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Monday, December 01, 2008

Look What Lois Did!!!

A while back I made a pair of scarecrow pants as a centerpiece and thought it would be fun to see them as Santa pants. Well Lois did all the work for me!!! Aren't her Santa pants just adorable????

I like how she did them in 3 different sizes too!!! How cute is that???

Wouldn't these be cute as a centerpiece?? Just fill them with crimps and candies or place plastic flowers in them. You could probably use real ones if you put the vase inside first. Though I don't feel comfortable with water and card stock!!! Throw in a few busy kids and I'm thinking wet pants!!! Santa's not mine!!! LOL

A big THANK YOU to Lois for sharing her Santa pants with us!!!

Thank you too for stopping by,


Unknown said...

LOL, Wanda!! These are really cute!

NeedsARibbon said...

Oh geez, these are so stinking cute. Could I hire someone to make a bunch of them for me? I know, feeling lazy (or just busy) early in December already. TFS! ~Sandy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing my Santa Pants Wanda! I really loved your scarecrow pants. I've been making 2, 4, 6, 8 boxes for years and never thought of making pants out of them!! Ha ha ha! You ROCK!!

You beat me to posting them on my Blog... Ha ha ha

Have a great Holiday!

Lois Folla