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Friday, May 31, 2013

Butterflies Abound Stampin' Up!

My little project here is made with joy and sadness at the same time.  I made this for my boss.  Today is the last day the bead shop is open.  I stopped in there with some donut holes and added this little cutie to the top. I did have to remove the label on the top of the donuts, the circles didn't cover it all.  It came off easily and what little residue was left the circle hid.  

I had these little butterflies in a container. My personal "stash!"  Actually when I punch them out I usually only need one size but I just save them all.  Sometimes I punch out extra just in case I ruin one or lose one.  So I have a bunch of them.  And now with some old colors leaving and new ones coming in I'm going to have to start a new stash so I have current colors in it! 

Anyway, back to my project.  I did the words on the computer and printed them out.  I punched the two circles and taped them together.  Then I added the butterflies.  So simple and so quick.  And she loved it!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Thursday, May 30, 2013

By theTide

Did you ever botch a card up SO bad that you didn't want to share the link to the original card because you were too embarrassed.  The original designer of this card is Julie at "Stamp with Julie Gearinger."  Julie, if you ever see this I just want to say to you, I'm SO sorry.  That is all I can say.  Now you can hop on over to her blog and see her fabulous card.  

I had trouble getting the inks to move with the straw.  I even got dizzy trying! LOL  My blotting of the inks made the colors become muted and joined more together.  This was a very disappointing adventure to say the least.  The card is for my nephew and I'm still going to send it to him.  But he is NEVER going to get the link to the original card!!! LOL  

The sets I used to make this card are "By the Tide" and "Curly Cute."  The stamping was easy, getting that ink to flow was a nightmare, as you can tell!  I may give this technique another try and see if I can't get the ink to flow better.  I have no idea what I was doing wrong but it is worth one more try.  At least for Julie's sake!!! LOL 

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Fabulous Florets Birthday Card Stampin' Up!

Let's talk about versatility here.  The word stamp here is from the "Delightful Dozen" set and it can not only be used for a mom's birthday card but for a Mother's Day card as well!  

I do like how the card turned out but after looking at it more I realized that I should not have made that focal piece the part that opens on the card.  I should have made the card the way it looks in the photo, all that you see being the front of the card.  In reality the dotted paper part is the inside of the card.  So yes, that means you have to write over the dots.  But on the brighter side of wrigint over the dots, that means that your words would be straight! LOL  

The base of this card is a half a sheet of Rose Red cardstock cut in half on the short side.  Then it is folded in half on the long side.  Then you cut off half of the front panel (2-3/4").  That piece you cut off is turned sideways and used on the front of the card for the focal part.  It's a fun fold but it doesn't leave you much room to write.  

The flower is from the "Fabulous Florets" set. A set I have used a LOT!  And still plan on using a lot more!  

It was a fun and easy card to make and like I said, the next one I make using that layout will not open like this one does, it will open "normally!"  LOL

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Family Reunion Birthday

I had bought this "Family Reunion" set and have hardly used it.  I have used the "happy birthday" one a lot but not so much the other ones.  But I'm sure I will someday.  I tend to hang on to the word sets so I will have this one in my possession for some time to come!

This is a quick and easy card to make and you can use up some scraps of decorative papers too!  I used the  Print Poetry stack.  I'm still picking away at that stack.  Who would have thought that 48 sheets of 4-1/2" x 6-1/2" would last so long!!!

I cut my strips at 1-3/4" wide.  I taped them onto a piece of scrap copier paper.  I was going to use cardstock but then I thought that the punch might not like it.  So to be safe I just went with the copier paper. Once I got the pieces attached I punched the scalloped border.  Then I cut the top part off at 3-1/4".  

I set (set not taped) the strip piece in place and then stamped the words. Then I taped the strips piece in place.  This is a very easy, simple, and quick card.  And it's perfect for using up those scrap papers!!!

Thank you SO much for stopping by today,

Monday, May 27, 2013

A Summer Silhouettes Get Well

I was not going to post a card today.  I figured because it was Memorial Day that most people would be out of town or busy celebrating.  But I decided to go ahead and post anyway.  Not EVERYONE goes out of town!!  We had left earlier in the week and came back on Saturday.  That wasn't our original thought when we planned our getaway!  It as the only days we had free and I was not paying attention to the calendar.  Fortunately we were able to book a hotel room for a couple of nights.  Not the hotel I wanted but at least we were able to get a room.  I will pay better attention to the calendar next time we head out of town.  It was a nice get away and now I'm trying to catch up on all the stuff that didn't get done while I was gone!  Oh well!!

Today's card is made using the Summer Silhouettes set.  I wanted to make a simple, quick and yet pretty get well card for my sister. She had surgery on her foot last week and I still have not sent her a card.  I'm such a bad sister!!! LOL

I used Riding Hood Red card stock because it's retiring and I have quite a few loose sheets of it left.  I also got smart when I made this card and stamped a few extra images and folded a few more pieces of card stock so I can make some Mother's Day cards for the spring garage sale next year!!!  It will only take me a few minutes to put them all together and I'll add them to my slowly growing stash!!!

The words on my card came from the Delightful Dozen set.  I was thinking of the Petite Pairs set but grabbed this one.  It worked and that is what's important!!

This card was a very quick card to make.  It did go together quickly too!  It was simple to stamp and it has a clean crisp look to it!  Plus it does have a few layers to it!  And you know how much I LOVE layers!!!

I hope you all had a very nice and yet safe Memorial Day holiday!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Summer Silhouettes Birthday

I forget about this fun set.  When I think of using a Silhouettes set I usually think of the Serene Silhouettes set.  As I was looking in the catalog to see what set I could use along with the Vanilla Flower Trim I saw the Summer Silhouettes set and thought I would give it a try and see if it works.  And it did!  And I still have Vanilla flowers left.  LOTS.  So I may just make up a bunch of cards like this (using scrap decorative paper and retired card stock) and make Mother's Day cards for next years spring garage sale.  I don't think I would just sit down and make cards specifically for the sale though.  I think I would make two like this card and because I needed a birthday card I went with the birthday card and I also cut another set of papers for a Mother's Day card.  I usually have cards for sale in my workroom and at the end of the "season" I will take the whole box and put it in the garage sale just to get rid of them so I can start a new box!!! 
It's never ending, is it?  LOL  But it is a great way to make the cards go away!!!  They all usually sell at the garage sale.  People get cards at a great price and I get rid of the cards so I can start again!!  I think the people are getting use to buying cards here and that's a GREAT thing.  

So we know I used the Summer Silhouettes set to make this card.  I only used the stem image and I stamped it Wild Wasabi.  The flowers were colored using the Primrose Petals ink pad.  I just ran the tips of them across the pad.  I left them in a long strip, though I did cut off the number of them I needed so I didn't get ink on the remaining ones.  Then I cut them apart.  I set them in place using Glue Dots.  

The base of the card is Primrose Petals. I had not used that color before and I do like it.  It's not one of my favorite but I don't dislike it.  And the only other color card stock I used was a scrap piece of Wild Wasabi on top of the scalloped circle.  I set the scalloped piece in place using Dimensionals.  

This was a very easy card to make and I did have fun doing it.  It also went together quickly too.  I like the looks of cards that go together nicely and also quickly but don't have the look of being done fast.  

Thank you ever SO much for visiting today,

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Stampin' Up! Embossing Folder Technique

This card is done using a fun technique.  You take your embossing folder and you ink it up using your ink pad and a brayer.  Then you insert  your card stock in the folder and run it through your Big Shot.  The ink is on the card stock and the raised textured part is clean and clear.  On this card the inverted part of the texture is exposed.  What is fun with this technique is, if you brayer both sides of the embossing folder you get to pick which side you like the best to use as your background (or focal) part of the card.  

This is a card that Terri had made.  I know the color is Lucky Limeade.  What I love about this card is all the layers and textures going on in it.  There's Dimensionals used, two embossed pieces, layers, ribbons, scallops, and punches. And it's SO pretty!

I have done the brayer in the embossing folder technique before and have liked it.  I have not yet used it with the new ink pads.  They seem to cover better than the older ones for some interesting reason.  I will eventually be replacing all of my ink pads in time.  Not all at once, I just can't afford that.  I have plenty of ink to keep me going on the old pads.  Plus the new ink works on the old pads but the old ink will NOT work on the new pads!  So either way I'm good until the pads show too much wear that they NEED to be replaced.  It's such a waste to replace them just because I feel I need to keep up with what's on the market.   Ok, environmental rant done!!! LOL

I'm off to work on a fun project and of course I will share it with you when I'm done.

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Friday, May 24, 2013

A Serene Silhouettes Birthday

Now on this card I used the same "Textured Waxed Paper Resist" technique and the same "Serene Silhouettes" set but I did something different with the image.  I added the ink stained Vanilla flowers to the image.  Kind of like crossing yesterday's card with the one the day before that.  

I like the look of the ink stained flowers.  And this image was perfect to add these flowers to.  

This post is short and sweet because there is nothing much more to say about it from yesterday's post.  Oh and yes, I did do the thumping on this card before I stamped it and covered it with the flowers!!  Silly me!! LOL

Thank you ever so much for stopping by today,

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Serene Silhouettes & Petite Pairs

Today I am going to share with you a very fun and easy technique. You remember the waxed paper technique?  It's the one where you took waxed paper and scrunched it up tightly and then flattened it out.  Then you placed it between two pieces of glossy card stock and iron it.  The wax transfers to the card stock.  Next you color it with ink and a sponge or dauber.  This technique is called Textured Wax Resist.  I saw this at Patty Bennet's site.  

My card is VERY similar to her card as far as the background and the image goes. My layout is a bit different and I also used another technique on my card.  I used the "Thumping" technique on the flowers.  That is where you take you marker and tap it on the rubber.  You hold the marker like a drum stick and let it bounce off the rubber.  It's quick, fun and easy to do.  And it makes a very pretty looking image.  You can use multiple colors of markers for thumping too but start out with the lightest color and do darker as you go.  

The words on my card are from the "Petite Pairs" set.  One of the few sets you can still stamp out using the 1-1/4" circle punch.  

When you do a card like this, remember that once you stamp your image you can huff on it and stamp one more image off it. It's going to be lighter but it's still pretty and usable!  I'm not a big fan of the "Direct to Rubber" technique.  That is where you color right on the rubber with markers, chalks or watercolor pencils.  Then you huff or mist it and then stamp.  I think it takes a lot more time that I like to invest in it so that is why I do a second image.  Why waste that ink you spent so much time adding?  

Have fun with this technique!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Fabulous Florets Birthday

I thought I would play with the vanilla flowers before they retire at the end of the month.  I haven't heard anything yet whether or not they are in the new catalog.  I am hoping they will be but just by change, I'm going to use them on a few more cards before the end of the month.  

I used the Fabulous Florets set for the flower stem.  It was the easiest stamping I've ever done!!!  Just stamp the stem and put it aside!  It doesn't get much easier than that.  Next I cut of three flowers from the ribbon of flowers and I rubbed the fronts of them into the soon to retire Regal Rose ink pad.  

My background paper is from the valentine papers in the spring mini, which is soon to retire too!  I thought it would make a pretty background on a birthday card.  It would have also been a nice background for a Mother's Day card too!

The words are from my computer.  You can buy the sheets of words here.  They are ready to print and fit the 1-1/4" circle punch and the oval punch for layering.  There's 10 different occasions other than birthday.  Each page has just one occasion and you can punch out 24 words off one page.  You can print out as many sheets as you like for yourself or for classes.  

You can have a lot of fun with this card. You can make your own ribbon flowers.  If you don't have these flowers,  you can find lots of tutorials on You Tube and elsewhere on the net.  You can even use punched flowers in layers to make this card.  See, lots of possibilities too!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Something to Celebrate Birthday Card

Once again I caught on Google Images eyeing up cards and I ran across this one.  This is SO my older sister.  She loves this kind of stuff.  She is a huge fan of Frank Lloyd Wright's stuff.  I recall many years ago she had gone to his museum and there she bought a cross stitch kit of one of his stained glass "things" and asked me to stitch it up for her.  There were three images in the kit and when I had finished it she took them in to be professionally framed.  Now you have to love something a LOT to have it professionally framed like that!!!  LOL  Anyway, this is going to be her card when I get done posting it here.  And no, it's not her birthday, I just know she is going to want this card!

I found the original card here.  I could have made it with the colors that were used but I wanted to use up some more paper in that Print Poetry pack.  There's still a LOT of paper left in there!   I have used it a lot so I guess that means it was a good deal for the money, right?  LOL  There's subtle changes from their card to mine but both are nice cards!

I liked this card because it was quick and simple to make.  I did stack two of the decorative sheets together before I punched them out.  I find that decorative paper doesn't punch as clean on the edges when you do them singly.  I often use a piece of scrap copier paper when I'm doing just one sheet!

This was fun to do and I could see myself making more (probably with my sister!!!). 

The words are from the "Something to Celebrate" set that retired a while back.  I tend to hang on to word stamp sets.  I like to have a variety of them on hand.  

Thank you SO much for stopping by today,

Monday, May 20, 2013

Teeny Tiny Wishes

Did you know that you can actually learn things on Pinterest too?  It's not just for finding fun cards and beading patterns!  I was shocked?  LOL  

While looking at some recent pins I ran across this little gem.  The link to it took me to the Stampin' Connection site.  If you are not a demonstrator you can not access it. So I will share with you the dimensions of the chipboard so you can do this to your own "Teeny Tiny Wishes" set.  

Cut your chipboard 8-1/2" x 7-3/4".  Score the piece down the center at the 3-7/8" mark on the 7-3/4" side.  Then score one inch on each side of that center score.  Fold your chipboard.  I used a circle punch and slipped the corners in from the back side and rounded the corners of my chipboard.  Then I proceeded to add the stamps in the order I found them on Pinterest.  Oh, you can see the original stamp set here.

I'm just thrilled to have found this and to actually have taken the time to do it.  And I'm glad I did.  Now I can see the stamps instead of having to handle half of them before I got to the one I was looking for.  Now all of them are visible and even if you shake the container the stamps stay word side up!  I LOVE it.  It made my stamping time even more enjoyable now.  And you know what this mean? I will probably be using this set a WHOLE lot more now!  As I was putting the stamps in the container I was seeing ones in there that I knew I would be using more because I forgot they were in there.  

Now get out your set and get it organized so you can see the images better too!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Betsy's Blossoms Birthday Stampin' Up!

The blog is doing something weird right now but at least I can finish my post, so I'm just going to let it do what it wants!!!  LOL

Today I found a card on Pinterest that I had pinned a few days ago. I thought it looked like a fun card to make so I made my version of it.  You can see the original card here.   I made my card using Whisper White and the soon to be retiring Regal Rose.  I thought I'd use that color since I had a few sheets left.  It would be great to use them up instead of have them hanging around because they retired before I got to them all.  I did make a One Sheet Wonder using the Betsy's Blossom images.  A One Sheet Wonder is when you stamp all over a piece of card stock and use the sheet as your focal point or for backgrounds.  You cut pieces off it as you need.  They're fun to do and you can make a LOT of cards from one sheet.

I took the two images, the 3 flowers and the larger flower and stuck them to an acrylic block and stamped them all at once.  Another advantage of having clear mount stamps.  

For the butterfly I used the Sizzlet and the Regal Rose decorative paper.  I just set it in place with a dot of glue.  That particular piece was too hard to tape so glue worked better here.

The main panel is set in place using Dimensionals and so is the word piece.  And the scalloped border punch was used for the Regal Rose side piece.  

The "happy birthday" came from the "Teeny Tiny Wishes" set.  And that was it.  SO simple, so quick and very pretty!  FYI, my Regal Rose piece was cut at 3-1/4" x 4-1/2".  

Making cards like this goes quickly and you can whip up quite a few in a short time.  You can make these cards into a fun pack for a gift.  Use different colors for a pretty effect.  

WOW, when I justified the words the post began to look more normal. Let's hope it looks like that when I hit "publish"!  LOL

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Wedding Favor Candy Wrap Hats

Thursday night I had stampers here and Leah was very busy making some wedding party favors.  I helped her with them for a while.  They are really a LOT of work but SO worth it.  

I had made them several years ago.  You can see mine here and how to make them too.  

Leah made the tops of the brides had different than my instructions explain and personally I find hers easier to do.  She had taken a stack of the punched circles and wrapped the tulle around them and tied it off.  Then she added the bling.  When she had the other pieces all ready she just glued that tulle piece on top of the other circles that are covering the brad.  On mine I wrapped the tulle around the stack of circles and struggled with it staying in place.  Plus the way Leah did it you can fluff up the tulle without having it come off.  Such a great way to improve on this fun idea.

These are not difficult to make, they just take a lot of time and pieces.  You can use up a lot of your scrap card stock making these!

Thank you Leah for letting me show everyone your fun wedding favors.

I thank you all SO much for visiting today,

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Open Sea Masculine Birthday Card

This is a card that one of my stampers Tracy made.  She was just a card making machine Thursday evening!  I'm not sure what set the words came from but I know I have it!!! LOL

It's often difficult to find masculine birthday cards and when you find one that you like you go with it. This set is great for the guy cards.  This would also be great as a Father's Day card too!  

Tracy did a great job on the card and she had a great time making them.  Well, I assumed she did! She did seem like she was enjoying her self.  She's such a fun person too!  She's one of "those" people you meet and you know you want to be friends with her.  Don't tell her I said that, she might blush!  

That's it for me today, short and sweet!  I'm now off to the bead shop to play with beads and chat with the monthly beader's group of insane gals!!! You have to be insane to play with tiny glass beads and like it!!!  LOL  Personally I LOVE it and I have a few projects in the works that I'm hoping to finish tonight!  Plus this is the last night the group will be beading there.  The shop is closing at the end of the month.  I miss my job there and I miss teaching.  But I will be holding classes in my home and the group will be finding another place to terrorize!!! LOL

Thank you Tracy for letting me share your card with everyone!

And I thank you all SO much for visiting today,

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Just Believe Birthday

I was informed that the "Just Believe" set is retiring.  That is SO sad. I have loved playing with it.  But I'm sure it will be replaced by something even better (right?).  

This was a very easy and fun card to make.  I used the soon to retire, Riding Hood Red ink and paper. 

The words came from the "Teeny Tiny Wishes" set.  A few punches later the card is all made! So simple, so quick and so pretty!  I actually made 3 of them all at the same time.  I love mass producing cards.  Ok, 3 cards is not mass producing but making more than one of the same in an assembly line form is mass producing to me!  LOL  Anyway, I had fun and that's the main thing.

Thank you SO much for visiting,

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Just Believe Birthday Card

I have had a lot of fun with the "Just Believe" stamp set and as I recall, it is NOT retiring.  And that means I can play with it a lot more!!!  It's such a fun set to play with.  

For my card I used a half sheet of Whisper White as my base.  Then on top of that was a piece of Crumb Cake, then Basic Black, followed by a More Mustard textured piece.  

The image was stamped on Whisper White using Crumb Cake ink.  

The flowers were punched out of More Mustard that was textured.  They were set in place using brads.  

The words were done on the computer and punched out with a 1-1/4" circle punch.  That was set on top of a 1-3/8" More Mustard circle and those were set in place on top of a Basic Black scalloped circle.  Both the focal panel and the words piece were set in place using Dimensionals.

This was a very simple card to make and even with all the layers, it didn't take that long to make.

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Teeny Tiny Wishes

Teeny Tiny Wishes is one of my favorite word sets.  I have used it to death!  I like it because of the Word Window punch.  The two together are a perfect match.  And then add the Modern Label punch and you can't ask for much more!

The butterfly is punched out of Wisteria Wonder decorative paper.

There is not a whole lot to this card.  The base of this card is Whisper White. The next layer is Wisteria Wonder.  Then on top of that is Whisper White that was embossed with the Dotted folder.  

The word and butterfly pieces were set in place using Dimensionals.  And there you have it an elegant, simple, and clean looking card.  Oh and this is also a quick card to make too!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Card

I hope you all had a nice Mother's Day.  Mine was very nice.  I brought my mom lunch and visited a while.  Then I came home and started putting away some of the garage sale stuff (tables, chairs, etc.) and then went over to our son's place and went out for dinner.  It was a lot of eating out but it was nice not to have to cook!  One shouldn't have to cook on Mother's Day!  My younger sister had brought my mom breakfast, I brought her lunch and I am not sure what she did for dinner.  Hopefully my older sister brought her something.  

Here is a card I made for Mother's Day. This card was one I actually made myself.  I grew this flower and I took a photo of it (which actually turned out nice) and I had it printed at Walgreen's!  I trimmed it (that is why there is more green on the right side.  The photos come 4" x 6" and I cut them to 5-1/4" so I can balance out the 4" side.  Oh and the flower on this card is from last year.  There's no flowers blooming in this part of Minnesota right now.  It's been too cold.  There was even snow Saturday (with sleet) and yesterday there were a few flakes.  The temps weren't that low but the winds were strong and icy.  And get this, tomorrow it's suppose to be 90+ degrees F.  From one extreme to the other.  Welcome to Minnesota!!! LOL

I do love taking pictures and having them printed to make cards with them.  They have their own personal touch and a quality all their own.

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Need For Speed

Today I thought I would use up some of the papers sitting in piles in my workroom.  I had run across some Stamp-a-Stack cards from Terri that I had not put together yet.  But I thought I would play with the pieces and see what I come up with.  Not so much to be different but because I don't remember what the original card looks like.  I had fun with it and because everything was cut it was an easy card to put together.  Hmmm, I may be cutting my scraps to fit images before I toss them in my scrap bin!

The image here is from the "Need for Speed" set.  It's a fun masculine set to play with.  The words are from my computer and I am not sure where the decorative paper came from.  It's pretty and I do like it.  I had gotten it in the pack of Stamp-a-Stack papers.  

It's a quick and simple masculine card to do!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Just Believe Birthday

Okay, the (Blaine) garage sale is over (for another year).  I am garage saled out!!!  It was a fun but long few days.  The sale in our neighborhood is crazy (to say the least).  It was a good sale, we all got rid of at least 80% of the stuff we had in it.  Everyone in our sale was happy with the few boxes of stuff they had left to pack up. The weather was nice on Friday but today it was very cold and extremely windy.  My hands are still cold. I don't think they will warm up until July!  It even snowed today.  Flakes were coming down at one point this morning and then sleet!  The sleet happened twice.  It is June, right?  But then again, we are talking about Minnesota!! LOL  Anyway, it's over and I can resume life as usual!  Which means I'm back to making cards and other stamped things!  I have lots of ideas and a few projects I want to get done so I will be having some fun things to share with you soon.  

So onto my card for today's post.  I love playing with the "Just Believe" set.  This was a super easy card to make.  I had some backgrounds already stamped and the image on top was already stamped.  I just added the stamped piece onto the Early Espresso card stock and that was set in place on top of the Very Vanilla card base.

I punched out an Early Espresso scalloped circle and layered the Happy Birthday (done on my computer) on top of a Cherry Cobbler piece.  That was set in place using Dimensionals and viola, it was done.

This would be a great card for a Stamp-a-Stack.  Plus it's a very versatile card.  I can be used for a number of occasions other than birthday!

Thanks SO much for visiting today,

Friday, May 10, 2013

Earrings to Match

Tonight (after the garage sale stuff) I found some time to bead with a friend and I finished these earrings to go with that necklace I posted 2 days ago.  I just need to add the earring posts and they are ready to be boxed up with the necklace for a gift to a special friend.  I was glad I got to bead, it keeps me sane!!! LOL

I enjoyed making these and I have one more pair to make, which I plan on selling.  They may make it to my web store. I will post it if I put them up for sale. 

I am keeping this post short tonight.  I need to get a few things done tonight and then it's up early for the final day of the garage sale.  It's a big and busy day.  It will be a constant flow of traffic with very little breaks of people.  It's crazy but fun.

Thank you SO much for stopping by today,

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Garage Sale Weekend

Today I am unable to get to my workroom to play.  It's the neighborhood garage sale week/weekend and there are several families having a sale here in our garage with us.  So my time has been devoted to digging in cupboards and cleaning out things we don't use anymore.  I have pulled TONS of Stampin' Up! sets off my shelves and spent a day pricing them.  I don't usually sell many of my retired sets but it's time. I need the room and the money will come in handy to buy new sets!  I will try to head down to my workroom tomorrow to play.  I miss it when I can't get down there.  I LOVE being in my workroom.  It's a room FULL of my stuff.  I will take a picture of it sometime and show you (after I get it cleaned up, of course!).  We are not planning on a long day of being open tomorrow.  Up early to finish setting up, open for 4 or 5 hour and then close up until Saturday morning when all the "fun" starts.  It's crazy here during this sale. It's like a zoo out there.  TONS of people and there's a few rules. If you don't have a garage sale you must either leave early to avoid the traffic jam or stay home and NEVER open your garage door.  People walk up your driveway the minute it opens up!  Before I realized I had too much stuff, we would just hang out at home until after 3 when things died down and you could get out safely. It is a crazy day, a crazy sale but the people come to shop and they shop!  It's a perfect way to get rid of stuff!  So that is my excuse for no card tonight.  But I will head on down to my workroom tomorrow and create or copy something fun to share with you!  And maybe after the sale I will take some time to post stamp sets in my web store.

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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Petite Pairs Birthday Card

Here is the photo that I could not add to on the last post.  I have no idea what the issue is but I'm working my way around it by adding the photo here!  Silly Blogger!

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And the following is the actual post so you don't have to toggle between the two.

You can also click here to see the card I copied.  I just loved the 3 circles on it and for some reason it caught my eye and when that happens I just HAVE to make the card.  And today I wasn't feeling creative, just inspired so I went with that.  

On my card I used the decorative papers from the Print Poetry pack and the words are from the "Perfect Pairs" set.  It's one of my favorite word sets to use with the 1-1/4" punch.  I am going to be needing to order a new one and the 1-3/8" circle punch.  I use those two to death!!  

This is a very easy card to make and would be a great Stamp-a-Stack card

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Petite Pairs Birthday Cards

I'm having some problems loading photos here so I'm just going to go ahead with the post part and try to add the photo later.  But I put the photo on Pinterest and you it's SO distorted. I'm going to try to take another photo and see if that will help. Maybe that is why it wouldn't download.    

You can also click here to see the card I copied.  I just loved the 3 circles on it and for some reason it caught my eye and when that happens I just HAVE to make the card.  And today I wasn't feeling creative, just inspired so I went with that.  

On my card I used the decorative papers from the Print Poetry pack and the words are from the "Perfect Pairs" set.  It's one of my favorite word sets to use with the 1-1/4" punch.  I am going to be needing to order a new one and the 1-3/8" circle punch.  I use those two to death!!  

This is a very easy card to make and would be a great Stamp-a-Stack card

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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

A Little Glitz, A Little Glamour

Today I am going to share with you a necklace I made.  It happened by chance.  I was at work a couple of Friday's ago and the night before my boss had called me at home and told me that she had a job for me to do when I got to work.  It was to bezel around a big Rivoli.  In non-beaders terms that meant she wanted me to bead around this big diamond shaped crystal.  When you bezel around something (these things usually don't have holes in them like beads do) so you can make it into a pendant or add it to some metals.  I had just finished beading around the Rivoli when the gal who wanted the piece done came into the shop.  She had asked about the smaller Rivolis.  I had no idea so I call the boss and she has me bezel around 2 of those too.  When the bossy boss (Jill)!! LOL came in we discussed doing another smaller Rivoli for the bracelet, just in case.  It doesn't take long to do the small ones and when I got it done we were checking around the shop for some metal findings to set the bezel on and then have that go on top of the bracelet.  Oh, I didn't describe the bracelet to you. It was just 5 or 6 strands of 4mm Swarovski coral colored pearls that matched the 6 strand draping necklace.  When she picked up this metal piece and set the Rivoli in the center, my eyes lit up!  Fortunately for me it didn't work for the bracelet and I bought the metal piece along with the Rivoli and some flat back rhinestones. Those are seen in the flower centers and on the leaves.  I bezeled the Rivoli and glued it in place, added the flat backs and set it all aside until the morning.  Then I added the chain, jump rings and a clasp.  I am going to make a pair of earrings to match and when I get the last one done I will share that with you too.

So this is my excuse for not having a card to post for you!

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Monday, May 06, 2013

Poetry Print Card Stampin' Up!

I saw a card made using this layout on Pinterest and I had to give it a try.  I LOVE playing with new layouts and I must admit, I have not done the Split Coast Wednesday Card Challenge in a very long time.  When the sketches changed hands there a while back the cards were actually too involved.  Yup, they had too many layers for me (if you can believe that! LOL).  And I really have not gone back.  I should at least check them out now and then to see what's new and fun.  I have hundreds of layouts so I am really not in need of any more and Pinterest provides a lot of ideas as well.

So let's talk about my card.  I used the Poetry Print Designer paper pack to make this card.  Once again the pieces were small (which means I will NOT be using up that pack before it retires!).  

This was a fun card to make.  I used the 1-3/8" and 1-1/8" square punches, so there was no cutting by hand or on the paper cutter for those.  The base of the card is Very Vanilla and so is the layer under the green designer paper.  That green piece measures 2-1/4" wide x 5-1/4" long.  It's set in place using Dimensionals.  The Melon Mambo piece is cut 4-1/4" x 5-1/4" and was embossed using one of the folders.  I LOVE those folders, they sure can add a lot to a card with just a little texture!  I added a piece of ribbon before I set it in place with the Dimensionals and that was it. A very quick card to make and fun too!

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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Just Believe Stampin' U[p!

How this card came into being is an interesting story and I am SURE you want to hear it!!! LOL  

All of the pieces you see here except for the Island Indigo piece is from a card that Terri had for her latest Stamp a Stack. I was unable to attend so my sister (who is now hooked on these) went.  Terri had given me the parts to make the cards and she even stamped the images onto them for me (bless her heart) and she gave me a finished sample as well.  Well, I didn't pick up all of the card samples so I figured I would just have my sister bring her finished ones over and I would assemble them from her cards.  Time is going by and I forget to ask her. We both have busy lives and we haven't been able to get together to stamp.  So tonight I thought I would just take one card and see what I could come up with.  

This pack had a paper doily which I cut in half.  I figured that if the card turned out I could make another one with the other half of the doily!!  No, that's not what I was thinking. Well, not until just now!  I knew how the two ovals went so I affixed the flower image to the Daffodil Delight oval and then just played around from there.  And this is what I ended up with!  It was kind of fun to just play with what was in front of you and see what you come up with!

It's a fun card. And I am saving the other half of the doily so I can make another card with it using a different image and different colors.  

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Saturday, May 04, 2013

A Mixed Bunch Mother's Day Card

I'm not liking this card so much!  I thought I would play with yesterday's layout but move things around a bit.  I think I moved them around TOO much!  I do like the flower and the striped panel and then the card gets blah towards the bottom.  But what's done is done.

And here are the instructions so you can have an ugly card too!  LOL

The panel piece is from the Print Poetry designer pack.  I added a piece of Tangerine Tango to the back of it.  I cut the designer paper 3" x 2-1/4" and the orange paper 1/8" wider (on 2 sides).  The words came from the Teeny Tiny Wishes set and the flower was from the Mixed Bunch set.  

The technique on the flower is called "Rock & Roll".  You stamp the lighter color on first and then you roll the edges of the ink stamp in the darker color.  The center of the flower is stamped using one of the smaller round images from the set and stamped directly onto the flower.  Then the flower was punched out.  The flower and the words are on Dimensionals and the colored panel is set in place flat.  

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Friday, May 03, 2013

An Aviary Birthday Stampin' Up!

As I was trying to clean off my worktable, I picked up the Print Poetry pack of designer paper and a half sheet fell out.  You guessed it, it was the one I used on the card.  It began to sink in that I was not going to able to use up this pack of paper by the end of the month!  Especially when you use them in little pieces like this!

I did like the colors of this paper so I thought I would use them in my card.  Midnight Muse is the dark blue and the lighter is Marina Mist.  The card stock colors are the same.  And I used the Dotted embossing folder on the background, a few circle punches (2" and 2-1/8"), the Word Window punch and the Modern Label punch.  Oh and the words are from the Family Reunion set.  And that was it.  It was a quick and simple card to make.  It would be a fun card for a Stamp-a-Stack, it fits within a few minute time slot.  

Thank you all for the well wishes, I am feeling a little better.  A bit of rest sure does make a difference.  And I'm off to lay down for another nap! 

And I thank you SO much for visiting today,

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Super Quick Stamp A Stack Card

Today I'm sharing a card with you that Terri had made at her last Stamp-a-Stack.  

I am going make this post a very short one, I'm not feeling very well today. And when I get done with this post I'm going to go lay down.  I just think some rest will ward off whatever is trying to creep up on me.  

This is a very easy and quick card to make.  

I looked through the catalog to find where the "Happy Birthday" came from but I couldn't find it.  And it's obviously not in my stash of stamps!  But the one from the "Made for You" set would work just as well.  It will have to because I own that one!!! LOL

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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Sour Cream Mother's Day Gift Container Weekend Project

Today we are going to make Sour Cream Containers.  These are VERY easy to make and you can make them in lots of different sizes too.  There is a little trick to the size part though.  You need to keep 2" between the sides.  For instance, if you are making one 3" long you need to make the other cut 5".  This only works for odd numbers.  You can't make a nice Sour Cream Container using 2 and 4".  It will work but it won't have that look because it will be too short in the middle. So the smallest you could go is 1" x 3" and the largest you can go will determine the size of paper you have.

Today I'm using decorative paper from the Print Poetry pack.  I usually use Vellum if I'm filling the container with bath salts.  The ingredients in bath salts tends to leach out onto the paper but not onto the vellum.  You can stamp and emboss on the vellum and make it pretty or you can even find printed vellum.  For other items, such as candies or money I will use decorative paper.  

The decorative paper is a bit thick so after cutting my piece I will place it on the edge of my worktable, put my palm over it and pull it downward to curl it a bit.  I want the paper in a circle.  So now that you are aware of this helpful tip I will share with you how I make mine.

I cut my paper 3" x 5".  I roll the piece in a circle, short end to short end, and I glue it together.  Once the glue is set I fold one end in half.  I find the seam I just created from the first gluing and use that as a side. I pinch it on that side and then run my fingers across the top to pinch the other side.  Glue that end together.  Once the glue is set up then insert your goodies in and you will be folding the other end in half but at a quarter turn.  You just line up the center seam to the center on the other side and glue it shut.  By gluing it a quarter turn you get that twist in it like a sour cream container has. It's as simple as that.  

To make the ends prettier you can run them through the crimper just after gluing.  It will give them a nice little bend and a finished look.  You can use the piercing tool and punch holes along the one end and sew it closed with hemp or ribbon.  Use your imagination!

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