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Thursday, December 04, 2008

My Beaded Project!

Last week I had mentioned that I was going to go work on a bracelet. I had taken a class to learn how to make the "Mariposa" bracelet. Mariposa means butterfly in Spanish. I didn't know that. Though I don't know much Spanish and that is one of the words that wasn't on my short list of Spanish words.

The one I made in the class was done using Swarovski bicone beads in amethyst and amethyst ab. Ab means aurora borealis because they sparkle like the northern lights do. It's a lot darker than the fire polished glass beaded one. I do like them both. Swarovski crystals have such a pretty sparkle to them and the fire polished have a beautiful look all their own. Not as sparkly but still pretty. Click on any of the photos for a closer view.

This bracelet is made with fire polished glass beads with lavender ab's in the middle and light lavender on the outside and the seed beads are clear and have a light lavender lining on the inside.

The camera does not do the bracelets justice.

The red, green and gold one is my Christmas bracelet. I just love the colors of the Swarovski beads in this one. These bracelets are such fun to make and I'm going to be making some Christmas gifts using this stitch!

My plan is to get some black and red beads to do one for a Christmas gift!!! They take less than 2 hours to do, depending on what movie is playing!!! LOL And if things go as planned I may get a few in my store too!!

Thank you for looking,


Diane said...

Oh!!!!! Those are beautiful Wanda!!
I adore the xmas one,love the colors!!! You are sooo talented!

The Vannoy Family said...

WOW! They are beautiful. Are they difficult to make? - looks like it - you said two hours of work, but they look so pretty. The Christmas one is my favorite. Real expensive? I'm sure that depends on the make of the beads, huh! Very impressive! Thanks for sharing!

Oma said...

Gorgeous bracelets! I love them!

Anonymous said...

Those are absolutely beautiful Wanda!!! Let me know when you put some up for grabs!! I have a weakness for your bracelets, ya know!!!

Unknown said...

All three of these are so very pretty. I treasure the one you made me last year for Christmas, it is beautiful.

StampinCathy said...

WoW! WoW! WOW! Your beaded project are just fabulous! You Go Girl!

krystalpurple said...

These bracelets turned out great! I've made a few bracelets with the Crystals. I love them! I don't know how to do this pattern, but I would love to learn.

Thanks for sharing,

Anonymous said...

I love your bracelets. I am a beader too. I have a weakness for Japanese bead books and crystal.