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Monday, April 09, 2007

Blog Candy Winner!

WOW! I almost forgot to post the winner! I'm sure you're sitting there biting your nails wondering who the winner is!
This was another fun Blog Candy!! Quite a few of you got the answer right. I'm going to have to find harder questions!! Before Mount Everest was discovered, what was the highest mountain in the world? The correct answer is Mount Everest. Just because it hadn't been discovered yet didn't mean it wasn't the tallest mountain! For those of you who got it wrong, don't feel bad. I got it wrong the first time I heard it too!

And the winner of the Blog Candy is Pat and here is her answer!

"foodpartyfun said...
It would be Mt. Kangchenjunga in Northeast Nepal. Thanks for making us use our brains!"

Email me with your snail mail address Pat and I'll get this out to you! My email can be found on the link on the right side of the screen, just scroll down a little!

Thank you all for playing. I will be posting another Blog Candy later this week. My blog is soon to hit the 40,000 mark!

And thank you all for checking in on my blog!

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