. The ghost inside the box is a coffee filter stamped with the jack-o-lantern face from the Autumn Harvest set. Stamping on a coffee filter is actually pretty nice. I thought there would be this texture issue and the image wouldn't come out as nicely as it did. I wrapped it around the sucker (a Tootsie Pop) to see where it would line up, removed it and then stamped the image. I cut off the excess at the bottom and put it back on the sucker and tied it on with some black gingham ribbon. I tied ribbons around the box and added a few more candies to the box and it's ready to go. If you need to make a lot of these, don't fret. They are VERY quick to make. Wheels make a stamping project a quick thing.

I got the pattern for the fry box here.

Don't forget to leave your hard to part with bid for the blog candy!! Just click here to be directed to the link and leave your post. The drawing is on Wednesday night. Have fun!

Thanks for stopping by!

Free Patterns

If you go to Mirkwood Designs you can find LOTS of templates and patterns free for the taking!!! I have found a lot of them very fun and useful!!!

I posted these before. Click here for the link to more free patterns. The Donovan link was not working the last time I looked (shortly before I posted this).

Monday, September 24, 2007

Still on a Quest

I'm still looking for that "perfect" Christmas card to make. I have made so many and I'm still not sure which one I want to use. I thought I knew but the more I look at them the more I decide that they are too much work or too time consuming. Of course if I start the cards now I would be able to get them done in time!! That would make too much sense for me!!! LOL

Here's my card for tonight. It's not in the running for our Christmas card. I think adding the rhinestones is what was the biggest turnoff here.

The Very Merry set by Stampin' Up! is an adorable set and I need to give it another try with different colors!

Don't forget to leave your bid for the Blog Candy. Click here to leave your comment on that post! Isn't it just amazing what people think we like as a gift? The funniest part is they think we don't know it's regifted or from garage/yard sales!! LOL
Thank you for stopping by,

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Gearing Up For Christmas

I'm still on the quest for that "special" Christmas card we'll be sending out this year. I'm still trying to keep the brads, bows and buttons off it because I don't want to spend the 17 cent surcharge for an envelope that is non-machinable. Buttons, brads and bows seem to get stuck in the machines at the post office so as of May, along with the postage increase a surcharge is now put on such envelopes. And since I'm sending out 130 cards this year I prefer not to pay the surcharge on them!!!

This card has some fun snowflakes on them that will make your eyes roll when I tell you how I did them. I did mention many times that I NEVER throw anything away. Well, this is another case of that. The snowflakes are made from the leftover plastic padding that was put down on our kitchen floor before the wood planks were laid down. One side is smooth and the other is slightly textured. It reminds me of the padding that is used with the Colluzzle system but half the thickness. I used a small Cuddlebug snowflakes die cut and put it in my Sizzix machine and punched out the flakes. I do believe I will be making many more of these in the future. And because they are so flat they will not get stuck machines. So this card has some possibility of being in the top choices for our card this year!!! I used the new in colors, Soft Sky and Bashful Blue along with Whisper White. I colored the card using a blender pen and the new in colors. The little snowmen were done using the wheel and with white embossing powder. I used the jumbo snowflake wheel for the background. I first did it in the soft sky color on the soft sky and then I used white craft ink and the wheel. The white doesn't show up very well. Up close it does but not in the photo. Though I think the longer the ink is sitting on the card the more it is disappearing. But then you turn the card at an angle and you can see the white. LOL

I did cut out the snowman head (after I colored it) and added it back on using Dimensionals. The last thing I did was tape down those cute little snowflakes.

This was a fun card to make. I was excited about the snowflakes because I made them before I finished the card so I was thrilled to be able to use them.

Thank you for stopping by,

Blog Candy Time Again!!!

Gosh, it just seemed like we just had one!!! I know how you just hate Blog Candy!!! LOL

And what is it for this time???? Well, during the last Blog Candy "event" my blog went over 130,000 hits! SO since there were SO many comments left for the last stamp set I'm offering up one more just like it. No, I'm NOT not sending the winning set out!!! LOL But I am reusing the photo!!!

Hmmm, shall we "bid" on this set too? Might as well!!! It was SO much fun! I LOVED all the comments left. I had such a fun time reading them. They were SO creative!!! Let's make it a theme. What to do, what to do???? How about "regifting." Bid something you got for a gift that sits in the closet, drawer, garage, etc. You know, one of those gifts you know you'll never use even in 5 lifetimes. That wonderful special gift you only put out when Aunt Mary comes to visit!!!! LOL Have fun!!! I will draw a name on Wednesday evening using a random number generator. Please be sure to leave your comment on this post only to be entered in the drawing.

SO what am I bid for this wonderful set?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ewwww! A Basket Full of Eyeballs!!

I can't believe how fast you have to be at the stores to get "eyeball" candy! It seems to be a popular candy! Kind of creepy!!! Both the candy and the demand for it!! LOL

I took a few pieces of the candy and put it in 2" x 3 1/2" zip bags I got at JoAnn's. With a bit of help from a few fellow stampers last night we decided the spider was the best image for the header. I cut the white card stock 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" the green was cut 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" and the black was cut 2" x 4 1/4" and folded in half. Staple the black on first and then tape the layered spider in place. VERY quick and easy to make. These make great gifts and will sell well at craft fairs. You can recoup your cost on these in no time and have some money to spend on more "stuff" or bank it for bigger "stuff!"

Eyeballs in a bag are a bit creepy but fun for the kids because it's not scary.

Thank you for stopping by,

Silly Me!

I knew I took two photos of the recipe cards I got at Michael's. It's a little difficult to know why I chose that cover if you didn't see what the original cards looked like.

SO here's the original recipe cards and I added this cover to them. It tied it all in together. Now doesn't that cover make sense????? So silly! If you click on the photo you can view it closer. Sometimes a good thing, sometimes not!!! LOL

Thanks for puttin' up with me!!! LOL

Friday, September 21, 2007

Easy Money!

Oh man are these ever going to be easy money at the upcoming craft fairs! The recipe cards are from Michael's. Yes, this year. In fact they just came in THIS week!!! The minute I picked up the package of them I knew how I wanted the cover decorated. I punched them with the RubiCoil machine and bound them with a silver plastic coil. You can punch them using a small hole punch and a piece of spiral bound school paper as your pattern/template for the holes. You can purchase the spirals and make your own too. You can also use key rings, the ones that have a hinge. You can punch holes and bind them with hemp or holiday ribbons too, you don't need a RubiCoil machine to do this project. I use it because I have it and it's very quick.

After you decorate the cover you're done. These are going to make fabulous gifts too! I'm SO thrilled with this purchase. Plus I used it right away instead of stashing it away and forgetting about it. I have LOTS of those. Or do I? If I have lots of them then I would know and they are not forgotten, right?? LOL I plan on making a lot of these little gift items!! I have LOTS of friends!! I may have to give one away on here too!!

For the cover I used the "Lovely as a Tree" set and the snowflakes from "Merry & Bright". I embossed them using VersaMark and Silver Embossing powder. I did the words on the computer and had it print them in grey. I cut the out and layered them on brushed silver card stock, taped it in place and VIOLA! it's done and ready to sell or give away! Such a fun little project that takes very little time!!

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by,


Halloween Movies???

This is an adorable card that Laurie O (you know how I hate to mention names on here!!! lol) made last night at Stamp Till You Cramp. Isn't it the most adorable card??? I LOVE how she used the Cuddlebug squares on the background. SO creative!!!

Laurie's such a good stamper a fun and wonderful friend too!!

Thank you Laurie for allowing me to post your card on my blog!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Swankie Halloween Hankie!

I was shopping at our local Cub grocery store on Tuesday and amongst the Halloween candy I found these adorable tissues. Well, I just couldn't pass it up! After all it was only $1.00. So sad isn't it when a box of 250 tissues is under $2.00!!! But those don't fit in this cute holder and they are not printed like these are!!! There, just justified my purchase. Think my DH will buy it??? LOL

I used the "Autumn Harvest" set by Stampin' Up! The base of the card is Pumpkin Pie card stock. I used the Pumpkin Pie ink pad and the leaf stamp from the set and made the background of the tissue box. I followed the pattern for scoring, punching and cutting. I stamped the image on watercolor paper and used my blender pen to add the colors. I masked the pumpkin and added the leaf. A pumpkin alone was cute too but the leaf just seemed to make the pumpkin pop more. I layered it on Chocolate Chip card stock and attached it to the front of the tissue box. It still looked like it needed something so I added the bow and it was just enough to finish it all off!!! Such a cute and fun item to make. I would think it would be a big hit for gift giving, craft fairs, hostess gifts, customer appreciation gifts or just to put in your purse or tote.

You can view my other tissue holders by clicking here. The original pattern was designed by Julie Ebersol, Juliehrr on Splitcoast. Click here to go to the link to her post and within that post is a link to her pattern. These are such a fun item to make.

I'm posting a bit early today. I have a group of stampers coming over tonight. I'm SO looking forward to it, it's always such fun!!

Thank you for stopping by,

Cute Skellie

My friend (you know how much I hate to mention names on my blog!!) Peggy made this card for her daughter. She used the Halloween mesh ribbon I had gotten at Michael's. Yes, I got it this year, in fact it was just last week that I purchased it. I have been trying to use and show the things I make with items recently purchased. It's not very fun to show something you make that people want to copy only to find out that you bought the items a LONG time ago. Though I do have cupboards full of "long time ago" purchases!!!

Peggy added some Foamies bones and skull to the spider web ribbon. Isn't it just adorable? I think her daughter will LOVE it!

Thanks for letting me post it Peggy!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday Sketch Challenge at SplitCoastStampers

It's Wednesday again and I was SO glad I had the time and opportunity to participate in this challenge. The sketch was challenging as usual but I met that challenge!!

This little snowman is by Hampton Arts. It's another Hampton Snowman. He just looks like a Hampton to me!

I followed the sketch and I measured the pieces and kept mine that size as best as I could. I did turn my card sideways. The snowman looked too funny standing on end!!! LOL

The card base is black and then a layer of Ballet Blue on top of that. The Bashful blue piece was stamped with snowflakes from The Snowflake Spot set and embossed with white embossing powder.

Hampton himself was stamped on watercolor paper and black Staz-on. Again I used the Staz-on because I'm going to be using a blender pen. The glycerin in the blender pen is not friendly with regular ink. It makes it run and smear. I colored him in and layered him on top of a scrap piece of black card stock. The strip under him is of Ballet Blue and black. I got the snowflakes in the decorative button section at Michael's. I set them in place with Crystal Effects. Man is that stuff ever versatile!!! I actually used it to "glue" the bottoms of my soup cans. It worked SO well and I didn't have to worry about getting my fingers glued together like I did with the crazy glue. That's some scary stuff!!!

Anyway, this is Hampton and he can be seen in my gallery at Splitcoast too!

Thank you for stopping by!

Blog Candy Winner!!

I can not even begin to tell you how much I laughed at all the "bids" for this stamp set. Some of them were SO fabulous I'm almost tempted to take you up on the offers. Key word here being "almost!" LOL It was a LOT of fun!

For those of you who left a comment and didn't win not to fret. I have yet another Blog Candy stamp set coming up. During this Blog Candy my blog reached 130,000 hits. It's time to celebrate again!!! I'll be posting that soon!

Ok, enough with the suspense. The lucky winner is Jen and here is what she put up for "bid"

"Okay so when I saw this I had to get in on the crazy bidding. I been cleaning the house so I have for you 3 mismatched socks that don't have mates, 4 pillow cases (as I realized I had been collecting a bunch of them) and a pair of pants that are pinned to hem, but I never got around to it and now the pants are too small."

Such tempting "stuff" huh? LOL
Jen, please email me with your snail mail address and I'll get your stamps off to you soon.

Thank you all for playing. I look forward to doing this again!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I Want My Mummy!!!

Ok, let's hope I don't need any gauze. Or should I put it this way, let's hope I don't need any clean gauze!!! I was surprised at how much gauze this card took! And what shocked me even more was that I couldn't find the gauze in the store. I had to buy this "new" gauze. I know, it's all about advancing but gauze?? It's just gauze!!! This stuff sticks to itself. It can work with you and against you at the same time!!!

It is a fun card to make. Not so scary so the little kids will like it and not be afraid. Maybe it's the smile or the blue eyes that get to you!!! LOL

I took a couple of pieces of the new gauze and put it evenly on the top and bottom of the card stock (which was cut 5" x 3 3/4" to allow for the layers of the gauze). I then began taking strips and adding them at angles. When I got towards the center I added a cotton ball so it makes it look like there's a nose there. It doesn't show up so well in the photo. Now be sure you put the nose where you want it because it will stick to the gauze and it's a mess to move it. Speaking from experience here!!! LOL

I used various circle punches for the eyes and one large punch for the mouth. I punched a large circle, moved the card stock just a little bit and then punched it again to give it a nice smile. I was thinking of doing these on a smaller level so they fit on a small bag, or the 2,4,6,8 and 2,5,7,9 boxes. But for now it's just a quick cute card.

I did glue the eyes and mouth in place. I didn't think they would stay with tape. And I did glue the back of the gauze card to the top of the black card stock. Again I didn't think tape would hold it. I used clips to hold it in place until the glue dried. I added a couple of dots of white on the eyes with the gel pen and it's all done.

Don't forget to leave me your "bid" for the Blog Candy. SO many tempting offers. I'm REALLY leaning towards those unmatched socks!!! But the one with the vacuum cleaner bag that could have some brads in the bag has got me thinking too!!! LOL Believe me, I've done a LOT of "thinking" reading these comments!!! You all are SO funny! You make my day!!

Please click here to place place your comment "bid" at this post. The random drawing will be done from names at that post only.

Thank you for stopping by!

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged by Diane at My Little Stampin' Spot

1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet & current car) - Tom Taurus
2.YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (fav ice cream flavor, favorite cookie) Vanilla Snickerdoodle
3. YOUR “FLY Guy/Girl” NAME: (first initial of first name, first three letters of your last name) W-Pet
4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal) - Purple Cat
5. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first) - Petwa
6. SUPERHERO NAME: (2nd favorite color, favorite drink put “The”) The Pumpkin Pepsi
7. NASCAR NAME: (the first names of your grandfathers)- Gustov Colin
8. STRIPPER NAME : ( the name of your favorite perfume/cologne, favorite candy) Tresor Caramel Nips (not fair!!! *blushes* LOL)
9.WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother’s & father’s middle names ) Marie Gust

Now I need to tag 5 people. If I can find 5 who haven't participated in this yet!!!

I'll pick Sara at Sara's Studio. I always pick on her! She's so fun to play with!!!! LOL Check out her blog!
There's Trish at Tah Dah!. She has some nice stuff on her blog too!
We have Melissa at Simply Pink. I'm just lovin' her new Silhouettes cards!!!
Check out Miss Trish, she got some fun stuff in the mail!!!!
And last but not least there's Michele at Painted Desert Serenade. Now she hasn't posted in a while so let her know she needs to start sharing more of her fabulous creations again!!

Ok, be sure to check out their blogs too. They all have some wonderful posts!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

To Swap or Not to Swap

I'm considering joining in our stamping groups swap. The theme is something from the new mini catalog. Well, I did meet the requirements. It's ALL Stampin' Up! products, at least one layer and it's from the mini catalog. But I'm not really liking the card. It is important that I like the card for several reasons and one of them being I will need to make more than one. It is one thing to make a single card you don't really like but to reproduce it, well...... Maybe reproducing it the card will get better!!! I can't even pin point why I'm not liking it. I do think it has a bit of a blah look to it. I will have to play around with it a bit more and see what I get.

I am liking the glossy card stock. I like the effects you can get with it using VersaMark and clear embossing powder. And I do like sponging in the colors on top of it. You can create some nice effect doing that.

I think I'll set this aside for a day or two and go back to it. Sometimes it's just best to walk away for a while (or forever!!!LOL).

If you have any questions for me please be sure to email them to me. I can not respond to you from the comment section. It's not set up by Blogger to allow me to do that. I get a lot of quesitons I can't answer from there. Maybe this week I'll add a question post and you can ask me your questions there and I can reply as best as I can!!! Sounds like a possibility!!!

And DON'T forget the Blog Candy! The link is highlighted. Please leave your "bid" to that post only. There's been some pretty interesting bids!!! LOL From belly button lint to stuff under the beds!!! Boy it sure is tempting!!! You all just crack me up!!! Thanks for making me laugh!

Thank you for stopping by,

Why Yes, There Is More Blog Candy!!

Ok, it's really not more, it's a second chance. The winner didn't come forward on the 400+ posts.

SO let's have some fun with this. Please remember this is a random drawing, the following is just for fun!

I will be offering that set up for bid!! LOL What am I bid for this lovely set? I already have a first born and an arm and a leg!! LOL Grandma's teeth don't count, it must be something that belongs to you!!! Oh and no husbands one husband is enough!!! LOL Used people don't sell very well anyway!!! Only seriously silly bidders please!!! LOL
Remember a random drawing will be held to pick the winner. And please don't send me the item you bid!!!! LOL

As always, have fun with this!

I will draw a name on Wednesday evening September 19th.

Thanks for playing along. Actually I should say thanks for humoring me. I'm sure you're drawing the conclusion that I really need to get a life!!!! :o)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Booglie Eyes & Ribbon!

Oh my, I REALLY like this adorable ribbon I found at Michael's. It was on a spool of 4 yards for $3.99 (less the 40% for that most valuable coupon!!!)

I think Stampin' Up!'s Booglie Eye set is SO adorable. I'm not a big fan of spiders. Actaully I'm extremly fearful of them. Why I don't know but I am. Though I do have to admit the last time there was one in my house (they're not allowed indoors!!! LOL) I managed to get it in a container and I let it free outside. I figured with the West Nile virus killing off the birds we REALLY need the spiders to help out with the bugs. I use to break down spider webs around the garage and now I leave them. Plus I have better things to do (like stamping) than to go around knocking down spider webs just because I want the back of the garage to look nice.

This is one of those 6" x 3" cards. Cut your card stock 6" x 6" and fold it in half. I did have to purchase special envelopes for them. I hope I find them before Halloween!!! LOL I cut a layer of black, measuring 6" x 2 3/4". I added the ribbon on top of it. I actually taped it in place and then had to remove the tape because it showed right through the sheer ribbon. SO I used the two way glue pen and glued the ribbon at the spiders. That way it woudn't show and it was just enough to hold it in place without the buckling it was doing. I taped the edges to the back and then taped the black piece to the pumpkin pie card stock. I stamped the spider and colored it in. Then I layered it and taped it to the front of the card. A quick and easy Halloween card!!!
I will be posting some blog candy sometime this week. I see my blog is reaching 130,000! It may be early in the week, the numbers are rolling by SO fast!!

Thank you for stopping by,

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Is It Cheating?

I had purchased these adorable rub-on's at Michael's. Is a "rub-on" stamping. NO. But the background is stamped using the new "Sanded" background stamp. So there is a little bit (very little bit) of stamping involved. But it's still creating!!! The pumpkins and words have glitter in them and it is MUCH prettier in person. The card front turned out to be more purple than it really is. The color is the Elegant Eggplant. On here it looks a LOT darker. I know you're suppose to take photos in natural light. It's 8:30 pm. There is no natural light out there right now!!! By the time I get around to taking my pictures it's usually dark outside! I don't think moonlight is bright enough to help either!!! If you click on the photo you can get a closer view of the card. This works with all the pictures on my blog.

It was a fun and quick card. Though I do prefer to stamp and color myself but once in a while it doesn't hurt to give something different a try. The best thing about these rub-on's is they were only $1 and there's still three more little pumpkins and the words "Trick or Treat" left on the sheet. If you need a REALLY quick card rub-on's will do. But technically it's stamping. It's a fine line here. These are ok for scrapbooking but you're crossing the line a bit on a card. And I crossed that line!!! And I'll do it again!!! LOL

Tomorrow I'll post a "real" card!!! LOL

Tucked deep inside this post I'm adding this little line to see if you REALLY do read the entire post!!! So tricky, huh?? LOL Angel didn't come forward with the blog candy so I'll be putting it up for dibs tomorrow!! I know you want it!

Thanks for stopping by,

Friday, September 14, 2007

Shake. Shake. Shake. Shake Your Card!!!

Yup, you guessed it! A shaker card. Instructions below!!

Once again I'm back to this adorable layout. This little snowman fits right in that 1 1/4" round punch. And the 1 3/8" punch for the top layer. The tutorial for this layout can be found here. I have used it for quite a few cards and have really liked all of them. And I think this one is now my favorite. Do you think because it's a snowman???

Instructions to make this card:

1. The front of this card, the very top layer was done using glossy card stock cut 2 7/8" x 4". I stamped the snowflakes on in Versa Mark, embossed them with clear EP and sponged Bashful Blue over the entire area. I rubbed more on some ares than others to give it more dimension.

2. The next layer is Bashful Blue and it's cut 3" x 4 3/8"

3. Layer 3 is Whisper White card stock and it measures 3 1/4" x 4 3/8"

4. The final layer is the card itself. A half sheet of Bashful Blue card stock cut measuring 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" and then fold it to measure 4 1/4" x 5 1/2".

You will need the following:
1 1/4" round punch and 1 3/8" round punch
Ribbon (I used Bashful Blue grosgrain)
Clear Embossing Powder
Versa Mark Pad
Bashful Blue Ink Pad
White Craft Ink
Scrap white chipboard
2 Way Glue
Snail Tape
Scrap piece of Whisper White card stock
Micro Mini beads, clear no hole beads
Piece of clear transparency

A. First you will take your white craft ink and a snowflake stamp and stamp around the edges of the front of the card, the Bashful Blue piece. Craft ink takes a little while to dry so you want to do this first and set it aside.

B. I cut 4 pieces of white chipboard (you can find it in the back of your 12" x 12" decorative papers. If you don't have any you can use 6 layers of regular white card stock. You don't want to use tan chipboard, it will show in the circle. Cut your chipboard or card stock 2 1/2" x 2 1/2". Punch a 1 1/4" hole in one and then trace the following pieces to match. It doesn't matter if it is off center a little, it's not going to show. Once you have them punched out use the 2 Way Glue to affix them together. Set them aside to setup a bit.

C. Take the glossy piece and stamp the snowflakes on using the Versa Mark Pad. Sprinkle with clear embossing powder and heat set. Line the embossed piece up on top of the Bashful Blue layer. Take your 1 1/4" punch and punch them both together. Check out the tutorial to know how to punch this. You will be dropping the layers to the bottom of the punch and sliding the layers to the right, just until the edge of the card stock appears and then punch the circles. Separate them. Take the embossed one and the 1 3/8" punch and line it up and punch out the ring. You don't need to put a piece of copier paper behind it, this card stock is thick enough not to get stuck in the punch. Attach these two layers together.

D. On the scrap piece of white card stock stamp the snowman or the image you want to use. Color it as desired. Cut around the snowman, leaving LOTS of room. Cut it by hand and cut it a bit squiggly. Turn the layers over so you are looking at the stack of punched and glued pieces. Set the snowman in place, turn it over and see if it's centered to where you want it. Now hold it carefully and trace your squiggly cut edges. You want these squiggly and unique so you will know where to glue this piece in place after you put the beads down. You don't want to mess with finding center with the beads there.

E. Cut your clear transparency 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" Attach the layers of white chipboard or card stock to the back of the layers fitting the transparency behind the Bashful Blue piece.

F Add some beads and set the snowman in place. Hold it firmly and look to see if you like the mount of beads you put in place. Adjust accordingly. When you like what you see set it back down and remove the snowman. You will now take the 2 Way Glue and glue around the traced area. Set your snowman in place. Let dry for a few minutes.

G. Tie your grosgrain ribbon in place. Tape the top part (the layers) and add dimensionals to the bottom part. Set it in place on top of the white card stock. And the white card stock is placed on top of the Bashful Blue card stamped with white craft ink. Your card is now finished!!
This card was made entirely of Stampin' Up! products. To view more cards/items made entirely of Stampin' Up! products click here.

Thank you for stopping by,

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Well Wishing

My aunt fell and broke her leg last week and now she has to be in a nursing home for a couple of weeks until she can learn to handle herself better to get around. Poor thing. SO I thought I'd make her a get well card. I like the card but I'm not sure if she'd take offense at the pig part of the card. I'm going to have to think about this a bit and maybe go with something that has flowers in it. You can never offend anyone with flowers. Unless they are poisonous I suppose!!! LOL

I made this card using the new decorative papers. I still have a lot left from the 6" x 6" pack I got earlier this year. I NEED to start using up some of my supplies. Especially before they retire. Well, that's the plan anyway. I'm sure all of you use up your supplies and don't hoard them!!! I was thinking I was hoarding the chipboard letters but I discovered I really don't have much of a use for them (yet). I'm sure, after they retire I will come up with something SO great and fun that I'd wished I'd stocked up on them!!! LOL And then there are times I've stocked up on things and guess what? I'm still sitting here with my stash!!! LOL Hit and miss.

I also used the watercolor crayons and watercolor paper on this card. I'm finding the watercolor paper to be more and more of an asset when I stamp. I love that the paper doesn't warp or wear as I work or rework an area. And if you go outside the line a little on watercolor paper you can come back to that spot with a clean blender pen and clean up that area. It has worked for most colors for me. I feel that I have barely touches the surface with the uses of watercolor paper and as I discover them I will share them with you!
I thank you all for stopping by,

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

SCS 141 Split Coast Sketch Challenge

I am REALLY loving Wednesdays. I forgot all about the SplitCoast Sketch Challenge (SC) until I opened up email this morning. Well, it just made my day. But I had chores to tend to first. Isn't it amazing how fast you can do your work when you have something fun waiting for you?? LOL

You'll have to click on the snowman to see a closer view. The flash really takes a lot away from a card. Though looking at it closer might not help either!!! LOL

I played around with this one for a long time today. I stamped the snowman on the 2" square piece, colored it, sponged the edges only to find out I stamped it straight instead of on the angle as stated on the sketch photo. So I ended up cutting out the snowman and setting it in place. It worked now didn't it???? I did the snowman first and then didn't know where to go with the colors. I'm still stuck on the "in" colors from Stampin' Up! I'm also stuck on snowmen too!!!! LOL And to let you in on something here, I've barely begun to scrape the surface of the snowmen stamps I have.

I printed out the sketch at SplitCoast. It prints out to exact size. This way you can measure fairly close. I used removable double stick tape while I was playing around with the card. I decided I would use black for the card base and then added the Soft Sky color. I was first going to use Soft Sky for the card base but it looked too blah. Changing it to black made a world of difference. Then I cut the layers. I stamped the snowflakes on using a white craft pad and then embossing them with white embossing powder. I taped them in place (with the removable tape) and I looked and looked and looked at it. Something was missing. I took out a paper punch and punched out some white dots to represent white brads and I set them in place. After looking at it I realized that was exactly what the card needed. So I took out the Mat Pack and punched the holes and inserted the brads. I covered the brads with a piece of scrap card stock and took a pliers and flattened them down a bit more. I used the Sticky Strip tape over the brads. Regular snail tape doesn't stick well to the brads, especially the big ones. But before I did that I tied on a piece of white taffeta on the upper part of the small strip. I then taped the strips in place and the snowman layer on top. I set it up to take a picture. I took several pictures and noticed something was odd. I forgot to tape the large Soft Sky piece to the card with regular stick tape. LOL SO as I was taking pictures it was slowly slipping off. I take the card and tape it like it should have been taped and then took the picture you see here. Active brain cells are hard to find!!! LOL

Both the snowman and snowflake stamps are by Hampton Arts. Doesn't Hampton sound like a good name for that snowman??? LOL

Thank you for stopping by,

A New Winner

Since there was a winner for the 123456 Hits drawing I will be drawing a name for some other fun "thing" to mail out. One can never have enough "things" now can they??? LOL

The winner of the "thing" is Krisstee and here is her comment:

Well CRAP! MY refresh button is very tired. I tried and I tried and I tried. LOL. Now I shall beg, whine, do whatever I have to....kick my feet and scream.......whaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! We have way too much time on our hands me thinks.

Krisstee please email me with your snail mail address and I'll send you out a fun "thing!" LOL Don't you just LOVE mystery gifts???

The Winner Has Come Forward

Sorry there is no second chance drawing for that fabulous set but I did promise a drawing for all of you who entered in hopes of one. I will draw a name a bit later tonight.

The lucky winner is Inger G. I will be heading to the post office tomorrow and the stamp set will be off on it's way!!!

Congratulations to you Inger and thank you for visiting my blog!

As you all know I have blog candy about once a month. This time it's twice. I am still going to do a random drawing and I'll put a little package together for the winner. So I need to finish up this post so I can move on to the drawing.

Thank you all for keeping your eye on the counter and for visiting my blog!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

So I Had This Coupon!!!

Those darn coupons just tend to burn a hole in my pocket. You just can't let them go to waste now can you??? It's like wasting money if you don't use them!!! Rational thinking isn't it??? LOL

I was shopping at Michael's. Yes, I had a coupon and I just HAD to use it too!!!

This little guy is from the Inkadinkado company. I just couldn't resist buying it. I LOVE snowmen!!! Hey, I woke up to 68 degrees in the house this morning. I LOVE it!!! Winter is on it's way (hopefully after a long fall, I do love that season too!). I'm anxious to make a real snowman. The first sticky snow and I'm out there! Driveway to shovel? Not until the snowman is done!!

Ok, back to the card. I used glossy card stock for the upper words. That stamp is a jumbo wheel by Stampin' Up! I used a VersaMark pad and embossed the words in clear. I sponged on the blue. I wanted a nice bold white looking letters. White embossing powder would work but it's really not the same. The snowman was stamped using Black Staz-on and watercolor paper. I did blend the green on the earmuffs and the shading around the scarf and larger snowball. But for the most part the colors came directly from the markers. I don't do that very often and it sure does make coloring a lot quicker!

I'm not overly thrilled with the background on the snowman. I am thinking I should have done the snowman on glossy card stock and embossed in black and then colored. But coloring on glossy card stock is a difficult surface to color on. It takes a lot of time and patience. Ink does not dry fast on glossy card stock. I'll just leave it the way it is because I have other projects I'm working on and will be posting on here when I get them finished. You all get to share my new stuff with me!!

Thank you for stopping by,

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sharing What They Make

I'm going to do something a little different tonight. I'm going show some things that other people have made. Tonight I'll start with this one.
These wonderful notebooks were made by Lisa F. She told me the small ones were taken to convention for a shoe box swap. Sounds like it would be a fun time. So if these look familiar to you, you may have seen them at the Stampin' Up! Convention this past July!

The flower in the center is from the Hostess Set "In the Spotlight." I don't have that set but it sure is adorable! These measure 2 1/2" x 2 1/2".

The larger notebook is the size of a card, 4 1/4" x 5 1/2". Here Lisa used the new decorative papers and the "In the Spotlight" set.

Aren't they fabulous? You can tell Lisa was having fun with these, it shows in her work!!

Thank you Lisa for sharing these with me. Tell all of your customers to visit your notebooks here on my blog, your now famous!!! :o)

Thanks you all for stopping by,

Blog Candy

Before I entered this post I checked my email to see if there as a lucky winner who copied the 123456 hits on the hit counter. No one has sent me an email yet. But there is still time. In the meantime you can still leave your comment for the Second Chance drawing. And even if someone does come forward I will still do another drawing for some different blog candy.

SO, whoever has copied the lucky number 123456 hits please email me.

And for those of you who would like to enter the second chance drawing please click here and you'll be directed to the post where the names will be drawn.

Good luck to you!

Blog Candy Time!

It's Blog Candy time again!!! It's another "Eye on the Counter" one. When the counter reaches 123456 copy your screen and email it to me. I thought I'd better get this out soon. I didn't realize how fast the numbers were going past. SO, it's coming quickly!!!

If you don't know how to do that here is what you do. With my web page open on your screen and the counter showing hit CTRL and PrtSc (Print Screen). This puts it on your clipboard. Then open up your "Paint" program. It comes with Windows and I believe it is found in Start, All Programs, Accessories. Then past it in there (CTRL V) and from there you can save it to your desk top and then it can be dragged over to an email. I think this is the long round about way to do it but it's the only way I know how.

The blog candy this time is another set of Clear Stamps by Scrappy Cat. This set is called "To Cheer You."

Be sure to leave a comment too, the last "Eye on the Counter" resulted in a random drawing because no one got to the counter at that exact moment. You can tell me why you REALLY REALLY NEED this stamp set!!! Have fun with it! I LOVE your comments the last time. Some of you were VERY "needy", groveling, whining and begging always works, just ask your children!!! LOL And if a winner does come forward I'll still do a smaller scale blog candy random drawing.

Have fun and thanks for playing,

Things are a Changin'

Scroll down and look to the right. I added some different pictures/cards to the slider. I thought it was time for a change. Those other cards had been on there for a LONG time. I'm not big on change. Personally I like to do something once and be done with it. But some things do need to be upgraded now and then and that happened to be one of them. SO enjoy the new pictures!

Thanks for stopping by,


Sunday, September 09, 2007

No, I NEVER Throw Anything Away!!!

You guessed it!!! I NEVER throw anything away. Well, not before it's time that is! These are Crystal Light containers. We go through a lot of them in the summer time. I find many uses for them. I keep one in my workroom, with the lid. I use it for water when I'm painting. I put the lid on it so I can come back to it a little later in the day. Plus the lid on keeps it from spilling should it get tipped over. I keep a couple of them in my laundry room. I put lint in them. Yes, dryer lint!!! I stuff the lint in it until I can't get any more in it. Then I start a new container. Once the second container is full I remove the lint from the first one. By this time it's taken on the shape of the container. I use it to light my campfires in the fall. It starts a fire so fast and safely too!! No fuels of any kind. And sometimes I come up with other ideas for them. Like this!

I decorated the outside of these and filled them with Halloween candy. I used the new decorative paper from Stampin' Up! and the "Batty for You" wheel. On the top of the can I used the bat from "Booglie Eyes." And I even gave it "booglie" eyes!!! It's a fun project but if you're looking to do them your children for school you'd better start saving them now for next year!! Or contact everyone you know and have them start saving them for you! I was hoping to get enough of the small ones but didn't so I had to use a couple of tall ones (not pictured because they're not decorated yet).

These were fairly quick to make. The bat at the top too the longest because I colored it. But this time I was smart (shocker, huh? LOL) and I made some extra in the event that I may actually obtain a container or two before it's time to give them out!

I think these would be a good seller at a craft fair. They don't cost all that much to make and you can even (and probably should) sell them empty. Hey, you could even do the "Soup Can" theme thing on these!!! Beats opening the cans on the bottom (sometimes I forget and pop the top!!! grrr). It beats washing out the cans and it beats risking getting your fingers glued together with crazy glue. Though I did read on someone's blog (sorry I don't remember who's so I can give them credit) but they used Crystal Effects to "glue" the can shut. I'm going to give that a try and let you know how that goes. I do like to have full use of all of my fingers at any given time!

Have fun with these and thanks for stopping by,

Still Waiting???

I'm still waiting for the lucky winner Angel Wilde to email me with her snail mail address. If I don't hear from her by Friday September 14th, I'll put the stamp set up in a random drawing.

ANGEL???? Where are you?????

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Still Messin' with the Soup Can Theme

I'm still messin' with the Soup Can theme!!! These are some fun tissue holders I made. I've made tissue holders and posted them on my blog. Just look to the right in the "labels" column and you'll see "tissue holders" and click on it. I have the link and you can just click here too. The pattern link is in the details of one of the other tissue holder posts. It's a very simple pattern. It has a bit of scoring to do but not difficult. It only takes a half a sheet of card stock so it's a pretty profitable item to make and sell!

I REALLY like this tissue holder. I think it would be great to have it go along with the soup can and the soup can card. All of it would make a wonderful gift for someone not feeling very well. I know I'm going to be making a LOT of these to sell at the fall craft fairs!

The stamp sets I used here are as follows: All in a Row, Curvy Verse, Circle of Friendship and Sincere Salutations. You will also need black ink, white embossing powder, brushed silver card stock, a scrap piece of white and black card stock, white and red card stock. A little tape and glue stick and you're good to go!!!

These are a LOT of fun to make. They are SO cute and the possibilities of what you can do with these is endless. I will post yours here if you email it to me!! Be creative and have some fun with these!!!

Thank you for stopping by,

Mini Memories!!!

This is a mini photo album I decorated. It was already made. The left side had wood pieces but I took them off because I couldn't get them back on after laying with decorative papers. I added a folded strip of brown card stock in place of the wood pieces. The wood was blond and it wouldn't have looked well with it anyway. I could paint it but I didn't feel like digging out the paints. Plus it still wouldn't fit!!! Extender posts would be the trick here. SO this is how it's going to look.

I think it's a great album for a guy. Not much guy stuff out there. The top green paper is the back side of the strip paper. I used 3 stamps from the Stampin' Up! "Wanted" set and Sahara Sand ink pad to decorate it. The top just needed something to tie in the center circle "thing". Such wonderful stamping terminology!!! LOL Things and thingy's are very common items used when stamping, don't you think??? LOL It all started with that "Stamp-a-ma-jig!!!" LOL

I used the Mega scallop punch on the Chocolate Chip circle and I used the Stampin' Up! new scallop punch for the center circle. I did stamp the image first and then lined it up. I used the "Expressive Flexible Phrases" Stampin' Up! word set for the little "memories" word. I ran the ribbon around the whole thing before I put the screws back in. The ribbon is glued in place on the seam line just in the front. The back is the same paper as on the top part of the album. It was a very quick project to do. These would be great for a stamp camp. I believe you can buy the posts at your local craft store. It would be easy enough to cut some card stock and a couple of pieces of chipboard and make your own. This one measures 5" x 4". You would need to cut the inside papers 6" x 4". You will be scoring and folding over the left side (the one where you will punch two holes). This score and fold is done at 1" in. The purpose of this is to allow room for the thickness of photos. You don't want your book to be fanning out on the right side. Should this happen, just cut some strips of card stock or even chipboard and add it to the left side. This will raise up that end and help to balance out things. You don't need to add more pages to balance this out, just add 1" strips every few pages. You'll see as you add them how many you need and how far to space them.

Thank you for stopping by!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Blog Candy Winner!!!

I think it's just as fun for you to play the "Beg for Blog Candy" game as it was for me to read your comments!!! Some of them just cracked me up. I think the next Blog Candy will be called "Beg for Blog Candy!" LOL

FYI, you will want to pay attention to the counter for the next candy. When the number hits 123456 copy and email me your screen. I'm not sure how to do that. I always have to ask my DH whenever I need to do it. I will find out and add it to the "official" blog candy post! Those numbers are rolling by SO fast and I'm lovin' every minute of it.

My blog is soon to go under some changes. I want to start adding more tutorials and some scrapbook pages too. I just think it's great to add my tutorials here then I'll ALWAYS know where they are at!!!

Ok, onto the important stuff, enough of this mindless chatter!!! LOL

The winner of the 400+ post Blog Candy using the Random Number Generator is:

Angel Wilde and here is what she said:
Wanda, you really are FUN! (x8 by the way. I "need" this set. I am beyond wanting it. I am willing to beg, but I am warning you, it won't be pretty. :-) You should just give it to me. :-)Thanks for making it fun!

Angel, please email me with your snail mail address and I'll get your stamps off in the mail to you.

Thank you all for playing and stay tuned, there's more clear stamps to be had!!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Two for the Price of One!!!

WOW, tonight you get to view two cards!!! Well, the "Western" one you saw already, I just changed it a little so I liked it better. I was not aware that you REALLY need to use the stick strip tape to tape down the glossy card stock. It warped when the rubbing alcohol dried and the paper curled. I taped it with snail tape and it didn't want to hold, it kept curling up. Silly thing!! SO I had to get out the heavy duty tape! I don't think this thing is going to be going anywhere now!!! LOL

Now this card I made before I changed the "Western" one. I just wasn't happy with it so I set it aside and took out a totally different stamp set and started the SplitCoast Sketch Challenge all over again. Now I was REALLY glad it was a fairly simple sketch to do. Not a lot of layering!! The coloring on this one went pretty fast too.

I stamped the tree with black Staz-on and colored it in with a blender pen and ink pads. Then I sponged the edges of the white pieces. The decorative paper is from Joann's Etc. I cut it and then put it in the snowflake Cuddlebug folder. I am REALLY lovin' that folder!!! I used white embossing powder on the snowflakes. I added some matching ribbon and the sentiments and assembled the card. Much to my surprise it went rather quickly. SO now I've done two card sketches in one day!!! Imagine that??? I can even amaze myself!!! LOL It's a simple enough card to do a lot of them for Christmas cards. I'll have to really think about that one since I already picked out a card I'm going to mass produce 130 of!!!

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Wanted Redone!

I just couldn't let it be!!! I was not happy with the first one I made. Just click here to see it. Now this one I like. That bottom area just seemed too empty. All I had to do was move the words down and I liked the card! Simple as that!!! I know, picky, picky, picky!!! Yup, that's me!!

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

SC 140 Challenge

It's the weekly sketch challenge (SC) at SplitCoastStampers!!! I REALLY look forward to Wednesdays.

Sorry for the delay. I got bombarded by emails and I like to try to answer them as soon as I can. So I'm caught up with emails for a day or so!!!

I think I should have left the brads off this card and I would like this better. I may do something different with the words so I'll like the card better. I'll post that later. Once I change the words or even move them down in that open area then I think I'll like it better. It won't be the SC140 sketch but at least I'll like the card!!!
But I will tell you how I did that REALLY cool background. That part of the card I REALLY do like. I took some glossy card stock and embossed the images with clear EP. Then I took rubbing alcohol on two cotton balls. One had the Groovy Guava inker on it and the other had Chocolate Chip. I used the guava first and then came back in with the chocolate. It's called non-metalic polished stone and I did it over an embossed surface. Careful with the brown, as the card stock dries the ink gets darker. I had some really cool papers done but once they dried they were so dark I had to toss them.

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