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Monday, June 22, 2009

Technique Page Time!

I thought it was time I added another technique page to the agenda. I haven't posted one for a couple of weeks. I was going to try to do one once a week. I have of them to make. This one will make #9 in the third set of 20 pages. Almost half way there! I do have some extra packages of sets 1 and set 2. If you are interested in them please email me. You can also go to my webstore and purchase these pages on CD to use for technique page books for classes! It's a great way to bring in some new and fun things for your customers to attend, do and have for themselves!!!

This technique is called "Faux Buttons." It's pretty simple to do too! You just stamp an image on card stock. Punch it out with a shape you want to use as a button. Sponge the edges and emboss it using clear embossing powder. Add a piece of hemp or thread, tie it and it's ready for your card or scrapbook page!!! Not much simpler than that!!! This can also be done using Crystal Effects but you need to let it dry overnight. I didn't and don't have the patience for something like that. The only drawback of using embossing powder is it could crack. I made mine a bit too thick and it did crack but all I did to fix it was to reheat it. And that happened after I had it affixed to the black layered squares!! But reheating it melted the crack and you would never know!!! I used foam tape to affix the button to the card stock. The hemp in back made it stick up a bit too much for mono adhesive to hold it in place. It needed something to raise it up a bit and the foam tape was what it needed!!!

Thank you SO much for visiting today, Wanda


Unknown said...

Yet something else I have not tried, thanks for all of your wonderful technique pages.

NeedsARibbon said...

Even if it is an "easy" technique it is still worth noting! TFS.