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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Blog Candy Winner!!!

Isn't it just amazing how little things can go wrong at some of our bigger family gathering dinners and the dinner still goes on with no complaints? Some of the little mistakes we make in preparing the meals turn into the fun memories we have of those "learning experiences!"
Much like stamping, we make mistakes on our cards and we learn how to cover them or just leave them as they are!! I believe it's called giving the card "character!" Some of my cards have LOTS of character!!! LOL

Ok, onto the winner of the Blog Candy.
LeAnne is the winner and here is the comment she left:
Great blog candy! We didn't have this dish on this Thanksgiving, but my husband's family has (are you ready for this?) fried celery on Thanksgiving. Yuck.
And I tend to agree with you LeAnne about the fried celery. Never tried it and probably never will. Yuck seems to fit it for me as well!!! LOL Though I am a picky eater, if it has a funny name, look funny, walks sideways, swims in it's own poo or contains gravy I'm NOT eating it. Perfect example of it for me is cheese cake. I am not a big fan of cheese and just the thought of cheese and cake together..... well, YUCK! LOL
Ok LeAnne, please email me with your mailing address and I will get the package in the mail to you soon. I was at the post office today and the wait in line was over a half hour. I can only imagine it getting worse as the days draw closer to Christmas!!!

Thank you all for playing along. I will be posting more blog candy in a day or two. This one will be in celebration of me finishing my Christmas cards. I just got the stamps on them today. That was a job in itself since I am still using the 39 cent snowflake stamps from a couple of years ago. I bought TONS of them because I am such a big fan of snowflakes!! I do know that I will not have enough left for next year's cards!!! I may actually have to buy postage stamps by then!!! It will be nice not to have to add the one and two cent stamps that I also had a ton of!!! LOL Silly me, who thought the postage would keep going up??? Good think I am almost out of the snowflake stamps, my cards next year would have been covered with the makeup stamps!!!
SO stay tuned to find out what the next Blog Candy will be!!! And your next fun question!! LOL

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by,


Unknown said...

Congrats Leann, you are a lucky Ducky Wanda gives out great Blog Candy.

Thanks Wanda for posting such yummies for us :)

Lori A. said...

Congrats, LeAnne!

Pandessa said...

Make your self a computer generated 3 cents stamp and put it along side the 39 cent one! Or scan the 39 cent on, change 39 cents to three cents, put next to 39 center and voilĂ  42 cents!