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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Weekday/Weekend Project

Since this coming Sunday is Easter, I thought I would put the "Weekend Project" in the middle of the week. I was going to omit it but then I realized that not everyone will be tied up with Easter stuff all weekend. Some of us will have some time on our hands to have some fun.

I bought the package of tissue at my local grocery store (Cub). They were a bit spendy for one package ($.99) and I figured it would go to someone VERY special so it was worth the dollar!!! Ok, not that I'm being cheap here but I can purchase a package of 10 of them for $1.00!!! Granted it's like wiping your nose with that gown paper you get at the clinic!!! But in a pinch . . . . ! Anyway, when I saw this paper I thought it looked like the Pretty in Pink color by Stampin' Up! It's such a close match!

Now on to making one for yourself! I got the pattern here.
It was created by Julie Ebersol over at Paper Trufflez. The link to the pattern is at SplitCoastStampers. Just to let you know where you will be going when you click the word "here." Okay, once you get the pattern, score the lines, punch the hole and snip away what you need to (according to the pattern) you are ready to stamp. I took the eraser end of a brand new pencil and used White Craft ink and stamped the dots. I think if you click on the picture you'll get a better view of it. After I got all the dots on I set it aside because Craft Ink takes a while to dry. Then I stamped, colored the flower and cut it out. For the leaves I used the larger flower in the "Doodle This" set. I colored it and cut out the petals I wanted to use for leaves. Now before you glue/tape (I prefer glue) your tissue holder together you will want to punch two holes for the ribbon. You REALLY should do this before you assemble it. It makes it much easier to tie the ribbon. Oh and add the ribbon before you put it together too, it's tight quarters in there when you add it last! You don't have to tie it, just string it through. Or you can just forget it completely, tie a bow and glue it on when you are done!! Assemble your tissue holder, add the flower and leaves. I wanted to use Dimensionals but it dawned on me that if it's kept in a purse the flower may get hooked on something and rip so it's best to just tape/glue it flat. Tie your bow, put the tissue inside, tuck in the bottom flap and it's ready to go! It really is a simple project! I hope you have fun with it!

Thanks for checking in!
I was informed that the link to the tissue pattern lead to a dead end. Well, that's not good. I think I fixed it. If you can not access the pattern you can also try going here. This is the post that Julie had with the photo of her tissue holder. Just click on the photo and a link will come up in her description paragraph. The photo is in the middle of the page and it's titled "Sniffle Ensemble".


StampingontheLakefront said...

Cute idea! You are right, it's a perfect match.

Thanks for sharing.


Jen said...

The link for the pattern doesn't go anywhere. I was thinking that the pattern may be in the dirty dozen gallery though so thought I would check with you and see. Have a great weekend, and the project turned out adorable as ususal!!!

Wanda said...

I think the link problem is fixed now! *crosses fingers*

Deb said...

Good Morning Wanda,
It truely is a delight to open your blog and see what you have created. Your latest is of course great as usual!! Thanks for all you do and letting the rest of us be inspired by your creations!!
Have a Happy Easter!!!
Debbie J.

Wanda said...

Debbie J. If you're having problems getting your mailing address to me, you can email me here at OR you can leave your info in the comment section and I won't post it! In fact I don't post anyone's email address unless they request I submit the comment as is. But I ALWAYS check first!
Thanks SO much,

Kristine said...

Well THAT'S a cute idea! :0) Who in the world comes up with all these neat projects? I guess the more you stamp, the more you start seeing your world as "oh, that's Elegant Eggplant" (or whatever SU! color) and you start thinking, hmmm...can I stamp on that? :0) I'm not quite there, I kinda stick to cards and scrapbook pages for now. LOVE YOUR COLORS ON THIS!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your lovely site. I tried tno go the gallery of SCS for the "Sniffle Ensemble" but couldn't find it anywhere in Julie's gallery. Any suggestions?

Wanda said...

Tjo you may want to email me for the pattern. I've heard lots of people have had problems with it. I can not email you, I have no idea who you are or any info on you. All I get is what you see on screen. With anonymous there is no link to find your website or blog. I hope you check back here since it's the only way to communicate with you right now.
Thank you for your interest,

dasimonds said...

Real cute idea...perfect !
I am unable to link to the pattern though.
Love all your creations !