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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Altered Address Book! Weekend Project!

Gotta love those quick "Weekend Projects." For more "Weekend Projects" click here, you'll find over 70 of them. Enough to keep you busy for a while!!! LOL

While I was digging through my stash of "stuff" I ran across a couple of address books I had bought. Don't ask me when I bought them, I have no idea. I just know it's been about a year that they have been stashed away in the box I found them in! And it's about time I alter them! Oh and what a perfect time to do it too, with all the new papers and colors!!! I'm loving these new Stampin' Up! papers. The paper here came from the Razzleberry Lemonade pack. Pretty, isn't it?

First I opened up my word processing program and typed in the "Address Book" words. I set it up on the paper where I thought it should be and then did a test print on white copier paper. I set the paper against the book and saw that I was way off. After a bit of tweaking I got the words where I wanted them and I ran my cut decorative paper though the printer. I measured my paper using the book as my guide. I wanted it the exact size and it's the easiest way to do that.

After printing I realized I had cut the paper too short so it wouldn't go all the way around the book. Oh and I cut it on both pieces so both books were short!! GRRRR. Measure twice cut once. I've heard that many times before, except for today!!! LOL Anyway, I was able to hide the mistake by cutting the paper down so that it would cover the front and the back and I got to use my black Duck Tape again (yes, it's called Duck Tape and not Duct!!). I added the tape to the seam of the book. With the black wording the tape fit on the book just fine.

I stamped the bird on a branch image from the "Asian Artistry" set. It's such a fun and pretty set. I used the new "in color" markers and colored directly on the rubber. I am SO thrilled every time I see those markers. It's SO wonderful that the new colors come in markers now!!! It sure makes my day every time I play with them!!!!

I stamped the image on white card stock. I had taken a make-up sponge wedge and sponged the edges. I had ran across some of those too and am trying to use them up!!! I do like the soft look they give the edges. Different sponges give you different effects when you do the edges with them. Experiment a bit with them and see for yourself. Sometimes I like the softer look of the make-up sponge but most of the time I prefer the regular sponges.

I layered the image on black card stock and taped it in place. All in all it was a fun project to do. It was a bit tricky on the back with the elastic but all I did there was to make a couple of slits in the paper before I taped it down. I just slipped the elastic in at one corner and worked my way around the entire piece of paper. It's something you really can't do all at once unless you tape as you go. And of course I didn't think of that until I was all done setting it in place!!! Silly me!!! LOL

I took a photo of the address book with the elastic on and now I wish I would have moved the words over. Oh well!! The original book was done like that so I didn't even give that a second though. Lesson learned here!!!

Have fun altering items, it's basically easy to do and always fun!!!

Thank you SO much for visiting today, Wanda


Unknown said...

these are adorable! I'm off to check out the link! thanks for sharing!

Cherie said...

Wanda, These are totally cool! I love em! I can't wait to get my new paper & colors etc. TFS!


Unknown said...

Great stuff, I so love your notebooks.