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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Faux Typewriter Keys Watch

I have seen some faux typewriter keys done using Crystal Effects. These were done with clear embossing powder.

To make the keys:

First I took some black cardstock and white craft ink and stamped the letters on it using the "Alphabits" set from Stampin' Up! I took the 1/4" round punch and lined up the letter I wanted and punched it out. Then I put a tiny piece of Snail Adhesive on top of a standard size paper fastener and held the prongs with a clothespin. I heated it up with the embossing gun. I then dipped it in the clear embossing powder and repeated this method a number of times. Once I got the thickness I wanted I held the paper fastener straight up so it would cool and settle evenly. Sometimes the letters would slide and I would just take a toothpick and slide them back into place while it was still hot. Once it's cool you can't do anything to it until you heat it all up again. Don't worry about drips either. On a few of them I got too much embossing powder and it started to run off on one side. I just took a toothpick and ran it around the edges and removed it. If this should happen to yours you may want to take another look at the "key" to see if it needs just one more dipping to even things out. Once the "keys" have cooled you want to remove the prongs. You can do this by taking a plyers and pulling up on one prong and cutting it as close to the edge as you can. You will want to leave just a little bit left so you can fold it to the inside. If you cut right to the edge it will show on your final product. Repeat this for the other prong. Now you will want to take some jewelry glue or super glue and glue it to your backing. The backing here was the watch band. This band had blank circles of metal on it and the paper fasteners were the perfect size for it! Lucky me!! I preferred to use this method over the Crystal Effects method because this one was ready to touch once the paper fastener cooled! I am not a patient person!!!

I made a pair of earrings using this method too. I will post them soon.


Michelle Tweedy said...

Okay, so if you don't use versamark to make the EP stick, the what does make it stick?? When you say regular paper fasteners are you talking about office brads? That's what it looks like to me.

The project is beautiful!

Wanda said...

Heating is what makes the EP stick. It requires repeating the process a number of times to achieve the thickness and look you want.

Yes, regular paper fasteners are office brads.

I hope this answered your questions.