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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Eye on the Counter Blog Candy

I have two Blog Candy posts coming up. One I'm going to add now and the other in a day or two. My blog is soon to have 50,000 hits! A BIG milestone for me! For the first blog candy you must be the first to see, cut, paste and email me the hit counter when it is at exactly 50,000. I will be moving the hit counter up towards the top of the right column so you can see it better when you open my blog.

To copy it all you need to do is take your cursor over the numbers and with the left mouse button highlight it. Then hit your "Ctrl" key and while holding your "Ctrl" key down hit your "C" key. You have now copied it to your computer. You can email it to me by going to the "Email Me" link just below the hit counter. To paste it you will want to hit your "Ctrl" key and your "V" key, in the same way you did the copy part. "V" in keyboard lingo is paste "P" would make more sense but "P" is for print. Anyway, now that you have it pasted in your email you will send it to me. If you have a different way of sending it you can find my email address in the same column and is now just below the hit counter. Along with the hit counter on your email you will need to include your snail mail address so I can send you the Blog Candy. I will be posting the Blog Candy tomorrow.

Please ask any questions (via email) now before the counter passes 50,000 and you miss it!


When my blog hits the 50,000 mark or close to it I will be posting the blog candy for that. So the first one is for the person who emails me the 50,000 on my hit counter. It's kind of like that thing with the car. It's SO cool to be the one driving and watch the odometer turn over! I know, I do need to get a life! LOL Anyway the other one will be a fun little game to play. So for hitting 50,000 there will be two blog candies and two winners!!!
The Blog Candy for the hit counter cut and paste is 5 packages of card & scrapbooking "Charming Embellishments". The topics of the these are: Sports, Wedding, Summer, Fall and Sewing/Crafting.

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