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Thursday, April 12, 2007


We got snow on Wednesday April 11th. I think it was a couple of inches. At first it melted as it hit the ground and then it began to accumulate. By evening we had over an inch on the deck. It was VERY pretty. Not enough to make a snowman though, unless you like yours full of dead grass and twigs. It wasn't even enough to cover the roads. Even the side roads were decent to drive on, which is a good thing. You know snow this time of the year just won't last and it didn't. There's just a trace of it here and there in the yards. We didn't even shovel off the driveway or the deck. If you click on the photo you can see it up close and you can see the flakes falling. I dearly LOVE snow but I think this was the last blast now until fall.

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love2Bcreative said...

We recevied snow this past week too!! Have you ever heard that old wives' tale 'three snows on the robins tale and spring will be here'? ... well we have had those three snows now so I think it's safe to say spring CAN COME NOW ... any time ;o))) lol