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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sharing Something Silly!!

The other day I had been shopping for something for my poor splitting fingernails. I saw the French manicure polish and thought I would give it a try. And believe me I did give it a try. Many tires!!! I just couldn't get those tapes to stick well enough to not let the white polish bleed under it. SO after I went through almost all of the tapes I was desperate. I gave it some thought and decided I was not going to go to the store and buy a package of the tapes for $5.00. I thought that there has to be something around here I can use.

White mailing labels came to mind. SO I got out my Stampin' Up! punches and found one that had the right arch to it. It was the 1-1/4" one. I punched out a few strips with it and applied it to my nails. OMG, it worked SO much better than the store ones. I was worried that it wouldn't come off the nail without leaving residue behind but they came off cleanly!!! I was thrilled. Do you know how many nails one sheet of address labels will do??? Over 50 depending on how thick you punch them. I made mine a bit thicker (wider) than the original ones. That way I could slap on the white polish and not be so restricted to space as with the store ones. Now don't look at my cuticles. It's my nails that I need to tend to right now, the cuticles will come later when the nails are repaired and healthy! Oh and I found a cute sticky flower for the nail. I had it in a drawer that I was going to use someday on my nails. Well, someday came!!! LOL They almost look natural!!! I had plenty of practice with those strips!!! LOL

SO, now you know what I do with my spare time!!! LOL

Just another use for the Stampin' Up! punches!!!

Have a great day and be resourceful!!


DeeDee said...

wow..this is a awesome idea...thanks for sharing girls will love you for this...cute flower too...great day to use it...


Anonymous said...

Spare time??? YOU have spare time?
What a clever idea! I will pass it along!

reeree62 said...

Oh Wanda, you cracked me up on this one!!! BUT, now we have yet another use for our SU punches to sell 'em to our customers!!! LOL!

Unknown said...

Is there something you don't do? So creative, I love it. I have tried it at home myself with no luck going to have to get out my punches and give it a go.