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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Graduation Time is Nearing! Party Favors Weekend Project

Graduation time is quickly approaching and that for many means an open house "party" with food and treats. Here's a fun treat my friend Leah came up with. Yup, this is the same Leah that came up with the other mint candy ideas in May of 2007! She's SO talented!

The school colors here are blue and silver. Leah used a blue pearl card stock, it's VERY pretty. Cut a strip for the band that measures 3" x 1/2". Punch out a 1-3/8" square and center it on the blue band. I would recommend using the piercing tool and Mat Pack kit here. Punching through two layers is hard on your hand and it's much easier and quicker to punch through both pieces at one time. You can also add the ribbon here too if you wish. I would add it after I punched the first two holes. I guess it really depends on your card stock and how hard it is to punch through that. If it's pretty easy then add the ribbon at the same time. The ribbon measured 2-1/4". You may want to add just a touch more so you can trim it once it's in place. After punching and the ribbon is ready, add the brad and secure it on the back. Wrap the band around the candy and secure it on the back. You can tape it but I would recommend using glue. The tape may not hold. Any white glue that dries clear will work.

If you want to get REALLY creative here you can open up your word processor and type in "Class of 2008" and space them apart up and down on the card stock. Line up the words in your punch and punch away. Or you can type the graduate's name or "Congratulations" or whatever else you would like.

Thank you Leah for sharing your idea with me and for allowing me to put it on my blog. Isn't it the cutest???
Edited: The candy used here is either Treasures or Nuggets made by Hershey and Nestles.

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Melissa said...

So cute Wanda! Now I wish I knew someone who was graduating! :)

Many Easter Blessings,

dasimonds said...

Your friend is very clever..
These are fabulous!
Thanks for sharing.

*Have a Happy Easter!

Pandessa said...

Absolutely adorable! I know someone graduating this year too! I may bite off you on this one!

Unknown said...

This is amazing, going into my file. Just a few more years 'til I will need some of these for our oldest DD.

Sue from Oregon said...

I just love this! how creative!

Never2manybooks said...

what type of candy is used-I can't seem to find where it says on the post.

Wanda said...

The candy used here is either Treasures or Nuggets made by Hershey and Nestle.

Anonymous said...

This idea is just what I'm looking for! Thanks for sharing! Amy