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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Tags, Tags and More Tags!

Tag you're it!!! I found this adorable tin at Michael's right at the checkout for only $1.00. They are suppose to be used for gift cards. It's even got a plastic insert that holds the card nicely. Like I'm going to conform to something like that!!! LOL

Ok, I do have to admit that the minute I saw the tin I HAD to have it and only because it had a snowman on the outside of it!!! Ok, I not only bought one, I bought two. Gosh how you can make me confess things here!!! LOL I have plans for the other one too and I'll post that in a couple of days!!! And not the second one is not going to be used to hold a gift card either!!!

I made these cute tags using the Stampin' Up! "Tags for All" set. I had a lot of trouble with these tags. Making them was not the trouble. My trouble was in the coloring field. Did I want to color something I KNEW was going to be tossed out with the wrapping paper???? No, not really. So what I did was stamped the images using colored ink. Well, that just looked too blah. Now what to do??? Then I thought I should just stamp some in black ink on colored card stock. That would give the contents of the tin a LOT of color and it did. SO here I have a tin full of gift tags just in time for the holidays. I think I will pass this tin onto my older sister who was kind enough to lend me a brand new stamp set of hers. I've had it for a LONG time now and it's not only a "thank you" type gift but an "I'm sorry I kept your set so long" gift too!!! LOL Do you think she'll use one of the tags on a Christmas present to me??? Do you think that present will be a Stampin' Up! stamp set??? Do you think I'll even get a present from her??? LOL

I also stamped on the cover of the tin using Black Staz On ink. I colored in the snowman (see, I did color one tag!!!) using Sharpie Markers and a light blue Copic marker. I can't believe it. I've had these Copic markers for at least 5 years. I got 7 of them when they first came out. I used them when I taught stamping at a local shop. And to know that I actually have something that is still "in" is a shocker to me!!! LOL And the big shocker was that they were not dried out at all!! Hmm, they must be good markers!!! When I got them I just thought they were a nice marker in such vivid colors. Little did I know I was at the tip of something big!!! And I put them back in the pencil holder box along with the Sharpie markers and back on the shelf. LOL See how special they are??? LOL

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Unknown said...

Great idea, I am going to have to pick up a couple of them next time I am there, this is a really cute idea.

Unknown said...

Heavens! Buy something for the purpose of what it was intended for...never if you are any type of a crafter! LOL Been there, done that Wanda. And any time you want to borrow something of mine and keep it too long just yell. I love the "thank you" gifts you give. The tin and tags are just adorable. Great idea! You always make me smile with your projects.

Diane said...

Oh my that is too darn cute!!!! You
did such a wonderful job coloring it!!

Daisydaze said...

Neat idea...and I just happen to have a couple that are plain....but, I can put my own snowman face on there :-) Thanks!!

dasimonds said...

I love your find.."snowman Tin"
I too, collect snowmen..this is really cute !
Your gift tags are adorable!


tyrymom29 said...

Soooooo cute!!!!!!!!

Debby said...

OH my gosh this is adorable. I think we could do this with small tins. Think I am going to try with some the kids have laying around collecting dust. LOL, would be so cute for putting things in.

Allison Rankin said...

Cute...I saw these there too! Hmm...

Dorothy said...

I bought one of them last year at Michaels and never used it. Thanks for the great idea! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for the blog candy re-give-away!!