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Friday, March 30, 2007

Weekend Project! Note Tote

Remember the "Eat Cake" birthday card I posted on March 8th? Click here to refresh your memory!!! It looks a lot like the front of this Note Tote!

This tote is VERY simple to make and it only takes one sheet of card stock too! For this tote I used the new "Petals" wheel from the Spring Mini Catalog. I took Regal Rose card stock and went over it with the wheel using Regal Rose ink. VersaMark is an option but it didn't show up as well. Sometimes you just have to use the matching ink and this is one of those times. Once I covered the card stock I scored it as follows:

On the long sides score once side at 1 1/2" inches (this is the top of the tote) and the other at 1" (this is the bottom). Turn the card stock and score as follows:

With the top part of the card stock at the top of your scoring mat, and starting at the left, make your first score 1" in. Your next score is at 5 1/4", the third score is at 6 1/4" and the final score is at 10 1/2". For the final score you may want to turn your card stock around and score at a half inch, it may be a little easier to do it that way.

On the 1/2" scored side you will be snipping away the top and bottom corners (on the right side of the card stock). This is the only cutting away you will be doing. You will need to snip the score lines at the bottom of the tote. Snip them just up to the 1" fold line. You will be making a total of 3 snips. At the top you will need to make score lines to aid in the folding of the tote. For this you will need to refer to the diagram. Once you have completed all the scoring fold your tote on these lines so they are not so stiff.

To assemble the tote begin by putting some strong tape (preferably the Sticky Strip by Stampin' Up!) on the back side of the half inch score on the right side. Line up the left side with the right side and secure in place. The 1/2" fold should be on the inside of the tote. Next you will be securing the bottom of the tote. Fold the small flaps in and then the outside ones over them. Here you will see which long ones goes in first. The back side goes in first so you will be taping the front side and securing the bottom piece. Once you have completed that you will be working the score lines at the top to form an angel. Press the sides in with your index fingers and pinch the edges. Holding the top shut, punch your holes for the brads. Open the top up and punch a hole in each of the sides for the ribbon. I used a very small circle punch to do this. Not too small that you can't run the ribbon through but note a regular size hole punch or you will have to make several HUGE knots to keep the ribbon in place.

You are now ready to decorate your tote. I made an extra card front for mine and just added it to the front of the tote. I put 4 cards in the tote along with 4 envelopes. I used pink brads to close the top and the rose grosgrain ribbon for the handle. It makes a great gift for your hostess, a great selling item at craft fairs (be sure to put the Stampin' Up! copyright on it or whatever company stamps you are using - you MUST give the proper credit in any project you do) and last but not least it is a very nice Stamp Camp project!

I hope you have fun making these. I'd LOVE to see what you come up with. If you care to share your fabulous totes you can contact via email or simply just leave me a comment and I'll get back to you, as long as you leave me an email address there. I moderate ALL comments so I will not post those with email addresses or personal questions in them. As long as you leave me an address to contact you back. When these comments come to me in my email I only have a first name and no other information. That is why it is difficult to respond to questions unless I have an address to reply back to! Simple as that! Anyway, I'd LOVE to see what you come up with, after all it is YOUR turn!!

Thanks for looking!
Oops, I forgot to add here. You can add a bow to the top center between the brads. I was originally going to hold it closed with a ribbon but then some people just like to open it and look in and then you have to try to tie the bow nicely again so I figured brads would work better to keep it shut and just add a bow if you want one. Obviously I didn't want one but one can be added!


Vicky said...

Wow Wanda this is great! Will be making some of these! TFS your great idea and details!

Michelle Tweedy said...

Great Tote! I wish you had posted this yesterday. I made a little tote but yours would have been so much better!! I'll give it a try soon. I love that you included a diagram.

StampingontheLakefront said...

Wow is right! Great project!
Thanks for sharing!