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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Garage Sale Weekend

Today I am unable to get to my workroom to play.  It's the neighborhood garage sale week/weekend and there are several families having a sale here in our garage with us.  So my time has been devoted to digging in cupboards and cleaning out things we don't use anymore.  I have pulled TONS of Stampin' Up! sets off my shelves and spent a day pricing them.  I don't usually sell many of my retired sets but it's time. I need the room and the money will come in handy to buy new sets!  I will try to head down to my workroom tomorrow to play.  I miss it when I can't get down there.  I LOVE being in my workroom.  It's a room FULL of my stuff.  I will take a picture of it sometime and show you (after I get it cleaned up, of course!).  We are not planning on a long day of being open tomorrow.  Up early to finish setting up, open for 4 or 5 hour and then close up until Saturday morning when all the "fun" starts.  It's crazy here during this sale. It's like a zoo out there.  TONS of people and there's a few rules. If you don't have a garage sale you must either leave early to avoid the traffic jam or stay home and NEVER open your garage door.  People walk up your driveway the minute it opens up!  Before I realized I had too much stuff, we would just hang out at home until after 3 when things died down and you could get out safely. It is a crazy day, a crazy sale but the people come to shop and they shop!  It's a perfect way to get rid of stuff!  So that is my excuse for no card tonight.  But I will head on down to my workroom tomorrow and create or copy something fun to share with you!  And maybe after the sale I will take some time to post stamp sets in my web store.

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