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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Donut Valentine from Pinterest

I ran across this cute idea on Pinterest.  I think most of the fun and cute stuff has now gone over to Pinterest.  I have spent a lot of time there but have enjoyed every minute of it.  You can see the original one here. It was made for someone going on an interview.  

I saw this a couple of days ago and knew Iwanted to make one for hubby for Valentine's Day.

I printed out the words on my computer and used the Sizzix die to cut out the heart.  

The red heart came from the new "More Amore" designer paper. I just took one of the hearts on the sheet and cut it apart from the sheet, taking care to cut the little bumps to match the ones on the heart and now you can't even tell where I cut the heart from the big sheet!  

I taped the words in place and then I tried my best to cover the small label on the package.  Fortunately for me Rainbow Foods doesn't use large labels on their packages so I was able to hid most of it.  I tried to get the label off but it just tore a bit and some of the top layer came off.  But this hid it enough.  Hubby likes donut holes and I bet  you anything he's not even going to notice there was a label on the container at all!!! LOL

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Colleen said...

what a cute and clever idea.

Peggy s from OH said...

Cute! Bet he loved it!

Anonymous said...

Very cute idea, Wanda.
I love donut holes also, but hubby does not. I could have made it for him and helped him eat it. LOL
Thanks for sharing.