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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Trinket Box

This little box measures about 2" by 2". I got it a while ago at Michael's. I know you hate hearing that people found things a while ago and make something out of them that you like but can't get your hands on the materials. Well!!!! Sunday March 4th Michael's will have these little boxes on sale for $.49 each!!! Yup, that's right, only $.49 each!

I'm not real happy about the way the top of this turned out because I had to piece in the top layer. I was working with a limited amount of paper. I just LOVE this decorative paper, both sides! That's what made it so limited. When I covered it I did remove the front latch, top and bottom but I didn't remove the hinges. I was able to work around the bottom one and the top one was not in my way. When I put the front latch back on I did use a bit of glue on the little nail before I pounded it in place. I tied some white grosgrain ribbon around the box and tied on some pink for a splash of color. I was thinking about adding a colored button to the top of the box but I don't have any of the darker pink in the larger size so for now it sits without it until my order comes! The glass comes out and I do recommend you take it out and clean it. It's pretty cloudy when you buy them. Stamp your image, color and decorate it as you like and put it in the lid of the box. It's a quick and simple project. Great way to use up the last of your pieces of decorative papers! These would make a fun little project. They are a bit time consuming for a Make & Take but if you are one who has more than one Make & Take, with this you can narrow it down to just this one. And with the boxes SO cheap the cost would probably be better than two or three Make & Take cards with envelopes! You do the math and see what works out best for you! If anything they make a nice gift for your Hostess!! And didn't that little heart from "Doodle That" fit in there nicely??? It's such a cute little heart. I hope Stampin' Up! keeps that set in their new catalog. My guess is they will. Logically speaking, why would they make two sets plus an alphabet set in the same theme if it's not going to be in the catalog???? I hope my theory is right!

I hope you enjoy this project.
Thanks for looking!

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