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Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Petite Petals Birthday

Today I have for you a super quick card to make.  Washi tape not only adds a lot of color but it sure shaves some time off your card making!!!

I used the new "Sweet Sadie" tapes.  I like the brightness of them and the three colors together just produce a happy feeling for me. 

I used the "Petite Petals" set for the flowers and the owl punch for the leaf.

The base of this card is a half-sheet of Crisp Cantaloupe, folded in half.  I did stamp the flowers using the Petite Petals on matching card stock.  Once they were punched out I set them in place using Dimensionals.  I added a pearl to the center of each one and that was it.  So quick and SO simple!!

The words are from the "Wetlands" set.

If  you want a quick and easy card to make, this is the way to go!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Petite Petals Punch Birthday Card

I found this fun card on Split Coast Stampers.  It was made by "StampingwithMarsha".  You can see the original card here.  I didn't deviate much from it.  My words are a from a different set and I didn't have any Strawberry Slush Baker's Twine so I had to make my own.  I had read on the net how to do it a while ago and I didn't save it and I didn't remember it completely!!!  

To color your own you wrap the Baker's Twine around something round.  I used a chop stick.  Then you take the color marker you want and draw several lines down the twine.  I drew too many.  I drew too fast because the ink did not bleed through to the back side of the twine.  Oh and I didn't do it first.  I did it after I finished making my card thus resulting in the twine being wet and I got ink on my card!!!  So there you have it, some tips to use when making your own colored twine!!!  Do it first, unwind it and set it aside to dry while you work on your card.  I suppose the heat tool would have dried it some too.  Anyway, this is what I got and you know I share it with you whether it's pretty or ugly!!!  

It was a very fun and simple card to make.  Oh and it was super quick too!!!  In the future I will color my twine first!!  

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Teeny Tiny Wishes Birthday Card

I found this fun card at Split Coast Stampers.  It was made by poster cpyrch. You can see the original card here.  I did change it up a little bit but it was the simplicity of this card that I liked the most.  

I used the 1-3/4" circle cutter and the Pool Party decorative paper.  I punched a butterfly using Pool Party card stock.  Then I punched a butterfly using vellum.  I glued the two butterflies in the center and glued it to the circle.  I added the rhinestones.

The words are from the "Teeny Tiny Wishes" set.  I set them in place with removable tape.  I was originally going to take the photo with no words on the card at all.  I wasn't sure where I was going with it.  I do need a sympathy card.  Though now I am thinking of making several of these cards in different colors for various occasions.  It's such a simple card to do and it went together so quickly too!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Monday, July 28, 2014

A Flower Shop and Gorgeous Grunge Birthday

I found this fun card made by Louise at Stampin Delight.  I thought it looked like a fun card to make.  And it was!!!  It was extremely easy to make and it went together so quickly.

I used the "Flower Shop" set and the matching punch.  You know nothing beads a stamp set that has a punch with it so you don't have to do any cutting.  

To make this card I used Old Olive for the background splatters that were done using one of the images from the "Gorgeous Grunge" stamp set.  

I colored in the yellow flowers using the new Blendability markers.  I didn't have the Rich Razzsleberry Blendability marker so I used the regular marker and a blender pen to color it in.  Then I punched the flowers out and set them in place on the card.  The Razzleberry flower is set in place using Dimensionals.  The yellow flowers are taped directly to the background piece.  

The words are from the "Wetlands" set.  That is the part of the card I changed.  It's such a pretty card and I did have a lot of fun making it.

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Envelope Punch Board File Folder Album Weekend Project

 This project was a labor of love, to say the least.  When I found it on the internet. It was made by Cyndi at Cyndi's Blog of Stamping.  I thought it looked like a great project to try.  Be sure to check Cyndi's website for the instructions and photos. 

It appears that the info on this project has been removed by the one who posted it and by the one who designed it. This project was made 5 years ago and I don't remember much about it anymore. I followed along with the instructions on the other blog.  Sorry. Edited on 7-9-2019.

I did read the instructions before I started.  Something I rarely ever do.  LOL  I did get a little confused on the part where you are to add the "hinges".  It turns out you just cut those hinge strips out of some scrap laying around from your project (don't toss out anything until you are all done) and you cut pieces off those "hinges" to add to the flap on 3 sides.  It was the 3 sides that I wasn't clear on right away. Other than that I was able to follow the instructions without any questions.  I tried the links that were listed in the post but they didn't work.  But like I said, I was able to figure things out and get the project done.  I also didn't have the Zutter binder.  I have a Rubi Coil that does the spiral punch.  Either way it got bound and turned out just fine.  Though I do have to say that I like the Rubi Coil punch better because it punched the piece from the top to the bottom, not just in the middle.  The Rubi Coil one is more stable than the Zutter would be.  The instructions on the web site are very detailed and easy to follow (except for my hinge misunderstanding) 

I would have to say that this project took over 4+ hours to complete.  I didn't do it all in one day.  I started it one day last week and I finished it to day.   I was thrilled with how it turned out but I don't think I will ever make another one!  It did state at the end of the instructions that you should be careful when you make your first one because they are addictive.  I was excited to get addicted but I didn't get the addiction part!!!  I don't think I want to spend another 4+ hours of my life making another one, even though they are very fun and amazing looking! One is enough for me! Not to say that I don't love the outcome, I do!  It's fabulous!

I decorated the cover with an image I used to make not only a card a few weeks back but also a notebook last week.  I just love that image and the color too.

For my envelope punch board file folder album I used Perfect Plum for the base color, only because it was one of the few colors that I had in 12" x 12".  And for my pages, folders and flaps I used the "Sweet Taffy" designer series paper.  I did not tape my project together. I used liquid glue.  I used Tacky to be exact.  I find that it gives the project a much firmer feel.  The flaps are nice and firm.  The whole thing has a feel of quality to it because it's not flimsy at all.

I made this for a friend and I will be giving it to her next month.  I did not tie the bow on it. I thought I would let my friend do it after she sees it.  Sometimes it's difficult to retie it after you open it. It seems like you never get the bow right.  

Like I said, this was a fun project but I do not see myself making another one.  You will have fun making one.  Will you get addicted???

Thank you SO much fro visiting today,

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Petite Petals meets Gorgeous Grunge Birthday Card

I found this cute an simple card by Margaret at MaKing Papercrafts.  What attracted me to the card, or I should say her card was the "Gorgeous Grunge" lines and the "Petite Petals" flowers.  It was the simplicity of the card.  My card did not turn out as nice as hers. I got carried away with the splatter dots stamp and my flowers are up on top instead of towards the bottom.  And that is because I screwed up the first time so I flipped the cardstock over and stamped the other side.  I had to do it up higher because the lines showed through the cardstock.  UGH!  So I ended up with a hot mess.  And I always share my cards with you, the good, the bad and the ugly!!! LOL

I will carry on like this card is an acceptable card.  Just in case you want to make one the way Margaret did. I used Whisper White card stock for the focal piece and for the base.  I stamped the "Gorgeous Grunge" lines using Pear Pizzazz ink.  I stamped the "Petite Petals" flowers using Elegant Eggplant ink.  I punched them out and set them in place using Dimensionals.  The words are from the "Bloom with Hope" set.  It was a simple card to do but I made it look too busy!  Oh well, I had to cover my mistake and then I just made another one with the splatter image!!!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Friday, July 25, 2014

Blooming with Hope Thinking of You Card

I was informed that a childhood neighbor was diagnosed with pancriatic cancer and was told she had a few months to live.  I just got an email from her brother telling me today that she is worse off than they thought.  Hospice has been called in and she only has a couple of weeks left at best.  

I was going to send a card off to her last week but I got busy and forgot.  So today I thought I would make a card and get it out in the mail tomorrow.  I just want to let her know that we are thinking of her.

This was a quick card to make.  I used Tempting Turquoise, and Whisper White card stock.  The decorative paper is from the Sweet Taffy pack.  I used the "Blooming with Hope" stamp set and for the words I used the "Wetlands" set.

I colored in the flowers with the new Blendabilities markers.  They sure do make the coloring easy, plus it looks like you know what you are doing with the markers!!! They are SUPER easy to work with.

I need to write a few lines in this card and get this card ready to mail in the morning.

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Bloom with Hope Birthday

I am SO loving this Blackberry Bliss color.  It's SO rich looking.  I used it on today's card.  I thought I would play with yet another image from the "Bloom with Hope" stamp set.  I really like this image, a lot better than the image I used yesterday.  I think it's because it's got 3 flower parts instead of two.  I'm an odd number person!

I colored the flower and the stems in using a blender pen and markers.  I don't have the Blendabilities in the darker colors yet and I felt I just HAD to use the Blackberry Bliss card stock and matching ribbon.  Oh and I SO love this stitched satin ribbon. The feel of it is fabulous, it screams of quality!!!  It wrapped nicely around the card too.  

The words are also from the "Bloom with Hope" set.  It's not just a sympathy set.  And I used the "Decorative Dots" background again.  It just seemed to go well with this image/theme.  

This was a super quick card to make and assemble!

Thank you every so much for stopping by today,

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bloom with Hope Birthday Card

This image from the "Bloom with Hope" stamp set could be used for a number of occasions.  It would not only make a pretty birthday card, but a very cheery get well card, a wonderful thank you card, a sweet Mother's Day card, and possibly a sympathy card, though I do feel it's a bit to bright for that.  

I opted for the Birthday card.  I used the new "Sweet Taffy" decorative paper along with the "Decorative Dots" embossing folder for the white background.

I colored in the flowers with the new Blendabilitie's markers.  They are fun to work with but a word to the wise, make sure you are coloring on top of scrap paper.  The markers will bleed through.  I think it's a good thing if you are making something like a stained glass card!!! Hmmm, I feel project coming up!!!

The words were done on my computer.  And I think that about covers the elements of this card.  It has several layers, which is what took up most of the time in making this card, and it really didn't take a lot of time.  You can make this card in under 20 minutes from start to finish.

It's a fun card.  I really like this layout!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Flowering Flourishes and Work of Art Notebook Weekend Project

Today I was thinking about whipping up some notebooks for the fall craft fair but I was not sure what to put on the cover.  Then I remembered this card I made a couple of weeks back.  You can see it here

I just redid as a card front.  My notebook actually measures 5-1/2" x 4-1/4".  I have a Rubi Coil punch machine, and I have a bunch of coils.  I don't have the coiling machine.  The last time I checked (a few years ago) it was around $500. I figured for that much money I can just rent a movie and coil them by hand and come out ahead!!!  Plus it's electric so it would also cost money for the electricity.  I'd rather spend the electricity on a movie!!!  Anyway, with all of that sane math aside, I just put the coils on by hand.  It goes quick and I have yet to complain about it, so it must be an ok thing to do!!!  LOL

I have a few more to make but I think I will trim the left side of the white a little so the white doesn't get punched when I do the front and back covers together.  It looks ok, but I think it would look better if the white didn't get punched.  

I have been making notebooks for years and LOVE it!  I use to sell the blanks but I didn't always have enough card stock on hand to fill all of the orders.  Plus now with postage/shipping being so much higher, it would cost a lot to ship all of that heavy paper.  But it was a fun little business while it lasted.

I need to finish up the remaining notebooks and get them bagged up for the craft fair.

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Monday, July 21, 2014

Bloom with Hope Birthday Card

Today I thought I would play with the "Bloom with Hope" stamp set.  There's a lot of fun stamps in that set and I've only used two of them!!  I think I need to venture out of the box a little more with that set!  Maybe later in the week.

I thought it would also be fun to play with the Blendabilities markers today too. I used the Pumpkin Pie colored ones.  I don't remember what the name of the set of markers are, sorry.  I'm not near my catalog right now.  I'll add it later if I remember!  I have a million things going on right now, UGH!!!

The base of my card is Old Olive.  I added a 4" x 5-1/4" piece of decorative paper from the "Lullaby" package.  It looked like a fun piece of paper to play with!  To tie in the Pumpkin Pie color I used Pumpkin Pie card stock behind the Old Olive layer.

The words are from my computer.  I print out a whole sheet of them and punch from it as I need to.  I like to have them on hand.  They fit perfectly with the 1-1/4" circle punch.  I use that punch, the 1-3/8" punch, and the scalloped circle punch a lot on my cards, so I like to have words that fit those punched layers.  They're not always easy to find in the stamp sets so I decided to make up my own. You can find them for sale in my store.  There's 10 different greetings and 24 greetings per page. You will get a PDF download and you can print out as many as you like to use on the cards you make to give away or to sell.  

Ok, back to my card.  It was very fun to make, and SUPER fun to color.  I SO love those Blendabilities.  They are easy to work with and they don't stink like Sharpies do.  But the will bleed through the card stock so make sure whatever is under your paper is not anything important or it could be ruined.  Been there, done that!!!  And I did learn from it and have not done it since!!! LOL  

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Flower Shop with Petite Petals Negative Space Technique Birthday Card

I must say, this was not only a quick card to make but a very fun one too.  There's a lot of things going on in this card but yet it was quick to create.  I do not know who the original designer of this card is but you can see the original card here.  

I did not add the bow on the ribbon.  I was going to but forgot and I kind of like it without the bow.  I may add it later but I doubt it.

I used the Flower Shop punch on the Whisper White card stock.  I stamped the words on.  I used the retired "Bring On the Cake" set.  I stamped the "Petite Petals" image using black StazOn.  

The decorative paper is from the "Back to Black" pack.  I added the ribbon strip and taped it onto the back.  I like doing my ribbon that way.  It makes it easy to add a knot that looks like a bow.  Plus you can slide that knot where you want it and have your card look perfect!!!

I set the Whisper White layer on a folded half sheet of Marina Mist, using Dimensionals.  Once it was in place I then added the "Petite Petals" flower to the center, again using a Dimensional.  I added a half pearl to the center and  it was done.  I told you it was quick!!!  And fun too!!!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Open Sea Masculine Card

I found this card made by Mel at "A Stamp Addiction".  I did have to change a few little things because I did not have the same exact products as Mel did but it still worked out just fine.  I'm happy with how it turned out.  It's a great masculine card.

This is a very quick card to make too!  I used the "The Open Sea" set to do the ship, and I used the "Decorative Dots" embossing folder.  Oh and the words are from the "Teeny Tiny Wishes" set.

The ship was stamped using black StazOn ink.  I used Cherry Cobbler card stock for the Modern Label and the larger 2-1/2" circle punch.  And I used some Soft Suede taffeta ribbon.  It was what I had on hand that matched the Crumb Cake card stock the best.

There's not a whole lot to say about this card. It's quick and easy to do and it's a wonderful masculine card. I need to make a few masculine cards.  I'm sending cards to my nephew who enlisted in the Army in May.  I figured it must be lonely for him so I thought I would send cards when I can.  I sent one a week and a half ago and I got a letter from him in the mail today.  I thought it was sweet of him to write even though I told him to save his writing time to write to his mom and dad.  He's a great guy!

Anyway, back to this card.  It's a fun card to make and I would love to make a bunch of them to sell for Father's Day next year!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Friday, July 18, 2014

Flower Shop with Petite Flowers with Work of Art and Gorgeous Grunge

Well, instead of just saying "maybe I'll make that card another day", I actually did make that card today!!!  I often say that in my posts that I want to redo a card or make one a little different and I rarely do.  Yesterday I said I may give the regular size card a try and I did!  Fortunately for me I had stamped and punched out all the flowers.  I just had to stamp the background.  I did manage to get 4 images off one inking.  It ran with it!!!  

This card was done much like yesterday's card.  Stamping with the Gorgeous Grunge and Cherry Cobbler ink.  You can look at yesterday's card for more details.  This card was also made by Dorte.  Check out her blog to see the original card.  

This card went together very quickly.  Perhaps it was because all the flowers were cut out already but then again, it wouldn't take long to stamp and punch the images.

I did get the wording a bit crooked and I'm going to have to figure out some type of layering to get the wording covered.

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Work of Art Meets Gorgeous Grunge and Flower Shop and Petite Petals

I have not made a legal envelope size card in a long time.  I found this fun card on Dorte's website.  I loved the colors and of course I loved that it was a long card.  Those are fun to make now and then, and who doesn't have legal size envelopes at home???

This card was made by cutting a piece of Crumb Cake card stock 8-1/4" x 9".  The Cherry Cobbler piece was cut 4" x 9", and the Whisper White piece was cut 3-3/4" x 8-3/4".  

The part I found the most difficult was getting that stamped image to stamp 6 times before it disappeared all together.  I didn't have any luck with that so I had to cheat.  I stamped the top part with Crumb Cake ink, I moved the stamp down a little and stamped again and again.  By that time the ink on the stamp was spent.  I ended up re-inking and stamping off on some scrap paper and then going back over the third stamped image (lightly) then moving down and continuing to stamp down the row.  I had to re-ink my stamp again and stamp off a couple of times to get it all to blend in.  That was a lot of work!!!  But I do like how it turned out.  I may have had trouble due to the ink pad. I'm still using the older ink pad.  I don't know for sure if that is the solution to the problem, I won't know that until I can try it with the foam pads.  Anyway, I got it to work and I'm happy with the results.

Next I stamped the flower from the "Flower Shop" set using Cherry Cobbler ink. I punched it out and set it aside.  Then I stamped the little flowers using the "Petite Petals" set.  I punched them out.  

The words are from the "Wetlands" set.  I did stamp the "Gorgeous Grunge" dots before I added the words.  I wanted to make sure I had the right spot to place the wording.  

I took some linen thread and and wound it around my fingers to get it to form some loops.  I set that in place using a Glue Dot.  

I used Dimensionals under the large flower.  I added pearls to all of the flowers.

What a fun card this was.  I also saw a regular size one that I may give a try. It didn't require me to try to get 6 images from one inking!!!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Work of Art

I'm having some fun with this new "Work of Art" stamp set.  I thought I would play with it again today.  I had sat at my worktable and I saw a card front with the two blue colors on it.  They were going to be the water and sky in the ship card I made yesterday.  I am not sure what went wrong with this piece that I had set aside.  Maybe it was that the blue colors were moved up too high.  I don't remember.  That was a whole day ago!!! LOL

I added a Blackberry Bliss image on the left side, and I added 3 round Daffodil Delight round images at the top.  I was just having some fun and I liked what I saw.  So I thought I would use the "Another Thank You" set for the wording.  All the colors on here were added after stamping off once.

The base of this card is a half sheet of Daffodil Delight.  Such a quick and simple card to make and I was able to use that piece of card stock I had started and set aside!  Such a deal!!!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Monday, July 14, 2014

Traveler Meets Work of Art Masculine Card

A few days ago I had made a card using the Wetlands and the Work of Art set.  It made a nice beach/sunset scene.  I thought I would give it an oceanic try!!  I'm still trying to figure out if I like it or not.  I did try it with the straighter image but it looked odd.  I didn't get that feel of moving waves.  The arched image looked better for that.  

I did the waves using Lost Lagoon and stamping off once and then stamping on the paper twice.  Then I used Indigo Island for the "sky" layer.  That is where I should have used the straighter image from the Work of Art set.  It may have given the look of a horizon.  I would have still kept the sun and the cloud reflection the way they are.  I think it really needed a more defined horizon.  

The base of the card is Lost Lagoon with a layer of So Saffron on top, and then the Whisper White layer. The Modern Label punch was used on the bottom right corner and the words are from the "Teeny Tiny Wishes" set.  

This was a fun card to make, and easy too!  And it's a masculine card.  I always have to buy the masculine sets.  There aren't very many of them.  

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Too Kind Get Well

Today I decided to play with lots of layers.  I have not done a card with lots of layers in a very long time.  It was fun but lots of pieces.  These are not quick cards to make.  But it was a fun card to do.

I used Daffodil Delight decorative paper. I also used Daffodil Delight ink and Crushed Curry ink for the flower.  The stem was done using Wild Wasabi ink.

Two step stamping is fun to do because it gives you that depth you need with little effort.

The words were done on the computer.  This card was simple enough but it took more time that I have been spending on cards because of all of the layers.

I actually made two when I made this card.  I needed to send one to a friend and I thought I would keep one in my stash.  I think I may becoming a card hoarder!!!  YIKES!!  

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hardwood and Thoughts and Prayers

I found this card on Pinterest. You can see the original card  made by Jackie here.

This was a very simple and quick card to make.  Well, once you get the oval window thing right.  I used the oval dies and cut one out on a piece of think cardboard.  It didn't work, the image was so small.  So I cut the same oval out using card stock and much to my surprise, the oval was the same size as the cardboard one.  I had no idea what I had done wrong.  SO, I cut out a larger oval and I got the same results!  UGH!!!  Then I decided to ink my stamp and place my oval on top and then the card stock on top of that and rub with my hands to get the ink to transfer.  Viola!  It worked!   I had used Crumb Cake ink to do this.

Then I stamped the butterflies from the Papillon Potpourri set and punched them out.  Yup, ya gotta love those punches.  NO fussy cutting!!!  I used Cherry Cobbler to stamp both the butterflies and the words.  And the words came from the "Thoughts and Prayers" set.  I didn't need a sympathy card but this was such a great looking card that I just HAD to make it.  I will put it in my card stash in the event that I would need one.  But then again, you know me. I will make a fresh new card before I would ever take one from my stash!!!  What's up with that??? LOL

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Friday, July 11, 2014

Wetlands Meets Work of Art masculine Card

I found this fun card on Pinterest.  It was made by Marsha at Stamping with Marsha.  I thought it was a fun card and of course I did change it a little.  I did not add the Baker's Twine around the bottom.  Instead I added the Pumpkin Pie Modern Label punched piece and the birthday greeting.  The words came from the Teeny Tiny Wishes set.  My favorite "go to" set!!

The base of this card is Whisper White. The next layer is Pumpkin Pie and then So Saffron, with the focal piece being done on Whisper White.  

I first stamped the sand using Baked Brown Sugar (stamped off once) and then Marina Mist.  I stamped it twice and both times I stamped off before stamping on the Whisper White.  

The "sun" was done using SO Saffron and the sunset "cloud" was done using Pumpkin Pie (stamped off once).  I stamped the birds from the "Wetlands" set using black StazOn.

This was a very quick and easy card to make.  I think it would make a great Father's Day card too.  Oh and a great masculine get well card.  What do you think??

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Flower Shop Meets Work of Art Birthday Card

Oh my gosh, I thought I posted this card yesterday.  I didn't post anything yesterday!!!  I'm losing it!!! LOL

I found this card on Pinterest.  I am sorry but I do not know the original artist of this card.  I had it on a board on Pinterst and once I got it made I deleted the link.  Don't ask me why I did that!!  UGH.  Anyway, if this is your design or if you know who made this card, please let me know so I can give them credit and a link back to their beautiful work.  (7-17-14 The original card was made by Nikki at "My Sandbox."  Check out her card.  I LOVE the leaf stamp she used.)

I did change the card a little.  I didn't have the leaves that were used on the original card.  I wished I had, they are really pretty. I used the "Fabulous Flourishes" set.  And I also used the "Teeny Tiny Wishes" happy birthday words on my card.  Oh and I added some pearls to the center of each flower.  Other than that it's pretty much the same exact card.

Other than how fun and colorful the card was that attracted me to it, it was also the folded piece of card stock that was used as the "spine" of the card.  It's a 2" piece of card stock folded in half.  The front panel was taped to the top of that folded piece and the inside card part was taped to the inside of it.  The front panel was cut 4" x 5-1/4" while the inside part was cut 4-1/4" x 5-1/2".  I just love how that looks on the card.  It makes me want to make more cards like that.  You can also save a lot of colored card stock by making your cards like that.  It gives the card that bit of color while it mostly consists of a half sheet of white card stock!  Pretty cool.

This was a VERY fun card to make.  I LOVE the flowers, just stamp and punch!!! And the same with the butterfly!!  You know how much I LOVE easy cards like that!

Thank you ever SO much for visiting today,

Monday, July 07, 2014

Mixed Bouquet Altered Notebook Weekend Project

 Isn't it funny that anything you cover with whatever material is now called an altered item?  You slap a ribbon on a jar and it's an altered jar!!!  It just made me laugh when I read the word "altered" as I typed it.  Anyway, I bought a notebook at Michael's when they had them on sale.  I wan't all that fond of the cover (and I should have taken a before photo for you but I forgot) so I just figured I would cover it with some pretty papers so I could stand to look at the thing!  LOL

I used the Crisp Cantaloupe decorative paper to cover the outside.  Then I too the Mixed Bouquet stamp set and punch and stamped a flower using the Crisp Cantaloupe ink.  I punched out two more flowers out of scrap card stock.  I glued all three together with white glue and I set them aside to dry.  I did set something heavy on them so they would dry flat.  I used three flowers because I wanted that flower to be firm.  I knew I would be grabbing it to open up the top flap of the book.  I wanted to make sure I had something there that wouldn't rip.  Using white glue (when dry) makes the piece feel more like cardboard than card stock.  It has a nice firm feel to it.  The flap has a magnetic closure.  You can see the round piece on the cover in the second photo.  That's the magnet.  I just used my craft knife to cut around it after I glued the decorative paper to the outside.

Once they were dry I glued the flower in place in the center of the flap.  I added some pearls to the center of the flower and that was it.  

Now I'm happy with the notebook and I don't have any issues looking at it!!! LOL   And now I think it's too cute to use!!!  UGH!

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Sunday, July 06, 2014

A Wetlands Birthday Masculine Card

Do I really have to even tell you where I found this card?  LOL Of course it was Pinterest.  You can see the original card here.   I did change it a very little bit. I did not have the same decorative paper that was used on the original.  I, once again, used what I had!!  I keep using what I have and I'm still not using it all up!  Does that mean I have too much stuff??  My husband would answer that with a "yes!"  LOL

This was a very fun card to make and it was very easy too.

I just cut my focal piece  4" x 5-1/4".  I cut the decorative paper 2" x 4".  I wasn't sure how wide to make it so I went with the 2". I could have gone narrower because I did cover a lot of it up with the "Birthday Greetings" panel.  

I used Memento ink on this card. I hadn't worked with it much at all.  I have had the pad for years but rarely used it.  Don't ask me why!!!  I tend to grab the StazOn ink pad instead.  The Memento pad stamped just as crisp as the StazOn and a  bonus,  it was a whole lot easier to clean!!!

To place the images, I attached the decorative paper to the white card stock.  Then I stamped and assembled the word panel but I didn't attach it to the card.  I set it in place to see where I needed to stamp the images.  Then I set it aside and stamped the goose first and then the weeds.  I stamped the left weed image first, reinked and then stamped the second one on the right.  I didn't pay attention but I had gotten ink on the edge of the stamp and of course, I pressed too hard on the stamp and it left and ink mark on the card. GRRRR.  Oh well, it is what it is!!

I did like making this card (except for the inked rubber edge).  I think it's a great masculine card!

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Saturday, July 05, 2014

A World of Dreams Birthday

I'm not really sure why I got this "World of Dreams" set. I think it may have been to replace one of the retired silhouette sets.  I did find this card on Pinterest.  I did a search for "World of Dreams" cards to see if I could find one that would inspire me or one I would want to copy.

I found this one but had to change it a bit.  I didn't have the dictionary wording background stamp that was used in the original card. I used the "En Francais" stamp set instead.  I don't have any plans on buying the dictionary one so I will be making due with what I have.  You are great stampers and you can give it a try with your dictionary stamp or something else that you have that will work just as well!!!  Even a fun textured background stamp would work.  

I colored the leaves on the image using Garden Green and the flower tips were colored in using the Blackberry Bliss marker. Normally I would have just stamped the whole image using the green and then taken a blender pen and removed the green on the flower parts but I just did markers for both colors.  It worked, I got the same result either way I went.

The words are from the "Wetlands" set and I stamped them using the Blackberry Bliss ink pad.

The base of my card is Whisper White and the layer is Blackberry Bliss.

The circle size is 2-3/4".  I die cut the circle on a piece of scrap card stock that measured 4" x 5-1/4".  The same size as the white piece you see on the card.  I stuck the pieces together using removable tape and then I stamped the background word stamp on.  I put that stencil in the "En Francais" stamp case in the event I may want to use it again some other time.

It was a fun card to make.  Quick and easy too!

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Thursday, July 03, 2014

Work of Art Patriotic Card

In lieu of tomorrow being the 4th of July I thought I would make a patriotic card. I don't usually do cards like this, so that means that I had to go out on the net for some inspiration.  I found a card made by Melissa at "The Stamp Doc" and I ran with it.    I did change it a bit.  I added a star to the center of the blue field and I also added the "hello" at the bottom.  The "hello" is from the "Label Something" set.  

I also used the Real Red and Night of Navy ink pads for my card.

My nephew is in the military and he now has an address where I can mail him.  SO I thought I would not only make the patriotic card but I would also make it a "hello" card to him.  Tomorrow afternoon I will take some time out to write to him and have it all ready for Saturday's mail.  

This was such a quick card to make.  There is something about the looks of this card that I just love.  Perhaps that is why I had to copy it!  Right?  LOL

I will not be posting tomorrow.  I am going to take the 4th of July off to kick back and enjoy the day doing other things that I love to do and a few things that I have neglected.

I hope you all have a fun and a very safe 4th!

Thank you ever SO much for visiting today,

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Work of Art Rainbow Birthday Card

I found this fun card on Pinterest. It was made by Lydia from her "Understanding Blue" blog.  What a fun blog name!!!

I thought it was such a bright and cheery looking card.  Oh and simple to make too.  You have to wash the stamp after each ink color, which is no big deal but still, it slows you down!!! LOL

I would think making several of these cards would make washing that stamp with each ink color even more worth it!!!

I did change it up a bit.  At first I was going to use the "hello" stamp from the "Label Something" set and send the card to my nephew who is in the army.  But then I thought that maybe a rainbow for him might not be the way to go, so I opted for the birthday greetings from the "Wetlands" set.  My go to birthday greeting stamp!!!

I added a little butterfly to the top.  I wish I would have turned it more, it looks like I just stuck it in the corner.  Well, I did stick it in the corner but it looks pretty darn straight!  Oh well, it's on there now.  I used a dot of glue to hold it.  I often use glue when my card stock is textured.  I don't feel that the tape holds well enough.  

Anyway, I did like making this card.  It's fun, easy, and SO colorful!!!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Work of Art Meets World of Dreams

Once again I thought I would play with the "Work of Art" set.  I found this beautiful card at "Card Creations by Beth."  I thought it was SO pretty that I just had to make it.  It seems to be a very versatile card to make too.  Because of it's colors, it would be a great masculine card, along with a birthday, sympathy, thinking of you, thank you, and a get well card.  

The image is from the "World of Dreams" set.  And the words are from the "Wetlands" set.  

I did change the paper panel on the left side.  I didn't have any of the new decorative paper other than the "in color" pack.  SO I was using what I had to make this card.  It worked and I like how it turned out.  

The colors used here are Sahara Sand, Lost Lagoon, and Black StazOn.  It was a very easy card to make too!!!  

Thank you SO much for visiting today,