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Monday, December 29, 2008


Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) comes to Minnesota!!!

On Friday the weather in our area turned a bit warmer. The snow on the ground that had come down (every time it snowed) as that fluffy dry stuff became wet and sticky. It was SNOWMAN snow!!! I checked the thermometer and was SO excited. I immediately got dressed and gathered the things I needed to go outside. I had to make sure my camera was inside but nearby. I didn’t want to have to take my boots off just to walk around in the house to get the camera or anything else I might have needed. I was SO prepared I had even brought out a bottle of water with me because making a snowman can be such hard work at times!!!

Now I warn you some of these pictures are graphic and you may want to remove any little children from the room!!!!

Are they gone? Here is Frosty before the box of clothing was put on him!!!

Once he was all dressed up I took more photos. I have made and taken snowman photos for years and I’m going to do a scrapbook page on it in 2009 when I begin my scrapbook paging adventure!

Then tragedy struck. I looked out on Saturday morning to see Mr. Frosty and much to my surprise he was not standing. There he lay face up on the cold ground. A smile still on his white face. I carefully checked the area for suspicious footprints but there were none to be found. Just the ones that were there when he was constructed. Suspicious indeed!!! Nothing was missing, he still had on his hat and his scarf. I tried to reconstruct the scene. A snowman standing on the ground just minding his own businesses one day and laying on the ground the next. How could this be?

It was extremely difficult to know how long he had been laying there. Rigor Mortise had already set in or could it be that the weather had changed once again so the snow was too hard to move? Possibly! Without more facts it’s just too difficult to tell!!!!

There was a mist and rain that evening before the weather turned colder. He was leaning backwards a bit that evening. And there was cloud cover along with fog. The poor guy just couldn’t handle the mist and rain that was coming down and just fell over! It was so sad to see him laying there.

This was my first snowman of the season. I’m hoping to make more. Isn’t his hat fabulous??? My friend Sheila made it for me. She sells them and is probably making one as I am typing this!!! She’s SO talented!! I always share my mittens with Frosty for the photo shoot. I can hardly take photos with mittens on and they do look so cute on him!!! And the best part this year was the eyes, mouth and buttons I had made. I had cut a closet dowel rod into 1" pieces. Then I drilled a hole in the back to hold a smaller dowel. I painted the larger pieces black with acrylic paints. I started to spray paint them but the paint soaked in on some areas and was shiny on others so I went to plan B and just painted them with acrylic paints and a paint brush. My first thought with those was to get some Tinker Toys but I didn’t want to spend what places were asking for them. I am going to put the word out to a few friends who garage sale and see if they can find me some for next winter. I thought it would be easy to paint the round piece and put a dowel in it and just push it in place on the snowman. I did achieve that with the dowels I cut and painted but the Tinker Toys would have been so much easier. SO I’m hoping that someone will be selling their set with pieces missing at a reasonable price!!! Then I can make more snowmen!!! I still have two more carrot nose things in the box. I got them at JoAnn’s after Easter, they were on the end of a jump rope!!! Perfect for snowmen!!!

SO this is my fun and yet sad story for today. You can bring the kids back in the room now!!! LOL

Thanks SO much for indulging me!


mudmaven said...

Too cute! Thanks for sharing. ~chris

Anonymous said...

What a cruel twist of fate--but what a fun story! Thank you! I enjoyed it!

Amber said...

A very cute story!! We have not had enough snow to make a snowman here (Cincinnati)yet!! My girls are ready when it does come!

Anonymous said...

You really love snowmen Wanda to leave your warm house in the winter! Such a sad (yet funny) picture of your melted snowman!

Sue L.

JenniferL. said...

That is a fantastic snowman!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a cute story Wanda !!! I chuckled out loud as I read it. Cannot wait to see your scrapbooking pages. I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Years, and please, stay safe !!!

Debby said...

Wanda, I am another CSI lover. Your story was so great. I love your snowman he turned out fantastic. Did you get him put back up?
Angel hugs

Unknown said...

Wanda, cute first snowman of the year, sorry he did not last very long. It has been so cold around here our snow has not had the time to melt to snowman snow.