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Friday, August 31, 2007


It was nice to get away, even if it was for one night. I didn't get bit by a single mosquito and yes, I did go outside!!! LOL It was decent up there weather wise. Not too hot and there was a bit of a breeze! The evening was cool but we couldn't have a fire due to the lack of rain up there all summer long. But we still had fun anyway! And it's always nice to come home. My poor kitties missed me SO much. I think they missed me feeding them because eating is all they've been doing since I got home!!! Dh doesn't understand that they take a few bites and leave but they come back a bit later for some more. He fed them, they ate a bit and walked away. According to him they were done. Good thing I was only gone for one night!!!

Ok, onto my card for tonight. I just LOVE the colors of the Halloween decorative papers by Stampin' Up! Aren't they fabulous?? There's LOTS of cute Halloween papers out there in the stores now but I thought I'd stick with Stampin' Up! for this one. I'll post another Halloween card later in the week using other papers and stamps. I want to have a variety of different companies stamps and papers representated here. Though I do tend to lean more towards the Stampin' Up! products. Not just because I'm a demonstrator but because everything matches. It was one of the things I LOVED about Stampin' Up! long before I became a demonstrator!

This was a fun card to make. I found a couple of fun Halloween eyelets to add to the card too. The little ghost at the bottom and a bat near the Booglie Eyed character! He's so cute!! I didn't add the googlie eyes to the image. I felt there was enough going on with the bat and ghost. Those gave it just the right touch. It's difficult to see but the background on the Night of Navy card stock has the Linen Background print on it. Most cards are much better in person. Though would you admit your card looks better in a photograph???

If you need a fun and quick card for Halloween, this is the one for you!!!

Thank you for checking in!

Priceless Butterfly!

I am posting this a bit early today because I am leaving in a little while to go up north for the night. A day of rest and relaxation. A campfire and a place to put my feet up!!! Now if I had someone there to rub them while I had them up it would be heaven!!! But I'll take what I'm getting and I know I will enjoy it!! OK, on with this post.
I am SO loving this "Priceless" set. I've barely begun to use it. I have lots of ideas for this set, I just wish I had lots of time to do what I want with it!! Does anyone have any spare time they're willing to send me??? LOL I asked for some for Christmas last year and didn't get it. I'll ask again but this time I'm going to have a backup gift too!!! LOL
Again this is a quick and simple card. I think it takes me longer to get the inks, cut the card stock and gather my supplies than it did to make the card.

The only part I'm not liking is the center of the butterfly. I may come back in on it with the Chocolate Chip marker and fill it in. It seems to be a bit blah there and I think that may be just what it needs. Other than that I'm liking the card. I'm also liking all the glitter EVERYWHERE!!! Don't you just love how that stuff just spreads everywhere??? So it was a sparkle day today!

I got this most wonderful glue pen. It's much like the gel pen. It's got a roller ball and it allows you to put the glue in fine areas. That was how I was able to put the glitter on where I did. I use to put glue on a plastic surface and used a tooth pick to add the glue. This was nice, it saved a LOT of time. The glue pen is called "Quickie Glue" and it has a pinpoint roller! You just draw where you want the glue to go. It's blue glue until it dries and then it's clear. Such a fun item!

Thank you for stopping by. Please have a fun and safe holiday weekend,

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Little Thank You Cards

I had a friend Katie (you know how I NEVER mention names on here!!! lol) and we were working on wedding invitation samples for her daughter-in-law. The stamp set was still sitting out so I thought I'd play with those little 3" x 3" cards I got free with my "Flower Punch" kit. It's best to use these thing when you get them. It is for me anyway. I've just discovered that by the way!!! I have run across so much "stuff" that I have put aside to play with later and when later comes along the items are retired. SO I am trying to use these things while they are still current! I made a very quick "Thank You" card. I used the "Artfully Asian" set and the "Thank You" was from a quick stamp from Vista Print. Fun and quick!!

Thank you for stopping by and have a fun and safe holiday weekend!

Something Fun From A Friend!

Look at what Sara at Sara's Studio sent me!!! Lucky me, huh? Isn't this just fabulous? I LOVE card candy!! I am anxious to play with this!!! If you have a chance stop on over at her blog and take a look, you won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Split Coast Sketch Challenge 139

It's Wednesday and once again I participated in the Split Coast Sketch Challenge. This was a fun sketch and of course I HAD to do a snowman. I just LOVE this little snowman from the "Holiday Tag Team" set by Stampin' Up! He's SO cute and so easy to work with. I'm a BIG fan of snowmen and of snowflakes. I'm even considering getting a few snowflake tattoos!!! Not a shocker to those who know me!!! No, I'm NOT covered in tattoos, I have one. It's a heart a little bigger than a quarter. Do they hurt to get? Well, to be honest it does a little. It feels more like a carpet burn but by the next day you're just fine, sort of like a carpet burn does too!!! LOL The most important thing there is you HAVE to know what you want because it is basically FOREVER!!!

Ok, back to the cute little snowman. Again I didn't measure my card. I printed out the sketch and it printed out to exact card size and I just set my card stock near the numbered areas and marked my paper for cutting. It was very simple. PLEASE don't let these layered cards intimidate you. Give them a try. I can't express enough how important it is to learn new layouts. I'm such a creature of habit and a new layout is something I need to do. I look forward to the Wednesday sketches at Split Coast. Give it a try. Email me the picture of yours or send me the link to yours, I'd LOVE to take a look at it.

Have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lucky Winner!!

WOW! I'm going to have to toss a little something extra in the bag on this one because this is my 400th post!! Shocker!!! After the holiday weekend I'll have more Blog Candy to celebrate that too!!!

I know you're all on pins and needles waiting to see who the lucky winner is. I used the random number generator and it picked #12. And number 12 is Trish d and here was her comment:

"Well, I'm afraid the magic 111,111 has come and gone. Perhaps I'll get lucky now, though!! :) "

Well, I guess she did get lucky!!

Trish please email me with your snail mail address so I can get the package out to you.

Thank you all for stopping by and for playing along. Keep checking in. I'm going to start cleaning out my non-Stampin' Up! stamps and giving away a few of them on here. I will be putting that give-away in with a regular post. So you'll need to be sure you read the whole article to find it!

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Just Can It!

Another twist on the can. This one is made using a pineapple fruit can by Dole. The others were made using Del Monte Fruit cans. The soup cans are too small and most of them don't open from the bottom with a can opener, the bottoms are rounded and not sealed like the tops are.
I used some of the fun decorative paper that comes in the scrapbooking kits by Stampin' Up! A dear friend of mine gave me this paper. She's such a dear!! This paper is SO bright and colorful!! I stuck with the soup can sketch but did it in a birthday theme. I did the top words on the computer and the center circle is from the "Circle of Friendship" set by Stampin' Up! It's actually still a work in progress. I'm waiting for the clutter in my head to clear so I can work on a poem for the can. Inside the can is a balloon, confetti, candle and there will be hugs and kisses of course!!! But I want to work on a poem to include those items and yet make it rhyme and flow nicely. Hopefully in a couple of days I'll be able to find some time to just sit and create in that capacity!!! Even without the poem it's a fun can. You can put a gift or money inside and give it to the birthday person!! I LOVE how everyone is in awe of a pop top can not opened but yet you have stuff in it that you put there yourself. Isn't crazy glue a fabulous creation?? LOL

Here's an important tip when using the crazy glue on the bottom of the can to seal it shut. Put a piece of very stick tape on the outside of the bottom lid. Run the crazy glue around the edge. Using your index finger, press it on the tape and lift the lid up. Hover over the can and slowly bring the lid down and set it in place. Doing it this way will keep the glue off your fingers. It's wonderful glue until you get it on your fingers!!! Raise your hand if at some time in your life you've glued your fingers together with that stuff!!! Now look around you to see who's looking at you raising your hand!!! LOL

Thank you for stopping by!

More Soup!!!

I was gathering up the soup cans I had done. You remember, the ones I posted a while back??? I am giving one to a friend who is not feeling well and I realized I needed a card too. And what card would go well with a soup can? Ok, a cracker card would but I didn't have the time to figure that one out!!! LOL SO I made a "soup can" card! This one is made with all Stampin' Up products. Punches, stamps and inks!

The border was done using the "All in a Row" set. I also used "Sincere Salutations, Curvy Verse and Circle of Friends." A scrap piece of black, white and gold card stock. I half sheet of white card stock and 1/8 piece of red and you're ready to make this card!!

It's a fun card and I think it will accompany the soup can just fine!!! And if it brings a smile to the one who receives it, it makes it all worthwhile now doesn't it?

Don't forget to leave a comment on the Blog Candy post to be entered in the drawing! And remember there is more blog candy than in the original photo.

Thank you for stopping by,

Sunday, August 26, 2007

In Dire Need

Today while I was in my workroom cleaning and organizing I remembered I was in dire need of "Thank You" cards. I never seem to have enough of those. So I turned on the tv, to a channel that had commercials so I could work during the program and catch the gist of it and I'd do a little organizing during the commercials. It worked out just fine. I did manage to get the thank you cards I needed done. And as soon as I'm done posting this I need to make a sympathy card. SO sad. My aunt died, she was 91. She was the oldest of 10 and my dad was the youngest. He died almost 2 years ago at the age of 73. She was the last of the 10 too. SO I do need to quick type this up and get that card made.

The card I made today was simple and fun. I used the Cuddlebug folder for the background. I used the "Priceless" set by Stampin' Up! For the remainder of the card. I cut one inch strips of the decorative paper and layered it on top of a 1 1/4" strip, tied a bow around the layers and taped it in place on the card. I had stamped the "So Kind" words before I used the Cuddlebug. I did one plain and the stamp didn't want to cover over the bumps very well so it was best to stamp first and then emboss. The butterfly was done using Lovely Lilac ink and punched out using the 1 3/8" punch and then I punched a round scallop using the Lovely Lilac card stock. I added some Dazzling Diamonds to the butterfly and to the "*" between the So and Kind words. It doesn't show up very well in the picture. You can click on the photo to enlarge it but don't look too close, it's not perfect!!!

Thank you for stopping by and good luck on the second chance blog candy drawing.


Blog Candy

I just checked my email and so far the one with the "lucky" number 111,111 has not sent it to me yet.

I will be holding a second chance drawing which will be held on Tuesday evening (August 28,2007). If you'd like to be in on this drawing just leave a comment along with the other comments and you'll be entered! Simple as that. Just click here and you will be directed to the post where your comment with be added with the others. Please only leave your comment to that post for the drawing to that post only.

I've added some more "candy". In addition to the stamps and the card holder thingy, there is some double sided tape, some double sided foam tape, some self-stick rhinestones, a spool of ribbon, some gold brads and there is a little white square thing just below center, it's antique brass square brads but I didn't notice it wasn't facing the camera! I just kept running across "stuff" today as I was cleaning and organizing things in my workroom!!
Heads up on the next milemarker Blog Candy. The "Eye on the Counter" will be when the counter hits 123456. There is more Blog Candy coming up for my 300th post which will probably be later this week! I'll wait until after the holiday weekend to post it!

Good luck to you!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Halloween Candy Holder Tutorial

Here's some fun things you can make for Halloween!! I was going to embellish them a bit more but I figured kids would just rip them open to get the candy and toss the wrapper so I kept it pretty lean!!!

The "Sucker Matchbook Holder" is very simple and quick to make. Plus you get to staple it shut!! No tape or glue, a quick staple and you're done!!!

To make the holder you will need a piece of decorative paper that measures 2 1/2" x 6 1/4".
Score the paper at 2 1/2", 3" and 5 1/2".

Fold all score lines inward.

In the center of the 1/2" wide scores, punch a hole for the sucker stick. Insert a sucker and fold the flap over. Staple in place and your holder is now ready to embellish. If you don't want to staple the holder you will need to staple the top flap down and the piece (with the spider on it in the photo) will need to be trimmed about 1/4" so it will tuck into the stapled flap. Doing this will allow you to open and close the holder.

The Life Saver Holder is done the same way as the sucker holder but the candies are stapled in place and the flap is tucked into the stapled area.

The Life Saver Holder is 4 1/2" long x 2 1/2" wide. Score at 1 5/8", 1 7/8" and 3 7/8". Fold all score lines inward. Attach the Life Savers with a staple and fold the flap over and tuck it in. Decorate as desired!

Have fun with these. They make GREAT Hostess Gifts, Customer Appreciation Gifts, Craft Fair items and fun treats for kids of all ages!!!

Don't forget the Blog Candy!!! Just click the red Blog Candy words to be directed to the post to leave your comment. Good luck to you!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Blog Candy!

It's Blog Candy time!!!

The "game" is Keep Your Eye on the Counter". When the hits counter reads 111,111 you will need to copy your screen and email it to me. Simple as that. It's a case of being in the right place at the right time!!! Should there be no lucky winner than there will be a random drawing. So you can leave your comment here for a chance at the random drawing should there be one.

Here's the Blog Candy. It's a fabric Scrapbook "stuff" holder. The original plastic package reads that it's a card holder. And yes, the pockets inside (all 13 of them) will hold cards and envelopes nicely. It's expandable so you can get a LOT of "stuff" in this holder. It's made of black fabric, like a strong nylon canvas looking fabric. And the flap holds shut with Velcro!

And along with that is a Stampendous acrylic stamp set. Plus I may toss a few extra things in there as the day goes by!!!

SO leave a comment here for the second chance drawing. A comment on anything that comes to mind (keep it clean!!!)LOL and be sure to keep your eye on the counter. The lucky number there is 111,111!!! Spot it, copy it and email it and the candy is yours!!

The counter is just to the right of this post. Just under the Feedblitz enter your email address post. It's called Website Counter.

Good luck to you!!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Gift Giving CD Holder & Tutorial

Here's a nice way to keep memories of a special event alive. I think decorating it took the most time. Cutting the pieces and assembling it was not bad at all. Click on any of the photos to get a closer view. You'll be able to see the fold lines and other details better. Including mistakes!!!

Materials needed:
Vanilla Card Stock, 3 sheets
Word Window Punch
Anywhere Glue Stick
Decorative Papers and
Embellishments of your choice
Scoring Tool

Cut two of your pieces of vanilla card stock at 6 3/4" on the 8" side. Take one of the cut sheets and score it at 4". Slide the card stock down and score at 9". The 9" score is the center of the CD holder. Fold both scores inward. This is the right side of the CD holder. Take the right side, the larger side and using the Word Window punch, punch along the edge about 1" in on the side and about a 1/2" on each end. I took a piece of scrap paper and measured 1" in, drew a line and punched along that line. Then I used that piece of scrap as my template and I traced the slot in and then punched it out. It is my finished product and I REALLY wanted to get it straight!!! Once you have the oval punched out you are now going to glue it in place. You can use the snips and clip away any little edges that may have formed from not getting the punch in the exact spot. How do I know this??? LOL Mine is snipped to look more even!!! (secrets out!!!) LOL

Take your glue stick and glue along the top and bottom edge and glue the small area between the side edge and the slit. Fold over and press in place. Do NOT insert a CD at this point or the glue won't hold. Be patient and wait until it's all assembled and then you can "test" your CD. Trust me, it will fit.

Take the other cut piece of card stock and cut it to 10" long. Score it at 5" and fold it in half. You will be attaching this piece to the 2" piece just off the center fold of the piece with the slot. To do this fold the 2" piece inward and glue on that side (the outer side). Then attach that to the inside of the 10" folded piece. With the 10" piece glued to the 2" piece the entire holder is now 15" long.

Next you will glue the entire left flap and fold it inward. This is the cover of the CD holder. Now for you anxious people, it's safe to insert your CD to see if it fits. It fits, doesn't it???

Your CD holder is ready for you to decorate it!

I decorated mine using Chocolate Chip card stock on the top. Then I added a layer of Blue Bayou. I used the mat pack and punched holes and did Faux Stitching on it before I taped it in place. Then I added a layer of decorative paper. The strip on the left side is more decorative paper with a bow tied to it before taping it in place. The "R" is from Headline Alphabets set. I embossed it in clear embossing powder on Chocolate Chip card stock and cut it out. Then it's taped in place on top of 5 scallops punched from the new Stampin' Up! scalloped punch. The top scalloped punch is decorative card stock and I sponged the edges in Chocolate Chip. I used "remember" stamp from the "Define Your Life" set on top of a piece of vanilla I stamped in Creamy Caramel using the Linen background stamp. Then I layered it on Chocolate Chip card stock and taped it in place.

Place your CD inside and it's ready for gift giving. The inside has plenty of room to write or type or decorate as you like.

Have fun with these! They are great for family photos or birthday gifts. And it's a good way to file and catalog your favorite photos.

Thank you for stopping by,

Eye On The Counter!!

Soon my blog will be hitting 111,111. I'm going to move the counter back up towards the top of the right column so you can see it easier when you log on. When the counter is at 111,111 some lucky visitor who copies the screen will receive some fun "Blog Candy." I'll post the offical announcement with the prize tomorrow. So keep checking back to see what the counter is at and if you see 111,111 copy it over to your email and send it off to me. Or you can print screen, scan it and email it to me. I'm sure there are other ways to copy it too. Check out the last "Eye on the Counter" to see what needs to be copied!!! And if there is no one who captured the fun numbers than a random drawing will be held.

Tune in tomorrow for all the fun details!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

RAK Gift

I received this from Emily at Stamping and Stuff. If you're into scrapbooking, she has TONS of fabulous pages. She's quite the artist!

This is a post it note holder. Isn't it wonderful? I LOVE the colors and the attention to detail. That little organza bow she tied around the "W" just tied it all together. No pun intended!!! LOL

It's such a fun post it holder. I'm going to have to make some of these for craft fairs using an "F" and a "friend" word stamp on them. I think they'd be a great seller!! It would also make a GREAT Customer Appreciation Gift or Hostess Gifts.

Stop by Emily's blog and wish her well, she had a little minor surgery on her foot. Looks gross! Poor thing.

This is all I have for you tonight. I'm working on a "Weekend Project" to post tomorrow for you!

Thanks for stopping by,

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Merry & Bright Sketch

Yup, you guessed it. It's Wednesday and Splitcoast has a new sketch out! And of course I had to participate in it. I can't express enough how important it is to learn new sketches. To learn anything new!! Especially when it comes to stamping. I subscribe to a lot of blogs and surf the Internet ever on a quest to learn new things. Sometimes, many times I just get inspired but that's ok too! I'm having fun and am enjoying it and that's the main thing. I can't emphasize that enough, "keep it fun!"

Well, here's my card. And here's the sketch from Splitcoast. You aren't given measurements but the printout is proportionate to the card. You can print out several and cut or you can measure as you go. I usually just print out one and measure if I need to. I did find the final blue top layer pieces the most difficult. I just couldn't get it cut right. I embossed in white and then cut and cut to short every time. I should have just left it and walked away for a bit but I was bound and determined to finish it early today!!! Well, I did stick with it and the 5th try I got it! Color me Happy!!! LOL

The snowman was done on watercolor paper and colored in with a blender pen using the new in colors. I added some white brads and put it all together.

Thank you for stopping by,

Nice Matters Award

I was nominated for this wonderful award by Debbi over at Debbi's Dribble.

Please take a little time to check out her blog. And if you have a lot of extra cards laying around you can send them to her and she'll see to it they get to the troops!!!

"This award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world. Once you've been awarded please pass it on to others who you feel are deserving of this award."
My nominee's are:
1. Linda at Linda's Works of Heart. Man this gal can make the most beautiful elaborate cards.
2. Michelle over at Painted Desert Serenade. She has a big variety of stamped cards.
3. Sara at Sara's Studio. She has a lot of fun cards and gift items!
4. Trish at Tah Dah! She has quite a variety of stamped cards using different techniques.
5. And there's Kate over at ~Expresso Yourself~ I think she LOVES coffee!!! LOL She's got some great altered items I love to look at!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Halloween Fun!

I am really liking this "Autumn Harvest" set by Stampin' Up! It's great for those short "holidays", Halloween and Thanksgiving. And a little bit of fall in there too!!

I started this card last night but got too tired to finish it. I knew in my mind what I wanted to see on the card stock but my eyes weren't letting me work on it. SO I go upstairs and get ready for bed and then I'm wide awake! Go figure!! LOL

I had a busy day and I didn't find time to finish the card until tonight.

Here's how I did it. I colored the pumpkins and leaves in using the blender pen. Now you all know when I use the blender pen I ALWAYS stamp my images using black Staz-on. It does exactly what it says, it stays on!!! The large pumpkin in the back was stamped directly onto the watercolor paper. The other pumpkins and leaves were stamped and colored on watercolor paper but they were cut out and applied to the other piece of watercolor. I colored around the pumpkins using my blender pen and River Rock inker. I added a little bit of Always Artichoke closer to the pumpkins. The words were done on the computer since the "Happy Halloween" words are in a set on my wish list. Lot of good it's doing me there!!! LOL But I had this fun spider font and just put card stock in my computer, printed the words and punched it out.

I used the new Halloween decorative papers from Stampin' Up! They are SO adorable!

It was a very fun card to make. Not a quick 20 minute card but that's fine, it was fun.

Thank you for stopping by!


I was asked what the measurements were to the little notebook I posted on Monday. I also added it to the post so it's there for future readers.

The little notebook measures 2 1/4" x 3 3/4". It is small and was made from scrap paper. I didn't want to throw it so I just HAD to make a notebook with it!!

Thanks for keeping me on my toes!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Fun Little Notebook

This was a fun little notebook I made. I was just messing around with some scrap paper and with such an odd size I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. I had the Office Accoutrement set sitting out and saw the "Memo" stamp and stamped the image on white card stock. I didn't really like word "Memo" on it so I covered it with the "Daily Notes" stamp and punched it out and layered it with the 2 round punches. I think it still needs a little something. I may add some ribbon to the spirals. It was a quick and easy little notebook to make.

This little notebook measures 2 1/4" x 3 3/4". Perfect for your purse!! And makes a wonderful gift!

Thank you for stopping by,

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fun Quick Card!!

Here's a fun and quick card for you. I not only bought one of those 6" x 6" designer papers packs but I also got one free. SO my quest is to use them up. I can easily use the Rose Red one, not a problem. It's the other colors I'm having a bit of difficulty with. I thought I'd tackle the yellow one tonight and this is what I came up with. I LOVE quick and simple cards! And this one sure is both!!

I used the "Sweet Shapes" set. It's not new but it's one I haven't used much. I also need to start using some of the sets I have before I purchase new ones. And I know I'm the only one who does that!!! RIGHT????? LOL

For this card I used So Saffron for the main part. Then I added More Mustard and then the decorative paper. I stamped the design in More Mustard. It's the way the stamp was designed that gives it the different colors on the white card stock. The words are from the set "Hugs & Wishes." And the flowers are from the new punch kit.

Check the post below on how the flowers are made.

Thank you for stopping by,

Make Your Own Fun Flowers!

Ok, get out that scrap paper. Here's a great project to use up some of those pieces. Using the punch from the "Three For You" punch box kit, punch out your flowers. Depending on the size of your scrap card stock you can get one to three flowers per punch. I don't recommend using more than one layer of card stock at a time. It could ruin your punch.

The first time I used my punch it got oil on my card stock. It took 3 punches to get it off. Oil is good for your punches but you need to make sure you wipe it off. Mine was factory oil. I wasn't aware it was there and ruined my flowers.

Ok, for the flowers. After you punched them out place one in the palm of your hand and cup your hand a little. Then take the end of your gel pen and rub the flower in the center, clockwise or counter-clockwise. The flower will curl up. This is a very quick process. Once the flower is curled I used the Mat Pack and tool and poked a hole in the center of the flower and then added the brad. I did have to turn the points of the brads a bit to hide them. You can also take a pair of scissors (ones you don't care about) and snip the ends of the brad. They do cut nicely.

For the leaves I punched out a green flower and cut a pie shaped piece out. I glued the rounded end under the flowers. See the photo in the above post.

I played around with the flowers and snipped between each petal. That added a nice effect too. You can punch them out of white and sponge the edges to what ever color you need. I will try to get a close-up photo of it for you.

Thank you for visiting,

Have fun with these.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Priceless Birthday!

Today I made a fun birthday card using the "Priceless" set and the new decorative papers. I'm still trying to use up the ones from the 6 x 6 pack. I REALLY like the Purely Pomegranate, it's such a fun color to work with and adding it with the Ruby Red brings it up a whole level more!!!

I stamped the butterflies and then cut them out. I also stamped the butterfly on the white square because I wanted the antennas to show. I did cut them off on the ones I cut out. It was too difficult to cut them out along with the butterfly. Doing it this way gives it a little more dimension too.

The "Happy Birthday" words came from the retired "Birthday Best" set. I wanted a small "Happy Birthday" that would fit in the ovals. I didn't want to do any lining up of anything, I just wanted both words together on one stamp and it had to fit inside the small oval punch.

On the background I used the pretty swirly stamp in the set and I used the same color ink as the card stock. Versa Mark just didn't bring out enough color for me.

I added some layers to the card and put it all together. Before I put the butterflies on I took a scissors and curled the wings, much like you do for curling ribbon but do it a little slower. I set them in place using some foam tape but only in the middle of the butterfly.
Thank you for stopping by!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Fun with Scratch Pads

Isn't it fun how you can turn an everyday ordinary object into a fun gift? Or something you can make a few bucks off???
I'm making these for gifts and to sell at the craft fairs I'm doing this fall. For the plum colored one I used Perfect and Pale Plum card stock. Perfect Plum ink and the new "Priceless" set. The words "notes" came from the "Office Accoutrement" set. I wanted the word "notes" on the pad but I wanted it to be a little fancier than just block printing. In that office set there is a stamp that reads "Daily Notes". I only wanted the word "notes" so I used a marker and colored only that part in.

The Chocolate Chip note pad cover was done using the "Doodle This" set. I really miss the "Doodle That" set but I'm leaning more towards the "Priceless" set and in no time I'll have forgotten all about "Doodle That!" I did use a retired word stamp on the brown one, along with retired decorative paper. They are both made the same way and it's VERY quick to cover a scratch pad and yet make it look elegant.

The pattern for this is on Lisa Somerville's blog Splendiferous Creations. I like the pattern because it forms a pocket on the inside and you slip the cardboard part of the scratch pad in it. The paper runs out and you just slip a new one in! So it's not only useful, it's refillable!!! It's great for demonstrators or sales people. Just add your business label to the back and it will be available to the receiver whenever they need it. And since it's refillable they will keep your information for a long time!

This project is great for Craft Fairs, Gifts, Hostess Gifts, Customer Appreciation Gifts and pretty darn inexpensive Make & Takes!

Thank you for stopping by,

Thursday, August 16, 2007

For Many Occasions! & Craft Fair Pricing Tips

This can is a wonderful thing to use for many occasions. This is my first one and it's a "Get Well" one. Inside is a package of Lipton Cup-a-Soup, a package of tissue and Hugs & Kisses. This was SO much fun to make. I am going to make up some for the upcoming fall Craft Fairs and they'd be great for Stamp Camp but you'd better start saving your cans now!! And I think they make wonderful Gifts.

These are Del Monte fruit cans with the pop top. I open them on the bottom with the Pampered Chef can opener. It opens the can on the side, not the inside of the rim. Wash them out good and dry them well. Once they are dry you can fill them with whatever theme you are working with. I'm going to do some with cookies in it for my niece who is going off to college in a few weeks. I'll fill some with candy for her too. We REALLY need to eat more fruit around here now. I NEED cans!!! LOL

Anyway, like I was saying these are great for many occasions. You can even use the smaller cans as well, though I don't think the soup label scaled down that small will be easy to work with!!! I have wanted to do this for a LONG time and after seeing the half a dozen cans on my counter yesterday I realized that I NEEDED to design something so I could have that counter space cleaned off and have a fun gift (this one's a gift) and so I could have some craft fair items. Now before you swamp my email box with questions of how much to charge I will give you the basic rule of thumb for pricing your items. It holds true for most (I did say most) items. You take materials used times 3 and that is how much you charge. Now here's where the "most" comes in. There are those exceptions to the rules. You will sometimes see a similar item you made selling for more. Not just sitting there with a price tag on for a specific amount but actually selling for that amount. Well then you must also charge that amount (hopefully making a profit) and you will make things from scrap, junk, etc. that cost you a few pennies. Hardly worth it to charge a dime for the item. You look at size and similarity out in the market and go from there. And at the end of the craft season and you have merchandise left, contact your local church. They usually do a craft fair of some type and you can donate it to them. You receive a tax write off and you have an empty space to start fresh for the next craft season. That one is a win-win situation!!

Always remember to make it fun. If it's not fun then you have to ask yourself "why am I doing this?"

I forgot to mention about sealing the can. I use Crazy Glue to put the "bottom" of the can on. Be careful you don't get it on your fingers!!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

SC137 Birthday Meow

It's Wednesday and by know you should know what that means!!! It's the new Sketch Challenge (SC) at Splitcoaststampers. I've been doing this challenge for about 10 weeks now and am just loving it. It's SO great to learn and try out new layouts. This one was a lot of fun.

I made this card for my son. His birthday is next month. The original wording is "Happy Birthday from the cat." But I added an "s" on the end of cat because we have 3 of them here and I'm sure they all want to be included in the well wishing!!! LOL

I am SO amazed at how wonderful background papers are. They can make card making go SO fast, especially if you're making more than one card. Well, here I only needed one card but in most cases I make several.

This was a very fun challenge. If you have not tried one go on over there and give it a try. Here's the link to today's challenge.

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Y'all come back now, ya hear???


Here's an awesome contest you don't want to miss!

Found this great contest while I was visiting Sara's Studio you can win a flat screen TV from Best Buy. Have 'til Aug 17 so hurry over to Five Minutes for Mom and leave a comment on the linked page.

Good luck to you!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

RAK Cards

I got these fabulous cards from Sara over at Sara's Studio. Take a moment and check her blog out. She's got quite a few wonderful samples to view!

Aren't they all fabulous?
And we all know which one is my favorite now don't we? You know how much I LOVE snowmen and snowflakes!!!
Tomorrow I'll post the swap cards I received on Sunday! They are fabulous too!
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Bad Weather

We had a little bad weather on Monday night. Here's a view of what we saw (only though the camera lens) in the dark. It hailed for over 5 minutes. My car was outside and it's full of dents. I'll be making a call to the insurance company later in the week. I'm assuming they are swamped with calls right now. It's not like it's not drivable! My flower beds looks like a fancy salad!! LOL And the lawn is ankle deep in green leaves. SO sad but it could have been a lot worse.

The first picture if in the backyard. Click on it to see it closer. The hail piled up from taking a ride down the gutters! It was pretty thick back there in that one spot. It was about that deep in front of the garage door too! Unreal!!!

The second photo shows how big the hail balls were. That's a quarter in the middle. The color of it looks like a penny but I assure you it is a quarter. Look who's face is on the coin, you'll see!!! LOL HUGE, aren't they??? One city over reported golf ball size hail. Ok, now where do you even hide from ones that huge????

And no, I didn't go out there while it was hailing. I waited until it was done. I waited until the rain was pretty much done too so I'm sure these were larger than this but when I got out there this was how big they were!!

When I was in middle school I went on a walk for charity. It was called "A Walk for Mankind." It was a 22 mile walk. During the walk it started to rain and then it hailed. Now those were pea size hail and I'm talking tiny peas. There was no shelter, we were on a walk and at that time we were in the country. Those little tiny hail balls hurt when they hit and I don't even want to begin to imagine how much these things would hurt. But the coolest thing was when I went out there to get them I could see my breath! Almost like winter!!!

And a reminder here to my DH!!! When the sirens go off it doesn't mean to pull the covers up around your neck and go back to sleep!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

A Busy and Fun Sunday!

It was DIVA Day and I was at my upline's place for a good pampering. We did a project and made some cards, had a fabulous dinner, shared business ideas, projects/cards that we've been working on and had a card swap. The time just flies by and you don't want to go home. SO we took a vote and next month we are all moving in with Sue!! LOL

Here are a couple of the cards we made. I used the alphabet letters "G" from the "Defining Alphabet" set and from the set "Define Your Life" I used the "gratitude" one. This is a nice combination of sets. There's SO many cards you can make using these two sets. I have the "Define Your Life" so I guess my next purchase will be the "Defining Alphabet" set!!! This was a VERY fun and easy card to make!!!

The next card was SO cute and clever! We used the flower punch from the new "Three for You Punch Box" to make the flower (of course) and to make the frog!!! Yes, the frog is a flower. You just punch him out of green (a bit darker than the oval punch that was used for the Lily pad) and you tuck the flower behind the Lily pad until the two side bumps come up. It's easier to understand what I mean by looking at the photo. Isn't it just the cutes???

And the final photo here is the frame we made. It's a wooden frame and we traced the wood (outside and inside) onto card stock and cut it out. Then stamped it using the new "Sanded" background stamp. What a fun stamp that is!!! Once it was stamped it was then glued in place using the "Anywhere Glue Stick" by Stampin' Up! What a fabulous invention that is!!! We used the new corners punch, added some brads to that and attached it. Added some words as you see in the photo and it was done. The edges were sanded and sponged before the accesories were put on. We all know how much I LOVE sponging!!! Isn't this just the most adorable frame? Sue is SO creative. I SO look forward to the DIVA Day. I get to visit with my fellow demonstrators too. We don't get to see each other much and it's always nice to catch up when we're together. Sue has such a wonderful group of demonstrators under her.

As with all of my photos, just click on any one of
them to view them up closer!

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The Winner Has Come Forward

Barb R has sent me an email with her snail mail address and she will be receiving the package in her mail box in a few days!! I added some extra items to it as I said I would.

Along with the Coluzzle Circle Cutter, Mat and Swivel Blade I added some Rhinestone Brads, a couple of the famous Michael's clear stamps sets with a clear block, a spool of green polka dot ribbon and some double sided adhesive.

Thanks SO much for making this 100,000 Hits such fun. It was SO exciting for me to see that happen to my blog!

The next Blog Candy will be to commemorate 111,111 hits. It will be another "Eye on the Counter" event! I hope to have some silly thing for you all to play by then. I know how much you love those challenges!!!

Congratulations to you Barb and watch your mail box later in the week!

Thanks again,

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Altering "things" can be a lot of fun and sometimes it can be frustrating too!!

I found/purchased these cute little Sponge Bob note paper holders at Target in their Dollar Spot with the intentions of altering them. They went pretty well but the frustrating part of this was the decorative paper. Double sided paper is not as easy to work with when it comes to folding and fitting. But I did manage and this is what I came up with. The letters are from the "Alphabits" set and the flowers that I cut out were on the back side of the decorative paper I used.

I did remove the paper and added my own. It was leftover paper from an altered item I did some time ago. I used it because I thought it went well with the decorative paper. White paper inside would look fabulous too!

To figure out the decorative paper I just laid the item on the paper and rolled it until it met where I started. I added an inch extra for taping/gluing. I used the snips to cut away the top center part of the front. I then used an emery board to smooth off the edges.

I added the ribbon and then the lettering.

There's a lot of ways to decorate this cute little box and I believe you could use coasters and make your own too!

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mini Photo Album

I was doing some moving of stuff around today and ran across some of these fabulous little mini photo albums so I thought I'd play with one when I finished my task. Well, the album kept calling to me and I did not finish the task. I still have a few things to put back in the storage closet but I'm not sure they will fit in it. I found lots of stuff to play with but this is what I chose to leave out.

I think I got the albums a while ago from Oriental Trading Company.

Don't use your tape runner across the cover, use it on your paper or card stock. My tape runner took some of the cover with it as I was rolling it. I think these covers are paper mache. They are pretty firm like chipboard but they are brown like the paper mache stuff. Anyway, don't use your tape runner directly on it.

I put the Whisper White and Soft Sky card stock in the snowflake Cuddlebug folder. I liked the texture on it. For those of you demonstrators who don't want to use the Cuddlebug folder for your album, you can get a nice effect by using the Snowflake Jumbo Wheel. For the Soft Sky side use White Craft Ink and for the Whisper White side use the Soft Sky ink.

I used the Giga scallop punch and a large circle punch. I did cut out the snowman and used dimensionals to attach it to the white. I colored the tree with the new Wild Wasabi color and then in the darker areas I added Garden Green. It seemed to be the color that looked best with the Wasabi.

I masked the tree off and stamped the snowflakes in the background. I used Soft Sky for them. The snowman was colored in using the new in colors and a blender pen. I put the album together and then taped the scalloped piece on so I could make sure it was centered to the eye!

This was a fun little project to do and it sure beat arranging that storage closet!!! LOL

Thank you for stopping by,

Blog Candy Winner!!!

WOW, sorry if I stirred up a few repressed memories for some of you!!! LOL Hope you didn't have any nightmares remembering the scary movie!!!

The blog candy winner is Barb and here is her post:

barb said...
Congrats on your 'hits'! Just found your blog a couple of weeks ago and I love it. I quit watching all scary movies after seeing 'The Exorcist' as a teen! I had to laugh about the Wizard of Oz, too. My folks always say that they knew when the witch and monkeys part came on... my 2 brothers and I ran from the TV room to find them! Ha! We were soooo scared :).

I have to agree with you on the Exorcist too Barb. It freaked me out for a LONG time. Isn't it amazing what an impact movies have on us, especially the scary ones?? I still don't like to go outside in the dark late at night. The faucet is on the other side of the house, and of course it's the dark side too!! LOL And last night at 11:00 the sprinkler was still going and I HAD to go out there and shut it off. No moon, no street light, not even a light from the neighbors windows. And of course the faucet is almost behind an overgrown shrub. LOL Time to trim the shrubs and maybe think about some solar lighting on that side of the house. But then again is it good to see what's there in the dark or isn't it??? LOL

Anyway, Barb you need to email me with your snail mail address so I can send you the Blog Candy you saw on the post plus a few extra things I've been adding in since I posted it! You'll REALLY like your package!!

Thanks to all of you for playing. There will be more, I promise!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Don't Let These Gems Pass You By!

WOW, I almost let this gem pass me by. I didn't pay attention to the technique last week and almost missed out on the 2-5-7-10 box!!! It's such an easy box to make. It takes a full sheet of card stock and you just score at 2-5-7-10 inches and then turn and score at it at the long sides at 2 & 7 inches. You cut away some part and put it together. I couldn't believe how quick and fun this box is.

For mine I used the Snowflakes jumbo wheel by Stampin' Up!. My card stock color was Soft Sky and so was the ink I wheeled on. Then I wheeled on some white craft ink and set it aside to dry. I made the design for the front while the white was drying. Does it look familiar?? I just LOVE this snowman. Actually there aren't too many snowmen I don't LOVE!!! I also made the tag while the white was drying. I'm sure the white was dry but I figured I'd just make the tag anyway so that I would be sure it's all dry and I could assemble it when I was ready for it.

The tag stamp is from the new Holiday Mini catalog, it's called "Tags for All". And the BEST part of these stamps was they were already cut out. All the stamps in the new mini are die cut and ready for you to remove them from the rubber and set them on the wood. I hope they do all of their stamps like that from now on!!! It sure made putting the sets together easier. Imagine this, getting all the sets put together in a reasonable amount of time!!! That would be a first for me!!! LOL

OK, back to the box. Once I got the box assembled I trimmed the top flap a bit so I could do a double scallop. I taped that in place and punched holes for the ribbon. I used my Crop-a-Dial and added my eyelets. That was the first time I've ever put eyelets on something without hammering them!!! I love how the punch side went through the two layers with ease. Not to mention how easy it was to set the eyelet in place. What a fabulous piece of equipment that is!!! One of my favorites!

Now my box is ready to fill and tie shut! I'm going to be making a lot of these!! This was one simple and adorable box!!! These would be fabulous for Craft Fairs or Make N Takes too!!

The tutorial for this box is available at SplitCoastStampers. Here you'll find the minor details to making this simple box.

Don't forget to leave your comment for the 100,000 Hits Blog Candy!

Thank you for stopping by!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Oh Meow!!!

Again I'm playing with the new "Outlaw" decorative papers from Stampin' Up! They're SO rich looking. And add the new "in" colors and the combinations area almost endless.

This was the new Wednesday Sketch Challenge at Split Coast Stampers. I got mine in a bit late but at least I did finish it. It was a very unusual layout for me to work with. I guess that's why they call it a challenge. Well, I sure was challenged on this one!!

OK, here's the funny part of this card. I take the yarn ball stamp and I tape off the little sting of yarn part on it and stamp the ball using black Staz-on. I was planning on using my blender pen and the Groovy Guava ink pad to color it. I took some white yarn and a sponge and held the yarn between the ink pad and the sponge and pulled it through to dye the yarn. I did it a few times and then took a paper towel and pulled the yarn through it a few times to get the excess ink off. Then I wrapped that nicely stamped ball (LOL) with the yarn. Sometimes I amuse myself!!! Anyway, the main thing here was that I did get a flat "ball" of yarn to affix to my card. cutting out the mouse tail was a challenge too but with those wonderful Snips by Stampin' Up! I was able to do it without much difficulty.

The cat is cut out and set in place with Dimensionals. I looked at the other submissions for this sketch and I think "I could have done that, or should have done that." I'm sure you do that too. Comparing our work to someone else doesn't help us out any. What we need to do is look at other's work and admire what they have come up with and learn from it. Take little piece of their work and add it to yours and in no time you have original ideas!!! Seriously!!! I am finding these sketch challenges to be very helpful to me. Most of them that I've participated in I have used in other cards I've made. It's nice to have some different layouts. I'm such a creature of habit that some change is good for me. To me change isn't always good but when I'm willing or open to it then I can handle it!!! It's got to be on my terms!!! LOL

But the most important thing to remember when you are stamping is "HAVE FUN!" If it isn't fun then why are you doing it?

So get busy creating and HAVE FUN!

Thanks for stopping by,

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Notebook & Beaded Pen from the New Stuff

After I made and posted the 3" x 6" card last night I was still in awe over the beautiful colors of the "Outlaw" decorative papers from Stampin' Up! I have a few odd size notebooks sitting around here waiting for something to be done with them and this was just that "something" they were waiting for!!!

I used Close to Cocoa for the main part of the notebook (front and back). I added a layer of Blue Bayou. I'm REALLY loving that color! And the Outlaw paper just popped when it was set on top of that blue! I took a scrap of Blue Bayou and punched it out with a Giga scalloped punch. Then I did the same with darker piece of decorative paper from the same pack.

For the letter I used the "Headline Alphabet" set by Stampin' Up! I used a scrap piece of Groovy Guava and sponged a little Creamy Caramel and Close to Cocoa on it to "dirty" it up a bit. I didn't want it as bright, bold or clean looking as it was. I used my VersaMark pad and stamped the letter then I embossed it in clear embossing powder. I cut the letter out and tied an organza bow to it. I couldn't get any other ribbon to tie that nicely. It's too bad Stampin' Up! retired those.

I added a couple of Primas that I also "dirtied" up with sponging. I added a tiny blue rhinestone to the center of it. I set the Blue Bayou piece down first and then added the darker one on top, moving it over just a little to expose less than 1/4" of it. I added the letter with Dimensionals and glued the flower in place. I tied a ribbon on the decorative paper.

The little silver oval was something I found at Joann's. It has 4 prongs on the back of it. I found it a bit difficult to work with. I printed the words on my computer and used a small enough font so the words fit within it. I printed one out on white copier paper and then I taped a piece of the decorative paper to the copier paper over the space where the words were. I ran it through the printer again and now I have the words on my decorative paper. I used the foam part of my Mat Pack and pressed the words and oval together. It was easy enough to line up. I wanted to add Crystal Effects to the oval but I wasn't sure if the printer ink would run or not so I just left it. I'll save that experiment for another time. Though I thought it would give it an Epoxy look. I put the whole thing on top of my mat (minus the notebook) and pressed the prongs in place. Then I turned it over and bent the prongs so the oval would be secure. I attached that final layer to the notebook and it was done!!

For the pen I put a piece of a double sided sticky sheet to it. I precut the sheet and I also precut the decorative paper. I removed the protective layer from the sticky sheet and added the decorative paper. Then I added another piece of sticky sheet and removed the protective layer and rolled the pen in the micro beads. I like these pens but I've found the beads don't always like to stay on so I used the Crystal Effects and put a light layer over the beads . I pushed the tip of the pen in a piece of Styrofoam and let it dry. Now if you're going to try this on your pen, have your Styrofoam ready before hand. And use a soft bristle brush. Only go over the area once or the brush (no matter how soft it is) will pick the beads right up off the pen. You don't want that. Just give it a quick brush across the beaded area, turn and repeat until it's covered and then let it dry. I don't know the drying time for this. I let mine set overnight only because it was my last project for the night and I was off to bed. Most things with Crystal Effects take about 20 minutes to dry so I'd say for this check it after about a half hour. Lightly touch it.

I now have a fun gift ready to send to someone who took some time out of her busy to day to help me out. It was truly appreciated. For a closer view just click on the photo. I belive this feature works with all the photos I post!

Thank you for stopping by,

Blog Candy!!!

It's time to do the Blog Candy. I did have a silly little "thing" for you to comment on but Window's VISTA and my HP scanner/printer are not communicating. I'm going to have to get a REAL Geek to look at it for me. I can run programs and I can usually find my way around a program but when it comes to things going wrong, well lets not even go there. I feel my blood pressure rise at the very though!!! LOL

Ok, so the Blog Candy to celebrate 100,000 hits is the same as the Blog Candy for the "Eye on the Counter." I will run this until Saturday afternoon and I'll do a random drawing. Each day I'll add stuff to the "candy" just to fatten it up a bit. I mean 100,000 hits is a LOT!!!

SO you must leave a comment on this post only to be in the drawing. Tell me what was the scariest movie you ever saw. Mine was a just a few years ago. I've seen a lot of scary movies but this one gave me nightmares!!! The movie was "Wrong Turn." A cross between "Deliverance" and "Texas Chainsaw Massacre." My older sister will tell me hers was the "Wizard of Oz." She would have nightmares as a child after watching this. And I'm pretty sure to this day she has not watched a scary movie since!!! LOL And I have to admit, I don't think I've seen a scary movie since "Wrong Turn" !!
So, what was the scarriest movie you ever saw?

Thanks for playing!!!

And The Winner Is . . . .

Pat S. is the lucky winner of the Coluzzle circle cutter, pad and knife!!! She had copied over the page and emailed it to me!!! Really makes the 100,000 look official now!!! How cool is this??

Pat will be sending me her snail mail address and I will get her prize out to her soon.

And the celebration continues!!! I will be posting Blog Candy to celebrate this auspicious occasion!!!

Thanks SO much to all of you who come to visit my blog. It truly does mean a lot to me.

Hugs to you,

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Everything New!

This card was a real challenge for me. I agreed to be in a swap. The card is to be made with a piece of card stock measuring 6" x 6" and then fold it in half. At least one layer and one of the new ribbons must be used. The rest is up to you. Well, the challenge for me is the size of this card. I'm not use to working much outside of the 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" cards. This size is new to me. The decorative paper, ribbon, card stock and embellishments are all new to me!!

It was a fun challenge for me but I think I'm going to stick to the standard size cards. I have more envelopes to go with those!!! LOL

Thank you for visiting my blog,

Blog Candy!

My blog has hit and surpassed the 100,000 mark!!! Thanks to all of you faithful visitors! I have lots of new things to post in the upcoming weeks. And I will also be posting some Blog Candy tomorrow night to commemorate the 100,000 hits! I have to find something fun for you to do for the Blog Candy. Everything comes with a price!!! LOL I have some pressing business and am unable to get to it tonight. I have a fabulous HP scanner that is not cooperating with my Windows VISTA. HATE that program. I'm slowly learning it and as I learn it I shake my head and wonder why they felt the need to change some of the things they did when it all gets you back to where you wanted to be in the first place. But the first place took a bit of looking around to get to. New names for old things. Personally I feel I the program is wasting my time. Don't they realize that we like familiarity? Some change is good but not like this. I need to jump on my computer and go. NOT with Windows VISTA. Most of my favorite software is now obsolete and I MUST purchase upgrades or new programs. Such a waste too. It's all totally frustrating. And the sad thing is we can't do anything about it. WOW, what a rant that was!!!! Wait till I tell how how I REALLY feel!!!

Check back tomorrow and I'll have the blog candy posted!! And your mind challenging task!! Can't forget that!

Thanks to all of you!

In response to Pat S. No, I didn't upgrade to Windows VISTA. It came with the computer. I could remove it and put Windows XP on but eventually I will have to use the VISTA. This operating software also does not come on a restore disk. You MUST make your own. It required a rewritable CD but it won't record to it. After much time on the phone with company I am told I need to put it on a DVD. And if I lose that disk, well . . . it's going to cost a lot of money to get a new Windows Vista to restore my computer. Makes me want to make two copes. I mean, what if one gets scratched??? And from what I figured, should my hard drive crash and I need to purchase a new one I might or might not be able to install the software on to it. All this because people were sharing their copy of Windows. Maybe if they make the cost of it less everyone could afford their own!! Oops, ya got me going again!!! LOL

Monday, August 06, 2007

Happy Birthday to You!

Oh my, I'm SO far behind on birthday cards. I'm spending my evening making a bunch of them to have some on hand. I thought I did have some on hand but I used them all. I'm playing with the "Year After Year" set by Stampin' Up! And the new decorative papers too!!! Just lovin' those papers!!!

This is a pretty simple card to make. It's made the same way I did the one I posted yesterday. I chose that layout because I wanted a quick card but I didn't want a card that looked like I made it in a hurry!!

Don't forget about the "Eye on the Counter" Blog Candy!!!

Photo to be posted soon.

Thank you for stopping by,