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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Boo to You, Monster Spray, Weekend

Today I was looking at my "Boo to You" set and thought I should use it because of it being mostly a Halloween set. And then I remembered, I didn't need to use it just at Halloween, it could be used to make "Monster Spray" labels.  Many years ago I had made "Monster Spray" using the Halloween set available at the time.  That was back in 2006.  WOW, that was a long time ago.  I still like the look of that label and now I have a new label and a new look that I also like. You can see my first "Monster Spray" cans here. I posted several in a row because I was making them for a craft fair.  Oh and they did sell well! 

I have a tip here before you assemble. Make sure you leave some extra card stock on the sides so you have a little bit of an overlap for the glue to stick or you may end up having to use Scotch tape and your can won't have as nice a look as you would have hoped it would.
To make my label, I printed out the words on my computer. I had found the font "Dripping Blood" and thought it would look fun.  After printing, I set the card stock over the air freshener to get my measurements. I first trimmed off on the bottom.  Then I measured around my can and cut each side pretty close to evenly.  And then I stamped my images. I used the cute critters from the "Boo to You" set.  It's TOO darn cute.  I colored them in using Blends Pens.  After coloring I took the card stock and ran it over the corner of my worktable, with my left hand on top and my right hand pulling it so it would have some curl.  Then I rolled it up to give it a bit more curl.  It's really difficult to get a straight piece of card stock to stay on a round spray can.  I affixed the label to the can by first running some snail tape down the center of the card stock. Then I lined up the top edge of the spray can and slowly worked the piece around the can to make sure it was straight.  I then glued one end on top of the other end.  I added some rubber bands around the can to help hold the ends down until the glue set up a bit.  You can use your bone folder to burnish that edge and help the glue adhere better.  Once the glue was set I removed the rubber bands and it was done.  

The poem is below.  I don't know who the author of the poem is.

Monster Spray

Every night
when I’m asleep
Into my room
the monsters creep
I call to Mom,
“Please come and stay!
And don’t forget
the monster spray!”
She comes right in
and sprays right here.
Then all the monsters

Have fun making these!!  Hopefully there will be a fun set next year so I don't end up waiting another 13 years to make a new label.  Actually, the set last year was cute but the thought of using it for Monster Spray didn't even enter my head.  

Thank you SO much for stopping by today,

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