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Monday, April 02, 2007

Allison at "Stampin' When I Can"

I had a little time today to actually take a look at my own blog. I forgot I had put a search on it that keeps track of who links to my blog. It's called "Technorati". Why I thought I needed this I have no idea. I guess I saw other bloggers had it and I had to have one! Sounds like a reasonable answer to me! SO I clicked on it and I was surprised to see that a few blogs link to mine. I took a little time and checked the first one out. It's called "Stampin' When I Can" by Allison from Calgary. I think it's a wonderful blog and if you have a few minutes you may want take a look at it. She provides a lot of information about other blogs and she has card samples too! If you have a few minutes check her blog out!

Thank you Allison for linking me. I will be adding you too!

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