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Friday, March 23, 2012

You're My Type Notebook Weekend Project

Tuesday night when I was at Terri's FABULOUS Technique class there were LOTS of samples of cards and projects to see and take photos of.  There was a notebook that she had gotten in a swap that had this typewriter on it.  This is from the "You're My Type" set.  I didn't buy this set, my sister did and left it here with me when she came to pick up her part of the order.  This set and the whole "theme/era" of it is SO out of my element.  That is probably why I didn't buy it.  I have seen LOTS of cute cards made using it but it didn't tempt me enough to buy it.  I was glad my sister ordered it and even happier when she left it here with me to play with.  Now this has been several weeks that I have had this here and had not had time to play with it.  Seeing the little notebook on Tuesday night inspired me to play with her set.

I had taken a photo of the notebook and decided I was going to deviate a way from that one and try something a little different.  I added some background paper to my notebook.  I stamped the typewriter on white card stock and cut it out. It wasn't that bad to do since there wasn't a lot of coloring or anything special you had to do to the image.  Stamp and cut, not a big deal!!!  

Next I stamped the words on the paper in the typewriter and it was ready to tape to the front of the notebook.  I took the decorative paper and used a glue stick and stuck it to the front of my notebook.  I tied on a ribbon and ran the coil through the punched holes and it was done.  I am going to give it to my sister when I see her next week.  We are going to be going to Terri's Stamp a Stack.  My sister has never been to one of them and I know she is going to LOVE it!!  It's part of her birthday present.  I do have a feeling I'm going to have to take her there again sometime!!  But that's ok, Terri has fabulous cards to make and I love spending time with my sister.

A note on the punch here.  I use the RubiCoil punch machine to make my notebooks.  You can find a notebook that is big enough for the image, remove the coil, cover the front, punch holes individually (matching the holes in the cover) and putting the coil back on.  Altered notebooks are always fun and make great gifts.  I find that my little notebooks sell well at craft fairs!  They are priced low enough and sell out fast.  People LOVE to find little bargains to use for stocking stuffers!  Who doesn't?

And that's it, there you have it.  My little notebook for my sister.  I am going to make a couple of cards with that set and then get it back to her next week when I see her.  Well, probably a few more cards because I will have to make extra ones for her too!!! LOL

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