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Monday, January 23, 2012

Heart Tins Valentine's Day Gifts Weekend Project

While digging in a cupboard I ran across these heart shaped tins I had bought a while back.  I had gotten them at Oriental Trading and they still carry them. Click here for the link to them. 

I ran some tape along the outside bottom part of the tin and then added the red satin ribbon.  But that wasn't enough dressing up for me.  I took the small flower punch and punched out a bunch of Pretty in Pink flowers and took my stylus on top of a foam mat and rolled it around the center of the flowers until they curled up.  I put a glue dot on the top of the heart lid and stuck three flowers to each one.  Then I took my gel pen and colored in the centers.   I was going to add some green leaves to the flowers but decided to just leave them as they were.  

I will be adding one of these to the basket I'm putting together for a friend.  I think I only need a couple more items and the basket will be full enough!  

Oh, when I added the Red Hots I did put them in a little baggie.  I wasn't sure if the lid to the heart would stay in place and I didn't want the candies spilling out all over the place.  Plus I don't like the idea of just dumping the candies into something like that. I always feel they should be in something a bit more sanitary!  

Anyway, I think they turned out cute and I'm sure they will be a big hit!!  These would make great gifts for teachers, students, friends, coworkers, the mail carrier, etc!!  And they are not very expensive either!  You know you gotta LOVE that!!!   Have fun making them!

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Nancy said...

These hearts are great. Thank you for sharing, I may have to attempt these for the teachers. Have a great day!

Unknown said...

too cute.. will look great in your basket , going to attempt to do..ty for sharing :-)

Unknown said...

Cute little tins and I love how you dressed them up. Way to go Wanda;)