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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wrapping Things Up!

OK, I was suppose to be wrapping gifts this afternoon and I was looking at this wrapping paper in a different way than most people would!!!! I thought it would make some cute looking cards. And I think it did if I must say so myself. I can not take credit for the designs nor the coloring, they were done by Dianna Marcum. I just cut out the little characters and stamped a "thank you" or two and layered.

A quick way to make some adorable cards, huh???

The background paper on the snowman card is where I actually cut the snowman from. There were such cute characters on the paper and it was difficult to find a spot to cut a background piece. I have issues when it comes to cutting across snowmen!!! LOL There was some horrible thing I saw on America's Most Funniest Videos one time where these people were blowing up snowmen. I didn't find it funny and every time one would blow up I would say "awwww" and hubby would just laugh. All that time and effort you put into making a snowman and then just blow the thing up. SO sad!!! We are suppose to be getting some snow.
We don't have much out there and today it was a bit sticky but I didn't get to go out and make a snowman. The snow in our yard is gross! The city came in and removed our two big trees in the backyard and trampled all the snow and then on top of that is wood splinters from the chainsaws. We don't have any trees left in our backyard. But on the brighter side they are going to be coming in the spring and having us pick out some new ones that only grow to 25'. Lucky us, we get a Hobbit yard!!! LOL Oh well, I guess dwarf trees are better than none at all.

Anyway back to the cards. I have some other wrapping items that are getting the crafting eye too!!! There's SO many cute papers on the market. I think it would be fun to have the cards match the paper. But do many people really realize it matches???? Sometimes I even miss it!!!

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StampinCathy said...

OMGosh! I just love your wrapping paper cards. Beautiful!!!! You are just to creative.

Unknown said...

Love it both of the papers you used are wonderful with such great colors and images. Grea job on these.

Anonymous said...

Love these cards! Creative use of wrapping paper!

Anonymous said...

Way cute, Wanda. I really like the background paper on the penguin card. I hope I notice when people go the extra mile with their wrapping, but cann't say for sure if I do or not. I just want to get to the gift!

Anonymous said...

Too cute and how simple!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wanda,
Is the snowman Image actually cut from the same wrap?

NeedsARibbon said...

So what you are really saying, is if you get a great (or not so great) gift in cute wrapping paper, save the wrap! It's a wrap, by golly!

Jacquel said...

Adorable cards and such cute images! nicely done!!!