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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Canned Santa!!!

Here is a fruit (pop top) can made to fit the "Santa Theme" items. This one I think is one of the more useful items. I think I will make more and fill them with gift cards and some candies before I seal them up. For my niece I am going to put a little Beanie Baby in it before I seal it. These would be great for teachers too!!! They are quick to make and lots of fun to come up with ideas to fill it with! I don't think I'd give them to little children though because of the pop top and sharp edges. If you make these for a craft fair be sure to add some little disclaimer on the bottom letting people know it's not intended for children under whatever age you feel is necessary. And add this at the bottom of your disclaimer. Sharp edges. It's better to be safe than sorry.

To make this can I just took some red card stock and made sure it was the right size for the can and cut accordingly. The white strip was cut 2-1/2" and the edges were torn. The piece was set in place over the seam of the red card stock. Doing this you get a very nice smooth looking can.

I then cut a strip of black card stock and wrapped it around the can to see the fit. Cut off any excess and glue the strip in place. I did allow the black to overlap a little in the back. I cut a piece of brushed gold card stock and glued it in place. On top of that I used the 3/4" square punch and punched out a piece in black and glued it in place. Then you take the 1/2" round punch and punch out 3 black dots. Glue them in place and you're done. As quick and simple as that!!! The tough part will be eating all that fruit to get enough cans for all the people you want to make these for!! LOL

Aren't they fun??? This can fits right in with the Santa Theme items. Great for a holiday stamp camp. I have one more "Santa Theme" item coming and then I'm moving on to other fun projects that I will be sharing with you!

You can fill it with almost anything. Once you fill it you can glue it shut with crazy glue. I prefer to use Crystal Effects. It does not have a smell and it does not glue your fingers together!!!! Plus if you're putting any consumable items in the can you really don't want to use the crazy glue. Those fumes could seep into the good. NOT a good idea. And here are my favorite words on the bottle of Crystal Effects . . . NON TOXIC!!!! I LOVE those words when I'm working with things that could touch my skin or come in contact with food items!!! PLEASE keep that in mind when working with any glue products and food items.
Also in this same "Santa Theme" we have the Santa Bag (a must for the following items!) The Santa Candy Pull with instructions, the "Poppin' Santa" tutorial. The "Santa Nugget Box." The "Santa Candy Cane" (with instructions). A Santa card. And last but not least, the "Santa Tissue Holder." (and it's REALLY not least!!!!) Plenty here to plan your own Santa Theme Stamp Camp!!! And I have a few more to come too in a few days!

I thank you SO much for stopping by,


Pegg S said...

This is really cute! Thanks for sharing all your Santa projects -- they look amazing!

Daisydaze said...

Thank you...another wonderful goodie to add to the group. And, thanks for the info on Crystal Effects...I am glad to know there's something to use that is non-toxic to glue the bottom.

Dorothy said...

Great idea Wanda - using the taller can. This is so adorable!

Dorothy said...

Great idea Wanda - using the taller can. This is so adorable!

Chris Scrappin and Stampin in Texas said...

very cute idea. I know I just bought a pampered chef can opener and there are NO sharp edges..This would be perfect. Great gift idea!! Chris

Kelly said...

Very cute loving you Santa projects!