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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Wedding Favor Candy Wrap Hats

Thursday night I had stampers here and Leah was very busy making some wedding party favors.  I helped her with them for a while.  They are really a LOT of work but SO worth it.  

I had made them several years ago.  You can see mine here and how to make them too.  

Leah made the tops of the brides had different than my instructions explain and personally I find hers easier to do.  She had taken a stack of the punched circles and wrapped the tulle around them and tied it off.  Then she added the bling.  When she had the other pieces all ready she just glued that tulle piece on top of the other circles that are covering the brad.  On mine I wrapped the tulle around the stack of circles and struggled with it staying in place.  Plus the way Leah did it you can fluff up the tulle without having it come off.  Such a great way to improve on this fun idea.

These are not difficult to make, they just take a lot of time and pieces.  You can use up a lot of your scrap card stock making these!

Thank you Leah for letting me show everyone your fun wedding favors.

I thank you all SO much for visiting today,

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