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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Colored Soot Technique Page

Well, the pages are coming along nicely and I should have the second set done in a couple of weeks. If all goes as I'm hoping it will!!!

This technique is much like the regular soot one but you can add color. A spectrum pad would be fun with this technique too!! Play around with it and have fun!!
Click here to see the colored soot and stamping closer.

Ink up your glossy card stock with a brayer or a sponge. If using multicolors you will want to use sponges. Once your card stock is colored the way you want it, light the candle. Move your card stock around the top of the flame. You are collecting the soot. Once the card stock is covered enough in soot, set your card stock down. Blow out the candle and set it aside. Take your clean dry rubber stamp and stamp on top of the soot. The rubber will pick the soot off and the color will show. If you need to use the stamp again, wipe it off making sure it is clean and dry and stamp again. Careful not to touch the soot, it will come off on your fingers. When you are all done spray the card stock with the acrylic spray to keep the soot from coming off.

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Unknown said...

This is beautiful Wanda. I love the color you used for this technique.

NeedsARibbon said...

Nice idea, colored soot. I agree, a spectrum pad would be uuber cool. Do you recommend that old Aqua Net hair spray lurking in the back of every womens vanity to set the soot?