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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

An Elephant Never Forgets!

Do you think that is true??? That is questionable. I've never really given it much thought. I suppose I could just Google it and find the answer. There's SO many answers to things in Google!! But I don't have the time to research that!!! Maybe when I'm old and have nothing else left to do!!!! LOL

I had purchased some small 4" x 3-1/4" composition notebooks for altering. I had them on a shelf for a long time and when I was looking for something else (isn't that how it always goes?) I ran across them. I took them off the shelf and decided to do something with them right away. I almost had to because when I put the stuff back on the shelf I set things on it nicely and I didn't make room for the notebooks to go back there!!!

I had purchased some black Duck Tape from Menards. Yes, it was actually called "Duck" Tape. I thought it was Duct Tape!! But not this stuff. It's a bit shinier than I wanted it but it did the job it was intended to do so I over looked the shine!!

To alter the notebook I first cut the decorative paper the size of the notebook minus a little for the black seam/tape backing. I taped the decorative paper in place and then added the Duck Tape. It was a bit wider than the original stuff that was on the notebook and I could have trimmed it but I actually liked it wider.

Then I had to think of what to put on the cover. I had picked out a flower from the Stampin' Up! "Sweet Stems" set. But I had just used that set and thought I should move on to something I hadn't used before.

As I was looking in the few sets I have that I have not put together yet I saw the elephant in the "Teacher's Pet" set. I used Brocade Blue for the contrasting color. I used a blender pen and the Brocade Blue ink pad and colored in the elephant. I sponged the edges and layered it on top of a piece of Brocade Blue card stock.

I had a stamp made with the word "remember" on it and used that for the wording on the front. It just seemed appropriate!!! I punched it with the small oval punch, sponged the edges and layered it on top of the oval scallop piece of Brocade Blue. I taped it in place on the front of the notebook. I think it turned out pretty cute. I was going to add a bow or brads but after thinking about it, if this was to be put in a purse any raised items could rip off or get hung up on "stuff" in a purse or drawer so it was just best to leave it as simple as possible. Well, this is surely simple!!! And these were very easy to do too!!! The hardest part of these was locating the "Duck Tape" at Menards. I don't remember where in the store we got them, hubby found it for me!! I also bought white. There were a few other colors but I passed on them. I wasn't sure if I would really use them or use enough of them to justify the purchase. SO I just stuck with black and white. Though I am having second thoughts about having the white!!! We'll see what we can come up with using it!!

Altered notebooks are always fun to make and make a great gift. They are also a great Stamp Camp item. They are fun as a Make & Take too. Plus they make nice little Hostess Appreciation gifts and Customer Appreciation gifts!!! And best of all they are great to have in your purse when you need to jot down a note or a card design idea!!!

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Unknown said...

These are great little gifts to have on hand I like the shinny duck tape going to have to go out and get some ;)

Anonymous said...

I received my CD with the 2nd set of techniques---it is awesome--I have already printed them and put them in a scrapbook. Also, received some fabulous blog candy---thank you so much.
Linda Peterson