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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

We Got Snow!

Click on the photo and you can see how huge the snowflakes were. Now from the looks of the thermometer it's 28 degrees out there! It's also April 3rd!!! The trees are starting to bud here in good ole Minnesota! I dearly LOVE snow and I was delighted to hear that we were going to get 1 to 4 inches! Well, we ended up with almost an inch and there's not much left on the ground as I write this. No snowman. If you could make one it would have been full of twigs and leaves. Not a pretty snowman at all. SO I believe this was my last shot at making a snowman this season. But on the brighter side, it's only about 6 more months until the next snowman season rolls around! Until then I'll blog!

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StampingontheLakefront said...

What a cool picture! It almost doesn't look like snow. Great scenic view. Thanks for sharing.