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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Sour Cream Mother's Day Gift Container Weekend Project

Today we are going to make Sour Cream Containers.  These are VERY easy to make and you can make them in lots of different sizes too.  There is a little trick to the size part though.  You need to keep 2" between the sides.  For instance, if you are making one 3" long you need to make the other cut 5".  This only works for odd numbers.  You can't make a nice Sour Cream Container using 2 and 4".  It will work but it won't have that look because it will be too short in the middle. So the smallest you could go is 1" x 3" and the largest you can go will determine the size of paper you have.

Today I'm using decorative paper from the Print Poetry pack.  I usually use Vellum if I'm filling the container with bath salts.  The ingredients in bath salts tends to leach out onto the paper but not onto the vellum.  You can stamp and emboss on the vellum and make it pretty or you can even find printed vellum.  For other items, such as candies or money I will use decorative paper.  

The decorative paper is a bit thick so after cutting my piece I will place it on the edge of my worktable, put my palm over it and pull it downward to curl it a bit.  I want the paper in a circle.  So now that you are aware of this helpful tip I will share with you how I make mine.

I cut my paper 3" x 5".  I roll the piece in a circle, short end to short end, and I glue it together.  Once the glue is set I fold one end in half.  I find the seam I just created from the first gluing and use that as a side. I pinch it on that side and then run my fingers across the top to pinch the other side.  Glue that end together.  Once the glue is set up then insert your goodies in and you will be folding the other end in half but at a quarter turn.  You just line up the center seam to the center on the other side and glue it shut.  By gluing it a quarter turn you get that twist in it like a sour cream container has. It's as simple as that.  

To make the ends prettier you can run them through the crimper just after gluing.  It will give them a nice little bend and a finished look.  You can use the piercing tool and punch holes along the one end and sew it closed with hemp or ribbon.  Use your imagination!

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