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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Elf Kisses, Kits Available, Great Student Gift

(Edited on 6-21-18) I have kits available for you to make your own "Elf Kisses" elves.  Scroll down to the bottom of this post for more details. Kits will be available year round.  Kits will be available until I post that I no longer have any.  Kits can be ordered HERE.  Kits are available year round.

These make GREAT Teacher to Student gifts. 

Here's another gem I found on Pinterest.  One of a billion things I've found on there. But what is different about this pin is I actually made it!!!  Shocker.  I spend SO much time pinning things and so little time making the things I find. Well, I managed to find some time to make these.  They were very fun to make too.  I LOVE the punch art stuff.

The punches used here are as follows:  The bulb punch for the head, a petal punch was used for the hat.  Ovals were cut and trimmed for the brim, the bird wing was used for the ears and round circle punches for the eyes, nose and the tip of the hat.  

The elf was found here at the Paper Den.  The instructions were not included so I just winged it!  I think they turned out cute though I wish I would have had that top fold closer to the words.  But it's still cute and it does it's job!  

The original one had mixed Hershey Kisses in the bag but I was thinking green.  When I think of elves I think of them wearing green.  So then their kisses should be green too, right?  

The cute poem reads:  
With Little elf eyes watching you,
There's not a lot that
Santa misses,
So to help you be good today,
Here's a bunch of sweet
Elf kisses.

Author Kimberly Elliott

You can see Kim's blog by clicking here.

I hope you get your Elf kisses to help you be good this holiday season!  You don't have many days left to be good!!! LOL

Thank you for stopping by today,
YES, kits are still available.  I had difficulty getting the photo orientated right but you can still see all the parts.  You get enough parts to make 12 elves.  If you are interested in purchasing a kit, please email me.  My web store has been updated and you can order right from the store.  My email address is located on the sidebar under "Got a Question."  It's the second item on the sidebar.  The cost of the kit is $3.00 plus shipping in the USA. If you have trouble finding my email address:  wanda at CyberNetik dot net or you can click
Order your kits here.


Anonymous said...

These are Very Cute! Thank you for sharing.
Carol O

Stampin Deva said...

Too cute, TFS.

Merry Christmas Wanda!!

Cindy said...

I love this idea!!! I too am bad about pinning and not making. But I agree with this one. Something easy to make and fun to give away. Thanks so much!!!!

Think Bowtique said...

The elf's are super cute.

Unknown said...

These are way too cute!!! :)

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I love the little elf heads!

DIY Party Mom said...

Wow! I am so excited to see your version of my Elf Kisses poem. I love to see how other people use my poems. I'm glad it turned out so cute for you.

Wanda said...

Thank you Kimberly for letting me know that the poem was written by you. It's traveled around the net without any name attached to it. I will add your name on my next version of this cutie and I hope that those who copy it will give you credit as well!

Anonymous said...

Do your kits include the card with poem printed on it

Wanda said...

The kits do not come with the poem printed on it. It is not my poem.

CindyKinney said...

I recently purchased this kit. The total price was $5.04 and I received it within 2 or 3 days of ordering. I highly recommend this product and site. Wanda, the owner, was very accommodating, helpful, and kind when what I thought was a site issue turned out to be my own mistake during the ordering process.

Wanda said...

Thank you Cindy. That is so sweet of you to say.

Pattie said...

Just placed my order for 2 kits!

Papierkram said...

eine ganz tolle Idee mit den Elf Küssen. Danke auch für die Anleitung von dem kleinen Elfen
Lieb Grüße Beate

Lauram said...

Love it. How did you print out the poem? I have an iPad and new to this.

Any help would be treaty appreciated.

Your elves are so cute

Wanda said...

Laura, you would need to type up the poem and print it out yourself.

Anonymous said...

What size Ziploc bag did you use?

Wanda said...

I use 3" x 4" bags but you can use whatever works for what you are bagging up.

NacFamily5 said...

Did my order go through for the Elf Kisses Kit!?

Wanda said...

I have no way of contacting you NacFamily5. I checked the web store and no order was placed.

NacFamily5 said...

Thank You! I placed my order, 3 years in a row!! I LOVE these, but the kids love them more 😉 So easy to put together!!