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Friday, November 02, 2007


Back by popular demand is those 4" x 6" acrylic frames. Nope, not from the Dollar Store, Michael's or JoAnn's. These are from Wal-Mart!! But they are around $1.00!!!

I ran out of snowflake post it notes, the 3" x 3" size. I have 3" x 4" left. They would work if I moved the snowman over just a little and put the post it closer to the left edge. But the yellow is fine for now because it shows up better and allows you to see the placement of it. This is a quick item to make and a good seller too. Can't beat a deal like that! I stamped the snowman first, the scarf was stamped separately and added later. This hides there the head and body meet, or where they should meet. I never get it exact every time. But cutting the scarf out allows you to hide these little mistakes. Yup, I make mistakes just like any other person!!! Actually I make LOTS of them, I just don't tell many people!!! The snowman is from the "Cold Play" set. He's SO cute! But you know me and snowmen!!! In Minnesota this item can set out from November through the end of March and maybe into April!! What is nice about these (for personal use) you can change the background just by making another one and sliding it in. Nothing is permanent on here. But the backing to the post it does stay so you will have to put your refills in the same spot each time.

These would also make great desk calendars instead of the post it. Add a beaded pen and give it as a gift. This would also be fabulous for Stamp Camp, Hostess Gifts, Customer Appreciation and everyday gift giving.

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StampMom said...

Very cute! Wondering what type of ink you used for the snowman -- StazOn?? Love this project, think even kids could do it.

Daisydaze said...

What a cute idea for some small Christmas gifts...thanks for sharing!

jayne said...

What a great idea!!!! Perfect for people I work with for their desks, can make 12 different filler cards THANKS!!!!!

Linda SS said...

I LOVE it, Wanda. These would make wonderful little co-worker gifts! Thanks for the idea - I will help my daughter make these for all the people she works with:)

Dorothy said...

Adorable. I love your snowman! I made them for all 8 of my daughters teachers last Christmas. They were a real HIT!!

Shelli said...

What do you use to attach the post-it pad? Have you had any problems layering the image? Thanks for yet another awesome project.