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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I've Been Tagged by Michelle

I've been "Blog Tagged" by Michelle at "Painted Desert Serenade" . My very first RAK was from Michelle. I still have it too!!! I get to pick 5 of my favorite blogs to visit. Only 5??? I'm picking some of the newer ones that I've discovered. My favorite list is VERY long and this was difficult to do. I think these newer blogs need to be visited too and you'll see the inspiration I've found in them!

Ok, here they are:
1. Sara's Studio
Sara is fairly new to blogging but obviously not new to stamping. She's got some GREAT card samples on her blog!

2. Lu La's Corner
Laura has some wonderful card samples and I believe she is TOTALLY addicted to rubber stamping!

3. L8ybug Stamper
Rita has SO many samples on her blog. Be prepared to spend some time viewing there! She's such a sweet lady!

4. Berkerblog
Many of her card samples have inspired me!

5. M.A.D. Stamper
She has quite a mix of cards and scrapbook pages. You'll find her submissions refreshing.

Thank you Michelle for tagging me. I hope you all find these blogs inspiring.

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