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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Weekend Project Time!

I love these weekend projects, don't you?  Well, most of them anyway!!!  I especially love the ones that don't take very long to make.  

A few weeks ago I had made a St. Patrick's Day birthday card for hubby's aunt.  It was a fun and quick card to make.  I had gotten these cute St. Patrick's Day stickers at Michaels because they were not only cute but on sale for under $.70 for the strip of them!  When I saw them I knew I was going to be making a card for hubby's aunt since there are really not a lot of St. Patrick's Day stamps out there and even less that are for a birthday on that day.

I let the gals use the rest of the stickers when they came here to stamp last month and there was one left.  Well, I didn't want to store it with the rest of the TONS of stickers that I have so I thought I would just use it. 

I took one of those cute little clear containers I had gotten at Clear Bags and I filled it with green Sixlets. I LOVE that color of green and it's perfect for what I was doing with them.  Next I tied a bow around the clear box and then I just stuck the sticker on.  How simple is that??

A couple of weeks ago at the Stampin' Up! Open House I was at my sister and I bought the Stampin' Up! stickers.  I don't know what they are called since we split the package and I gave her the vital information part!!!  Some of the stickers, like the cake are too big for this box but there are some other ones that would be adorable on here.  I was thinking on how to go about doing this and I would do it much like this sticker is done.  I would punch out a round circle and add the stickers to it and add another one matching one on top of that one using a Dimensional.  Then I would have the layered look of the sticker like this one has.  I think it will work!  I'm going to see if I have time later in the week to give it a try.  I have a lot of hours at work coming up this week so it may be tough to sneak some time in at home to try this but I'll try my best to see if I can.

I can see these little containers showing up in Christmas stockings too, can't you?  I would love to make one up but I think I'm going to save that idea until fall because I am really not in the mood for winter projects now.  I want spring!!!  And I can see these as a fun Make N Take, a Stamp Camp project and even selling them at craft fairs.  Though I think Christmas ones would sell better at craft fairs.  I may have to try out a few of them this fall myself.  And don't forget the kiddies.  This could be a fun gift for the kids to make for the grandparents or teachers!!! You can make them for co-workers, the mail carrier and the UPS delivery person too!

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