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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Gifts

I have a group of people I wanted to make something fun and special for Valentine's Day.  I had made these before using the milk carton die.  You can see that one here.  I've also made them by filling wider bags and just making a nice header for them.  You can make them as simple or complex as you like.  

Today I stayed in the middle.  Not simple but not very complex either.  I made a pouch, filled a bag with bird seed and and decorated it.  

The pouch was simple to make. I took a piece of Real Red card stock and cut it 6-3/4" x 7".  On the 7" side I scored the piece at 1/2" and 3-3/4".  Fold the scores nice and sharp using a bone folder.  About 1-3/4" down on the front I marked the edges and cut them straight across.  Then I took a large cardboard Stampin' Up! ribbon spool and lined it up so it touched each side on the top and I traced the arch it created.  Then I cut out the arch. Once the arch was cut I could see where I needed to trim up the 1/2" piece.  I just used my scissors and cut below the front panel.  Once it's glued you won't be able to see if it's crooked or not.

Next I cut the front panel piece.  Cut the decorative paper 4-3/4" x 3".  I created the arch the same way as I did on the card stock.  Then I cut the inside decorative paper 3" by at least 5".  Mine were cut at 6" because I just cut the decorative paper in half to make it easier for me.  

Now you must first tape or glue the inside panel in place.  Then you will need to glue the bottom part plus the 1/2" strip.  Press the edges.  I used glue because it sticks better than tape.  You can use the bone folder if necessary.  Because I was making 15 of them I just did them assembly line style.  Once I got all the pockets glued together I taped the front panel on.  

I got on my computer and printed out the following words for the front.  
I gave a hundred Valentine’s
A hundred, did I say?
I gave a thousand Valentine’s
One cold and wintry day.
I didn’t put my name on them
Or any other words
Because my Valentine’s were seeds
For February Birds!

I cut them out and then I cut the panel behind them 1/8" bigger.  I taped the two pieces together and then set them in place on top of the panel.

I printed out the "Happy Valentine's Day" words on my computer and I punched them out with the heart punch.  I used the heart Sizzlet die and cut out 30 hearts.  I took the two Sizzlet hearts and glued the top bumps together.  You need 2 hearts per packet.  

I filled a 3" x 5" zip bag with bird feed and then I took the glued red heart and slipped it between the bag.  Then I stapled the heart to the bag.  I took a pliers and flattened the bumps of the staple down.  You can also use a hammer but the pliers is much quieter!  I do this because I like to tape my card stock over them so they don't show.  The back side will have the smooth staple on it and it will look a lot neater.  Plus you won't have to worry about anyone getting poked by the end of the staple.  Because of the texture of the Sizzlet heart I glued on the words heart.  

And finally you insert the seeds into the pocket and they are ready to go!

Have fun making these and thanks for stopping by today,


connie said...

This is so cute. Who would have thought about a valentine for the birds. I love it.

Lena Misquitta said...

Wanda, what a wonderful thing to do ! I too feed birds daily but this is something so special and I'm totally with you.
Happy Valentine's Day !
Love, Lena