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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Friends Are Like Flowers Card

I really like this "Friends Are Like Flowers" set by Stampin' Up! I haven't played with it much. Honestly, I have a LOT of sets I can say that about!!! SO sad. I just wanted to make a soft spring like card and I think this filled the bill!!!

This card was a pretty quick card to make. And I NEVER just make one. You have to make at least two. After all you dug out all those supplies you might as well make more than one!!! I think it takes longer to get the stuff out and figure out how you want the card to look than it does to make the card! I was going to add some color around the watering can and flowers but I decided I just wanted it to have a "clean" look to it.

Thank you for looking!

What Is It? Blog Candy Mystery Item Revealed

The time has come to reveal the mystery item!!! I have to say this has been such a hoot for me! Every time I opened my email and saw another guess on this item I would just smile. Some of them really made me laugh!!! Thanks to all of you who submitted your guesses. A few of you have guessed it correctly!

This item is the plastic piece from a gallon milk jug. It's the part between the handle and the jug itself. It serves absolutely NO purpose, though I did find it worked well for two things. One was a substitute bone folder and two was for this Blog Candy question!

I used the Random Number Generator to pick the lucky winner. Each entry was treated as a number and the lucky number drawn was entry #32. And here is the comment #32 left:

"Hmmmm....this morning when I looked at it, it looked like a still does, however, you said it serves no I must admit I am stumped!! Maybe it is a piece of foam that was on the back of a barrette?? Debbie J. "

Debbie J. Please send me your email. You can find my email address in the about me section of this blog or just enter it in a comment on any post. I moderate each one of them so you don't have to worry about your address being posted on here.

Thank you to all of you for your comments and for checking in on my blog. I'm sure you're all busy working on your "Weekend Project!"

Monday I will be posting more Blog Candy. I have hit 100+ posts this year so far and it's a good thing to celebrate too! There will be another Blog Candy after that one and by the time those two are done I will probably be posting yet another one to mark the 40,000 hits mark. The more you view my blog the more hits it gets and the quicker the numbers go up! Check in often!

Thanks again!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Weekend Project! Note Tote

Remember the "Eat Cake" birthday card I posted on March 8th? Click here to refresh your memory!!! It looks a lot like the front of this Note Tote!

This tote is VERY simple to make and it only takes one sheet of card stock too! For this tote I used the new "Petals" wheel from the Spring Mini Catalog. I took Regal Rose card stock and went over it with the wheel using Regal Rose ink. VersaMark is an option but it didn't show up as well. Sometimes you just have to use the matching ink and this is one of those times. Once I covered the card stock I scored it as follows:

On the long sides score once side at 1 1/2" inches (this is the top of the tote) and the other at 1" (this is the bottom). Turn the card stock and score as follows:

With the top part of the card stock at the top of your scoring mat, and starting at the left, make your first score 1" in. Your next score is at 5 1/4", the third score is at 6 1/4" and the final score is at 10 1/2". For the final score you may want to turn your card stock around and score at a half inch, it may be a little easier to do it that way.

On the 1/2" scored side you will be snipping away the top and bottom corners (on the right side of the card stock). This is the only cutting away you will be doing. You will need to snip the score lines at the bottom of the tote. Snip them just up to the 1" fold line. You will be making a total of 3 snips. At the top you will need to make score lines to aid in the folding of the tote. For this you will need to refer to the diagram. Once you have completed all the scoring fold your tote on these lines so they are not so stiff.

To assemble the tote begin by putting some strong tape (preferably the Sticky Strip by Stampin' Up!) on the back side of the half inch score on the right side. Line up the left side with the right side and secure in place. The 1/2" fold should be on the inside of the tote. Next you will be securing the bottom of the tote. Fold the small flaps in and then the outside ones over them. Here you will see which long ones goes in first. The back side goes in first so you will be taping the front side and securing the bottom piece. Once you have completed that you will be working the score lines at the top to form an angel. Press the sides in with your index fingers and pinch the edges. Holding the top shut, punch your holes for the brads. Open the top up and punch a hole in each of the sides for the ribbon. I used a very small circle punch to do this. Not too small that you can't run the ribbon through but note a regular size hole punch or you will have to make several HUGE knots to keep the ribbon in place.

You are now ready to decorate your tote. I made an extra card front for mine and just added it to the front of the tote. I put 4 cards in the tote along with 4 envelopes. I used pink brads to close the top and the rose grosgrain ribbon for the handle. It makes a great gift for your hostess, a great selling item at craft fairs (be sure to put the Stampin' Up! copyright on it or whatever company stamps you are using - you MUST give the proper credit in any project you do) and last but not least it is a very nice Stamp Camp project!

I hope you have fun making these. I'd LOVE to see what you come up with. If you care to share your fabulous totes you can contact via email or simply just leave me a comment and I'll get back to you, as long as you leave me an email address there. I moderate ALL comments so I will not post those with email addresses or personal questions in them. As long as you leave me an address to contact you back. When these comments come to me in my email I only have a first name and no other information. That is why it is difficult to respond to questions unless I have an address to reply back to! Simple as that! Anyway, I'd LOVE to see what you come up with, after all it is YOUR turn!!

Thanks for looking!
Oops, I forgot to add here. You can add a bow to the top center between the brads. I was originally going to hold it closed with a ribbon but then some people just like to open it and look in and then you have to try to tie the bow nicely again so I figured brads would work better to keep it shut and just add a bow if you want one. Obviously I didn't want one but one can be added!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hot Off the Worktable

I just finished this card up last night. It was a personal challenge for me. I'm one of those who finds a decorative paper in the pack that is my favorite and the rest just sit there. So my challenge was to pick one of the sheets that I probably would get the least or no use out of and use it. And again with the "Doodle This" set I worked up this card. I used the words from one of the stamps in the "Greetings Galore" set. A little sponging, cutting and punching and I had a fairly quick card. Much to my surprise! And get this, I actually liked the paper. Shocker, huh?? I'm not a big fan of monochromatic cards but this one I can actually live with!!

Thank you for looking!

Blog Candy!

Only two more days until you find out who the winner is of the Blog Candy! I will be using the Random Number Selector to pick the winner. This will be SO much easier than printing them out and drawing a name. I wonder if it would work for the lottery???

Anyway! Click here to be directed to the Blog Candy Question post and leave your answer there!

Oh and also on Saturday you will find out what that "thing" really is!! This has been such a fun giveaway! I love your guesses!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bubble Queen Card

This is a card I made using the "Bubble Queen" set by Stampin' Up! The background has tiny flowers stamped on it with Versa Mark. I think if you click on the photo you'll be able to see it close-up. Don't look too close though!!!

I used the Coluzzle to cut the circles. When using this I recommend that you turn the Coluzzle so that the ends you need to snip are at the sides. One side is cut off and the other side is hidden under the square piece. This way your circle will appear to be perfect!

I used some decorative paper on this one too. I wanted a little more color and design but nothing too distracting! I think this paper did the trick! Adding a few round buttons kept with the "bubble" theme.

A very fun card to make, though it took a bit of time to punch all those holes in it with the Mat Pack.

Thank you for looking!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fan Mail!!!

Look what I got in the mail today!!! Lucky me!!!!

To be honest here I have never made a long card! This card measures 8" x 9 1/4" and it fits in a legal size envelope!! Something new (to me) that I'm going to have to try! There's tiny Prima flowers, brads and small gems on this adorable card!

I got this fabulous card from Lauri over at I Lie, Cheat and CASE Don't you just LOVE the name of her blog. Honest to the bone! Now me on the other hand . . . a pure angel!!! LOL Okay, there's the "Lie" part!!!

Take a look at her wonderful blog. She's got a lot of great samples to see!

Thanks Lauri for the fabulous card!

Thanks to all of you for checking in on my blog!

This is SO Much Fun!!!

I am LOVING the comments on the "mystery" item for the Blog Candy!!! Some of them make me laugh out loud, so I try not to enter them too late at night.

Mara, honestly!!!! I just crack up every time I read your guess!!! And with the description of the item, all I can say to your comment is OUCH!!!

And Mental Pausing Crafter!!!! Now that's REALLY being creative. LOL

I'm just lovin' this! Thanks SO much to all of you for making my day!!!

I will be posting more Blog Candy when this one is done. Yup, you guessed it. Another mile marker!!! I hit 100+ post this month! And of course I'll have another item for you to identify!!! This one was SO much fun I think I'll try it again! But next time it won't be so easy!!! LOL

Thanks again!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Bar Code Card

I had borrowed some card stock from a fellow demonstrator and I wanted to give her a "Thank You" card for doing me that favor. Thanks SO much Denise!!! You know how much I HATE to mention names on here!!!! *insert cheesy grin here!*

This touches on my topic of to Prima or not to Prima. I say NOT!!! I have LOTS of silk flowers. I just took them apart, sponged on my color and used Crystal Effects to "glue" them on the card and the button in the middle.

The card looks shiny because I embossed the background stamp with White embossing powder and I sponged in the color. The words on this stamp came out better when it was done on white as opposed to doing it on the pink card stock. Why? I don't know. The only thing I can figure is the colored card stock is a bit more porous than the white!

Thank you for looking!

PDF Files for Shopping Cart Notebooks

Okay, I think I have to stick with the long link until I figure out what I did wrong with the other one. I tested this one out and it works!

Click below the link to the PDF file with just lines

And click below to link to the PDF file with both lines and "Shopping List" on it

It's Blog Candy Time!

Here it is!! Yes, yet another mail box!!! They keep popping up around here. You think I would have done something with them when I bought them! I think I finished one or two of them. I am saving a couple for Christmas but the rest I will post on here when my blog hits mile markers!!! So to make that happen you just continue to visit my blog and as the numbers continue to go up and I will continue to post Blog Candy. How many times can you use the word "continue in one paragraph???" LOL

Ok, what's in the mail box??? There are some REALLY pretty Accent brand yarns, baby charms, butterfly charms and a little sewing kit embellishment. It's covered a bit by the butterfly/dragonfly charms. Under it is a tiny pair of charm scissors that are SO cute. There is also some fall charms in the foreground (left) and in the middle is a package of square antique brads!

How do I get these you ask? Well, you just answer a question and your name goes into a drawing.
What's the question??? The question is on the blog posted below this one.

Please add your comments to that post only. Your comments will be moderated and posted and the drawing will be on Saturday March 30th around 3:00 pm CDT.
PLEASE don't look at other's comments before you post your guess!

Good luck to you and thanks for checking in on my blog!

Blog Candy Question

Okay, here it is! Your question is "What is this item?" You can be as creative as you like but please keep it clean!!

This item measures 2 3/4" long and at it's widest part it measures 13/16". It is 3/16" thick in the middle and 1/16" thick on each end. It is made of white molded plastic. It is a bit pliable but it won't bend or break in the middle! And it serves no purpose! What is it???

I will tell you what it is not. It is not a bone folder though it does work well as one!!!

And to win the Blog Candy you do NOT need to have the correct answer! Names will be drawn randomly!

Have fun!

1:40 p.m.

I'm adding this little note to this post. A few of you have submitted the correct answer but I have not published your comment yet. I will publish it soon. The creative replies have been a hoot! So what I'm going to do is ask those of you who are going to be adding a comment NOT to look at the other's comments until you have submitted yours!!! It will take the fun out of it!!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Talented Friends

I was at a stamping event tonight. It's a monthly event my upline puts on for us. It's called DIVA Day. And I don't remember what the DIVA acronym means. But I'm sure Sue will send me an email tomorrow reminding me!!!! We all look forward to our DIVA Day! We are spoiled. There's cards to make, dinner, chatting, laughing, a short business meeting and "show and tell."

This is a frame my friend Gerry made. I just LOVE it! She's a fabulous stamper and a sweet person too! Yes, this is the same Gerry I borrowed the shopping cart stamp from! And it's the same Gerry who's going to borrow me the stamp set so I can make one of these too!!! *winks*

Thank you Gerry for letting me show the world your beautiful work!

Thank you all for checking in on my blog!

Blog Candy!

Tomorrow I will be posting the blog candy for my 30,000+ hits!!! I'd better do it soon before it goes to 40,000! And this is all because of you who come and check in on my blog. I appreciate it VERY much and hope you continue to stop by!

Stay tuned!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Shopping List Notebook

Who can't use a shopping list? I made these using the "Wheel Thing" set. I know it's retired but there are some sets that I find I can have some fun with. Personally I did not purchase this set. I borrowed the shopping cart stamp from my friend Gerry. I will be seeing her on Sunday and I'll be returning her stamp to her along with one of these shopping list notebooks.

I will be posting this on Splitcoast in a few days and along with it I'll be posting the PDF file of the pages for the inside of the notebook. It prints out in 3 columns so you don't need to print out too many pages to get a notebook filled!

These are great for craft fairs, gifts and for your own personal use!
Click here to the link to the PDF file with the lines and words
Click here to the link to the PDF file with only the lines so you can add your own words or artwork

Thank you for looking!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Doodle That Mini Notebooks

These are altered notebooks. I had gotten them at the Dollar Spot at Target. And yes, they still have more!!!!

They come in a package of two and they are from the "Hello Kitty" series. The covers have a shine to them so I sanded them down a little so the "Anywhere Glue Stick" from Stampin' Up! would work on it.

I opened up the book, took off the key chain and then traced the outline. As I was gluing the decorative paper to it I realized that the paper was too short so I cut it down the middle and added the contrasting card stock to the spine to hide my error. But now the whole world knows my secret!!! I used a small punch for the snaps and I just kept punching around the first punch until the hole was almost big enough. I just pushed the decorative paper under the snap after I got the glue on. This way it doesn't show the choppy hole I made! Again, another secret the whole world now knows!!! I stamped a few of the little flowers from "Doodle That", cut them out and glued them on too! I punched a hole in the spine and put the key chain back on. The second one went a lot smoother and quicker!

These were very fun and the best thing about these is the nice key chain. I plan to hang one from either my keys or my purse handle. I don't like having to dig for a piece of paper to write something down quickly. Too bad it didn't come with a tiny pen! I'll still have to dig for that!!!

Thanks for looking!

I Saw 2 New Things Yesterday!

Yesterday I ventured out and I saw my first two robins of the season! Poor little things. It's still a bit chilly here in Minnesota for the bugs to be available to these birds. And I went shopping and I saw my first Primas. I was more impressed with the birds!!! I was looking at these little flowers and wondering what the big deal is with them. When I got home I looked at my silk flowers and realized that I could probably use those and get the same results. So this weekend I'm going to give it a shot and see what I get. I'll post it on here and let you see it and tell me what you think!!!

It's Time for Blog Candy Again!!!

My blog has reached 30,000+ hits because of you. Tomorrow I will post some blog candy and something fun for you to comment on and next week I'll draw a name!

Stay tuned!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Artfully Asian Card

I saw a card on Splitcoast by "Vitality" I used the floral background and white embossing powder on white card stock. I then sponged in Lovely Lilac. Sponging it in gave the lilac an even softer look. I used a blender pen and colored the flowers in Lovely Lilac too. I added a little Mellow Moss on the tiny leaves. Then I stamped white craft ink on the black, ran the white through the crimper, added the brads and taped it all together. It actually was a pretty simple card to make!!! I did find a better way to use my crimper. I find it VERY difficult to hold it and run my paper through and try to keep it straight. SO I took a wide rubber band and put it around the handle to hold it tight. Then I ran my paper though. I was able to hold the paper with one hand and wind the handle with the other! A simple fix for a problem I've had with this for a very long time!!!
Here is the link to "Vitality's" card:
Thank you for looking!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Little Look Back Notebook

This is among my favorite notebooks. This is a retired Stampin' Up! stamp. I want to say "Summer Sketches" but I don't remember the name of the set. I still have it somewhere and only use it to make these notebooks! Anyway, I felt it fit SO well with the notebook theme. The words are by Penny Black and I felt they also went well with the notebook theme! When I make the beaded pens for this I use a tiny little feather pen stamp. I can make about a dozen images on the small label piece for the pen. It just seems to complete the set!

Thank you for looking!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Doodle That Recipe/Note Holder

This is a tumbled tile affixed with the Stampin' Up! "Sticky Strip." Now that is some fabulous tape there!!!

These tiles are very easy to do. I stamped the image with black Staz-on ink and let it dry for a minute just to be sure. Then I took markers and colored in the areas I wanted. I sponged with the ink pad and that is it. You must make sure that these tiles are the tumbled ones and not the glazed ones. For glazed ones you need to use ALL Staz-on colors. I didn't put a finish over the top of this. You can use an acrylic spray finish but you need to start your first few sprays at least 10 inches away and only get a light mist over it each time. If you were to just spray it, the Staz-on will run and make a mess. You can use clear contact paper over the top of this too!

These are great for holding recipes, notes, to display your finished card samples, to hold place cards. There are TONS of things you can use these for!

The tiles come in a large square from Menards, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. You need to remove the mesh backing before you begin.

These are great for a Make & Take, Stamp Camp, Craft Fairs and for Gift Giving!

Thank you for looking!


A lot of you have been asking where you can get the notebooks (both sizes). I make them myself. If you are interested in purchasing some please email me here and I will send you the details. The small ones are the ones you see in the following post, just scroll down.

Attention SPAMMERS, gMail has a fabulous filtering system and I will not be getting any of your junk mail!

GMail is a great place to have an email address with. They give you SO much free space to receive and store large emails. And the space gets bigger all the time. But best of all, they filter out the JUNK for you!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Doodle That Small Notebooks

Here are three of the little notebooks I've made. These measure 2.5" by 2.5". They're great for your purse! I just took pink and white organza ribbon and threaded it through a large plastic darning needle and ran it around the coils and it created nice little bumps. I need to finish off the other two the same way. They are just sweet little notebooks! I just can't get enough of the Doodle sets! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they show up in the new catalog! I sell a LOT of these little notebooks at craft fairs!

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Doodle This Notebook & Pen

I was just having some fun with the Doodle This set. I saw a card done something like this and ran with it! I added a little of "Doodle That" to it too. The tiny flowers are from the "Doodle That" set. I used Dimensionals under the large flower, added a few brads, some decorative paper and of course you need to make a matching pen. I used the "Petals" jumbo wheel for the pen and the background of the notebook! Lots of fun here!

Thank you for looking!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sweet & Sassy Card

This was actually a quick card to make. I wasn't too sure I liked the polka dots on the bottom but when I stepped back from it and looked at it I could see that it did go well with the top dots after all! Both background colors are decorative papers. Once again I'm using them and not hoarding them!!! The "Sweet & Sassy" set is from Stampin' Up! and it's a very nice set to work with. Not a whole lot of coloring and you get a nice image for your cards!

Thank you for looking!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Doodle This Weekend Project!

Here's a fun project for the weekend! These make great gifts and sell well at craft fairs! I will be posting the PDF file for this on Splitcoaststampers and will add a link to it here when I figure out how I did it before. It takes me a while to remember how to do something again unless I've done it more than a couple of times. I'm not that computer savvy!!

Anyway, for those of you who have taken time to check out my entire blog, way down towards it's beginning I posted some snowman note holders. I had gotten those at Michael's and "altered" them. Well, since Michael's no longer carries them I decided to make my own. This way I won't have to pay that much for the item or run to every Michael's in my area (3 of them!!!) to purchase all I can! And think of the gas money I'm saving too!!! These are made from chipboard! EVERYONE has chipboard. Check your cupboard. All of your cereal, cake mixes, boxed dinners, etc. are made from chipboard! SO run to your recycling and dig out your cereal boxes!! They have now become a precious commodity!!!

The link to the PDF file with complete instructions to make this will be posted soon. In the meantime you can cut your copier paper to 3" by 4". You'll need at least 50 to 60 pieces, more depending on how full you want the box.

Okay, here's the link to the PDF file I posted on SplitCoastStampers! Have fun!!

I am just LOVING these "Doodle" sets! And the paper that goes along with it!!

Thank you for looking!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Noble Deer Card

After I finished my swap cards I made this one and liked it a lot better. If you click on the photo you'll get a better view of the card. I used the Linen stamp on the background of both white pieces. It gave it more of a painted canvas look. I used Sahara Sand with the Linen stamp and I did stamp off once because I wanted just a hit of the image. I did a lot of sponging on this one too. I made two of these and the first one I used green brads that matched the green card stock but I didn't like how they showed up against the Close to Cocoa Plaid background so on the second one I went to black brads and liked it much better. This is such a fun set to work with. It's great whether you just use it with one color stamp or if you color in the details. I like those kinds of sets.

Thanks for looking!

Noble Deer Swap Card

I have a card swap coming up at the end of the month and the theme is to make a masculine card. This is what I came up with. If you click on the picture you'll get really close view of it and you can see the Canvas in the background along with the Print Pattern. All stamps used here are by Stampin' Up! The ink color though out the entire card was Always Artichoke, even on the Ruby Red pieces. It looks like it was a lot of work but it really didn't take that long. Again, another fun card to make!

Thanks for looking!

Blog Candy Winner

Heather's package of "fun" is on it's way to her. It went out in the mail on Thursday!!! I have some more "Blog Candy" coming up soon so keep checking back!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

On Gossamer Wings

This is a case of making a card when you should have just gone to bed. You should never try to be creative when you're tired!
I'm going to rework this card and see how I can improve it. It is REALLY lacking something. I'll post the revamped card in a few days!
I have a couple more cards I'll post on Thursday evening that I did when I wasn't tired!!

Polka Dots & Paisley Card

I tried to copy this card from my friend Michelle. I think I should have just asked her for the dimensions! It's close but I still like the way hers is.
You will want to check out her fabulous Blog
"Painted Desert Serenade" at

She's got some wonderful newly posted cards! This is a close to seeing this one as she's going to get!!! LOL

Thanks Michelle for letting me post my CASE of your card. Don't laugh too hard! :o)

Hello Heather B????

I have not heard from Heather B. (the winner of the Blog Candy). Here is Heather's comment:

"Not to follow the crowd but ribbon it is!I would love to win the mailbox (and the goodies inside. Our Target had not had them.Thanks for the chance to win. "

If I do not hear from Heather B. by noon CDT Saturday the Blog Candy will go to the winner of a second chance drawing!!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mini Cropper Hopper

I found this little "Cropper Hopper" at the Oriental Trading Company. They measure about 2" by 2". Item number IN-65/85008. They were only $2.95 for a dozen of them!!! I filled this one with Easter M & M's, added a little flower from the Stampin' Up! set "Doodle That." I tied purple organza ribbon around the box and added a little tape in a few spots to keep it in place. What's nice about these little "cropper hoppers" is that you can open up the back to take the candy out and you don't have to take the ribbon off!!! Such a deal!

Thanks for looking!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Best Bar Codes

This was a fun little card to make! I wasn't too fond of using More Mustard and Old Olive. I wanted to incorporate the newer colors into it but I just couldn't get it to work for me. SO I stuck with the old colors and this is what I got. I really like the new decorative papers. This is kid of a hard set to work with. I need to play with it some more and see what else I can come up with. And there again you see that I used ribbon. It REALLY is my favorite accessory!!!!!

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

My Favorite Notebook

I saw this card a while back on Splitcoast by Marianne George and I fell in love with it. I thought it would be cute as a notebook and here it is. I used the Faux Typewriter Keys Technique to make the lettering. It's a bit difficult to read but the letters spell out "NOTES." I use the "Alphabits" set by Stampin' Up! The background was done with white embossing powder and the "Floral" background stamp. Lots of paper piercing with the Mat Pack and drawing in the lines with the gel pen. It was a bit time consuming but a very fun notebook to make. The latch closed with a magnet. I have now found magnet sheets that are much thinner than the magnets I was getting at Michael's! They work better with projects like this.

Here is the link to Marianne's card

If you'd like to know how to do the Faux Typewriter keys you need to go back to my 2006 post of November 14th. I explain how to do them there. They are a lot of fun to do! I am planning on making a few more of these in more of the pastel colors!

Thank you for looking!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Blog Candy Winner

First of all I would like to say thank you to all those who submitted a comment. It seems that ribbon is the most popular accessory! And thank you too for the nice comments you have given me on my blog! I am having a lot of fun with this and I'm glad to see that you are enjoying it!

Okay, here is what the lucky winner gets! The mail box (of course), gold tone leaf brads, hunter green grosgrain ribbon, a small spool of school themed ribbon, a package of 12 watercolor crayons, a package of 16 round silver tone brads, a heart shaped watchmaker's tin with die cut book plates inside and a purple purse box with antique square brads in it! Now to see if I can fit them all back in the mail box!!!

And on to the lucky winner of all this is Heather B. Heather please email me with your snail mail address and I will get this off to you! I'm posting her comment here because there was more than one Heather who entered. "Not to follow the crowd but ribbon it is!I would love to win the mailbox (and the goodies inside. Our Target had not had them.Thanks for the chnace to win. Heather B." My email address is found in the "My Complete Profile" link just below the "About Me" paragraph.

To the others who entered, don't be discouraged! I do have a couple more mail boxes I am willing to part with! And at the rate my hits keep going up it won't be long before I'll be posting it on here! Again I'd like to thank everyone for entering and checking in on my blog!

Thank you all!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Diaper Pins for Embellishing

I made these cute little diaper pins from a regular safety pin and the Word Window punch!

First you snip the pin around the half way point. I used a regular wire cutter/pliers for that. The pin springs open a bit (as seen in the photo) so you need to pinch it shut until it's to were you'd like it. Close enough to be hidden behind the card stock. I punched out the colors I wanted and cut the ends off. I used a little Crystal Effects (Fabulous stuff!!!!) to attach them to the pin and now I have some cute diaper pins for some baby cards!
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Eat Cake Card

One can never have enough birthday cards, can they? This is such a cute set! I only used two of the stamps in it. I wanted to try to add balloons to the card but it got too busy looking. I'll have to play with it again sometime and work with the balloons!

For this card I used Regal Rose, Chocolate Chip and Whisper White card stock. I also used a small piece of the new Petals & Paisleys decorative paper! I think I've run out of those two sheets now. They're my favorite in the pack and you can bet I'll be ordering another pack!!! I used the linen background stamp and Regal Rose ink pad but I did stamp off once because it was just too dark! I sponged the edges, remember, sponging is my favorite technique!!! I use a bit of Crystal Effects on the flames and a bit of the Dazzling Diamond Dust too. Pretty in Pink, Regal Rose and Chocolate Chip markers were used for the cake and cake stand. For the candles I used Sage Shadow only because of the green dot showing on the decorative paper! Silly reason but it seemed to work and I always say "you gotta go with what works!" I added a couple of buttons and put it all together!! Viola a Birthday card!!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Looks Like Spring Notebook

This is an altered notebook. I had a little fun with the Window Punch by Stampin' Up! A few markers, the "Looks Like Spring" stamp set and some card stock and you've got a cute little notebook to use for a Make & Take or a Hostess Gift! I like things like this that don't take a lot of time but are pleasing to everyone!
Thank you for looking!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Shameless Casing!

This card is a CASE from one Amy Rysavy. I made a couple little changes but for the most part it looks like her card. I needed a masculine Birthday card and I had seen this on her site a while ago and just went with it.

This was a pretty fun card to make too. Not a lot of work to it. Very few colors, a blender pen, some hemp and a few brads and that's it!! It's SO hard to find (and make) nice masculine cards! The swap I'm in this month is to make a masculine card. SO I need to come up with a new one. I'll post it here when I'm finished!

Monday, March 05, 2007

How About A Make & Take?

From "just a scratch pad" to an adorable "note pad."

To make this you will need a scratch pad with the chipboard backing. Cut a piece of Bashful Blue card stock to cover the scratch pad. Then cut a piece of Whisper White card stock 1/8" shorter on each side. Before you affix the white card stock you will want to add your image. For this one I used the set "Petal Prints" by Stampin' Up! I used Bashful Blue and More Mustard markers and colored the flower in. I huffed on it, stamped once, moved it over, stamped again and then I huffed once more and stamped a third time. I took the "Curvy Verse" set and added my words. Sponge the edges with Bashful Blue and affix it to the blue card stock. Take a small piece of the blue card stock and add it to the top, ripping one end before you affix it. Add a ribbon and you've got a nice Hostess gift or a fun Make & Take!
I did have a question about where you attach the Bashful Blue card stock. You just tape it right over the first page. The top scrap layer you put on that you tear, you make it a bit longer so it wraps around both the front and the back.

Thank you for looking!

Blog Candy!

It's Blog Candy time again! My blog is SO close to 20,000 hits that I thought I'd post this now. I have another mail box to give away. Oh and did you notice the flag was up??? Hmmm, that must mean that there is something inside it!! And there is! There are 7 items inside that will be revealed in the afternoon on Saturday March 10th.

How can I get this you ask? Well, just tell me what your favorite embellishment is. It's tough to choose but I would have to say mine has to be ribbon. It's SO versatile and elegant. Tell me what your favorite one is. Reply to this post to be included in the drawing. Direct any personal questions to me via email. I can not reply to comments, I don't get any information other than that you type in and I don't recommend you leaving your email address on the comment for the whole world to see. You can email me by going to the "View My Complete Profile" just under the "About Me" paragraph. My address is in there.

Thanks for looking and GOOD LUCK!!!

Oh, I forgot to add that the lucky winner's name will be revealed on Saturday as well!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Polka Dots & Paisley

This is the card I made when I had gotten my Polka Dots & Paisley stamp set. It's such a fun set and I LOVE the words.

I used the decorative papers from the Winter Mini Catalog. I sure do miss that paper! Maybe it will be in the new catalog! *fingers crossed* I added a couple of pieces of Hodgepodge Hardware to the corners . Pretty in Pink was kind of the theme of this card. I sponged Pretty in Pink ink around the edges of the Whisper White card stock and on the decorative paper too. It sort of finished it all off. It's an easy enough card to use as a Make & Take!

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Trinket Box

This little box measures about 2" by 2". I got it a while ago at Michael's. I know you hate hearing that people found things a while ago and make something out of them that you like but can't get your hands on the materials. Well!!!! Sunday March 4th Michael's will have these little boxes on sale for $.49 each!!! Yup, that's right, only $.49 each!

I'm not real happy about the way the top of this turned out because I had to piece in the top layer. I was working with a limited amount of paper. I just LOVE this decorative paper, both sides! That's what made it so limited. When I covered it I did remove the front latch, top and bottom but I didn't remove the hinges. I was able to work around the bottom one and the top one was not in my way. When I put the front latch back on I did use a bit of glue on the little nail before I pounded it in place. I tied some white grosgrain ribbon around the box and tied on some pink for a splash of color. I was thinking about adding a colored button to the top of the box but I don't have any of the darker pink in the larger size so for now it sits without it until my order comes! The glass comes out and I do recommend you take it out and clean it. It's pretty cloudy when you buy them. Stamp your image, color and decorate it as you like and put it in the lid of the box. It's a quick and simple project. Great way to use up the last of your pieces of decorative papers! These would make a fun little project. They are a bit time consuming for a Make & Take but if you are one who has more than one Make & Take, with this you can narrow it down to just this one. And with the boxes SO cheap the cost would probably be better than two or three Make & Take cards with envelopes! You do the math and see what works out best for you! If anything they make a nice gift for your Hostess!! And didn't that little heart from "Doodle That" fit in there nicely??? It's such a cute little heart. I hope Stampin' Up! keeps that set in their new catalog. My guess is they will. Logically speaking, why would they make two sets plus an alphabet set in the same theme if it's not going to be in the catalog???? I hope my theory is right!

I hope you enjoy this project.
Thanks for looking!

Weekend Projects?

Do you like having a weekend project? I'd be happy to keep you busy on the weekends if you'd like!

What type of projects would you like to see?

Just add your comment to this post and I will see what I can do. I can not personally reply to your comments, though I can leave a comment in that section as well. If you'd like to contact me personally please email me. My email address is found on the right side of the screen under the "About Me" paragraph, under the "View My Complete Profile." When you ask questions in the post I have no way of getting back to you. The posts do not include an email address or a reply link. And I do NOT recommend you add your email address there. Remember, this blog is open to the world and everyone (including spamers) can get your email address.

SO, let me know what you'd like for projects? There must be TONS of ideas floating out there!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Note Holder with Frame

I've never inserted two photos on one posting before. I'm hoping this looks OK.
Anyway, here's a weekend project for you. And no, it really won't take the whole weekend to do. It does require a little time, especially the first time you make one. But after that they go pretty fast! I have the

I hope you have fun making this project.

Here's a tip for you. Begin with the holder and from there you can figure out what notebooks around our home will fit in there. Then decorate them up to go with the holder!!!

Thank you for looking!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Wooden Heart Box

I got this Heart Window Box at Jo-Ann's. It wasn't on clearance and it wasn't on sale. It was in the impulse section near the checkouts. But it was only $1.00!!
The glass window slides out on the side. I just covered the box with the new decorative paper in the Stampin' Up! Spring Mini Catalog. For the flowers I used the punch and Pretty in Pink and Regal Rose card stock. For the centers I took the half inch round punch and Chocolate Chip card stock. For the leaves I used Garden Green card stock and one of the other flowers in the flower punch. I just cut it up into 3 pieces. I added white and pink grosgrain ribbon. I did paint the inside of the edge of the heart. The box was originally red. Another fun and quick project. Oh and another way to use the decorative papers! I'm trying SO hard to use them instead of hoard them!

Thank you for looking!

Getting Close to 20,000 Hits!

My blog is getting close to 20,000 hits! Sometime this weekend I will post some Blog Candy! Check back and see what it is!