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Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Card

I hope you all had a nice Mother's Day.  Mine was very nice.  I brought my mom lunch and visited a while.  Then I came home and started putting away some of the garage sale stuff (tables, chairs, etc.) and then went over to our son's place and went out for dinner.  It was a lot of eating out but it was nice not to have to cook!  One shouldn't have to cook on Mother's Day!  My younger sister had brought my mom breakfast, I brought her lunch and I am not sure what she did for dinner.  Hopefully my older sister brought her something.  

Here is a card I made for Mother's Day. This card was one I actually made myself.  I grew this flower and I took a photo of it (which actually turned out nice) and I had it printed at Walgreen's!  I trimmed it (that is why there is more green on the right side.  The photos come 4" x 6" and I cut them to 5-1/4" so I can balance out the 4" side.  Oh and the flower on this card is from last year.  There's no flowers blooming in this part of Minnesota right now.  It's been too cold.  There was even snow Saturday (with sleet) and yesterday there were a few flakes.  The temps weren't that low but the winds were strong and icy.  And get this, tomorrow it's suppose to be 90+ degrees F.  From one extreme to the other.  Welcome to Minnesota!!! LOL

I do love taking pictures and having them printed to make cards with them.  They have their own personal touch and a quality all their own.

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

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